Building a Toyota MR2 in 15 minutes! 

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What a transformation it has been! From a pile of junk, to an absolute show stopper of a MR2. What is your favorite modification? Comment down Below.
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Nov 22, 2019




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Comments 100   
throtl Year ago
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joey fingahs
joey fingahs 16 days ago
i just put the volume down
Ikhsan YT Channel
Name music title please, in this video ?
Giovanni Brysen
Giovanni Brysen 2 months ago
@Lachlan Wells cool! It took roughly 15 minutes but it actually worked!!
BSB gamer
BSB gamer 2 months ago
@wayne h F
Li Daniel
Li Daniel 2 months ago
@wayne h ㄥㄈㄥㄈㄥㄥㄈㄥㄥㄥㄥㄥㄈㄥㄈㄈㄈㄈㄈㄈ
er. choco_layt-13
er. choco_layt-13 17 hours ago
Jordan Capitao
thx fo nice vidio
Luis Flores
Luis Flores Day ago
Fell In love with the build, is it for sale?
neLe new wave
aln456 Day ago
This toyota over any lamborguini, ferrari or bugattis...
Tamikk Gehov
Tamikk Gehov Day ago
Браво круто нет слов респект вам
Johan Brodin
Johan Brodin Day ago
wow just amazing :D
Je moeder Is ne vent
Hunter Frost
Hunter Frost Day ago
Y is was there a coke in the wheel well thing
Mohamad Hidayat
Mohamad Hidayat 2 days ago
Maybe good job.👍
*Ebrahim *Soldao
*Ebrahim *Soldao 2 days ago
awesome that car is definitely happy thanks
Trevor’s Tokens
hold on why is there good vents on a midengine car?
throtl 2 days ago
Ventilation for the radiator.
BTC Fanboi
BTC Fanboi 2 days ago
Oh yeah, well I can do pads and rotors and liiiike.. serpentine belts and one time I even repaired exhaust with that metal putty stuff so I'm kind of a prodigy
jahan shaikh
jahan shaikh 2 days ago
Awesome work but can drive the car and also want to listen the exhaust sound
Slow Motion
Slow Motion 3 days ago
why you clean the inside before you pull everything out?
rielandrianus 3 days ago
backsound is annoying
Maravilha meus amigos 🤤👏👏
Lahiru Perera
Lahiru Perera 4 days ago
Can’t leave without commenting, just wow
Raincity 86
Raincity 86 4 days ago
no turboooo?!?!??!!!!?!??!
Muhammad Sega
Muhammad Sega 5 days ago
nice color we call it (elephant) here
Nik Diaz
Nik Diaz 5 days ago
Цвет ублюдский.
BeasTFockeR 6 days ago
Sooooo Amazing!!!!!
Jon Focker
Jon Focker 6 days ago
damn that looks so clean now! i love the MR2 body style.
Prudent 6 days ago
10:18 i know you like cars but, this is taking it to the next level ;)
ReKun 7 days ago
Namu Nu Llama
Namu Nu Llama 8 days ago
What year is this mr2 pls
Dennis Tran
Dennis Tran 8 days ago
No catalytic converter, not legal to drive in CA dudes.
Darude Sandstorm
Darude Sandstorm 8 days ago
It does sound like an inline 4 cylinder superbike
agelos belivanis
agelos belivanis 9 days ago
Jeovany Lopez
Jeovany Lopez 9 days ago
What body kit was that
Tête d'os
Tête d'os 9 days ago
C'est incroyable que personne en France ne propose ce type de service. J'ai tel voiture qui j'ai acheté 3000€ faites en moi un bagnole qui vaut 10 ou 15000€ vous avez carte blanche.
Joseph Gomez
Joseph Gomez 9 days ago
Great Work! best!
Marcel van den Bos
Marcel van den Bos 10 days ago
Actually they were building for 15 years and recorded 1 minute each year :D
Estevan Lopez-Rojas
Hood scoop for the frunk???? MAD RESPECT
QuakeVFX 10 days ago
this love that the car is getting makes me happy
Robertcent Bellarmino
I frolm ,Brasília, my neme, Roberto, beautiful, fantastic
Mochamad Sodikin
Mochamad Sodikin 10 days ago
Junior Gonçalves
Junior Gonçalves 10 days ago
👑 😆 muda o /👕\ aerofólio 👟
Klelm 10 days ago
What kind of V6 is that?
JR22 10 days ago
What is that color that color go hard
RemembeR ch
RemembeR ch 11 days ago
I like to Thailand...👍👍👍👍
Князь 07
Князь 07 12 days ago
TheKuncata 12 days ago
Hello, i really loved this project for MR2. Can you tell me from where you have got boywork panels? I will be grateful.
ewa 9
ewa 9 13 days ago
The body kit for this car what is it called
Ernesto Caamano
Ernesto Caamano 13 days ago
Gray car? Boring..sucks!
