Cal in the Field: Maine - Private Ground & Public Woodcock & Grouse | S2E04 | MeatEater 

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Cal heads out to Maine to check up on Shiloh Pond and see what "access" means in Maine. He hunts grouse and woodcock in the nasty, thick regenerative growth of Maine's Northwoods with Brent West of the High Peaks Alliance.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Reno091250 2 days ago
I love all of the access to public land here in Michigan, and very grateful for it, the down side is how disgusting people can be. We always come back to the truck with someone else's trash.
Christopher Reily
Awesome episode. Great to have Cal here in Northern New England.
therealweenis 5 days ago
Public land allows the public to hunt. Regardless of whether they're local, national, or international. I'd rather keep people out of places. Close Maine down. Keep people out. People ruin good states.
Brandon Rasler
Brandon Rasler 6 days ago
What vest is Cal wearing in this video?
MrJynxi 6 days ago
I didn't think i would enjoy meateater content without Steve in them. I was wrong
Russell Frye
Russell Frye 6 days ago
Do more stuff in Maine and New Hampshire!
Joe Senger
Joe Senger 6 days ago
I just completed 2 years of back episodes of Cal's Week in Review and I've got to say, Cal is a favorite. I appreciate his "wink wink, nudge nudge" sense of humor, as well as his thoughtfully nuanced POV. As for this episode, I love the "Odd Couple" juxtaposition of a 100% tricked-out brand ambassador hunting with a dude in a t-shirt and flannel. Great chemistry, educational and entertaining banter made for a great episode. And they did it while keeping the show appropriate for all viewers, unlike Joe Cermele.
Taylor Hobbs
Taylor Hobbs 8 days ago
The shot at the 5 min mark with camera man in front of him was sort of scary.
BP7447 9 days ago
good job Cal
bill mazariego
bill mazariego 10 days ago
I’m from maine and this absolutely awesome to see maine get recognition like this we are ver fortunate to have what we do and it’s up to us to keep this for future generations
Richardtomazella Tomazella
Top a serie do netflix asisto todo dia
Errol Littlefield
Errol Littlefield 11 days ago
Hey Cal thanks for comming to Maine and spreading awareness for the High Peaks Alliance . Thank you MeatEater
Gomi Kela
Gomi Kela 11 days ago
Maine seems a lot like Vancouver Island here in BC.
Matthew Barylski
Matthew Barylski 12 days ago
5:01 Cal should consider retaking hunter safety...yikes
jer o
jer o 12 days ago
22koltjos 12 days ago
absolutely love cal, does it look to anyone else like hes flinching bad everytime he shoots?
Calm Before the Storm
Glad to call this great state home! I grew up hunting the logging land in the North Maine Woods. Amazing place for sure
Erikk Machowek
Erikk Machowek 13 days ago
What bird bag is Cal running?
rangercowboy 16
rangercowboy 16 13 days ago
Last October I shot a rough grouse in colorado with a sling shot
Steve Kelly
Steve Kelly 13 days ago
Quit trying to make cal happen , he's Steve's sidekick.
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash 13 days ago
how you been?
p44jod 13 days ago
What gun is cal using ?
Jeff Dillon
Jeff Dillon 13 days ago
Not much better in this world than a brittany, some woodcock, and a double gun!
OzArmour 13 days ago
Cal has a podcast on Spotify get onto it . Some interesting stuff on there
Repete Myname
Repete Myname 13 days ago
We are losing formerly "public" land in Wisconsin, as well. These are lands that were owned by paper companies for decades and decades, and suddenly up go the gates and the signs- No Trespassing. We often wonder how it works when these companies sell out, they were all given lucrative tax breaks by the state on property taxes then suddenly its some wealthy guy who winds up buying them. Same for small plots owned by the DOT and other State agencies, many are now privately owned. Seems like something fishy going on with all the secretive transactions.
Ross McClure
Ross McClure 13 days ago
One shot, one kill.... that’s how it should be. Taking double shots means you need more practice. Don’t look down the barrel, look at the bird, pull the gun up to your shoulder and shoot. I never miss that way.
skypieper 13 days ago
I'm worried about access to certain areas I hunt in California.
Ashton Guerin
Ashton Guerin 13 days ago
I love hunting in Maine, I got so many grouse this year and a moose
Vincent Huriet
Vincent Huriet 13 days ago
Respect the land and the land will respect you. Take care of the land and the land will take care of you...
