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Our Dog Otis was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
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Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Apr 6, 2021




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Phantomsss Techs
Phantomsss Techs 15 minutes ago
I also have a rottweiler I have a female u have a male I can tell my dog is the SAME not the lime part but if the robber comes in and give her some meat she would just take it and eat it in her corner for gods sake rottweiler isn't a FUCKING guard dog it's a fucking scaredy cat
Ronin and Lukah vlogs
Ronin and Lukah vlogs 31 minute ago
When ya bark back at im’: *intense screaming*
mtf unit tau5-samsara
mtf unit tau5-samsara 38 minutes ago
1.69m subs nice
Nxvem 2 hours ago
Jojo fan?????
Dead OnEntry
Dead OnEntry 3 hours ago
3:20 watching on repeat
Mike Hillen
Mike Hillen 8 hours ago
Can I please stop binging these videos? I've seen all of them so many times I could translate each one into brail form.
Nitesam 9 hours ago
Mike Wasaski
Mike Wasaski 9 hours ago
This is the best one yet
lilbob 9 hours ago
This is the best video on US-first 😂😂😂
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 10 hours ago
My husky just stands there like a statue every time he sees someone in the window
Ali Hub hub
Ali Hub hub 11 hours ago
did you play cod as a kid aka call of duty lol
mateusz Pieklak
mateusz Pieklak 12 hours ago
Limes are posinis to dogs
Yoshikingmaster 12 hours ago
I don't blame him, my dog was attack by a big, juicy...I mean vicious lime. Ever since that day, he was a lemon dog.
Josiah Tinsley
Josiah Tinsley 12 hours ago
Animals are afraid of citric so that’s why he’s afraid of a lime
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 12 hours ago
He farts like a step dad Ill tell ya what
Billy Ring
Billy Ring 13 hours ago
Love the videos, Buddy. Keep it up with the great animation work
Grid Gaming
Grid Gaming 13 hours ago
Bruhh i can't watch any of your videos without laughing😂 Best US-firstr🙌🙌
UngusBungusFilms 13 hours ago
What happened to Zeke?
Eliot Jayne
Eliot Jayne 13 hours ago
Guys, a channel called SML, on US-first needs help with more viewers and likes and subscribers! If your not able to watch stuff with adult time to time jokes then don't watch it. You have been warned! Copy and paste to help!. Here's proof they need help!us-first.info/player/video/ppavdI2jqpiEn6c.html…
Anime text story
Anime text story 13 hours ago
Imagine if ottis was Nathan son
Epic Mario Bros
Epic Mario Bros 14 hours ago
My dog ruby is a golden retriever Also I have another dog Who's also a golden retriever His name is Dennis Whenever I get home My parents don't Come home Into Another hour I'm 15 so I stay home aloneCan I order a lot of stuff from Amazon And whenever it comes the dogs always bark Because of them the pizza man will come to our house I am not joking
king_ khoast_
king_ khoast_ 15 hours ago
Make a story about roller blades or roller skates
Nic Joyson
Nic Joyson 15 hours ago
The dog goes, "Hey, you guys wanna rub some baby oil on me and watch me flex in the mirror."
David 15 hours ago
Wsp bitch I still have this gun
Shavell Johnson
Shavell Johnson 15 hours ago
Shavell Johnson
Shavell Johnson 15 hours ago
I’m crying at when he said he’d just tap San CDs e his ass out the room
Oliver Warner
Oliver Warner 16 hours ago
It look like the dog died when you were showing him that damn lime it look like he was P about to puke
Armament & Axes
Armament & Axes 16 hours ago
Bro I love all your videos but this almost made me pee myself LMAO !!!!!!! ! ! ! !
TheRandom Youtuber 101
Hey have you ever played with beyblades? If you have make a video about it
Tosha Beason
Tosha Beason 17 hours ago
Maddox Mendoza
Maddox Mendoza 17 hours ago
Otis might be part lab those thing are energetic and puss-. But ya I think a Rottweiler and lab
INotOmar 17 hours ago
Your my favorite Yt you edit so good
Dani Byrd
Dani Byrd 18 hours ago
I wonder how Zeke would have reacted🤔
BIG TASTY 18 hours ago
Who knows maybe otis was planting land minds as he was running away from the "robber"
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 18 hours ago
"smells like a burnt hot pocket dipped in gasoline." lol wtf
Monty Franklyn
Monty Franklyn 19 hours ago
Sublow- 11
Sublow- 11 19 hours ago
........im dyeing........😂🤣😂
Artimes Nekoui
Artimes Nekoui 19 hours ago
Am de king no fuck no am not here inimore (shiting) 3:26
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg 20 hours ago
Bruh I’m dead😂😂😂😂
Jibreel Smith
Jibreel Smith 20 hours ago
it smells like a burnt hot pocket dipped in gasoline in here
Legion 32
Legion 32 21 hour ago
Can you tell a story of what happened to your friends when you was growing up???
