Buying and fixing a dump truck: 96 Freightliner FL70 w/ 8.3 cummins 

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In this video I buy a 96 freightliner fl70 with transmission problems. Previous owner said it needed a clutch. It turned out to be the throwout bearing was not greased and failed. Project turned into alot more once I got into it.

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Apr 2, 2021




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SHRED CT 20 days ago
We need a shirt that says "Jesse Muller" on the front and "Can't isn't a word" on the back!! 👍
SHRED CT 11 days ago
@JBFromOZ my prayers are with you brother.🙏
JBFromOZ 11 days ago
Sending off my best mate and mentor today, he was the embodiment of can’t isn’t a word
Dan Wheeler
Dan Wheeler 18 days ago
@James Reynolds we moved but some vids in the works
James Reynolds
James Reynolds 18 days ago
@Dan Wheeler Where you been? Miss seeing your vids also
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson 19 days ago
@Jesse Muller we can tell
homerfj1100 3 hours ago
That was absolutely superb. Thank you so much.
WILLY EGAON 8 hours ago
you need indoor shop with rain crane.. You know anyone has shop.. You need build big shop like some you might now. He has a few dogs and castel
Albert Disessa
Albert Disessa 13 hours ago
Satisfying feeling driving such equipment ... feeling and knowing what’s actually going on inside of it.
radketim 22 hours ago
Love the wire nut under the hood, thats a farmer fix.
Alton House
Alton House Day ago
Always replace wore out parts with new, all them. Great job.
David Well
David Well Day ago
Great work, very impressive.
Building Our Paradise
Great work and vids Jesse. One thing for sure, your not afraid to tackle big ass jobs. Love them, keep em coming.
James Farnham
James Farnham 2 days ago
Sounds smooth shifting. Nice job!!
Danny G
Danny G 2 days ago
53:35 I was waiting for Andrew to come in with the rock chainsaw and get the nut that was holding the yoke in .. seriously great video. Love watching your videos. 👍🙏
thomas peregoodoff
Any update on what was in the oil for the transmission?
Jeffery Livingston
Jesse those two balls are for your linkage arm on the inside of the PTO. or when you did engage or disengage the PTO. it's those little bumps you feel when moving the lever inside the cab. Best way I can explain it.
Jeffery Livingston
You got me on that one. I know I had a manual engagement and it had those same two little balls in it
Jesse Muller
Jesse Muller 2 days ago
but this pto is engaged with air . I thought it was detent balls for the transmission shifter but I could be wrong
Silvino Tavares de Lima
first time i see samthing made in brazil in usa
gerald frank
gerald frank 3 days ago
Jesse, it's a lot easier putting the trans and bell housing off and on separately.It makes it easier setting the clutch linkage to the bearing through the big hole and installing and removing the bell housing bolts. I also hope you "neverseezd" the pump to PTO splines. A good job especially on your back. Most of those commercial pumps come with instructions to support the rear of the pump to the trans. I have seen catastrophic failures when that is not done.
Gary Ablett
Gary Ablett 3 days ago
First time here and I subscribed. I also watch Diesel Creek, J.C. SMITH PROJECTS and coldwarmotors. Your son looked like he was left out of it, perhaps give him a wire brush and set him to work on them rusty bolts ! hehe. Cheers from Australia.
Rec Stuff
Rec Stuff 4 days ago
What a great feeling of accomplishment you must have, fixing everything yourself. Great video.👍🏻
Wingdwolf 56
Wingdwolf 56 4 days ago
Wow! That was a LOT of work!!! Great job!
Joe Gilly
Joe Gilly 5 days ago
You say you just it that frozen bolt with 1,200 pounds of force. Not with all of the extensions on did you deliver 1,200
PEUTIMANG TV 5 days ago
Keep spirit broher
PEUTIMANG TV 5 days ago
So nice video
rick owens
rick owens 5 days ago
Well done. Did yourself proud!
barajas j
barajas j 5 days ago
Awesome video! I definitely enjoyed watching you fix her up! One thing I did learn in the field is that air tools are stronger than battery tools but the best use what they got. Truly badass!
liveuk 5 days ago
Heat the housing then cool the bolt, threads with brake spray cleaner or any spray coolant.
Mark De Sanctis
Mark De Sanctis 5 days ago
great video, jesse!
Marandal 5 days ago
This was a good 2 hour movie. 10/10. Oh you have a bunch of fun looking content, i'm definitely going to be following along. 1:37:10 "...and it had like Half this dial indicator." BHahahh 😄
the2060ish 6 days ago
You need a veh lift forsure working on your back ouch.. Good rebuild.
Messerschmitt 6 days ago
These are the kind of trucks that an EMP won't affect at all 👍
Murray Elliott
Murray Elliott 6 days ago
Perhaps you could do with an anode for electrolysis ?
