Calboy - Miseducation (Official Video) ft. Lil Wayne 

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Calboy - "Miseducation” feat. Lil Wayne out now! smarturl.it/xMiseducation
Director: Shomi Patwary
Producer: Shomi Patwary
Production Company: Illusive Media
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Mar 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ty Mitchell
Ty Mitchell 3 hours ago
Dis tight too
Joe Cunningham
Joe Cunningham 3 hours ago
I'm just scrolling through songs and come across this one... omg 🔥🔥🔥 This one !!!
Jordan Scully
Jordan Scully 3 hours ago
The fact this is Wayne’s best verse in a long time shows that he got real love for cal boy 🤙🏻
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 3 hours ago
wayne been beasting on these features. check out if you havent Benny the Butcher - Timeless, Pop Smoke - Iced out Audemars Remix, nba youngboy- my window
Gipsy Champ 29
Gipsy Champ 29 6 hours ago
I HOPE one Day meet wezzy and Kiss his hand ❤️😍
Kenneth J.
Kenneth J. 10 hours ago
I like how Wayne did the Lauryn Hill flow, y’all probably didn’t peep that but listen to Lauryn Hill wen she rap...
Suave Ray
Suave Ray 14 hours ago
I fw it🔥🔥
M. B. Hamdok
M. B. Hamdok 16 hours ago
how come this hit isn't taking off.. hock alone is out of this world
Clivert James
Clivert James 21 hour ago
have you ever noticed that lil wayne is the only greatest rapper who supports these upcoming artists
937 22 hours ago
Thank you Wayne . Got me into rap music at a young age and you still killing feats . My GOAT .
Kaseem Stokes
Kaseem Stokes 23 hours ago
Wayne Snapped hands down 🍾😍
Alfredo Morales
whens the shordie shordie ex's ft calboy comin out
Richard Pope
Richard Pope Day ago
Playboyy Ace
Playboyy Ace Day ago
We need in too deep😒
f4levy45 Day ago
Nice song! But damn lil Wayne do something about dem dreads bro!
Prince Eshan
Prince Eshan Day ago
Ezurah Day ago
this too underrated
AP StayWitIt
AP StayWitIt Day ago
Waynes a fucking 🐏🐏🐏
Seventeen 17
Seventeen 17 Day ago
Wayne is a legend. Very good song bro
Molly Kinney
Molly Kinney 2 days ago
the fireman!!!
Therese Naidoo
Therese Naidoo 2 days ago
Cierra Monae
Cierra Monae 2 days ago
This song go harder than a lot of shit....I feel this song
C Daug.
C Daug. 2 days ago
Oh, I thought this was going to be about how priorities are all wrong and people need to focus on getting ahead by legal means. But I guess not.
what's going on out here
Just now finding this
Jalen Youngston
Jalen Youngston 2 days ago
Bruh Calboy Verses Sound Like Something Durk Would Produce Like Fr Fr
Heaven White
Heaven White 3 days ago
I'm just trying vibe so I'm rolling up chi town
Dollarsloveme 3 days ago
Diamond Tensley
Diamond Tensley 3 days ago
88 HardTop
88 HardTop 3 days ago
Cal boy sound like durk
Charles Powell
Charles Powell 3 days ago
Weezy murdered this shit
Cash Mo
Cash Mo 2 days ago
Like always
Bray bray Trusty
Bray bray Trusty 3 days ago
Yo he gonna drop In Too Deep if this get 2 million
KaeinVEVO 3 days ago
Its touching
KaeinVEVO 3 days ago
This song motivates me to do more music
8 ball
8 ball 3 days ago
Showweezy 3 days ago
How he get shot from the back but there’s only blood on the front of his shirt. Where FBG Duck btw?
sex after church
sex after church 3 days ago
Calboy has that passion and drive you can hear it in his hooks, verses man all his songs. Wayne, gotti all the OGs recognize his talent that’s why he gets these collabs. This man does not miss
l000grams Grams
l000grams Grams 3 days ago
Is Wayne back... wtf... He went the fuck offfff.... Weeeeezy F Baby
Clivert James
Clivert James 3 days ago
Lil wayne is the 🐐
Naturally Certified Chick
Wayne amazes me everytime!!!! 🐐 🐐🐐
Patrik Potoczky
Patrik Potoczky 3 days ago
Uneducated 'n' cringe
Lea Legacy
Lea Legacy 4 days ago
Just to have a feature with Wayne is iconic
Da6thMane0 4 days ago
This shit tough 🥵🥵🥵🥵
King Clayton official FEF
Calboy different 💯🔥
Cloud 9ner
Cloud 9ner 4 days ago
This is sick very real raw spoken lyrics im a mc this piece gave me chills ty 4 fine art free lip kamikaze approves 👌👏🙌👍✨❤ 🔥
Jon Maziarz
Jon Maziarz 4 days ago
Goddam this join hit my soul .. I dedicate this to my ex babyma who keeps a good father away from our daughter.. I hope u catch one..
Tierra Davis
Tierra Davis 4 days ago
Why his voice sound like lil durk tho lol
Malik Kelly
Malik Kelly 5 days ago
Wayne’s verse was hard asf
Malik Kelly
Malik Kelly 5 days ago
It’s crazy that in 2021 a feature with Wayne only has a little over 1 Mil views in 2 whole weeks.
