Busting Pizza Myths 

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Should you knead your pizza dough by hand? How long should your dough ferment? Today, the Mythical Kitcheneers are busting pizza myths! Make your own pizza with the recipe below! Myth Munchers Ep. 4
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Dough Ingredients:
* 2 1/3 cups AP flour
* 1 tsp sugar
* 1 ½ teaspoon active dry yeast
* 2 tsp kosher salt
* 1 tbsp olive oil
* 1 cup + 2 tablespoons warm water
Sauce Ingredients:
* 1 28 oz can of crushed tomato
* 1 heaping tablespoon of Tony Chachere's
* Cheese and Toppings:
* 1 heaping cup of hand shredded mozzarella
* 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
* a small handful of lightly torn basil leaves
1) Warm water to 110 degrees. add in the yeast and allow to bloom for 5-10 minutes.
2) Combine flour, sugar, salt into a large bowl of a stand mixer.
3) Add the olive oil to the bloomed yeast/water mixture, and then to the bowl of the stand mixer.
4) Mix for 8 minutes in a stand mixer.
5) Oil a bowl and add the dough and proof in the fridge for 20 hours, removing from the fridge 4 hours prior so the dough comes to room temperature.
6) Punch down the dough and fit to a pizza pan.
7) Add pizza sauce and cheese.
8) Bake on a preheated pizza stone for about 10 minutes at 500 degrees.
9) Remove and top with parmesan cheese and basil.


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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
lwbhf29 5 hours ago
Yay for basil
Timetraveling Necromancer
"Quiet!" Someone has been watching Cobra Kai.
Zippowoodlands 11 hours ago
My father works for a cheese 🧀 plant that makes Mozzarella cheese and they make block mozzarella to make a pizza from the cheese is part of quality control they have to measure of the stretch when it is hot and delicious 😋 to see if it passes to be shipped out to stores.
Shit Lister
Shit Lister 12 hours ago
OOOh Trevor you Naughty, That 4 way at the end was nice
frank bad
frank bad 12 hours ago
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 15 hours ago
Put the fresh mots on after
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 16 hours ago
They both definitely smoke weed to.its ok im stoned to
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 16 hours ago
David was huge why would he have little biceps? Im honestly offended
Fig Bat
Fig Bat 16 hours ago
I don't think that dude knows who lol Jon is.hes like 17 years old
@2:57 Josh reminds me of that teacher in middle school we all thought was dope af
MR Day ago
"I'm big. I've hurt a lot of babies before."
Marcin Stopczyński
Can someone answer me why Nicole can't eat pizza?
Oliver Linder
Sad the last test went how it went. For my likings and for using the pizza stone the best the dough must be around 3 mm thin and the buffalo morzarella needs to be pressed out before you put it on the pizza. mostly you are not even baking the fresh morzarella you will put it on right after baking and use the resonating heat of the Pizza to let it melt. would have probably been a different outcome. But still a good series in testing these myth.
elweinhoffer Day ago
OK But I need to know where Nicole got that top!! LOVE
HELLBOY PEEP 2 days ago
Josh: What are you doing? Vi: ... I was listening 👀 Love Vi she's awesome
Anthony Duran
Anthony Duran 2 days ago
I was going to say, the guy at Marathon died after his run. And Gordon Ramsay why won’t you love me? just doesn’t slide off the tongue as well as David Duchovny why won’t you love me? Lol
R Dee
R Dee 2 days ago
This just in. Trevor is disgusting.
elliot winn
elliot winn 2 days ago
You gotta heat the pizza on the stove for a few mins before oven with the cast iron
Christina Ham
Christina Ham 3 days ago
Josh runs like a hobbit and it is wonderful
Clara Gonçalves
Clara Gonçalves 3 days ago
why you people fold the pizza??
chloesmith1129 3 days ago
When cooking with a pizza stone you can actually prep it on a non stick pan and slide it off onto the stone. I’ve seen my dad make pizza on multiple occasions, he cooks it on the stone and always preps it on a nonstick pan. Love the show :)
Jeffrey Kasbohm
Jeffrey Kasbohm 4 days ago
All these pizzas look horrible. Unless you like dough with a thin layer of sauce and a tiny bit of cheese. I do not eat thin thin crust but this tripple crust eww.
tamversuschris 4 days ago
I cackled when Trevor jumped out from behind Josh!
ieatstheinternet 4 days ago
Nicole your shoe soles are so dirty!