Cherie Boe
Cherie Boe 6 days ago
$4000 truck turned into a $ 10,000 truck BUT GOOD WORK
Алексей Трипольский
костёр на берегу горит , спокойно речка протекает ... и искры пламенный узор , в ночное небо посылают ... ты улыбаешь костру , ладонями играясь с жаром ... в душе тепло , встаю встаю , ты сну поклон свой отдавала ... с добрым утром юленька ! жаром ... огонь стихия жарче нету ... как нимб теплом окружена ... согреешь странника ты светом , Ты Львица ! Стихии Огненной ты Красота !...
Jacob Werner
Jacob Werner 7 days ago
1200 lbs u say?
donuthole4sale 7 days ago
You did one hell of a nice job on this.That's a sweet ride and worth all your time and money its going to end up being very reliable for you. How about some work on that sweet Cummins. Oil change ,fuel air and oil filters and clean out the injectors? Really enjoyed this vid, you got a new subscriber.
William Blakeley
William Blakeley 7 days ago
👍👍GRATE WORK. like your channel ALOT..😉
trucksavage 7 days ago
Camarata would've driven it home saying "That's probably alright!"
Gav Hirt
Gav Hirt 7 days ago
Always use green w the primer or jb weld lol
Matthew Jorgensen
You and Andy have the best vids. Thanks for sharing!
Gary Soykin
Gary Soykin 8 days ago
That was a good video keep up the good work my friend you actually show stuff in a good way
That was a very satisfying video, they don't make them like this anymore👊
Larry ok
Larry ok 8 days ago
Giving me faith in the younger generation to keep our country rolling
Mac Delaney
Mac Delaney 9 days ago
So on these transmission you use the clutch when you shift the stick but when you use the splitter that's an axle thing and just need to throttle down a bit?
Jesse Muller
Jesse Muller 8 days ago
exactly, when shifting the axle, you just blip the throttle
Chris Thurman
Chris Thurman 9 days ago
Good job buddy
wirenut003 9 days ago
Long haul but you got it done. you know your way around the truck probably saved nine grand for the work you put into it. Cant wait for the next one on the Black Beauty.
I Care
I Care 9 days ago
keith Harmon
keith Harmon 9 days ago
kctyphoon 9 days ago
Listen - you dont need to talk yourself into (or convince us) that you ‘still’ got a good deal on that truck.... trucks like those are almost bulletproof. Its not about how much you paid to fix it.. its about how much it will earn over its life now thats its fixed, and the labor cost you saved from doing it yourself. The knowledge gained alone has great value.. Great job man, really... any issue that truck might cough up in the future will seem like nothing after all that. My company will ROUTINELY dump 15 grand into an old truck - and THEN wind up sending it auction anyway and replace it with a new one . - because its gotten to point of being more expensive to keep than replace. You’re NOWHERE near that point.
Jesse Muller
Jesse Muller 8 days ago
yea this truck seems pretty nice. it is always nice to get the big work like this done and its finally able to move around to do the small stuff, and the small stuff seems even smaller after a nice size project like this
kctyphoon 10 days ago
Never seen a transmission filled with anti seize before.. lol Dude - get the Milwaukee 1/2” impact.. the problem with Makita is the small batteries. You get 9.0 or 12.0 battery on the Milwaukee, and shit comes off.. the higher amp hours, and the bigger 2700 cells in the High output Milwaukee batteries makes a big difference.
Mac Delaney
Mac Delaney 10 days ago
1:00:00 And the award for musical scoring for a transmission rebuild project goes to.....
AW Services
AW Services 10 days ago
Jesse, that's one amazingly clean gearbox
Harry Cane
Harry Cane 10 days ago
Hey there! New Subscriber.... its like you and Andrew Camarata are brothers from a different mother. LOL. Great channel. Now you need to just build a bigger shop! I hear containers work well... ;D
artolauri 10 days ago
* Ja tosiaan tästä Arto Lauri US-first tilaukseen siellä. Ja itselle, kuin kavereille myös.
Richard Forrest
Richard Forrest 10 days ago
Nice job...enjoyed the 2 hr. Video...ate a whole bag of chips and 3 budlights lol You're a handy young fella !
ElectronicMechanic 10 days ago
When you price a new dump truck you have a really great buy here!
Joe West
Joe West 10 days ago
OMG, having owned my own repair shop and watching you crawling around under that vehicle I commend your tenacity there's no way unless I had this thing lifted up so I could work like a human being, if even just 12" higher and on good ground, I could ever be able to do what you're doing. Ah youth....
Barney Kennett
Barney Kennett 10 days ago
Nice...👍. Mechanical skills, excellent...👍.
Russell Clement
Russell Clement 10 days ago
Being an Eaton box the PTO pump will prob be Eaton to
Peterpanuk 10 days ago
Mercedes cab by the way
Glen Higginbotham
Glen Higginbotham 11 days ago
my safety glasses to watch this video LOL Flying rust and metal pieces . Great program today thanks for sharing
psbassett 11 days ago
I like that you tell us how much things cost. Good detail with respect to the process/work you did. Well done!
Jessica C - Philippines House Building
Thanks for sharing.