Showweezy 5 days ago
I ain’t see FBG Duck.
Grenthyn 5 days ago
I miss old Tunch...
vaehfromda 315
vaehfromda 315 5 days ago
Lil Wayne did his thing cal boy did to 147!💜
etim mark
etim mark 5 days ago
He sounds like lil durk
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
Jason Houck
Jason Houck 6 days ago
Nahh its really sad they didnt add juice wrld on the list of kings at the end😞
Hassan Idriss
Hassan Idriss 6 days ago
Lil wayne is that student who's late all time, but still hit the highest note
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
AR Sack
AR Sack 6 days ago
No rip juice wrld at the end 🤔but 🔥🐐
Sickwit Music
Sickwit Music 6 days ago
Dig the Lauryn Hill references
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
whozini ‘
whozini ‘ 6 days ago
Braylen Durden
Braylen Durden 6 days ago
Wayne make it seem so easy
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
Steven Geda
Steven Geda 6 days ago
Lil Wayne jus don't fit in the music video like he sounds a little bit trash in the song I'm. Not hating I'm jus saying
william godfrey
william godfrey 4 days ago
Yea you hating
krisjay baker
krisjay baker 6 days ago
I’m from the darkness, I’m so use to nightmares 😩😩
Brandon Low
Brandon Low 7 days ago
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
Jordan 7 days ago
Hit fs
Ernest Allen
Ernest Allen 7 days ago
That dude Wayne Demolished the track without a single swear word
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
T Pea phoning homies
Brrr 🥶-josh
E Cyda
E Cyda 7 days ago
rough ryders long live dmx
Criz Breezy
Criz Breezy 7 days ago
Tunechi iza force out of this planet no cap
Baro GotBandz
Baro GotBandz 7 days ago
My boy stay out the way can’t wait for the album 🖤
Angel Mulero
Angel Mulero 7 days ago
Hey @calboy when u dropping co produce
Official Xelf
Official Xelf 5 days ago
K Investors
K Investors 7 days ago
I got money they envy me -Calboy
Kenneth Mukoboto
Kenneth Mukoboto 7 days ago
Lil Wayne"s outro 🔥🔥🔥🔥THE🐐
thaillkid1 7 days ago
Ive listened to this song like 100 times already
Lil Dee4
Lil Dee4 7 days ago
JF 7 days ago
Lil wayne goes so fuckin hard in this song. Its unbelievable
Myst Svan
Myst Svan 7 days ago
Harris Sheikh
Harris Sheikh 8 days ago
lil wayne should take care of his self he's getting weak
{SGN} Avenue
{SGN} Avenue 8 days ago
Why he sound like lil durk a little when he raps harmonically could just be me
Quincy Lane
Quincy Lane 8 days ago
Damn I wish Wayne had a longer or a second verse. Still fire tho
dLMuzix 8 days ago
how it was: how it’s going:
Jay 8 days ago
But u not gon mention Duck?
Unique Stylism
Unique Stylism 8 days ago
Wayne took straight off on dis 🔥🔥🔥🔥
syndkitblack1 8 days ago
Sound like durk
TKO 8 days ago
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful. 🙏🏾✨
Coby Montgomery
Coby Montgomery 8 days ago
I fuck with it but all I heard was lil durk
Cash Mo
Cash Mo 8 days ago
I love Wayne he’s the best he kills it every time❤️
Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 8 days ago
Mane they both went in but got damm wayne is the fuckin goat yo he said make the lions lay down make a giant Neal down bars insane mane
jose rodrigues
jose rodrigues 8 days ago
Its weird lil wayne barks like DMx and they calboi say them ryders ruff a week before X died. Did X get sacrificed?
Lavonne Laquita
Lavonne Laquita 8 days ago
I like this song
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 8 days ago
Calboy the Goat 🐐🖤
Shut Up Karyn
Shut Up Karyn 8 days ago
Alt title: lil durk feat lil Wayne
IcY 8 days ago
Lil wayne aint even take a breath
Jayman Vaghjiani
Jayman Vaghjiani 8 days ago
Big tune
Weecho 9 days ago
weezy the greatest this shit was too smooth
Jared Lewis
Jared Lewis 9 days ago
RIP DMX🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 X FOREVER ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿💯💯💯
coolwatersmusic 9 days ago
ummmmmm Weezys flow is crazy phat different...dont even sound like he be trying making it look easy..lol
Jonny Miller
Jonny Miller 9 days ago
L o 00
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 9 days ago
Heaven don't need no damn volunteers, I think wanye's on lean again hanging with demons. Like the song. " Call me nobody"
Kellona Mahon
Kellona Mahon 9 days ago
Flow crazy Wayne at it again
Sir Nell
Sir Nell 9 days ago
You different ofn🤧🔥🔥🔥
Quasia Tamai
Quasia Tamai 9 days ago
Before I found this song , I was searching up Lil Durk ft Lil Wayne 😭🔥
xman 9 days ago
Simone Thoms
Simone Thoms 9 days ago
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💫💫💫💫💫platinum hit a swear🤑🤑🤑💯