Jesse Dahl
Jesse Dahl 14 days ago
I just had 30 of my 80 logged two years ago, the young poplar growth is like a magnet to Woodies. Damn they are my favorite to hunt!
Dad Stuff
Dad Stuff 14 days ago
The upper peninsula of Michigan seems like the exact same environment, minus all the land being private
rabbit boy
rabbit boy 14 days ago
That's some beautiful country
rabbit boy
rabbit boy 14 days ago
I don't understand why people get so wrapped up on wanting to hunt private land. I see people hunting small shitty private lands before they go out and hunt excellent public lands! I don't understand it. I own private land and I like both, but I'll always hunt public land
Charles Harakal
Charles Harakal 14 days ago
Great video! I fell in love with Maine last October when I took my first trip there with my young Labrador retriever to bag our first Ruffed Grouse!
Hunter Bock
Hunter Bock 14 days ago
Cal rocks!!
Joseph Fawn
Joseph Fawn 14 days ago
Would you guys ever do a Canada tour???
Harold Jolly
Harold Jolly 14 days ago
Glad Cal is not using an over\under shotgun, but rather a side-by side like a real english lord not common these days
RStoddard11 10 days ago
​@Harold Jolly ​ @Harold Jolly ​ @Harold Jolly The loudest people are usually the fools. Even within France, I am sure it is very diverse with customs. You should read "For a Handful of Feathers" by Guy De La Valdene" He lives near my hometown in northern Florida and lived in Normandy for some time. His writing about his childhood bird hunting and fishing in France is great as are his other works.
Harold Jolly
Harold Jolly 10 days ago
@RStoddard11 haha I didn't know that. I just know I hunted once in England and I had a o/a 12 gage shotgun and people said it was 'unfair' not very lordish idk.. Never been to US I am just a Frenchman amazing to know cultures and customs are different all over the world!!
RStoddard11 10 days ago
Down in south Georgia and northern Florida, the "Lords" all have Browning or Italian O/U and the old timers in overalls and beat up trucks have side by sides. I prefer them myself.
Mass Trapper
Mass Trapper 14 days ago
This is what happens when you bring a western hunter here to the east. I’d be interested to see you guys come and shoot a big buck on public land anywhere in the northeast. Great video 👍👍😎
Art CMBDIA 14 days ago
he said woodcock lol
Anthony King
Anthony King 14 days ago
I was in maine around this time could you imagine running into callahan at Cabela's !
Henrik Larsson
Henrik Larsson 14 days ago
you are probably the most best ambassader for hunting and conservation an wildlife there is:)!
Josh Eustis
Josh Eustis 14 days ago
This is a fantastic representation of hunting in western Maine. Cal and steve are the absolute best with teaching people wholesome hunting values and respect for the land and animals.
Susan Potters
Susan Potters 14 days ago
Great Video! Technically, these are private lands but they are heavily subsidized and receive massive tax breaks. This system was set up over a hundred years ago based in part on the thinking that because Maine is a forest products state and that industry employees so many Mainers (loggers, paper mill workers, truckers, etc) that this socialist arrangement was in our best interest. Times and industry have changed though but the socialist tax policies have not and are so deeply ingrained that they probably never will.
High Peaks Alliance
I speak about this social contract a lot. Thanks for bringing it up. It has helped keep some forest in production though and I think helps keep a diverse land ownership in the southern half of the state. I do think linking public access to tree growth would be a smart move.
Raivkka 14 days ago
#1 reason to significantly reduce immigration into this country is land access and wildlife habitat. This country is full. You cant really go anywhere where there aren't people, especially east of the Mississippi River.
Jim Currie
Jim Currie 14 days ago
Im enjoying this conservation series Cal..... great work
MadLipz Jagd
MadLipz Jagd 14 days ago
The mightiest mustach in all of hunting.
Will C
Will C 14 days ago
Great video guys!
Paliacho9 15 days ago
The growth is so mature and grouse numbers so low now, even Burton Spiller, Norris, Wolner, et al would never bird hunt. They'd move or travel to hunt.
Hunter Edberg
Hunter Edberg 15 days ago
Great work as always Cal. Thanks for always fighting for the wild places - the best places we have left
Chris Trout
Chris Trout 15 days ago
What is Cal's shotgun in this episode? Looks like a 20 ga? What make and model?
