Building My DREAM GARAGE AT AGE 20! 

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In this video, we give you a tour and go through and show you the semi finished project of my 5 car garage! Let me know what you think in the comments!
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
dannydimes8000 0
dannydimes8000 0 2 days ago
dannydimes8000 0
dannydimes8000 0 2 days ago
When he started this channel, he was 14 when he started this. Who else is an OG?
FreshwaterGospel 6 days ago
You need a microwave and fridge In there
intenseverything 8 days ago
Dude looks 30
Max Frankfurth
Max Frankfurth 8 days ago
Work bay for the lift because it has taller ceilings
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 10 days ago
Braydon this is GOOD in the future idc when but a Yamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiha
Brian Lyons
Brian Lyons 10 days ago
I’d see if you can knock the wall down between the two shops and make it one big room.
Carson Congalton
Carson Congalton 10 days ago
Braydon you should make a custom floor design
Bode N
Bode N 10 days ago
Yall have to be honest..... none of is like miller 👍🏽
Clayton Barbosa
Clayton Barbosa 11 days ago
Clayton Barbosa
Clayton Barbosa 11 days ago
Best moto sport youtuber evet
Clayton Barbosa
Clayton Barbosa 11 days ago
Almost forgot like the house
Clayton Barbosa
Clayton Barbosa 11 days ago
U need a quad
Mad Skills
Mad Skills 11 days ago
That looks complete to me
Ridintuff N southernstuff
I saw the portals for the outlander
jarno 12 days ago
thsi guy is the aliexpress version off flair lol
Cj Faust
Cj Faust 12 days ago
He has gone so far he is the best you tuber.
F S 12 days ago
This dude has a dad bod and a beard. He's 40.
Mad Maddox
Mad Maddox 12 days ago
Ayy Zoner
Ayy Zoner 12 days ago
Who else saw the portals
Kick U
Kick U 13 days ago
Show your rubicon you showed on tiktok
Hudson Carter
Hudson Carter 13 days ago
ummmm Braydon we saw the new 4 wheeler on your tik Tok im not gonna spoil it tho
Tyson Ledbetter
Tyson Ledbetter 13 days ago
I love Braydon’s videos but I just wish he would respond to some people and just say what’s up or something
John Murrell
John Murrell 14 days ago
If you weren't a youtuber but had the same income would u have of changed anything about the garage
reece marino
reece marino 14 days ago
Who remembers Larry
Charlie Logan
Charlie Logan 14 days ago
Seems like yesterday u we’re riding the old non snorkeled green 420 u made it big guy
Mason Allen
Mason Allen 14 days ago
Let me correct you. Your still young brother I ain’t much older but this is dream garage #1 6 months from now you will be wanting more room or wished you would’ve add this or done this differently. There will be a dream garage #2 in about 5-10yrs
hzrd_ looped_
hzrd_ looped_ 14 days ago
It’s a rubi 👏🏽👏🏽
Nathon Oakley
Nathon Oakley 14 days ago
Who’s Honda in the other part of the garage I seen on TikTok
Scrappin with Landon
Who else seen the portals
RedneckDrummer 14 days ago
15:00 to the end I was DYING laughing shits hilarious
Ridge Johnson
Ridge Johnson 14 days ago
Great job I love your videos when l get older l want a renegade and outlander
OakyBros 14 days ago
Braydon says oh I don't want my garage to be messy anymore also him at 16:00
ZxstyOCE 14 days ago
Get LED lightssssssssssss
Jack Pugsley
Jack Pugsley 14 days ago
Do we all remember when Brayden went and gave his girlfriend roses on his Supermoto
yee yee
yee yee 15 days ago
Do you have snap bc i think u added me
Jadyn Knight
Jadyn Knight 15 days ago
I know the other bike aka a Honda
TackleBassTV !
TackleBassTV ! 15 days ago
Honestly surprised there is no sink for cleaning your oily hands and tools.
Austin gun
Austin gun 15 days ago
Love ❤️
Justin Hardwick
Justin Hardwick 15 days ago
We all know that those tools aren’t going to stay that organized 😂😂
Tann Lords
Tann Lords 15 days ago
Just a recommendation but you should get some millwakew tools they are the best tools in the industry
Tyler R.
Tyler R. 15 days ago
Bro I been watching since day one, you made it a long ways. Keep up the hard work!!
