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Published on


Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
MacKenzie Turpin
MacKenzie Turpin 2 hours ago
Tbh I think that mechanical pencils are the best.
Nicoleasaurus 3 hours ago
So im a TA and we've had to do instructional lunch bc covid and I introduced mad libs to my first graders a couple months back - they LOVE IT!!! I don't make it super instructional but they're starting to actually be able to identify parts of speech (basic noun, verb, adjective) without being reminded and a bunch of them have even asked their parents for their own mad-libs books to do at home!!
Melanie Dufour
Melanie Dufour 4 hours ago
Où as-tu acheté tes crayons super beau and I talk French sorry☺😘😭😅😅😅😅
Breanna Buczeskie
Breanna Buczeskie 7 hours ago
My mom told me a story of when my big brother got and Elmo thing like that and he ran and hid on the couch 😂😂😂😂
Sara Marie W
Sara Marie W 8 hours ago
Rakel josefine Torvik
DO THE 70s pleaseeeee
Rose Worth
Rose Worth 10 hours ago
when u r 12 but have had all of these
Crafty Donuts - Vlogging
Yea..."funky pencils" aren't in trend anymore (well at for my school) but i still own lots of them
Kelly Hatton
Kelly Hatton 14 hours ago
Kelly Hatton
Kelly Hatton 14 hours ago
I still have that
Annie things
Annie things 16 hours ago
Crafty Donuts - Vlogging
Her arm came of so that's really cool 😌💅✨
puffball pens are still in
Emily Day ago
Roxannalee Rodriguez
6:48 in my school youll be considered like childish or immature if u had some crazy pens but if it was like a cool one ppl youll be fine :) -11 yr old
Skylar M MacLean
Not me having a popcorn shirt
Ruth Torrez
Ruth Torrez Day ago
who else was born in 2009???
Austin Pain
Austin Pain Day ago
Flynn's energy level when he said "it's red" is mine while doing anything at school
Imlucille Strickland
You should do the most popular thing in 2021 FIGHTS!!!
bxbblee Blox
bxbblee Blox Day ago
Colleen: Wich one do you want Flynn? Flynn: UNICORN!! Colleen: das my boy 😎 😆
I am from the Philippines and we have a similar toy the the like the thick bubble
I had a whole collection of Bratz dolls when I was only 4 and I was born in 2012
Harper TikTok and gamer
We have the ones with the feathers
ellie. m6
ellie. m6 2 days ago
I own silly bandz 😂
Alex G.
Alex G. 2 days ago
Selling my Razor scooter for $7 was one of the worst mistakes of my life... I need to get another one. (they are not $20.. more like $50)
liousa star
liousa star 2 days ago
Colleen I drink my blood to
Miguel Villegas
Miguel Villegas 2 days ago
Do 1950’s
Sandy Hall
Sandy Hall 2 days ago
Can your a video with Rachel of old kids toys
Aesthetic Strawberry
She was talking about the body glitter the person you look like someone from Harry Potter but I’m not sure I will have seen the movie and I can’t tell any difference
Gameover Time
Gameover Time 3 days ago
I love flin and Collins hairstyle today!
Gameover Time
Gameover Time 3 days ago
Just realized I Splenda sit wrong?
K Banner Smith
K Banner Smith 3 days ago
I'll never forget when my 2nd grade class wasn't allowed to wear silly bands because we would trade them at recess 😂
himko toga
himko toga 3 days ago
The Bratz doll oop she be unm-
Demi Vlogs!!
Demi Vlogs!! 3 days ago
fxonabxnana 3 days ago
i got a giant tickle me elmo and i was OBSESSED
Its royale Emma
Its royale Emma 3 days ago
Yess!! Cool pens and pencils are for sure still in!!
Elijah Bartee
Elijah Bartee 3 days ago
2001 kiddo here!
Jocelyn Ainsworth
I just got a razor scooter
riley jones
riley jones 3 days ago
alyson cameron
alyson cameron 3 days ago
Finally I’m not the only one who wasn’t allowed to play with bratz 😂
Sharon Gardner
Sharon Gardner 3 days ago
I remember all of these
Sharon Gardner
Sharon Gardner 3 days ago
I loved brats dolls so much memory's
Pam Thompson
Pam Thompson 3 days ago
Lizzie Mcguire is how I found Colleen. She made a video with Bree essrig talking about the movie. The video was so funny so I subbed to Colleen
Alvin Rivera
Alvin Rivera 3 days ago
waka waka
7 77
7 77 3 days ago
Omg the mini haters back off sweats on Flynn are soo cute 🥰 and him saying baby’s turn !!