West Water Woodcrafts
Seriously love Meat Eater. The only real hunting show out there. Unlike other outdoor productions that are nothing more than outdoorsy frat boy wannabes engaging their viewers in a 40 minute infomercial for the not one, but 50 products they pimp for their sponsors (because after all, those tricked out F250’s ain’t cheap) Meat Eater actually describes the soul of the outdoors and what hunting and fishing are. Sometimes Steve harvests an animal, and sometimes he treks for miles and miles without so much as seeing any sort of game. That is reality. It’s appreciated, and it’s refreshing.
Felipe Dominguez
Felipe Dominguez 15 days ago
impresionante sus videos i que bonitos lugares caminan
Maine Home Grower
Maine Home Grower 15 days ago
Cal up in the 207 awesome
Busting Balls Golf Channel
I'm not a hunter, have thought about taking it up. I am an outdoor enthusiast and i am happy there are people like you guys out there fighting the complete privatization of all lands! if it were up to all the billionaires we would be given our boxes to live in and only allowed out when they say so.
Freddy Mosquera
Freddy Mosquera 15 days ago
Greetings from Venezuela, excellent video .. I am a fan of the gauge 20, I love your shotgun. Could you share what brand and model is the one you use? Thanks, Succos!
Freddy Mosquera
Freddy Mosquera 15 days ago
Thank you.
High Peaks Alliance
Cal was using a older Franchi and I was using a 1932 Lefever Nitro Special
Brock Yenglin
Brock Yenglin 15 days ago
I think the SxS makes Cal's mustache even more powerful.
j carry
j carry 6 days ago
or is it the other way around? I love my side by side but I do NOT make it look that good.
Damien Gonzalez
Damien Gonzalez 15 days ago
Hellllllllll yaa cal 🤣
Robert Helliwell
Robert Helliwell 15 days ago
Did you keep the pin feathers on the woodcock?
ikazukison2 15 days ago
Why doesn't the team come here to NJ?
ikazukison2 15 days ago
At 10:30, he mentions something important . . . giving everyone access to land that isn't otherwise marked is good in theory, but there is certainly a significant issue when "nuisance use" becomes an issue, mostly drinking and littering
NOIR 15 days ago
What type of side by side was Cal using?
NOIR 15 days ago
@High Peaks Alliance gauge/specs? Link? Thanks in advance.
NOIR 15 days ago
@High Peaks Alliance thanks!
High Peaks Alliance
A Franchi we loaned him
Joshua Grochowski
Joshua Grochowski 15 days ago
Anyone know who makes Cal’s upland pack?
BigWater59 15 days ago
Come to Michigan, people eat their children before letting anyone hunt on a good piece of property.
Anthony Raye
Anthony Raye 15 days ago
Finally reppin Maine on the meateater Platform... Maine is your target audience
hnicjfc 15 days ago
That sweep at 5:04 is something me and my friends would do any day of the week, but I don't know that it's the best thing to see on camera.
Metal Buddha Head
Metal Buddha Head 15 days ago
I really digging these vids... Great content meateater!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 15 days ago
Adding Cal has been a brilliant extension of the MeatEater brand. You've given us another protagonist that's likable, real, and an excellent narrator. Whoever is managing and editing these episodes is doing a fantastic job as well. Well done, folks.
Benjamin Laster
Benjamin Laster 15 days ago
remember when meateater was cool?
Mesatchornug 15 days ago
Excited to see you working the Northeast. I'd love to see more!
Grant Beals
Grant Beals 15 days ago
I've lived in Maine my whole life and just started upland hunting last year. I really appreciate you guys calling attention to this issue of access. It's well past time I joined a conservation program.
OzArmour 15 days ago
Cal is the man Please do some bow hunting vids would be sweet
Jackie Kinner
Jackie Kinner 15 days ago
Another great episode. You and Rinella are in a league of your own. Keep it up brother. Regards from a British pats fan. (Thought I’d mention that as you in that area. )
Jacob Godfrey
Jacob Godfrey 15 days ago
Heck ya next episode plz
stewart buckland
stewart buckland 15 days ago
Love these films , completely different from the hunting we have here in the uk, makes me want to come to the USA 👍
Eric C
Eric C 15 days ago
Cal needs to do a whole series about training a dog for hunting birds.
