British Guy Reacts to 25 U.S. Animals You Won't Find Anywhere Else 

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Feb 21, 2021




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Brent Sealy
Brent Sealy Hour ago
You need to start selling t-shirts with the outline of that snapping turtle mouth you clicked on, with the caption "that ain't no fuckin' tur-le". LMFAO 😂
jj nix
jj nix Hour ago
Kitt Beesley
Kitt Beesley 2 hours ago
you should look up how big a fully grown alligator snapping turtle is
Anna BoBana
Anna BoBana 2 hours ago
Does it get boring when you only react to US stuff?
Jerk Ass
Jerk Ass 2 hours ago
Does England even have any natural wildlife left? What do they have a handful of deer...some rodents, birds.. maybe two fox on the whole island? I curious. Does England have wildlife? Seriously honest question.
Customer Service
Customer Service 10 hours ago
Why does nobody ever talk about the Gila Monster? us-first.info/player/video/kNloaaeqg394ZJM.html
Robin Beddingfield
Robin Beddingfield 10 hours ago
And to think you Brits think we are uneducated. You use Google like most people use porn...
Therese A. Judith Izzo-Davis
React to the different species of snakes in America.
Therese A. Judith Izzo-Davis
The Bald Eagle is the symbol of the US.
Caitlin Elizabeth Cushing
You should react to a video of the biggest snakes in the US
seeing8spots 13 hours ago
I jsut want you to react to the fishing sport called "noodling" it's only legal in a few usa states but its certainly something lol
Mari ZenSoul
Mari ZenSoul 14 hours ago
I thinks there are several different animals that look like prairie dogs. theres like 5 different of anmimals that look like them.
Mari ZenSoul
Mari ZenSoul 14 hours ago
chipmonks are a lot smaller than squirrels and have 3 black strips running down their backs.
EmeraldCountry 14 hours ago
deer cause deaths cause they run onto the road and get hit, almost hit one on my way to school a few months ago
Frieda Corley
Frieda Corley 15 hours ago
There are a lot more animals, which are not on this list, that are only found in America. The alligator snapping turtle is one of them. You definitely don't want to put your hands in front of it's mouth.
Frieda Corley
Frieda Corley 15 hours ago
That particular species of prairie dog in Utah may be endangered, but regular prairie dogs are not. The saying "breed like rabbits" is very fitting. Alligators can be found throughout the states that lie along the Gulf of Mexico - southeastern Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The United States founding fathers chose the bald eagle as our symbol, but it can also be found in Canada and northern Mexico.
Frieda Corley
Frieda Corley 15 hours ago
Wood peckers really do peck holes in woods - either to make itself a a nest in the hollowed out hole, or to find insects that are crawling in the wood. They do NOT eat the wood.
Vandalay Industries
Vandalay Industries 15 hours ago
Went from too loud to too low.
Karl Harvy Marx
Karl Harvy Marx 15 hours ago
When taking trash to the dump (tip) I spotted a bookcase or two full of National Geographic magazines. I jumped up on a clothes dryer to get to them and landed among several well fed diamondback rattlesnakes sunning themselves. I made it out with the first Nat Geo ever published and every issue until the mid-1980's. Diamondbacks are(were?) common in Florida. They're venomous and get about 2 meters long and every now and then too big to get your hands around. There worst snake there though, IMO, is the Cottonmouth. I've never been sure if they're just easily confused or hyper aggressive but they are the only snake I know of that will chase you if accidentally disturbed.
Laura Harrison
Laura Harrison 16 hours ago
The founding fathers were choosing a national bird and argued over the eagle the turkey and the dove. Eagle won. Also a chipmunk is like 1/5th the size of a squirrel
David Raymond
David Raymond 16 hours ago
Platypus is a mammal not a fish
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters 16 hours ago
NL Canada here bald eagles around here too, they nest here near salmon cove sands. Flying south for winter, big birds for here. also Peregrine falcon, crows/ravens, sea gulls, blue jays, robins, and a few more.
Sprizys 16 hours ago
I'm American and I've never seen or heard of half of these
Jam3s Barry
Jam3s Barry 16 hours ago
Cool Reaction !! I enjoyed the last video one too... the deadliest u.s. animals or whatever it was called. I live in Florida so we have Most of the Deadly animals here lol !! Bears, snakes, poisonous spiders, alligators, and even panthers. It's enough to turn you off of the idea to go camping in the woods !! Lol !!