Keisha Walter
Keisha Walter 4 days ago
Josh excited face after he complimented Vi's edges was so wholesome.
Nina Dees
Nina Dees 4 days ago
WhO lEft tHe rAcK iN tHEre!?
alejandro villatoro
20:50 WHy you BULLY me
Matthieu Daniel
Matthieu Daniel 5 days ago
Gosh Americans do really have a problem with cheese. First : yes too much cheese exists, it becomes disgusting when you put too much second : I always eat pizzas with fresh mozza, and I never get a soggy pizza so must be a problem on the preparation (maybe not enough eat from the oven?) Third : the point of using fresh mozza instead of "mozzarella" block is because a good pizza is supposed to have creamyness which you could never get with a low moisture mozza But when we see that most americans prefere putting "american cheese" on burgers rather than a good cheddar, I think it's a lost cause
Mandy Hofstetter
Mandy Hofstetter 5 days ago
Josh's pizza shuffle in jorts got to me!!!
TooHairy Men
TooHairy Men 5 days ago
Have you ever had Pizza in Italy. A typical Neapolitan Pizza wouldn't actually be my favourite. We actually talk about our trips to Italy and our food experiences there in our latest podcast.
Scyron 6 days ago
There is a food police, they will track you down, they will yell at you, and then say, "salmonella is no joke!". I encountered them once but it was how I broke my eggs on a bowl, and not flat surface.
Matthew Strand
Matthew Strand 6 days ago
a 3 sided coin, seriously
Justin 6 days ago
This could be 10-15 mins if there wasn’t so much yelling and nonsense
stormi stoner
stormi stoner 6 days ago
This whole crew is magic.
Rebekah Bell
Rebekah Bell 6 days ago
As an Australian, I can confirm we sound absolutely nothing like that.
Johnny Shoes
Johnny Shoes 6 days ago
If you can hold your pizza like you are throwing a curveball and not have any point droppage, that's a 10.
Cole Nelson
Cole Nelson 6 days ago
YOU DID FRESH MOZZARELLA WRONG YOU PISSILONIOS PILL PUSHER! You have to cook high with a Non-Cooked Sauce Can not stress this enough!
Cole Nelson
Cole Nelson 6 days ago
im geussing stand mixer, 48 hours, cast iron, fresh mozzarella
Firefighting Guy
Firefighting Guy 6 days ago
And now they understand why they haven’t gotten a sponsor from Tony Chachere’s seasoning. Because they’ve been saying it wrong
Kaleb Nolan
Kaleb Nolan 6 days ago
Josh, as an Australian I’m going to advice you to never do that again
Rachel Poulos
Rachel Poulos 7 days ago
I like to treat my cast iron as a pizza stone and preheat it in the oven.
zvxcvxcz 7 days ago
So... why do we assume all these have independent influence on the final pizza? Come on Mythical Kitchen, make all the combinations for a real comparison. Taking the best of each variable independently and then combining them does not guarantee the best pizza.
Joe Moody
Joe Moody 7 days ago
The hair ain’t doin it for me. Am I the only one?
Marisa 7 days ago
um a perforated pizza pan is the way to go, or an upside down sheet pan works well too. you dont always need a pizza stone plus it takes a long time for it to heat up. So if you arent making bread or anything else but pizza a pizza stone is a waste of space and money sorry
Lovi Tomato
Lovi Tomato 7 days ago
Okay but there are too many variables still. The best from each round combined might not yield the best overall combination
Albino Gorilla
Albino Gorilla 7 days ago
Ngl that "why you bully me?" At 20:51 had me dead
nidoqueen106 7 days ago
You guys should Try busting Chocolate Mousse Myths next. find out if gelatin really makes a Mousse lihter and fluffier, if you should really whip the cream and eggs too much or too little. and any other posibilitie sthat create the lightest fluffiest Mousse
Josh Read
Josh Read 7 days ago
I don't watch these videos super often, so sorry if this is a known thing, but is the editor manipulating Josh's voice? Sometimes it sounds like he inhaled helium, like 21:40 but he doesn't always sound like that. And it just happens sporadically through the video, and I'm so confused.