Catchin Deers
Catchin Deers 15 days ago
Rubicon ticktoc
Dean Underwood
Dean Underwood 15 days ago
Wouldn’t need a garage if owned something else besides Polaris
Ethan Bentley
Ethan Bentley 15 days ago
You could put the lift by the renegade and then roll it out when you need it
FREEZEFARMS 15 days ago
When Brayden said “we got the trash cans here” he should have said we got the Polaris is here😂
Grant Plays Games
Grant Plays Games 15 days ago
you should put 32 in tires on pitbikes or supermoto
offroad outdoors
offroad outdoors 15 days ago
What happens to Julius he ant Been in non of his video in a wile
Rc Addiction
Rc Addiction 15 days ago
Peep the 6” portals
Its Jake orrick
Its Jake orrick 15 days ago
Put the moto havoks on the reny
Andrew Dandeneau
Andrew Dandeneau 15 days ago
i seen the box for 6” portals 🧐
Lynn Groves
Lynn Groves 15 days ago
i seen his new forwheeler on snapchat
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 15 days ago
How long will that stay clean 😂😂
Nathaniel cross Outdoors
Like if Braydon should get a bass boat
Matheus Santos
Matheus Santos 15 days ago
Nothern tools shelf at its finest
Jarod Barlow
Jarod Barlow 15 days ago
I used to watch him when he was at like 60k
Christian Henhawk
Christian Henhawk 15 days ago
Impact and work light here to fuck shit up
Player Unknown
Player Unknown 16 days ago
Leave it right there. That spit is absolutely perfect
chop boss
chop boss 16 days ago
Please get a new hair style it makes you look like you’re 30
Hondaboats 1
Hondaboats 1 16 days ago
6:17 them portals looking spicy
Floatable 16 days ago
Braydon price cboystv collab?
Ethan White
Ethan White 16 days ago
Swamp ranch sticker on the trash can 🤣
Joshua Callaway
Joshua Callaway 16 days ago
Mom and pops money
Houston Noble
Houston Noble 16 days ago
Mans gotta garage that big and don’t even actually put his truck in it😂😂
Trent Kimble
Trent Kimble 16 days ago
he got a honda rubicon 520 if anybody has him on snapchat u would see
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler 16 days ago
I like that Honda recon man
Toadpenny42 16 days ago
Get like a 450 race quad
Wesley McElveen
Wesley McElveen 16 days ago
Honda boy at heart though That shit bussinnn
Russell Johns
Russell Johns 16 days ago
Dawson Graham
Dawson Graham 16 days ago
Ur 20 I thought y were 30 lol
Isaac R. Ho
Isaac R. Ho 16 days ago
14:53 And his name is John Cena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Easterwood
Dylan Easterwood 16 days ago
You gonna get a two post lift
Maddox Elston
Maddox Elston 16 days ago
That zoom job is bout to make me motion sick
Vlog Epicness
Vlog Epicness 16 days ago
Why was I thinking you were a lot older?
RC FAVOURITE ! Hi 12 days ago
Yeah dude same
Ja2mes6 R
Ja2mes6 R 14 days ago
Ik same
Jordan Bakkelund
Jordan Bakkelund 16 days ago
Okay but like there is something severely wrong with you if you don’t absolutely love this dudes content I understand it if you just aren’t into like atv stuff but like his content is like the best on US-first in my opinion!
robert holmes
robert holmes 16 days ago
do an epoxy garage floor with colored flakes. I have one at home and it makes all the difference in the world
Nathan Murra
Nathan Murra 16 days ago
i thought all those boxes were full of belts for the X3
Wesley Hano
Wesley Hano 16 days ago
For anyone who says daddy‘s money yes it’s big daddy Brandon’s money
Reece Erickson
Reece Erickson 16 days ago
Looks really good Why don’t you put your truck In the garage
Wes 82
Wes 82 16 days ago
Looks good
XOl UNDT lOX 16 days ago
Lucky he has a garage
Owen Rankin
Owen Rankin 16 days ago
Trust me the clean garage I give it 3 weeks max and it’s just as bad because mine was so clean and well I can’t find one of 3 8mm wrenches anywhere
Landon Brooks
Landon Brooks 17 days ago
If you want to stock up on Amsoil we are a amsoil dealer
Alex Cox
Alex Cox 17 days ago
He is getting another four wheeler
Zach 5.3
Zach 5.3 17 days ago
Dewault junk should have went Milwaukee
Connor Stone
Connor Stone 17 days ago
You should put some spacers on your truck
Me&MyBrute750 17 days ago
That's sick for sure, You should do the banners as you say, but make 2 fists smashing eachother Honda and Ktm, over the patio door🤜🤛🤣
bbnick 17 days ago
another forwheeler???
RippinLipsTV 17 days ago
recess into the build bay
Matt the Derp
Matt the Derp 17 days ago
Nico Chukalas
Nico Chukalas 17 days ago
this was recommended to me randomly but good on you man congrats!
Francis 17 days ago
Mexican flair is doing alright since jumping that wall 17 years ago
The hunting outdoors
Braydon has like 20 off-road vehicles like bro I would kill for an outlander
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones 17 days ago
Alph4 Rdnk
Alph4 Rdnk 17 days ago
Im i the only one who saw the 6' lift prolly for the outy...
Joshua Dagley
Joshua Dagley 17 days ago
Day 1 of telling Braydon to paint and apoxy the floors
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 17 days ago
The 6” portals?
Martin Van Den Bossche
If you do keep the press you should keep it red as an accent color.
rj sellers
rj sellers 17 days ago
swamp ranch decal on the trash can LOL
Johnny Wiley
Johnny Wiley 17 days ago
Look at broadens crocs