Jon Out door36
Jon Out door36 22 hours ago
That made me laugh so hard
Ryan’s hellhole
Ryan’s hellhole 22 hours ago
Funny vid
Nicholas Says
Nicholas Says 22 hours ago
I have a mastiff/Dane who when he barks is the littlest bitch bark you’ll ever hear, a pure bread Dane, a bull/ridgeback who won’t move for the life of her, but our little ass schnauzer/terrier who yells at everyone like an 80 year old man to get off his lawn even if they’re 2 miles away
Nicole Secrest
Nicole Secrest 23 hours ago
Hey Brewstew👋👋 what ever happen to Tiffany and Zeek?
Storm & Blaze TV
1 million views in a week. I’m proud of u tyler
Lol Hello
Lol Hello Day ago
Do you still have that holo charizard in your wallet
Jordan Cortes
1.69 mill
mihailo knezevic
1:20 i died xD
L Hale
L Hale Day ago
Too funny!!!
Polu Abdullah
At least me and Otis have SOMETHING in common (fear of limes lol)
nrqd Day ago
was this video re-uploaded because i swear i watched this video over a month ago
noodel Day ago
l i m e
Kelvin Laastau
That sickle is a scythe.
Mr Minyak
Mr Minyak Day ago
My name is mr minyak minyak is a type of flower
cmackthegoat Xb
🤣😂🤣 my Rottweilers name IS cujo
Derek Constantino
Show more real footage its great 😂
As the owner of a rot, they're softies
DBZeh Day ago
Omg I had some great laughs! I kinda needed, thanks!
RexMx Day ago
Btw I have watched a whole lot of your videos and I I always liked the outro and where did you get can you make a video of just the outro or how you got it and can you make a video about something with idk like fishing or something?
Ooga booga Gabriel
The picture of goodfellas is a nice touch 1:32
stormz boi
stormz boi Day ago
you should make a vlog channel that would be good
Tanner Saxton
Way too relatable
Abisai Madrid
I’m sure mom feels really going to sleep I’ll just keep watching your ding really quiet
Just watching your rottie doing this makes me feel so much better about myself because my rottie that looks exacly like yours acts the same way.
Oliver Warner
Is he Michael stepdad now
Oliver Warner
I hope it a little kid comes over to walk trot shower with your kid and then that Rottweiler thousand more than likely mold or you
ErikaFamous Day ago
They are just giant sweet goofballs! I have one named Aubie, the sweetest thing ever, but gets so many dirty looks when I walk him.
Agent Woogle supreme
This is the funniest
Jamie Briggs
Jamie Briggs Day ago
What happened to Michael when you got older
Gintoki Sakata
He dose not know because he never saw him after he left his town
Cat Dogs
Cat Dogs Day ago
I love limes you can make juice it is vary good
Preston Field
This dog reeeeeeeeeee lime
Gabe Mad jack
Your dog is very cut oh pleas mac another one toy mak funy videos
Ajmetoo Day ago
*Like A Step Dad*
Maya Innabi
Maya Innabi Day ago
1.69M subscribes That’s just perfect
Alex gaming 2.0
Brew stews wife: I bet Otis would save me cause he’s mamas baby Otis: yes I’m a mean big bad boy Also Otis gets scared bye a lime
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Day ago
bro my dogs name is the same!
Alexis Saunders
Dude I love this I watch this all the time
Wyatt Jamieson
Thisn is the funniest video jes ever made
CWSC RADicAL Day ago
My rottweiler is the same
Randy Reynolds
Your dog's f****** useless
Biscuit Day ago
So otis is kinda like charizard big and scary but a big wuss
Laughing Peter Griffin
Very relatable
JeffCheddar Day ago
good vid
kieran Taylor
Love it
Devin Zimmers
You know what I have noticed in none of the videos where the guys are adult micheal has never been mentioned
Little King
Little King Day ago
Your videos are so funny🤣🤣😂
Its so cute how Otis looked when he was eating ice-cream🤗
Joel Day ago
I fookin died when Tyler yelled at Otis and he ran away.
Kevin Buckthorpe
Think ive seen them all in 2 days wow
What chu fools lookin at
3:37 Had me dead
Mrmehoff YT
Mrmehoff YT Day ago
the revolver yt
What happened to zeke the Golden retriever
eden cha
eden cha Day ago
I know why he is a wuss because you don't train him, make a video if you do
Lorenzo Aguilera Castillo
he is phat
R . K . H
R . K . H Day ago
0:48 appreciate the Morrie from Goodfellas pic
Jennifer Palencia
Why don't you just use lemon on the other dog that you got bit in the back of the head with