Abigail Dye
Abigail Dye 4 days ago
I'm. 9 and I have. Played with a few of them
sassygirl Hey
sassygirl Hey 4 days ago
sassygirl Hey
sassygirl Hey 4 days ago
I got Glasses
Cynthia Loveday
Cynthia Loveday 4 days ago
I wasn't allowed to have Bratz either, for the same reason 😂
Julianne H
Julianne H 4 days ago
You know what you've gotta do with the Bratz doll then: Try Doll Customizing!!! Turn it from a regular blonde bratz to a brunette Miranda.
rachel mcgonigal
rachel mcgonigal 4 days ago
Yes temperature way
Dabz Star2
Dabz Star2 4 days ago
Logan Kay
Logan Kay 4 days ago
Brazil stills
Brazil stills 4 days ago
Can you do 2017
Graham Crackers
Graham Crackers 4 days ago
Jesus loves you!
Marshmallow Puffies
Flynn is so cute.
Norris Nuts Family
SNL Fan 4 days ago
Lol Flynn is picky AF
Trudy 5 days ago
One day I got a razor for four dollars
Teagan Smith
Teagan Smith 5 days ago
Can confirm that pens and pencils that have designs and weird eraser are still in
Bella & Nathie’s World
Yeah the pens are in so fun
Owen Mcury
Owen Mcury 5 days ago
Do you like trup
I could not get bratz because they were called bratz a
Esmira Seferagic
Esmira Seferagic 5 days ago
Nicole Myers
Nicole Myers 5 days ago
Colleen: I got glitter lip gloss Me: she better have got the roll on body glitter ! Coleen: and roll on body glitter Me: 😌😌😌
rogue company123
rogue company123 5 days ago
are you miranda
Katie Moffa
Katie Moffa 5 days ago
It’s literally all still trending except the Elmo
Megan Grace
Megan Grace 5 days ago
Lj 5 days ago
Go watch bones on Hulu the geek and the guck you might know someone
tiffany koivu
tiffany koivu 5 days ago
Funky pants are in still in
Princess Clair 6789
How old are u collen
Emelia O'Brien
Emelia O'Brien 5 days ago
What are some early 2000s phrases or slang? I totally forget, I was 14 in year 2000.
jpmaunder 6 days ago
Yes the fun pens are still here
Alisa Jones
Alisa Jones 6 days ago
Pattern pencils are the jam now like every holiday there are pattern pencils in the gift bags
Sarra Brio
Sarra Brio 6 days ago
but for real someone please tell me where to find the purple slides cuz they make great slippers 😅
Savvy Thomas
Savvy Thomas 6 days ago
As a tween the liquid pens remind me of water timer
Nathan Burris
Nathan Burris 6 days ago
Epic gaming Fun
Epic gaming Fun 6 days ago
I have one of those old xboxes
Epic gaming Fun
Epic gaming Fun 6 days ago
Funky pens are still in so many people in my class including me have funky pens
trevor goodreau
trevor goodreau 6 days ago
Omg I want that Bratz doll soo bad!! I just got into collecting bratz dolls and have been looking at that doll on Amazon for so long.
Pippippipp 6 days ago
Pls do the 1800s :D
lymanwizardswand 6 days ago
So I can't wear high rise jeans. But everyone do you. But definitely brought back memories
lymanwizardswand 6 days ago
I just got my 6 year old a scooter
Sari Blanda
Sari Blanda 6 days ago
My parents didn’t let me have Bratz dolls either, but my cousins had them!
Emma Hughes
Emma Hughes 6 days ago
you look like you was in a time travel machien and hoped into the 2000s
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith 6 days ago
I can smell the lipgloss
Angelic Angel
Angelic Angel 6 days ago
I love that you’re raising him to play with dolls and unicorn stickers and not making him play with “boy toys”
Kristin Benfield
Kristin Benfield 6 days ago
There are there are cats on top pom-pom steel sushi and that’s all
Alice Gasperini
Alice Gasperini 6 days ago
Luv u ❤️
Georgia Carpenter
Blooniz are still out
Kiara D
Kiara D 6 days ago
You guys are so cringe he
Jasmine X
Jasmine X 6 days ago
Becky Austin
Becky Austin 6 days ago
I have an idea for the Bratz doll you can do like a hair dying something you know die the Bratz dolls hair purple or blue or pink or cut it or die in color it be nice to put on a blog I guess if you're not good at it then how to destroy a Bratz Doll
Becky Austin
Becky Austin 6 days ago
Your hair looks great
Dorka Tordai
Dorka Tordai 6 days ago
Colleeeeen can you do an era when your parent were teens and make the video together with them?? Or the 1920-30s?
Tania Juarez
Tania Juarez 6 days ago
Omg ! The crimpers ! And those sandals ! I had those sandals 💀💀💀
kimikittiekat 7 days ago
Do one for when your parents were growing up
Random World
Random World 7 days ago
I used to hang the stickers in my doll house as painting
brizzleyoh 7 days ago
Anybody else also remember livestrong bracelets were everything