Roberto Aiello
Roberto Aiello 15 days ago
Cal, try hunting turkey in the fall in NYS. You can use dogs.
brett mehrer
brett mehrer 15 days ago
unsubscribing from this crap..R.I.P...MEAT EATER !
Zach Bryan
Zach Bryan 15 days ago
What kind of shotguns were y’all using? I’m in the market for a good side by side!
RStoddard11 10 days ago
Not sure what they are using, but the CZ-USA Bobwhite and Sharptail are great. Stoeger makes some more affordable versions.
Brenda van orden
Brenda van orden 15 days ago
Nothing against you guys but may love is the dogs. Brittanie's and English setters have my heart.
High Peaks Alliance
They are the sweetest bird dogs
bøf bøffersen
bøf bøffersen 15 days ago
Private landowners - dont fall for the temptation to woodchip all leftovers from logging - like i know many already do, let the forresters like me leave piles of branches scattered around - it is gold for our small wildlife.
Keith Brass
Keith Brass 15 days ago
Why shoot such a gorgeous bird jw Cal?is it gonna take the whole bird population by storm and you have to keep them in check ahaha 😏😘🇨🇦😎
James Segura
James Segura 15 days ago
These are sooo good.
Mark Tracy
Mark Tracy 16 days ago
This is as good as it gets. Really nice work.
Duskmean *
Duskmean * 16 days ago
5:01 Cameraman duckin but still getting the shot.
klappy803 14 days ago
Sad to say but poor form on Cals part. Did not expect him to take that shot, or for them to include it in the edit.
Jerome Ramos
Jerome Ramos 16 days ago
Shout out,here in the philippines,i really like ur vedio....!
Dow Jones
Dow Jones 16 days ago
I am a Mainer in the western area by the popular ski resort sugarloaf, and this is so true to what is going on. We have had such amazing hunting and raw area to get lost in that it use to be baffling to most. As we still do have a ton of this, but it is crazy to watch honey holes and just good old nostalgia areas become private. When I saw this episode was from Maine I lit up with and not only was I happy to see that they were hunting our enrich habitat, you were able to show the problems we have occurring. So thank you meat eater. Long time fan and happy to see you guys not only pursuing the paramount joys of hunting, but also the overcoming situations at hand to preserve it.
Stormcry 13 days ago
Woot!!!! A shout out from Westbrook!!!! :)
Andrew Webster
Andrew Webster 16 days ago
You never feed the dog before a hunt but always keep the water and treats close by. You do short little walks with breaks in between and you can hunt all day long with the right team.
Mp 16 days ago
Grouse and woodcock have seemed to dissappear in CT and Western Mass.. As a kid they were abundant and loved to hunt them. Do you know what happenned to them? Coyotes, bobcats, hawks have crazy high numbers now.
High Peaks Alliance
Development, loss of agriculture/forestry, check out the young forests initiative
Gram Moore
Gram Moore 16 days ago
More likely related to habitat. Lack of timber harvest in appropriate moderation and species
John Naes
John Naes 16 days ago
Another good show Cal
Just a great fuckin episode thanks cal
Jim Staub
Jim Staub 16 days ago
Great story ! Thanks Cal.
Great to see u guys out here in new england
sherlockbonez 16 days ago
Spent so much time sitting in a discovery 169 when I was young.
G Taylor
G Taylor 16 days ago
I live around these grounds.. going to visiting this summer
ltdannichols 16 days ago
I fell in love with Maine and have gone up hunting there for the last decade. This is exactly my experience of how little public land there is, but lots of open private land.....for now. I appreciate what you do Cal.
Josh Ray
Josh Ray 16 days ago
So cool to have this happen in Maine! We're loosing access at an alarming rate. These types of initiatives to secure public access, are so important, and are the future for places like Maine. Thanks Cal, MeatEater, and HPA for setting an example and shinning a light on this! I'm stoked to grab the shotgun and go check out Shiloh Pond this fall!
Steve 16 days ago
Access here in Vermont sucks! Mostly privately owned, and all those out of state owners post their land, since they come from NY, Mass, CT, NJ and so forth and do not have the same culture that we grew up with here, very sad.
High Peaks Alliance
It is the writing on the wall.
headybud 16 days ago
So cool to see new england in these episodes
brickcityluv 16 days ago
Good deal Cal- I'm goin up to check it out!.thanks 🤙🤙
Kale Churchill
Kale Churchill 16 days ago
So happy to see an episode in Maine!