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All Brent Rivera Funny Tik Tok and Instagram Videos Compilation 2021
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Andrea Ulca
Andrea Ulca Minute ago
8:29 anyone see that hand under the bed??
Igor Drew
Igor Drew 40 minutes ago
Am I the only one who saw the hand under the bed
Leila Free
Leila Free 58 minutes ago
I love the basketball
rudrangsh jha
rudrangsh jha Hour ago
9:54 she was almost down to kiss him but..........classic brent "ik but look im recording"........#foreverSingle
rudrangsh jha
rudrangsh jha Hour ago
8:22 did someone notice the arm under the bed
Hannah Ko
Hannah Ko Hour ago
Mallory Lagana
Discover this did you have a bra on
Candy- Bmrp
Candy- Bmrp Hour ago
8:36 wtf who’s hand is under the bed that fucking creepy dude
Nouratiyah Rahim
Nouratiyah Rahim 2 hours ago
' . I I i ke it
Chenaniah Navarro
Chenaniah Navarro 2 hours ago
In the shaving cream with ben tiktok i have a question why theres a hand under brenrs bed.
Suneta Rostas
Suneta Rostas 2 hours ago
When brent was tring to prank ben therr was a hand under the bed😨😰
Ravela Castro
Ravela Castro 3 hours ago
When Brent Did The Cream Prank There Was A Hand Under the Bed
Andilo Mwangi
Andilo Mwangi 3 hours ago
I think brent was meant to be a girl
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 hours ago
8:34 so no one is going to talk about the hand under Brent’s bed?
Sofia Game legend bunny
Are you are right that was a really good one when you said the great Wall of China because that takes a long time to walk
margareitteotadoy 5 hours ago
Omg this one has more is true but my brother always get the bigger because hes older
Gab B.
Gab B. 6 hours ago
Did any one see the hand under the bed???
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 3 hours ago
8:22 why is there a hand under the bed??😂😂
Aster Smalley
Aster Smalley 7 hours ago
Why is the six year old tik tok so relatable
Keeva 8 hours ago
I always do that 5:10
KOH TOM RAY Moe 8 hours ago
30:38 a hand is under the bed
Neptune 8 hours ago
Even why do i do the 6 year old thing when I’m 10
Brent Adia Torzar
Brent Adia Torzar 10 hours ago
Hi 👋
Brent Adia Torzar
Brent Adia Torzar 10 hours ago
Famous Kids
Famous Kids 10 hours ago
I love how there is a hand under the bed
NaiyaSuperFamous 10 hours ago
8:31 who’s hand is that under the bed?
Vivi FUN! Leal
Vivi FUN! Leal 11 hours ago
What a copy cat
RACIELLE PANEM 12 hours ago
Maeve O'Gara
Maeve O'Gara 12 hours ago
Bro on the prov you are a 6yr old I’m nine and I do that shit
Jiya Bhattacharjee
Jiya Bhattacharjee 13 hours ago
8:21 Nobody's going to address the hand under the bed?
darren mills
darren mills 13 hours ago
We are ugly well u don't know what some of us look like
pixey unicorn
pixey unicorn 13 hours ago
5:12 through 5:25 me "I'm way older than 6," Also me "But i still do it because I am a stuped as F***"
Greta Watson
Greta Watson 13 hours ago
8:22 why is there a hand under the bed??😂😂
Le Hooman
Le Hooman 13 hours ago
Kyla Johnson
Kyla Johnson 14 hours ago
OMG did anyone see that hand under the bed i was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like if funny
Alaric Levelle
Alaric Levelle 14 hours ago
Peyton Cowan
Peyton Cowan 14 hours ago
Did anyone else see the hand at 8:20
Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies 15 hours ago
8:32 did anyone notice the hand under Bens bed?... kinda sus...
