Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 2 

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We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!
► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map
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Oct 16, 2020




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sachin salunkhe
Please make all the Arenas from clash royal 🙏🙏
Abigail Whisner
Any loyal Theorists
Emily Scovill
Emily Scovill Hour ago
When you are done making the map you should make the characters and some accessories like hats and stuff :)
Rafa nurhuda
Rafa nurhuda Hour ago
For part 3 you will make a cafeteria, electricity and low wind and decorations for halloween
Rafa nurhuda
Rafa nurhuda Hour ago
I just find this channel and i love your creation i am gonna subs now
Areesha Naeem
Areesha Naeem Hour ago
Why don't you make among us characters now, then you can also make a 3d animation!
Lisa Sim
Lisa Sim 2 hours ago
The boxes in storage have the dead body's in it
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 2 hours ago
How can you put that lid in the oven? Is it a ceramic plate, or plastic?
LIM YIK HON Moe 2 hours ago
when is part 3 coming out
Abigail Rainey
Abigail Rainey 2 hours ago
You HAVE to make a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Danun
Richard Danun 2 hours ago
In the boxes there are the dead rotting bodies of the others the IMPOSTOR killed
Galih Amirul
Galih Amirul 3 hours ago
Wow bagus sekali
fina meikarta
fina meikarta 3 hours ago
Can you give me that skeld im a huge fan
Davi Gomes da Silva
I think that is food supplies and clothes guns etc... ( inside the boxes)
Flameing_Wolf :]
Flameing_Wolf :] 3 hours ago
Mister you forgot the wires in admin, storage and the downloads in sheilds
Zion Brunz
Zion Brunz 3 hours ago
Who here makes clay plz reapply
Jack Whitney
Jack Whitney 4 hours ago
He forgot the wires
slender#ender64 46rende#rendnels
Your creating is awesome, very increadible!
Jesus Tapia
Jesus Tapia 4 hours ago
Can u do Naruto next pls
Jason Hsieh
Jason Hsieh 4 hours ago
Next do part 3 where you make lower engine,electrical,secretary,reactor and medbay pls turn part 4 will be car
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 5 hours ago
Do a part three plz
Dary Games
Dary Games 5 hours ago
Barney The dinosaur
This is just- beautiful- I- idk how to explain how amazing your work is. It is magnificent and unique. I love how you show the clay colors and amounts of each cook time. I also like how you show yourself looking around the map, and the admin room- it is just- it’s beautiful. Why am I writing this? I really don’t know. Welp, that’s all, Bye!
Natalia Souza
Natalia Souza 5 hours ago
Vai ter a continuação
Notch21 G
Notch21 G 5 hours ago
I bet there’s more boxes! Genius right!!! Nah I bet it’s food or something like that
jaydah lomax
jaydah lomax 5 hours ago
I love this channel sooooo much
Macy 5 hours ago
The boxes are filled with flaming hot cheetos
Macy 5 hours ago
The milk is to counter the spice
LEN999 Mark1
LEN999 Mark1 5 hours ago
When you finish, can you upload the images of the map, so that we can print them?
Pickle F
Pickle F 5 hours ago
Sorry not to be rude but when you made the among us tic ya a you forgot to make a cyan
NukesGameing 5 hours ago
ClayClaim: I hope to inspire you. Me: I was inspired. But my artistic abilities are dog shit tho
LEN999 Mark1
LEN999 Mark1 5 hours ago
and the subtitles?
?TheMysteryMan ?
?TheMysteryMan ? 5 hours ago
where to get the pictures for this? i wanna make one too
Lay Vázquez
Lay Vázquez 6 hours ago
I think can be a idea from the next part do the cafeteria and the medic room And from the part 4 yo can do the cable room and the inferior motor
Dewayne Renfro
Dewayne Renfro 6 hours ago
Make shadow midas next plz by the way he is at the authority aka the ruins
Angelo Alejo
Angelo Alejo 6 hours ago
*Bro imagine the game ends and the a scene where the impostor is seen and like a Final kill cam*
Anna Marie Chin
Anna Marie Chin 6 hours ago
Part3 plz Im sub to
Angelo Alejo
Angelo Alejo 6 hours ago
*How about making Crewmates? And a impostor?*
Mr.RandomnessYT 6 hours ago
Renato Daniel da Silva Júnior
Building Goku dragon ball z
Elliot DeHart
Elliot DeHart 7 hours ago
he missed trash disposal in storage
KM STREET 7 hours ago
woww that’s is amazing next time you have to make cafeteria medbay and upper anergy with reactor and security 😅😂😂💖💖 love u
rallix minecraft
rallix minecraft 7 hours ago
Pls build minecraft
OTG Savage1714
OTG Savage1714 7 hours ago
Can you make fallout 4 sanctuary hills
Owen Maynard
Owen Maynard 7 hours ago
There are math homework in the boxes
Honey plop
Honey plop 7 hours ago
9:44 mr. Mop has been born! He is the real imposter
Oshabot 16
Oshabot 16 7 hours ago
Sebastián Cuéllar
Very well made mate
Papervillen 8 hours ago
I remember the haunter video!
Papervillen 8 hours ago
I remember watching your Pokemon clay videos on US-first kids when I was like 6 or 7 and I always love it.