SugarRayyy 7 days ago
Here’s a suggestion for a future episode: grilled cheese. What type of cheese? What type of bread? Shredded cheese or sliced? Butter or Mayo on the outside? What to cook it on?
Maxwell Erickson
Maxwell Erickson 7 days ago
I’m sorry to say but dude you cooked the cast iron in a way that set it up for failure. You gotta cook it on the stovetop first, then put it in the oven.
Dar 7 days ago
I wanna see more of Vi!!!!!!
tougeika 7 days ago
C’mon Gordon you schmo. Love him.
Anna Feustel
Anna Feustel 7 days ago
REX ! 7 days ago
Josh's bulbous neck reminds me of Azog the Pale Orc, but is more intimidating.
dodoman0 7 days ago
we all know wood-fired is best pizza
Freedomcat 7 days ago
I could have told them to use block cheese. It shreds great and melts quicker.
Mr༻A K S H A Y
Mr༻A K S H A Y 7 days ago
I can see Italians crying behind the scene for them not choosing fresh mozzarella 😂
Brian Ross
Brian Ross 7 days ago
Isnt shredded cheese from a block? It's the same
Jacob Keller
Jacob Keller 7 days ago
2:27: Josh shouting "quiet" had some real Cobra Kai energy. 🥋
Brenton Mather
Brenton Mather 7 days ago
As an Australian I agree we talk like bogens bahaha
Linnea Soderberg
Linnea Soderberg 8 days ago
loving the representation of the matzoh pizza! also applause for learning about edges lol such a good show
DumbleDork 8 days ago
I'm waiting for the day when they make a Myth Munchers episode where something cannot be agreed upon. I can't wait to see what happens.
Aaron 8 days ago
I was hoping the myth "munched" was going to be how long it could last and still be edible.
NefariousOne 8 days ago
Compare pizza stone vs pizza steel.
WesSavage 8 days ago
Fun fact: in Italy if you serve a pizza in a restaurant with *not* fresh mozzarella on top, you get insulted and you lose a customer. If your pizza is wet, you did it wrong and it's not the mozzarella's fault. JOSH. 'MMURICA.
sjeggy6 8 days ago
I never realized but i absolutely hate his glasses now that i noticed
Omead Pooladzandi
i love how the oven is the other room is much better than the oven in the test kitchen
Cyber Kirby
Cyber Kirby 8 days ago
darm i was kinga hoping that by the end they'd put it all together and make like an ULTIMATE PIZZA. Still absolutely fantastic video!
Butts McGee
Butts McGee 8 days ago
queue up spiderman 2 pizza theme on a separate device at low volume while watching this for maximum pizza experience
Dylan Crow
Dylan Crow 8 days ago
13:40 “I don’t know how, but you used the wrong formula and got the right answer”
BubbyBoy 8 days ago
In before saying Adam Ragusea already experimented
ShermaanxD 8 days ago
I was chasing perfect pizza recipe for long years. Tried different stones (from light, 1cm thick to 4cm, 8kg monster) and I ended up baking my best pizza ever in the cast iron pan.... Rules which I follow (for neapolitan style pizza): - use only italian SOFT wheat flour. Type "00". "W" index around 280-300. You can easily buy such flour online. - don't knead your dough too much! Only to the point when ingredients mix together. Fermentation does the job for you. Kneading for too long makes the dough tough. - use just a tiiiiiny tiiiny pinch of yeast. I'm using around 1-2g of fresh yeast for 700-800g of flour. That's enough. - let it ferment for at least 24h in a fridge and leave it in the room temperature for at least 3-4h before baking. (My extreme experiment was to ferment a dough for over a week, still perfectly fine, but I didn't see much of an improvement in comparison with 24h one) - Find fresh, sweet tomatoes and do the sauce by yourself. Canned tomatoes (I used the best italian san marzano tomatoes I could find) are always way way more acidic than the fresh ones. - Put cast iron pan to the very top rack. Take your oven to the absolute max on the grill setting (mine heats up to the 280'C) and leave the pan for at least 20-25mins to get as hot as possible - Bake your pizza for 2-3min observing constantly, every 10-15seconds can make a difference between perfectly baked and totally burnt one ;D Follow that steps and you'll make yourself one of the best pizzas you ever had. Guaranteed.
