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Ya'll wanna see me do a sick bunny hop on my sweet Razor mini scooter?
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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 99   
Hong2008 Hour ago
I wonder if Michael's stepdad found Michael in a river.
Chespe Hour ago
You have never felt true pain until the side of a razor hits your ankle.
Joanne Baker
Joanne Baker Hour ago
your still posting you legend
HEBY mine
HEBY mine 4 hours ago
Are you going make more videos
Brady_ thebeast_7
Brady_ thebeast_7 5 hours ago
I, glad you don’t do mini scooter because your great at these cartoons
danny long
danny long 11 hours ago
thanks for making these videos
Jackson McPherson
Jackson McPherson 14 hours ago
Do a video about how u met your wife lol
Shanti Ragoonanan
Shanti Ragoonanan 15 hours ago
Kepp up the good work
EZ gaming
EZ gaming 15 hours ago
I love his life stories with the awesome animation but is it just me or was he an awesome Uncle Lou
hockey duck
hockey duck 15 hours ago
Ur so funny
Christian Merletti
Christian Merletti 16 hours ago
Keep up the good work
Allanplayz01 18 hours ago
Sofia G
Sofia G 19 hours ago
Eat ur toast children
haiteku the protogen
This feels 2 a months ago not 2 weeks 😭
Comp Gamez
Comp Gamez 20 hours ago
Brodie 20 hours ago
Bring back the plush toys
FreshPikachuMemes Official
I have a scooter
Ali 341
Ali 341 23 hours ago
My mom was 18 when Tyler was born
Micheal Day ago
Good times
Tripp Sallee
Tripp Sallee Day ago
Everybody had a Razor scooter, but the fellas who had the ones that made sparks were the godlike. They were automatically king of the neighborhood.
Charles Unlimited
Bailey Capps looks like The Wolf of Wall Street 😂
Adrien Vanderjagt
Make more videos love the content ares me laugh my ass off 🤣
Erick D.
Erick D. Day ago
Micheal’s stepdad is always finding shit in the river.
Carson Day
Carson Day Day ago
This fire 🔥
Mark McGee
Mark McGee Day ago
Ognjen Stepanovic
holly shit what the fuck this guys kid life was awsome
The last Vessel
Wizard Lords
Wizard Lords Day ago
3:30/4:15 Poor little mike he was so conserned to know if Tyler was ok he was willing to give mouth to mouth
BD Zappy 123
BD Zappy 123 Day ago
funniest story teller
Jerry Bailon
Jerry Bailon Day ago
call michael and make a video about it or get his number and talk to him
Natalie Hinds
CrispyMilk 2 days ago
He is a Tony Hawk pro scooter man because he took a beat from a road and almost got hit by a car, bit his tongue to the point of bleeding and didn't cry like a bitch
the random kid named Emmett
Michael always gets stuff from the river
This video falls into the "Cult Classics" category, along with the likes of Riding Bikes, Trampoline, Monopoly, Seizures etc
Tough Bickies
Tough Bickies 2 days ago
Heads up, thought you'd been quiet for a while but turned out I wasn't being notified of your new vids. 🤷
Ausiny Lacombe
Ausiny Lacombe 2 days ago
Titty and beer Titty and beer Titty and beer Titty and beer Titty and beer Titty and beer Titty and beer Titty and beer
king kazma
king kazma 2 days ago
I think the called cement barricades
XXXDomtacion McBean
2:13 there called “wheelstops”.
concetta cafa
concetta cafa 2 days ago
does anyone know brewstew has a newgrounds page
dokha 2 days ago
Good video for Eid
dave miles
dave miles 2 days ago
yo first micheal said his bike was found in river now a fuqquing scooter
tony luna
tony luna 2 days ago
Hey brewstew I love your channel
G Rotava
G Rotava 2 days ago
you and your wife should be baseball coach cause you know about it unlike soccer
N Gaming vlogs
N Gaming vlogs 2 days ago
Cheese 5550607
Cheese 5550607 2 days ago
You should redo some of your old videos where you had the soft voice to now with your funny voice
Irvin McClendon
Irvin McClendon 3 days ago
Oml such nostalgia
Collector Daniel
Collector Daniel 3 days ago
"the handle bars get crooked everytime I get on" aw man that just brought back so many memories 😂
cleats magni
cleats magni 3 days ago
You are so underrated bro
justinin trump
justinin trump 3 days ago
You know, nowadays everyones going on about electronic robot car-like thingymajigs and bio-fuels and shit, what ever happened to good old fashioned scetchers power? I mind one time when I was 7, I went so fast into a wall that I blinked and woke up 5 minutes later, and in the interval John Wayne's ghost himself came and congratulated me on how fast I went.
