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Mar 30, 2021




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Nyyear AndJalyn
Nyyear AndJalyn 23 days ago
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown 5 days ago
Jalyn if u dont stop nyyear from doing this to u his going to continue disrespect u
Jurene Finnissee
Jurene Finnissee 8 days ago
Jurene Finnissee
Jurene Finnissee 8 days ago
Lucy Queen
Lucy Queen 12 days ago
Carolyn Wright
Carolyn Wright 12 days ago
he do got some apologizing to do fareal
Ashley Lee
Ashley Lee Day ago
This is really heartbreaking if yous split up. Yous are such an amazing young couple and woman and man . All yous do is awesome and thank you very much . On another note NO MORE EXES . THEY EXES FOR A REASON . why bring that in to such a beautiful relationship yous have for some next chick. You got an amazing girl don't mess that up. Especially with bo stupid ex
Daquiri price
Daquiri price 3 days ago
SMH! Some women just don't know their worth!! This wouldn't be a prank! We would REALLY breaking up after linking with his ex!
Basketball Mixtapes
GOD bless
How How
How How 4 days ago
$websmedia33 ✊🏾
ShawnGotIt Together
His face when he said “I gotta leave now “ 8:19 😂😂😂 is priceless 😂
Aniya_the greatest 123
Wait why tho o love you to being together and like i am sad because I was all ways on y’all side on everything like whyyy ✨❤️❗️🌹
Kicking it With Kimmykat
Loving this channel
Jahmari Simmonds
Jahmari Simmonds 8 days ago
No lie u ah dummy😭
y money
y money 8 days ago
Team jayln
K Whisper1
K Whisper1 9 days ago
Yeah that ex was trifling af but don’t leave yah boy 😭 I don’t disagree with J at all but damn. Damn had me going 😂 but yeah bro, she was really mad so don’t bring that ex back 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 10 days ago
the fact that this was a whole big lie :/
Day Daphne
Day Daphne 10 days ago
“You better go back in time” ...PERIODTT niggas forget the grass don’t be greener on the other side ..whew Chile I wish my husband would
elenared126 11 days ago
He asked his girlfriend to collabo if she felt some type of way she should of said no
Akosua Ayim
Akosua Ayim 11 days ago
Jalyn I'm surprised u even allowed him to be inviting his ex around 🤨
Divine 12 days ago
She was doing too much and being messy. I don’t blame her at all, I’m surprised Jalyn ain’t beat that ass.
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant 12 days ago
She said you owe me a gift 🎁 yassss Shes on my time💦
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant 12 days ago
Lol he a real nigga we just be roommates tho 😂
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant 12 days ago
6:21 PERIODT I’m feeling this too with my own mate
Kayla Bryant
Kayla Bryant 12 days ago
Girl men think everything it’s one sideded
Dorothy Logan
Dorothy Logan 12 days ago
❤Jalynnnnnnnnn Bangerrrrrrrrrrrrr😂😂🤣😆😆💥
Keisha Gayle
Keisha Gayle 13 days ago
This prank is going to be a Bangor team jalyn 🙌
Kayy Lovee
Kayy Lovee 13 days ago
It wasn’t a banger cus it’s disrespectful stop talking to your ex if u don’t want her doing it period.
DaGirlShayyy _
DaGirlShayyy _ 14 days ago
Aww y’all gone make me cry y’all soo cute and you can just tell he so in love with her nd is just so beautiful I love it !!💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dreama Arrazola
Dreama Arrazola 14 days ago
I loooove Jalyns hair like this
Khadisha Bateau
Khadisha Bateau 14 days ago
yes he does
Lace 14 days ago
Yeah a prank titled “truth or drink”
Lady Reign
Lady Reign 15 days ago
Smh too blind to see
Reyna Drew
Reyna Drew 15 days ago
If I get to the end and it say prank imma be so happyyyyyy
ashley murry
ashley murry 15 days ago
Y’all she did the right thing Bc he shouldn’t been in contact with his ex like she said they probably got sum going on
Evelyn Wang
Evelyn Wang 16 days ago
It’s not a banger if she feeling uncomfortable.