Craig 22
Craig 22 17 hours ago
They didn't include the rare forktoed snipe.You don't want to tangle with one of those things.Also America has the last remaining dinosaur.They listen to folk music,are all female,drive Ford probes,have short hair cuts and are really, really mean.Of course I am speaking of the lickalottapuss.
Spaceman Duke
Spaceman Duke 17 hours ago
Here's a fun story about 12:33 the Yellow-billed Magpie. I grew up in the California Central Valley and these were the only magpies I saw, black-billed don't live in the valley. Then one day there was a window cleaning commercial with a couple Black-billed Magpies. I told my dad that the black-billed must be pretty rare cause I have never seen them before. He said No, it is actually the yellow-billed that's rare, we just happen to live in the only place they do. Eventually, I moved to Idaho and lo and behold, I got to see my first Black-billed magpie.
Spaceman Duke
Spaceman Duke 18 hours ago
"If you were a mouse and you saw a rattlesnake, you would be just done for." Well, not necessarily. Mice are not easy to catch. It varies by species, but the average predator only has a 10% successful hunt rate. Which means, the mouse gets away 9 times out of 10.
Blake Leary
Blake Leary 18 hours ago
The nazis used the golden eagle😂😂
Pink-Perfection 18 hours ago
Don't worry about garter snakes; they're both harmless and good-natured!
kate lin
kate lin Day ago
Every year rattle snakes come into my yard, i feel bad for them tho cause my dad always kills them, but i get why. Also i loveeee magpies they are so pretty i love to hear them. Also the bald eagle is also found in Canada, and Eurasia
Lawrence Dickinson
I just like to watch your reactions to these videos you watch. Awesome mate!
Ally Johnson
Ally Johnson Day ago
PerthTowne Day ago
Most animals in the US are not found JUST in the US. For example, animals in North America don't respect national boundaries. So many animals in the northern part of the US would also be found in Canada, and animals in the desert Southwest are often found in Mexico, too. Many birds and aquatic animals migrate long distances. So...
Dale Martin
Dale Martin Day ago
Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as our national bird Congress instead made it the bald eagle.
TigStripe Day ago
Bald eagles are found in southern Canada and NW US. Falcons are the diving predators you were thinking of when talking about hawks.
daniel riordan
You talk tooooo much during the video, why not react after the video is over.
Nigel Hobbs
Nigel Hobbs Day ago
Oh my god, don't ever explore the question 'what is a platypus', it will take you down a wild rabbit hole.
With deer, most of the deaths caused are from traffic accidents not attacks by the animal.
Aaron Jaspersen
Deer also have a lot of deaths from stupid hunters shooting each other
Tim Pierce
Tim Pierce Day ago
alligator snapping turtles: check out dirty jobs
The Kek! Bomb
Wolves will eat your dog in Georgia.
79mib Day ago
Bruh, you HAVE to check out videos from PBS Eons. Geological time is gonna blow your mind.
Wood peckers make the holes.
Nreckage Day ago
Pretty sure the "american" eagle can also be found in canada too hence why it's not on the list
K Hart
K Hart Day ago
One of the things I noticed when I visited Europe was a distinct lack of wildlife... I suppose humans have just been hunting and changing the land there for so long, but yeah. Lots more animals in general in north America, it seems
Rylan DatKid
Rylan DatKid Day ago
The animal *Florida Man*
I'm surprised they didnt mention Key Deer.
Scott Holliday
Chipmunks are a lot smaller than the squeals in America.
emwungarand Day ago
"Wait...is the....."
ArcaneWyrm Day ago
Yes, woodpeckers actually dig holes in trees looking for grubs and other small insects. When in wooded areas, even around cities and suburbs, they make a very loud hammering sound on the trees that can be heard from several hundred yards (/metres) away.
Lillian Flugge
Wait I'm American and I just have one question for the UK peps do you really, not have Alligator snapping turtles in the UK? 🤨
Belinda Hodges
That turtle is an alligator turtle and they are vicious if handled wrong and they don’t let go
Belinda Hodges
All the way from the coast of Florida to the coast of Texas for the alligators and the prairie dogs are so sweet and cute very sociable
Laura Kneiss
Laura Kneiss Day ago
Deer are dangerous because of car accidents, not because people think they are cute and try to pet them lol 😄
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
Alligator snapping turtles are so dangerous that even alligators don’t like to mess with them.
