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1. Avegant Glyph
2. PurTrek
3. ZEROi
4. Controller Alarm Clock
5. Extreme Horizontal Sheath (Preview)
6. LED Cube Speaker
8. Pearl

00:00 - PurTrek
01:35 - ZEROi
03:05 - Controller Alarm Clock
03:39 - Extreme Horizontal Sheath (Preview)
04:56 - LED Cube Speaker
05:41 - HALO
06:24 - Pearl
07:43 - Avegant Glyph

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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 91   
Trebeany 15 hours ago
Or looks like most of this is an over priced . It's will do well as long as there is wankers with more money than brains .
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes 21 hour ago
What site do you get the tools from
Emerald Hill 3205
The pearl powerbank link is burned already.
Nature King
Nature King 3 days ago
Can someone kindly tell me what is the name of the song playing at @​ - Pearl please
Tom Teseletec
Tom Teseletec 5 days ago
I quit at 4:45. A knife, flint, light... $$200+ lol
Benjen 1211
Benjen 1211 6 days ago
Halo bottle opener, is a great gift for Captain America.
Kiel Finn
Kiel Finn 6 days ago
If u want to just create energy u have to literally find a way to mix the 2 most no mixable chemicals that we know of
Noah G
Noah G 8 days ago
I had a colorful cube speaker but one of my siblings put it in the sink so it broke
Tech with TOP
Tech with TOP 8 days ago
aryan aggarwal
aryan aggarwal 9 days ago
0:40 i need this must get this i want it
aryan aggarwal
aryan aggarwal 9 days ago
8:30 i need this like 2 of this rn
Dan Slotea
Dan Slotea 9 days ago
4:15 fire resistant steel BAHAHAHAH I don't know how else to say it so here it goes:what an idiot!
Olkv3D 10 days ago
At least you don't look silly using it. 1:17 🤣
Benjamin Hernderson
I have not seen what you show in the picture of beginning of this video I dislike this video
Lloyd V.
Lloyd V. 11 days ago
I only have one eye, do I get 50% off?......
ishan kayast
ishan kayast 11 days ago
33$ for a bottle opener lol
Rob Franklin
Rob Franklin 12 days ago
99.9% isn't enough. 99.9% of people are surviving the bug and that isn't enough, so clearly 99.9% is the new standard of failure.
Tagle Michael
Tagle Michael 12 days ago
Zerio Amizing
Mark Stockette
Mark Stockette 13 days ago
Need a battery charger for that walking stick
Uniquecorn 13 days ago
Some cool things!
Happy Virus
Happy Virus 14 days ago
2:31 Music stuck in the head will be more prevalent 😆
رفهيات R
رفهيات R 14 days ago
Ethan Walschlager
Ethan Walschlager 14 days ago
These are so cool!
Pat L Smith
Pat L Smith 16 days ago
That cap Zero can’t be good for you. If taking temp on the forehead isn’t good that def isn’t.
Have a Great Day
Have a Great Day 16 days ago
OMG finally a vid on cool gadgets that i can actually afford. The bottle opener caught my attention only because of it's included carrying case which say's "genuine leather" . It reminded me that I recently saw on facebooks marketplace pages a used set of "vintage speakers" that showed the back of the speakers with a label that read - Speakers covered with genuine vinyl over 100% particle board." well in that case better give me a set for every room in my house!. Geez the only thing crazier than a company actually saying this is the fact that someone was paid career money to write it! Hmm now that I'm thinking about it the only crazier than paying people to suggest this is that they paid even more money to someone who approved saying this...100% genuine particleboard Top shelf quality back in 1973 when OPEC and Angie Dickenson's Police Women were ruling the nation and polyester bell bottom leisure suits were girl getter's. Well people had Pet rocks back then too. In fact they were popular gift's. I actually did 3 years in juvinille detention for clocking a 2nd aunt on my sister's husbands father in law's side of the "family" when she gave me one for my birthday. I wasn't pleased but when she actually acted insulted for not "loving " the stupid joke I let her feel what a pet rock was only good for. I swear I didn't think it would knock the the old bird flat on her big fat behind. I'm probably just kidding about the last part but the speaker part is true.
Carsten Nussbaum
Carsten Nussbaum 16 days ago
this channel is literally the best.prove me wrong.
oneshot_me 16 days ago
Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up
faze-ivor 121
faze-ivor 121 16 days ago
24hours this video Is
Dalton Brennan
Dalton Brennan 16 days ago
First Dolores and Dolores in a Dolorian...
tjai ricciardi
tjai ricciardi 16 days ago
all crap
T Matabwa
T Matabwa 16 days ago
sharon meirovitch
sharon meirovitch 16 days ago
אז עשיתי סרטון בעברית?
crazy tech
crazy tech 16 days ago
Follow me guys
Benjen 1211
Benjen 1211 17 days ago
Rubik’s cube speaker can be used to play music 🎼
Jr cia Cia
Jr cia Cia 17 days ago
I like 🎧 no talking to anyone when your train
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 17 days ago
Has anyone noticed that youtube has really upped the amount of ads ? In a 2 min long video you may get 3 ads right in the middle of a song or show. I think they do it to piss people off so they will pay for the upgrade version.
Pirate Doggy
Pirate Doggy 17 days ago
The creators control that
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 17 days ago
That bottle opener seems a bit pricey but considering i paid 350.00 for my senior ring to do the same thing i guess 30.00 isnt that bad.