Kiraa 16 days ago
All those my ex videos is a cute ass way to be sneaky they know that
Soraya Pendleton
Soraya Pendleton 16 days ago
Raysean Turner
Raysean Turner 16 days ago
We will be roommates then.
Isabella Wysong
Isabella Wysong 16 days ago
Shiiii I wouldn't wanna be with a ni**a that talk to his ex still even if they not doing nothing. That's just wrong.
Zay Buggie
Zay Buggie 16 days ago
She done but still makin you breakfast she uh real one 😂😂
N.O. CentAJ
N.O. CentAJ 16 days ago
He keep saying he did it for a video but she shouldn’t even have been brought up from the get go.
diamond princess
diamond princess 16 days ago
Aww! He is so sweet tho. He was calm and he tried his best to calm her down. I just subscribed to y’all a few days ago, and I’m already in love with y’all. I pray you all stay together forever. Don’t let nothing or no one come between you two. Y’all are such a beautiful couple.
LulBhadK 16 days ago
Them questions in that video was still doing a lil too much ion if jayln really felt some typa way buh that 1 question “who gave better he*d” nd he still took a shot. Ion if that was joking or what buh still.🥱
deana -j
deana -j 17 days ago
breaking up is to easy..............girl u look so cute
Kicking It With The Kerr's
It’s a banger but don’t let us supporters get between your love life. If she’s uncomfortable then its other Bangers y’all can do. Y’all are talented! I’m rooting for y’all!!
Taliyah Shanice
Taliyah Shanice 10 days ago
Y is this not pinned 😫👏🏾
jennifer Swinton
jennifer Swinton 17 days ago
I know why did the sh She Should break up with him I bought we do that they've been together for years and now also go back to his ex And then he tries to play it off in the other video of him cooking her breakfast
deiva lima
deiva lima 17 days ago
Another break up nooooooooooooo omg I am crying 😭
Aubrey 17 days ago
Who do her hair thou ???
Official Acey Gaming & Music Channel
The atmosphere in this video is definitely a sign of a breakup
Unknown Bands
Unknown Bands 17 days ago
even if it was a prank the reason she wanted to break up with him didn’t even make any sense
Official Acey Gaming & Music Channel
I knew some fishy shit was going on ladies if your man still talking to his ex or any girl he fw LEAVE HIM immediately!!!!
KWEEN RØ 17 days ago
This shit is fake used to be a fan now this is played out !
KWEEN RØ 17 days ago
I feel likeeeee y’all need to stop you tubing !!! All this content is fake and YALL just want views you ain’t leaving him and he ain’t leaving you! So why y’all keep making videos like this ? It’s not cute anymore!
FNB_DAZE 17 days ago
I like how she taking it seriously like it was a video my guy
Grandson Savage
Grandson Savage 17 days ago
Y’all faking y’all realation ship y’all need to just quit
Lifeofavoneymarie 18 days ago
He really love her🥺stop brining yo ex around cause you really gone push her away and I’ve been with y’all since the apartment and when y’all did the Robbery prank 🥺like me personally I feel you shouldn’t be in contact with yo ex
Makayla Ramirez
Makayla Ramirez 18 days ago
She not serious but I mean at the end of the day they content creators so thats they job to create good content
TassieFrmCT 18 days ago
Nyyear since u can make a banger with your ex ....why can’t she make one with hers just one you know even out the scores 😁😁😁😁
TassieFrmCT 18 days ago
“Come talk to me when you calm down”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Falon Robinson
Falon Robinson 18 days ago
This is gonna be a problem. She know where you live...she can contact ya man... I smell a messy storm coming
G T 18 days ago
Oh well
De’Ajah Paige
De’Ajah Paige 18 days ago
Usually when ppl do break up stuff at the end they will say that hahah it was prank but this time it was serious
Camryn Gilleylen
Camryn Gilleylen 18 days ago
It was not even prank she was expressing her feelings:(
Josie And Darius
Josie And Darius 18 days ago
To be honest if this was true they wouldn’t have went public with this they would’ve handled them selfs if it was a situation to get put out there fr they would’ve after they talked about it because if you know them they never go public about their problems ❤️🥰 so I knew it was a prank
Silxnt_niqhtz 19 days ago
Broo when she screamed his face was like 😯 and probably thinking oh she mad mad
Tee Ailani Oldbear
Tee Ailani Oldbear 19 days ago
Jalyn should bring her ex so they can make a banger banger 😂😂😂
aliyah gerolaga
aliyah gerolaga 19 days ago
dude jalyn without makeup IMAGINE. youre beautiful
Keisha Boobie
Keisha Boobie 19 days ago
No linking up with no ex around ere!!!