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
The nene goose got nay nayed
Gordon Jackson
Gordon Jackson 2 days ago
Bald eagles common to Canada as well
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
This mans just called a car a platypus
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
1:53 That just looks like a picture of a dinosaur. Like micro raptor or archaeopteryx.
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
The golden eagle is also an eagle that lives in the U.S.
OneBillionTacos 2 days ago
Yay! This topics my favorite!
Brock Main3
Brock Main3 2 days ago
10:57 those suckers might be cute but they’re very dangerous. Here in Nebraska every once in awhile you’ll hear about a mountain lion attacking cows, dogs, chickens, pigs etc. when you see one here where I live you shoot 1st and ask questions later
Doodlebug 2 days ago
Fun fact! Deer are omnivores! Meaning they eat plants and meat! They like to eat live birds, mice, voles and baby bunnies. They will also eat a human cadaver if they come across one.
Benjamin Rosiek
Benjamin Rosiek 2 days ago
we have golden eagles in the US too, but since the bald eagle is our national symbol it's the one most people know about. goldens are smaller and and don't have the white head, they are easily confused for some of our large hawk species by amateur bird viewers. As to your question at the end; the Bald eagle was chosen as the symbolic animal because, traditionally, eagles are seen as symbols of power and freedom. and since the bald eagle is the largest eagle species it makes a pretty dramatic statement on those two fronts. although originally our animal was proposed by Benajmin Franklin to be the turkey, as it was seen as a more wise and pragmatic creature.
Shannon Brady
Shannon Brady 2 days ago
If I'm not mistaken, in death valley, there's a species of fish that lives in one cave only
jdm1066 2 days ago
Alligator Snapping Turtles can snap boat oars in their mouths.
Karla Mackey
Karla Mackey 2 days ago
When my husband and I got married, a friend of ours had an alligator gar about 6" long (15.2 cm) It was attacked by other fish in its the tank who ate it's fins off. It's fins did grow back. And, yes, they have serious teeth and they do bite. They bite hard and leave nasty, painful gashes!
Vercalos al'Corlin
One place you might have come across the "Golden Eagle" is the old Disney film, "The Rescuers Down Under."
seatbelttruck 2 days ago
Here I am to answer your animal questions! Woodpeckers peck holes in wood. They have very shock-resistant skulls. They also have long tongues that wrap around their skulls which they stick into the holes to eat bugs. Platypus are monotremes (egg-laying mammals). The males are venomous and the species lack nipples, so the females sweat milk to feed their young. I don't know much about paddle-fish, sorry. But I do know that at least one species can cross-breed with sturgeons, resulting in sturddlefish, even though their species diverged a long time ago. Yup, gaters are in Florida, but not JUST Florida. Pretty much any swampy south-eastern state has gaters. Salamanders... act like salamanders. They swim around in the water, hide under rocks, secrete poison, eat bugs, lay jelly-eggs... you know... amphibian stuff. Bald Eagles are found in Canada too. They just look cool so the US took it. Chipmunks are different from squirrels. We have both chipmunks and squirrels in the US. Chipmunks are smaller and have thinner tails. Most squirrels also lack stripes. Yeah, don't mess with snapping turtles XD They can easily mangle fingers.
Brittany Owen
Brittany Owen 2 days ago
Yes woodpeckers do hit their beaks against trees and you can hear it from quite far away.
Cruxador 2 days ago
Florida has a lot of endangered stuff because it was already full of small ecosystems to begin with, and then the Army Corps of Engineers thought they'd be clever and ended up trashing half the Everglades. Also, it's full of invasive species like cats, pythons, and meth heads. The Bald Eagle is the US national bird because the founders thought they were cool. There's supposed to be some symbolism or whatever but that's the short version. Snapping turtles are actually very normal, there's parts of the US where there'll be at least one in every muddy pond, and if you're not careful they'll take your toes.
Michael Rutledge
Michael Rutledge 2 days ago
Rattlesnakes at least warn you. Copperheads and Cottonmouths won’t. Cottonmouths are aggressive and come for you rather than run away.