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 17 days ago
Im not sure if rubek is still alive but ill bet his family is still living off the royaltes.
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 17 days ago
The walking stick/filter/pump is brilliant. I used to backpack alot and that would have been nice.
Gadgeto 17 days ago
PurTrek makes hiking with poles a must-have on the Trail.
jeff chneesbergur
jeff chneesbergur 17 days ago
4:15 "The front part has a piece of fire resistant steel which in an emergency can help you start a fire"
aryan aggarwal
aryan aggarwal 9 days ago
Wilson Crane
Wilson Crane 12 days ago
sabin_playsroblox YT
Makes no sense
Edmar Jean
Edmar Jean 17 days ago
Thats hat it lite
ruukusanla 17 days ago
The headphone VR is great concept but IMO ugly in headphone mode... Another generation or two in design and I'd buy it
robert griffin
robert griffin 17 days ago
Crap, crap and MORE CRAP!
Nosferatusrevenge 17 days ago
Buy the glyph and the halo and you will have much fun ;-)
Hello Sweetheart
Hello Sweetheart 17 days ago
Nothing I need of course
Bling 17 days ago
Those headphone ones are pretty cool
romeo vidal rodriguez
hola me gustó mucho el video Excelente!
Ross Voss
Ross Voss 17 days ago
zeroi hat 3 years late and counting. never happen at this point.
World Technology
World Technology 17 days ago
We love TechZone, for more awesome videos take a look at ours ☺️
Samuel Griffin
Samuel Griffin 10 days ago
Do your vids have electric walking sticks?
Wolfgang Winkler
Wolfgang Winkler 17 days ago
Hair on optical Landes. Great Idea 🤔👎
s&c's toys and games
OMG oh my God you're crazy
kaleb abdool
kaleb abdool 17 days ago
maoherrera73 17 days ago
What a bunch of useless and yet expensive crap!! XD!! Hahaha!!
Robert Magbanua
Robert Magbanua 17 days ago
Boring music
Josh Bird
Josh Bird 17 days ago
Buy the dip!! (Win) coin is 110-120% bounce
Kharal Yaseen
Kharal Yaseen 17 days ago
Blender Study
Blender Study 17 days ago
Thank you for the update, TechZone..!!
Madiq is sum Ting wong
You’re the only reason I haven’t died in the wild
Sayan Tech Vlogs
Sayan Tech Vlogs 17 days ago
*I love tech zone infact it inspired me to start my own channel!* , 😍
Sayan Tech Vlogs
Sayan Tech Vlogs 17 days ago
Techzone: *built in gadgets of the new gen* Me: *covid-19*
AresLeviathan 17 days ago
Was super stoked for the extreme horizontal sheath...then was underwhelmed by its functionality and any compass that can be affected by the magnetic pull of the knife it's carrying is not a compass worth having.
John Ree
John Ree 17 days ago
Clicked on just to see it and was disappointed.
PREPFORIT 17 days ago
Amazing ...ALL were Amazing.
TC 17 days ago
More garbage youb will never need
Jokuna 17 days ago
This wanna makes me buy it but i don't know where
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor 13 days ago
No one ever dose most of this is thing's ppl dream up make one and show it off and thats it you never see them again.
Random Videos and Funny Shit
Another amazing video thanks for uploading 🙌
Realme Btl
Realme Btl 17 days ago
Good job 👍👍
Greg SG
Greg SG 17 days ago
click bait no gun holster / over priced knife pouch
More Locations
More Locations 17 days ago
Amazing gadgets 👍🏻
Jerry Oswald
Jerry Oswald 17 days ago
Avegant Glyph, for those who don't look dumb enough, this is for you.
Top Express Deals
Top Express Deals 17 days ago
Cool hat ZEROi
Na MaaN
Na MaaN 17 days ago
Nice Gadgets☺❤
mrlaocee 17 days ago
The Avegant Glyph is so cool if i had one of those i'll learn about the planets
Adrian Mares
Adrian Mares 17 days ago
Imagine if they were to adapt and take for example the same technology as the folding screen and make it look better. Otherwise somebody will think you are a Cybermen lol 🤣
sharon meirovitch
sharon meirovitch 17 days ago
בסרטון הבא תדבר עברית
Matheus Caetano
Matheus Caetano 17 days ago
TECH BANANA 17 days ago
So cool! Love watching your videos for inspiration
Tech Sense
Tech Sense 17 days ago
That controller alarm is amazin. Im going to have to get that ASAP😬
Aidan Bell
Aidan Bell 17 days ago
Yooo 16
short vidz
short vidz 17 days ago
I was here before 350 views☺
Nikhanj S Chand
Nikhanj S Chand 17 days ago
Amit G
Amit G 17 days ago
Gamerz Theme
Gamerz Theme 17 days ago
Jan Aaron
Jan Aaron 17 days ago
Its So Fast
Jan Aaron
Jan Aaron 17 days ago
Andrew Lu
Andrew Lu 17 days ago
Andrew Lu
Andrew Lu 17 days ago
So cool
Andrew Lu
Andrew Lu 17 days ago
Tan Tan
Tan Tan 17 days ago
Tan Tan
Tan Tan 17 days ago
Danish Hakim
Danish Hakim 17 days ago
Jan Aaron
Jan Aaron 17 days ago
Tan Tan
Tan Tan 17 days ago