Michal 11 days ago
I like this channel!! it shows you exactly what to be a mechanic looks like in real life
Robert Farrington
Robert Farrington 11 days ago
The wealthy keyboard nationally stop because caterpillar invariably strap underneath a five gosling. acceptable, zesty database
J Campezzi
J Campezzi 11 days ago
Soooooo many owners buy these Junker trucks and have people who is desperate for a job drive these Death traps.
mark bailey
mark bailey 11 days ago
stop leak for oils ruins rubber, makes it swell up and gets very soft
w4shep 11 days ago
1:02:54 It's always something… 🙂
Redneck Mechanic
Redneck Mechanic 11 days ago
Can't doesn't exist.. give it all the torque. The fun part is always getting those broken bolts out 🤣🤘
SCH sch
SCH sch 12 days ago
Taking it down to the frame for blast and paint gets you into Pakistani truck territory, they do that routinely to straighten or repair frame cracks.
Waiakalulu 12 days ago
It's a handsome truck. It's kinda cool all blacked out "murder" style dumping action.
B11video 12 days ago
great video !
Kresimir Milisa
Kresimir Milisa 12 days ago
jesse you are very good with repairs interesting and useful to watch.
Ben Ortiz
Ben Ortiz 12 days ago
1200ftlbs of torc is only at the socket if you use extensions it cuts it in half!!!!
Douglas Knutsen
Douglas Knutsen 12 days ago
Jesse , put your money and you time towards building a big shop instead of that old truck !
Toby One
Toby One 12 days ago
i dont know how i landed here...but i liked it.
Mike Coy
Mike Coy 12 days ago
I have a new pump If you need it
Sos the Rope
Sos the Rope 12 days ago
You've got a needle gun! Yay, everything is better with a needle gun. Sandblast the underside Jessie.
Sos the Rope
Sos the Rope 12 days ago
Is this the same type of truck that Andrew has?
Gorkness 12 days ago
Jesse when you start this beast of a channel, its Bryan M
Josh Linkhart
Josh Linkhart 12 days ago
What ratchet is that? Looks like it has 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” square drives?
Terminal Insanity
Terminal Insanity 12 days ago
Can that engine even be repaired? It looks like a stack of rust. Im not sure enough metal remains to hold the pistons together man
pvp64 12 days ago
Your knowledge of mechanical stuff is just amazing!
Bob 12 days ago
Interesting video , clean job , great work . Thank You . YOU DA' MAN. KEEP ON TRUCKIN'
Robert Rab
Robert Rab 12 days ago
I think i would have made a gas tank for i would have spent 700 its not like its a storage size or shape thanks for the video.
Matthew Newey
Matthew Newey 12 days ago
Finally someone knows how to pour liquids with an offset spout!
Phil Covino
Phil Covino 12 days ago
Did you buy that from Andrew??? Lol
Drew Hill
Drew Hill 12 days ago
It's a c102 pump
Shermaster tv
Shermaster tv 13 days ago
山田太郎 13 days ago
Good !!! from Jajan
Rob Rathjens
Rob Rathjens 13 days ago
Is that Andrews crane?
Rob Rathjens
Rob Rathjens 12 days ago
@Jesse Muller nice! Don't roll it like he did.lol
Jesse Muller
Jesse Muller 13 days ago
its his old one, mine now
Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick 13 days ago
Great repair adventure! Since you live in such a rust prone area, may I suggest you paint those parts with a rust converter such as Rust-Oleum rust converter or POR15? A rust converter chemically converts the reddish iron oxides into bluish-black ferric tannate which stops rust and seals the part from the elements.
Kyle O'Loughlin
Kyle O'Loughlin 13 days ago
How does that air gate work on your truck? I Saw the air cylinder up near the dump handle.
Michael Denton
Michael Denton 13 days ago
Nice work!
Don't Cry
Don't Cry 13 days ago
I think it was a good buy if you need that size AC upgraded to a larger one to save trips.
Don't Cry
Don't Cry 13 days ago
1:21 if you didn't cut off the gears off the input shaft you wouldn't have been able to assemble it?
Timothy Kappel
Timothy Kappel 13 days ago
It must suck have to work on stuff when it's freezing. I know it sucks to lay on the ground in 70 degree weather let alone when there's snow on the ground
Timothy Kappel
Timothy Kappel 13 days ago
Clutches are cheap $4000 seems like a hell of a deal. The body and/or the frame doesn't look rotted
Jimmy Alexandrou
Jimmy Alexandrou 13 days ago
good afternoon from cyprus i just finished watching all your videos, i have been watching andrew camarata for a few years now and i thought that he was good buy YOU ARE THE MAN...... keep up the good work.
Mark Arnott
Mark Arnott 13 days ago
Hard work fella , trucks Not my cup tea . i always used to do my own Car maintenence when younger every time i payed some garage to fix something back in it would go . so that got me Learning to Fix myself . & cheaper .
Abenog Cyklen
Abenog Cyklen 13 days ago
2 thing's to say about your videos. : no silly music and smooth talking = super 🇩🇰
Adams784 13 days ago
Nice work, what will you use Truck for?
Ryan Beshears
Ryan Beshears 13 days ago
i would love to see a break down on cost/resale value on something like this. flip cars would love to get into bigger flips
Hardline Manufacturing
You need a torque multiplier
Buying a new pickup truck