Joyce Deng
Joyce Deng 2 days ago
The part where the video said alligator made me cringe.....the picture showed crocodiles not alligators.........yikes
Krystal 2 days ago
It’s bc we have car accidents bc of deer.😉
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 2 days ago
Basically half of these are native to Florida. They have some weird shit down there. Honestly if you ever go to Florida do an airboat tour of the Ever Glades. We had several Alligators swim right up to the boat. It’s really fun.
Jonathan Lindsey
Jonathan Lindsey 2 days ago
sadly the alligator is losing its war against the burmese python... thx to assholes that bought them as pets then got scared and released them, they have populated out of control and in the last 20 years they have killed 95% of all wildlife in florida “including gators” .. they r a problem, people have begun hunting them to try to help all the wildlife burmese pythons r killing
Logan 2 days ago
"What is this?" A ninja turtle with a bad attitude that I kept as a pet as a kid lol.
Deacys girl
Deacys girl 2 days ago
Chipmunks or smaller than squirrels and have stripes.
shy nobody
shy nobody 2 days ago
Sally Gearhart
Sally Gearhart 2 days ago
California Condor, a highly protected native species scared my cockatiel to death. I went out to see what was wrong and this bird as big as me was behind me and spread his giant wings, charging me with his killer eyes zeroed in on killing me. He almost scared me to death. I yelled the word NO. It felt like him or me. I screamed, he sized me up and finally flew away
ertyderty7 2 days ago
The video you are watching is full of things that are simply not true. An example of this is that the bald eagle can also be found all over Canada.
clay c
clay c 2 days ago
Ive seen prairie dogs for sale in a petshop. Very strange
Exodia Thomas
Exodia Thomas 2 days ago
you should watch Coyote Peterson getting bitten by a snapping turtle
Bear Hug
Bear Hug 2 days ago
Squirrels and chipmunks are completely different species
TouRe YT
TouRe YT 2 days ago
BTW deer don't attack usually ppl die ciz they rub out on the roads and cause crashes
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed 2 days ago
Do you plan to visit the US you seem interested
Aaron Palmer
Aaron Palmer 2 days ago
The bald eagle is also found in Southern Canada
Nuna Ballona
Nuna Ballona 2 days ago
I can't believe they didn't talk about the Manatee. It's one of the most unique animals in the world, and it's only found in the US, I'm fairly sure.
Danger RUSS
Danger RUSS 2 days ago
Bro, check out images of large Aligator Gars. You will be amazed by the size.
myprophet1 2 days ago
Bald eagles are found throughout Canada, therefore not found JUST in the US.😊
Jonathan Tucker
Jonathan Tucker 2 days ago
Bald eagles are native to Canada as well, that's the reason a lot of animals like the Grizzly or Wolverine aren't mentioned on this list even though they live exclusively in North America.
Shannon Willie
Shannon Willie 2 days ago
@3:13 waiting for him to say squirrels. Love it!!!
yo Clark
yo Clark 2 days ago
Fun fact: Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird. He was overruled thank goodness! Can you imagine?
Hope Carr
Hope Carr 3 days ago
I love animal videos. I just learned the oldest living turtle hatched in 1832. That makes him 189! His name is Johnathan. Mind blown! J.
Michael Fagnano
Michael Fagnano 3 days ago
Chipmunks are squirrels. It's like tortoises are turtles.
Billie Ann
Billie Ann 3 days ago
Have y'all ever heard the lady who wants to move our deer crossings!? Lol. If ya need a good laugh look it up!
Billie Ann
Billie Ann 3 days ago
Growing up in the south USA having an inground swimming pool, next to the marsh, id say on average we would call the DNR to come remove alligators or water moccisains at least 2-3 times a year. I tell ya it was always something going to jump in your pool and you spot a large alligator in it! I love alligators tho.
Louise Johnson
Louise Johnson 3 days ago
The highest population of Bald Eagles is found in and around Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. The United States chose the bald eagle as their national symbol, but that doesn't mean that bald eagles are only found there. Just as Canada's national symbol, the industrious and tenacious beaver, isn't only found in Canada. Critters, both wild and domestic, don't do the border crossing thing. They go, for the most part, where they want to go. Especially those that can fly.
BlackNeck POV
BlackNeck POV 3 days ago
Fell asleep watching woke up watched the rest 🤙🏾morning everyone
Amy P
Amy P 3 days ago
Snapping turtles are mean motor scooters and you do NOT want to mess with one! They can bite the crap out of you.