WHITE SKY 13 days ago
갖고싶은차로 만들어버리네. 존나 멋지다!!
Manny Swanks
Manny Swanks 14 days ago
what color paint was used for the valves covers. anyone know
Leonardus Cung
Leonardus Cung 14 days ago
Christian Torres
Christian Torres 14 days ago
Does anyone know the year of the car?
idiot_ Moose
idiot_ Moose 15 days ago
i had to leave because they didn't just get new flooring... YUCK!
Steve S.
Steve S. 15 days ago
Great video. If I had to nitpick, Id say it looked better without the fog lights.
don pham
don pham 15 days ago
The only car I'd own 😍🤩
Василий Кемежук
What is the engine model?
_shmello_ Dutton
_shmello_ Dutton 16 days ago
What engine is in that
joey fingahs
joey fingahs 16 days ago
wonder how long it takes to restore some of the cars.
RTG Sc0Pez
RTG Sc0Pez 16 days ago
what year?
william clarke
william clarke 17 days ago
Looks like an NSX had a baby.
Michał Burnatowski
what is a cost of this build?
Weepinleader 42
Weepinleader 42 17 days ago
What year?
うぃー 17 days ago
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 17 days ago
God how I would love to do such a project... No money, equipment and most of all time for it... Ah and skill^^ Awesome job done!
Rowena Faigmani
Rowena Faigmani 13 days ago
Lucas Paredes
Lucas Paredes 17 days ago
mais um voltou a vida :D
Lukas Schneider
Lukas Schneider 17 days ago
How much HP?
Gonzalez Britos Rito Sebastian
Hey, I have and mr2 of 1991 and is like the car that they bought, I'm looking for upgrade something like the "result" that they made, please tell me how much cost this...help
groundtv 18 days ago
am going going, back back, to Cali Caliii.
Luke Filippi
Luke Filippi 18 days ago
color could be bette
Ivan Marques
Ivan Marques 18 days ago
Top! Fodástico!
Tack assy
Tack assy 18 days ago
deltatuning 18 days ago
Das mit den Spaltmaßen üben wir aber nochmal 🤔😏
Danny Miller
Danny Miller 19 days ago
I just got a 1993 GT 3000 it started 7 times now it only clicks
Álvaro Gonzalez
Álvaro Gonzalez 19 days ago
Construyendo un
WoW 19 days ago
Rum Resin
Rum Resin 19 days ago
Great work , I love that sound
Amrit Meyerhoff
Amrit Meyerhoff 20 days ago
what did he find in the beginning
Cᴀᴏs᭄ꦿ戈 20 days ago
this is a work of art !!
Dattaraj Raikar
Dattaraj Raikar 20 days ago
looks like my new favourite!!😍😍😍😍
Evan Nguyen
Evan Nguyen 21 day ago
What was the cars new color?
Markus Guti
Markus Guti 21 day ago
WhiteCrow Soundtracks
this speedrun is clearly fake, the footage is sped up
Thielis Barroso Ferreira
increrible, congratulations for this great work.
P P Poo Poo
P P Poo Poo 22 days ago
I found one for 1.2k (it was involved in an accident) and told my mom and she wasn't necessarily against it, so I asked me uncle (he really successfully sells cars and is a mechanic) and he told my dad and OF COURSE my dad was sceptical and eventually against it 😐😔
Shan deyvid
Shan deyvid 23 days ago
Wtf did u just put the pop up *HEADLIGHTS* on the bumper? Watofoc
gundam zaku
gundam zaku 23 days ago
beautiful build, what are the vents for on the hood?
First name Last name
10:19 that- that don't look right
Raul Seica
Raul Seica 24 days ago
Can you transform a Seat Arosa?? Pleaseee
GAMER DOGE225 24 days ago
my new favorite car : toyota mr2
Eka Jordan
Eka Jordan 24 days ago
amazingly cool !! Indonesia is here 😎
MrSuperGossip 25 days ago
mid engine with holes in bonnet :D
Paul Thai
Paul Thai 25 days ago
Nice MR2 rebuild! Love the color.
Skylarpanzer 25 days ago
But........ Can it survive irohazaka jump??
Scott Ellis
Scott Ellis 26 days ago
Love the build. Own an mr2 myself. Would like to know the wheel and tyre sizes you used please?
Owen Haughton
Owen Haughton 27 days ago
what year is it?
Jessp 28 days ago
Really nice I wish I can build like you guys
Marcelino Fagan
Marcelino Fagan 28 days ago
Pimp my ride but for real. This channel really reminds me what loving your job is about. Really amazing work
Marcelino Fagan
Marcelino Fagan 28 days ago
Pimp my ride but for real. This channel really reminds me what loving your job is about. Really amazing work
Jan Vranjes
Jan Vranjes 28 days ago
Soooo clean
max master
max master 28 days ago
Great job guys.car looks so stylish
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