Ryanbruneau7 Ryan&morty
2000 skateboard products world industries, blind or birdhouse, my son asked me what were cool ,mason lol he loves these vids I’ll buy murch it’s his bday soon!!!
Ryanbruneau7 Ryan&morty
GTA on ps1
soaR King
soaR King 3 days ago
If you don’t upload soon I will take this to the trampoline
Dil Pickle
Dil Pickle 3 days ago
Frasier was the best
Yung NaNa
Yung NaNa 3 days ago
Lønley Tøast —
Are we not going to talk about the kick flip
All names were taken
I wonder where Michael is now
Mohammed Karim
Mohammed Karim 3 days ago
your razor scooter is cool? I have a electric scooter, without the electric part.
C1ap glow
C1ap glow 3 days ago
Check out my new sweet razor mini scooter isn’t sweet is it fast no its slow as hell is it fun no it goes crooked every fucking time i get on it
C1ap glow
C1ap glow 3 days ago
I did start it because
ZincOnPC 3 days ago
Been here since 100k
Scibbies 3 days ago
When was the last time you saw micheal
Galaxy Demon563
Galaxy Demon563 3 days ago
Here in another part of Ohio we have Tom’s Icecream not donuts
Mason Handforth
Mason Handforth 3 days ago
Frasier mini scooter
Adrian Janota
Adrian Janota 3 days ago
I did it i liked every brewstew video ever
LS 4 days ago
Haunted Box Fan
Haunted Box Fan 4 days ago
Remember me, Tyler? *Rumbling noises*
Oliver's Fire alarms
Same thing happened to me a week ago. Trying to do a jump, busted my ass and got a concussion.
kowhoci 4 days ago
goes anybody know what he uses to make his animation's
Captain Skipper
Captain Skipper 4 days ago
Brewstew getting babes with his midget scooter
Shady 4 days ago
He found his bike in the 1920’s in the river and now the skateboard
Nathan Howlett
Nathan Howlett 4 days ago
Coworker showed me this channel.... aaaand iam addicted
Glitch 4 days ago
I cant get over the Nixon 72'
Joseph Spencer
Joseph Spencer 4 days ago
flaskzz yeet
flaskzz yeet 4 days ago
Wait, i own one of those, i am 17
Aaron Love
Aaron Love 4 days ago
I wonder what percent of your Audience were also kids in the 90s. I sure was.
Marco Salazar
Marco Salazar 4 days ago
Wrackzed 4 days ago
Valerie Micalizio
Brewstew film ideas Basketball. Lunch detention. Golf
Gibsongavin318 4 days ago
Now we're feeding the whole neighborhood
I can watch these hundereds of times, They never fail to make me laugh. Good job!
James Kerstetter
James Kerstetter 5 days ago
Do a video on a ice cream truck
Shelby Prince
Shelby Prince 5 days ago
Poopy head over duper what
Shelby Prince
Shelby Prince 5 days ago
Mario videos
DR1PC1TY_ 19
DR1PC1TY_ 19 5 days ago
Fun fact: BrewStews net worth is over 1M
Max 0fficial Escrogin
When you post videos, Life gets easier.
Super mario Nolan
Make a video with no swearwords
Christian_theKools Vlogs
Next episode how Tyler got his 1st DUI
Gyuk Michael
Gyuk Michael 5 days ago
michael had the 1920 bike
George Stuart
George Stuart 5 days ago
Woke up thinking there was gonna be a mother's day video
nathanisnotmlg 5 days ago
Me watching 1 video turned into 142 videos
Lightning316 5 days ago
3:01 Stonecold
Rando Mando
Rando Mando 6 days ago
“Miget Scooter” LOL
Brodie 6 days ago
Is michal real
Brodie 4 days ago
He always has a smirk wonder what he’s thinking
Steel Comrade
Steel Comrade 6 days ago
Is it just me or do BrewStew and Poofesure sound like they're voiced by the same person?
Allison Sampson
Allison Sampson 6 days ago
My stepdad said he found it in a river
Allison Sampson
Allison Sampson 6 days ago
I remember that video when he said David you are a god damn millipede
Kameron Francis
Kameron Francis 6 days ago
You should do the first time you got pulled over in your next video
blackhohl51 6 days ago
I actually looked up Tom doughnut and it’s real
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