Edward Charles
Edward Charles 15 hours ago
Brent f***** up when he touched Piersons ahirt
Rosabelle The wolf
Rosabelle The wolf 15 hours ago
So true
Wolf squad
Wolf squad 15 hours ago
I eat like that to
Sabrina Duggan
Sabrina Duggan 15 hours ago
You see best friends that all was want food
Rawan Cupcakes
Rawan Cupcakes 16 hours ago
5:13 true
Saif Amin
Saif Amin 16 hours ago
In the best way to wake someone up ther is a hand under the bed
The Garcia Family Vlog
Drinking out of the carton.....that’s a death penalty!!! 😡🤣
Namtiddies 17 hours ago
Da_catlady 17 hours ago
5:12 Why is this me I’m 12-
Cøffěe Çakë
Cøffěe Çakë 17 hours ago
27:35 none of them where hard to watch there normal things for me-
Ebony Matthews
Ebony Matthews 19 hours ago
I'm 1 years old but I can still type
Logan Cespedes
Logan Cespedes 19 hours ago
Ted Kohler
Ted Kohler 19 hours ago
Your NNEWW man. I got I is a prank. I get the prank but does that mean you sleep with Brent go breison
Natasha PevEy
Natasha PevEy 20 hours ago
okay you and person are PERFECT JUST START DATING
Ted Kohler
Ted Kohler 20 hours ago
The one afte. Breaking the rules where he was with person he acully got to see her you know i can no believe it
Panda and fidgets Forever
8:30 look under the bed 😱
Mr Cdj
Mr Cdj 20 hours ago
5:13 omg I’m older then that and I do mainly all of them.. don’t be concerned pls 😬
Melissa Lara
Melissa Lara 20 hours ago
love your videos im a huge fan
Ebony Matthews
Ebony Matthews 20 hours ago
That's seriously made me laugh when you did the crying selfie cuz the kiss made me laugh
Aisha Said
Aisha Said 20 hours ago
chandrei55 21 hour ago
Arielle 22 hours ago
I like how Brent has unique TikTok videos
Angyixunpro in roblox AngYiXun1223
Brent shut up
Rainbow Sunshine
Rainbow Sunshine 23 hours ago
8:40 just press it
Rainbow Sunshine
Rainbow Sunshine 23 hours ago
5:12-5:25 me everyday
Imela Sanwar
Imela Sanwar Day ago
The 6 yrs old thingm8 still do that till now and I’m 9 =/
Arihana Chan
Arihana Chan Day ago
Plz do more✨
Lucy De Leo
Lucy De Leo Day ago
When the youngest is sick for me it dose not matter because my mum hates me
Leanne Gore
Leanne Gore Day ago
I like that at Best Friends Brent just storms in 😏😲🤭😁😆😂🤣
Leon Weir
Leon Weir Day ago
Don't cut pizza like you are missing the best part of pizza it was the pizza that was the hards ever don't do that it is uncomfortable
Dumb Cookiee
Dumb Cookiee Day ago
Being middle child is not a joke
4Faith19 SEKIGUCHI Miyu
I already have a sibling
Manar Shaltoot
Haha Brice had a brrom with hm
Jia Desai
Jia Desai Day ago
Brent is always finding reasons to kiss pierson
cookie chaser
Bava or prent
sabita bogati
Nina Weeks
Nina Weeks Day ago
8:28 The hand sus.
Midori Day ago
Everyone just gonna ignore the random hand under Brent's bed at 8:30
Laili Zekria
Laili Zekria Day ago
I’m the youngest
Sheryl Nathania Setiawan
I hate brent atchualy
TheSuzybusy Day ago
Der was ee Hend ander jor bed🧐🤨😩
alice abate
alice abate Day ago
Videos Compilation 2021 : when the tiktok's clearly say best companies of 2020 and the list goes on
Aya May Ticman
Brent whip cream hand under ben bed 😳😳😳
Aria LaDow
Aria LaDow Day ago
Alexis Johnson
14:34 that is just Soo sweet!
Melissa Tieman
You are like me I'm her daughter
Tonyiah Davis
Cadence Martens
I love the one where Brent says to Lexi hensler " thoose are some nice jugs you have there" lol 🤣
Malleri Mcgee
i ship berson look on 15min 56 sec
Ivy Levinson
Ivy Levinson Day ago
24:18 he misses me: what the heck-
Angelica Calvillo
There's a hand under the bed 😨
Rebekah/Thomas Green
Lexi you look like Ariana Grange
Cheer princess Smith
So funn
Sadie Lennon
Sadie Lennon Day ago
9:55 she was going in for the kill
Sadie Lennon
Sadie Lennon Day ago
5:54 I’ll let you decide what to think........
Miisa Immonen
The part when Brent spilled juice on the NEW rug I was like "Did he put the iron on for 5 minutes? Time: 19:20
Fearmatt Yt
Fearmatt Yt Day ago
Pierson and Brent are a thing!?!
Addie Hodgson
Madalyn Hothouse
Brent you are crazy
Meg Bauman
Meg Bauman Day ago
Lisa G
Lisa G Day ago
There is a 🤚
Lexus Chiappara
Normal siblings- I thought normal was Brent and Lexi 😂
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