Founder Yt Gaming
Founder Yt Gaming 8 hours ago
Subscribe and like...it is so hard to do this
Hadrian Holiwell
Hadrian Holiwell 9 hours ago
i think what's inside the boxes is the hidden bodies of ded crewmates
Rifqi Hidayatulloh
Rifqi Hidayatulloh 9 hours ago
Ben Woods
Ben Woods 9 hours ago
Waiting for part 3
Arnas 3321
Arnas 3321 9 hours ago
XD next videos the sky scraper map and the winter planet and then a full model of the spaceship the skyscraper and the 3d deorama of the winter map 👌
RAWR 9 hours ago
The boxes are filled with toilet paper and hand sanitizer
Katia Lizbeth Perez Rojas
i like how the places of the nabe de among us look like
Joshua Crampain
Joshua Crampain 9 hours ago
Whe; he finishes we are all going to be like “make Mira hq the polus “
JB 4204
JB 4204 9 hours ago
6 year old me building a lego set with stickers then sees your sticker skill 😯
Karel Ermit
Karel Ermit 9 hours ago
Next time cafeteria Medbay and upper engine
bayu wirawan
bayu wirawan 10 hours ago
Serios leee??? 2000 yers
bayu wirawan
bayu wirawan 10 hours ago
Med bay?????
You should make characters and put them on the map
Ranjit Jillapalli
Ranjit Jillapalli 10 hours ago
Can you do shadow Midas in fortnite as a clay figure
Tgs9 10 hours ago
I think dead bodies are in the boxes.if you argree like this comment
진흙COCO 10 hours ago
The boxes are filled with... cat litter
Desert Sandfly
Desert Sandfly 10 hours ago
It would be sick if you made a ventilation map under the floor.
Little Lady
Little Lady 10 hours ago
How long do I put polymer clay in the oven for
S13Piotr 11 hours ago
for the next fortnite thing you should do the entire upstate new york or all the smaller rift pois like ant manor and the collectors museum
Makayla /Chloe Wolf
Makayla /Chloe Wolf 11 hours ago
You should check out Discord you will have alot of people to talk lol
Viviana Mamani
Viviana Mamani 11 hours ago
Quiero que mandes la parte _ 3
Mercedes Orantes
Mercedes Orantes 11 hours ago
Yo quisiera a la figura de claro clam
Wonane Jamela
Wonane Jamela 11 hours ago
You can do the charaters from rogue company it eill be really funny please see this comment
Lacey Douglass
Lacey Douglass 11 hours ago
in the boxes are the dead bodies
Liwka Śliwka
Liwka Śliwka 11 hours ago
And in 5 part cafeteria and maybe the outside of the skeld?
PumpkinBRO 11 hours ago
То чувство когда ты русский и некто не поймёт что я написал
Liwka Śliwka
Liwka Śliwka 11 hours ago
When will be te 3 part? you can make elecrtical, lower engine and reactor and in 4 part uper engine, Security and medbay :)
GG Playzz
GG Playzz 11 hours ago
Yo that is dope
Marica Jukić
Marica Jukić 12 hours ago
The wrong thing subscribe on laptopXD
Kellan McQueen
Kellan McQueen 12 hours ago
Maybe the boxes contain spare parts
By Puffin
By Puffin 12 hours ago
Bişe anlamadım ama neyse
Genesis Wojcicchon
Genesis Wojcicchon 12 hours ago
cant wait for part 3
Marica Jukić
Marica Jukić 12 hours ago
Why not make a dead body on the map?
Marica Jukić
Marica Jukić 12 hours ago
I love when i need to swipe the card and fix comms
Gleb Gordon
Gleb Gordon 12 hours ago
dude it's a real possibility every canister, barrel and containment unit is filled with milk in storage and if thats true it proves the engines run on milk as in the game there is a task fuel engines and you take a liquid from the red gas can/jerry can and fill the engines with it and if that fluid in the red jerry can\gas can is milk too then the engines are milk powered.
Gleb Gordon
Gleb Gordon 12 hours ago
Isn't it obvious the floating box in storage contains a time bender because if you knew gravity is nit a force its just bent time and space because of an object usually large but can be small and still generate time bends though that hasn't been achieved by humans in the real world yet.
Noob 12 hours ago
i think inside the boxes are gas
Marc Aguilar
Marc Aguilar 12 hours ago
Get well soon!
Danny Gil
Danny Gil 12 hours ago
And lower end in reactor upper engine and security in med bay in the hole
Danny Gil
Danny Gil 12 hours ago
Cafeteria among us
Priyoti Islam
Priyoti Islam 13 hours ago
I want part 3
Jayden Huang
Jayden Huang 13 hours ago
u shall put in a venting imposter
Quinton Laughlin
Quinton Laughlin 13 hours ago
All the bodies are in the boxes
Derek Morelli
Derek Morelli 13 hours ago
Aien Yk
Aien Yk 13 hours ago
I think theres different parts of planets in the dark green boxs
Richard Cheese
Richard Cheese 13 hours ago
Like for respect for this man's determination to make skeld.
Ahmad Jamil Balisi
Ahmad Jamil Balisi 13 hours ago
You could do the base of Mobile Legends that's my favorite mobile game. Just the base if you can, you could do tge whole ML map HAHAHAH
Матвей Кричевский
Part 3!!!!!!
Alessandro 13 hours ago
Can you please make Galactus from Fortnite
Shiny diamond 242
Shiny diamond 242 14 hours ago
How did you make the rooms empty? Edit:this map should be a set
elias silva
elias silva 14 hours ago
part 2 pls part 2 pls
John Watson
John Watson 14 hours ago
Humans are in the boxes and you may be asking why humans ...well for food duh
Jessica Wilhite
Jessica Wilhite 14 hours ago
Or the other maps
creative   vs   inventive
creative   vs   inventive