Rubis Mic
Rubis Mic 19 days ago
I thought this was true
Patrice Anderson
Patrice Anderson 19 days ago
She really felt some type a way
Maghen Evon
Maghen Evon 19 days ago
Bruh sis needa bring her ex in
Azertyuiop Qsdfghjklm
Azertyuiop Qsdfghjklm
menna mahmoud
menna mahmoud 19 days ago
I agree with u
Sheila Taylor
Sheila Taylor 19 days ago
FeniiTay 19 days ago
1:27 what😂
Mbhyt_ ycrayray
Mbhyt_ ycrayray 19 days ago
No like fr he do got to apologize
Mbhyt_ ycrayray
Mbhyt_ ycrayray 19 days ago
Itzz Brazyy
Itzz Brazyy 20 days ago
she really expressed how she felt i love it tho n y’all forever🥺🥺❤️❤️.
NiqNiq 20 days ago
Jayln dont even need makeup😭.!
Life With Heaven
Life With Heaven 20 days ago
It don’t sound like she was trying to prank him at all she’s actually mad 🤦🏽‍♀️
Life With Heaven
Life With Heaven 20 days ago
You should bring yo ex over now cause he did to much
Nadeyah Nation!! !
Nadeyah Nation!! ! 20 days ago
Cee Padilla
Cee Padilla 20 days ago
nakaya oliveras
nakaya oliveras 20 days ago
Us sag girl faces gon always tell it all when we feel a way 😂
Jaliyah Gil
Jaliyah Gil 20 days ago
Purrr jayln
Trin Brisk
Trin Brisk 20 days ago
u preatty
deangilo jenkins
deangilo jenkins 20 days ago
Thank you they still together that last video was toxic asf fr fr
Amoni Johnson
Amoni Johnson 20 days ago
Let her bring him over
Amoni Johnson
Amoni Johnson 20 days ago
He is just omg
Nana Scott
Nana Scott 20 days ago
she was actually expressing how she felt and wanted to see how nyyear would really act . Im surprised she ain leave his ass fr because he lied on the video with his ex at the end talm bout “ what girl was inna car “ like nigga first of all WHO ELSEEEE “ YOUR ACTUAL EX” then his ex was acting weird asf in that video like they was on som shit . But let jalyn bring her ex he gon have a fit . Girl focus on u
Mari Barbie
Mari Barbie 20 days ago
Not him keep saying I was trying to make a banger 😂 he really love is supporters 🖤
Blaique Bg
Blaique Bg 20 days ago
Jalyn you so fine I love you girl you the shitttt fr in yo own way. And u look good without the make up I love it here
Imvubaddie _.62
Imvubaddie _.62 21 day ago
Y’all play a lil to much but I love dem 😂💕
Ashley Ann
Ashley Ann 21 day ago
U guys r wack u guy made a video like this u guys r fake n will do anything and everything for attention.. never know if u guys r real or not...
Chilling With Syd
ngl him saying "im trynna fix this how can i fix this" is a real man
just lurkin
just lurkin 21 day ago
break up??? shouldn’t y’all like- be married by now!!!
Armari Slocumb
Armari Slocumb 21 day ago
I dont mean to be funny but in the mix of her sadness its saying im going to focus on my only fans for me. I feel bad that yall breaking up.
Goofycracked 21 day ago
Don’t break up keep fighting but he need to apologize and make it up
Cordell Richardson
Is this break up season
Lubasa Makangila
Lubasa Makangila 21 day ago
Is everyone gonna ignore how pretty jalyn is😍😍
Cj Williams
Cj Williams 21 day ago
shi Ann LSM
shi Ann LSM 21 day ago
Ok nah but for the future leave the exs where ever the hell they at
Connie Ragsdale
Connie Ragsdale 21 day ago
1st of all why is he still in touch with his if they have no kids or a child lost..so that was really his ex in the back seat of the last prank..so disrespectful