Jaigarful 8 days ago
I don't understand why this wasn't blind? Knowing something went into the blender (Gonna develop a lot more gluten), you're going to be looking for that before you even tried it..
Jason Young
Jason Young 8 days ago
Pizza steel is superior, but if you preheat your cast iron in the oven, it simulates it pretty well. I own a 15" C.I. pan primarily for this reason.
Kbizzle82 8 days ago
Passover smassover.. I'd be eating pizza👍👍
LaRosa Hjort
LaRosa Hjort 8 days ago
@ Mythical Kitchen When you make cast iron pizza, you need a little oil in the pan if you want a nice crispy crust; also why would use flour instead of corn meal on the paddle, it does the same job, and tastes better...... And, yeast doughs get better, the longer you let them rise, but if you let it sit too long then you get sourdough pizza instead of traditional pizza. Honestly it also comes down to personal preferences... Nice job though.
Vipriel 8 days ago
Josh: ITS AUSTRALIAN. THATS HOW THEY TALK DOWN THERE Me an aussie: o____o .... nope
Julian Boutwell
Julian Boutwell 9 days ago
Trevor's Sheesh and Goddamn it's JUICY!! 😭❤️
Julian Boutwell
Julian Boutwell 9 days ago
ryan taylor
ryan taylor 9 days ago
y would u have someone there that cant even taste them, theres no point
Skinny Buddha
Skinny Buddha 9 days ago
Tony chachere's is very good seasoning but the salt is just way too strong. It's basically 96 percent salt. They need a version that has 25 percent of the salt so I can actually season my food with it, instead of using it for my salt.
Skinny Buddha
Skinny Buddha 9 days ago
Ok myth munchers is the way to make me really come back to this channel. Absolutely love this idea.
Bryan Elliott
Bryan Elliott 9 days ago
Cast can be a good option; drop some oil in your cast so it fries the crust instead of steaming it. Stone's still more awesome, though.
Hyatt Busbey
Hyatt Busbey 9 days ago
Hand, 1hr, cast iron, cheddar I stand by my answer.
Elizabeth Cook
Elizabeth Cook 9 days ago
Preheat cast iron next time and you’ll basically be using a pizza stone
Lucky Cacheton
Lucky Cacheton 9 days ago
You don't preheat your cast iron? I do gives nice crispy bottom And we didn't plan to do this a week sooner or a week later
Sonya G
Sonya G 9 days ago
Post wins this for the epic music for the pizza run. Lol
flamshiz 9 days ago
I'm really happy to see V coming out of her shell
JackingTheBox 9 days ago
... I'm one of those guys that only has 1 bowl 1 spoon, 1 plate etc... i do wash with the proper products tho
flamshiz 9 days ago
every video that comes out I fall more and more in love with Trevor
Monstro Gaming
Monstro Gaming 9 days ago
Use corn meal not flour
Eshan Divecha
Eshan Divecha 9 days ago
NGL JFK was a huge fan of shredded everthing so not wrong about that
Eshan Divecha
Eshan Divecha 9 days ago
Adam ragusea needs to debunk this
Tyler on mars
Tyler on mars 9 days ago
I'm here for the legalization of basil
stecky87 9 days ago
You guys should do a "breakfast club" style photo
zip zip
zip zip 9 days ago
damn they are annoying
Cedsoncole 9 days ago
Then kick rocks
Sophocles 9 days ago
this show,,, is so broken,,, i love it so much,,,
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett 10 days ago
I have a trick for Josh to fix the cast iron steaming issue. Put the cast iron in upside down and heat the oven then put pizza on the cast iron. Learned that in scouts over 25 years ago. You see pizza stones and campfires don't get along so we turned our cast irons into metal pizza stones. Also saves buying a pizza stone if you already have like a 12", 15"" pan or cast iron griddle.
L R 10 days ago
Lmao she was not listening and kept kneading when he said to just roll it into a ball, the processor already did all the work. Probably why the crust was tough, dont over work the dough
Fageta Boutit
Fageta Boutit 10 days ago
2:28 someone has been binging cobra kai
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