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Apr 5, 2021




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Mikerophone 9 days ago
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Diehard Rams Fan
Diehard Rams Fan 8 days ago
It wouldn’t let me edit my comment but maybe the jets will trade for Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson if this whole lawsuit blows over and he’s innocent
Diehard Rams Fan
Diehard Rams Fan 8 days ago
B+ for this trade tbh I mean I wanted Sam Darnold to stay with the jets but I feel like he’ll do good on the panthers.
Tr0uB135uM 9 days ago
Broski.......Z. Wilson is just a prettier version of S. Darnold. Only difference is he’s gonna look good f’ ing sh#t up.
Teegan Behm
Teegan Behm 9 days ago
The trade grade is B-
Darian Clark
Darian Clark 9 days ago
Chicago Bears: Yay! We're no longer the laughing stock for a little while
Vaskir 2 days ago
Panther's got a steal for basically 2nd pick next year. Darnold is going to a much better team situation then he had with the Jets. Panthers have a chance to go 10-7/9-8 for sure.
Andrew Mendoza
Andrew Mendoza 3 days ago
How could you get it confused?
Andrew Mendoza
Andrew Mendoza 3 days ago
Idiot he went to USC
Kim Bass
Kim Bass 5 days ago
i grade sam darnold to panthers a+ lets go panthers
Kim Bass
Kim Bass 5 days ago
you can tell i am a panther fan
Jacob Eager
Jacob Eager 5 days ago
Teddy bridgewater to the Pats?
Jacob Eager
Jacob Eager 5 days ago
I wanted Sam to sign with the Patriots.
KING OF TSEDEQ 5 days ago
Not too familiar Darnald. Compare him to Russell Wilson. On the same level or not?
BlOCkSTAR_11 6 days ago
A for Carolina C for the jets
Philip Teague
Philip Teague 6 days ago
Jets just got 100% Better while Carolina will continue to suck.
Alexander LEACH
Alexander LEACH 6 days ago
B for the panthers
Tim G
Tim G 6 days ago
It wouldn't have mattered who you put in Darnold's place the last few years, they wouldn't have found a whole lot of success either. Darnold is not their biggest problem. I'm glad for him to get another opportunity, and show what he's got. Who's to say the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! won't be in a similar situation 3 years from now? Broadway Joe ain't walkin' through the door!
Tom Kittisnatch
Tom Kittisnatch 7 days ago
2:32 - How does a QB complete 59% of his completions?
sir dick ellis
sir dick ellis 7 days ago
Zack Wilson is by far this qb in this draft Finally the jets get a break thank god this kid want to smaller school there be no question this kid be the number 1 pick !! Panthers fan's enjoy hearing after every game '' I have to get better " O when guys wide n Doesn't throw the ball hes just seeing 👻
RXS 7 days ago
Blah, blah, blah. Get to the point man!!!
Lethal 32
Lethal 32 7 days ago
It doesn’t matter which team he plays for a USC quarterback will alway fail in the nfl.
Cayden Cartrette
Cayden Cartrette 7 days ago
fun fact: This is the second time the Carolina Panthers had cut a deal with the Jets cuz we got Robby Anderson now we got Sam darnold
Anti Denial
Anti Denial 7 days ago
He will finally be able to showcase his talent.
Edward Deitch
Edward Deitch 7 days ago
Typical jock sniffer know nothing position statement from asshole management and reporters who NEVER seem to grasp what all great teams have: GREAT LINEMEN! He had shit lines and receivers to work with. If he gets a decent team to work with he will do well.
Feck 7 days ago
Good for him any team is better than being stuck with the Jets. Well except for my team ( the unwatchable lions ) . Carolina at least has some players on their team.
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 7 days ago
David Holdsclaw
David Holdsclaw 7 days ago
I have a good feeling about this for the Panthers!
Cory Clayton
Cory Clayton 7 days ago
Panthers: B+ Jets:C+
Fergy Facts
Fergy Facts 7 days ago
Zyfa 7 days ago
A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ for jets
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor 7 days ago
0-10 as a panther fan
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor 4 days ago
@lonely boy well ur right
lonely boy
lonely boy 7 days ago
Actually this is an upgrade he saw what he did at USC the Jets just didn't use him right
Joba Fan
Joba Fan 7 days ago
terry hampton
terry hampton 7 days ago
did the jets improve anything Darnold wasn't the problem you got to start up top with general manager then the head coach you got to that first and they didn't have a strong supporting cast
Harboni P
Harboni P 7 days ago
For all those young QB's and players coming to the Pro's. better save all your money, cause the Professional ranks, Teams move fast to get you, but move even faster to get rid of you too . So study and save that Loot !
Mohrzy 7 days ago
Highway robbery for the panthers he will be a franchise QB
Zakary Schroeder
Zakary Schroeder 7 days ago
Zakary Schroeder
Zakary Schroeder 7 days ago
Make eagles trade xarsonwentz if it does happen plz
Zakary Schroeder
Zakary Schroeder 7 days ago
Hes trash sam darnold is trash
lonely boy
lonely boy 7 days ago
No the jets just wasted his talent
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 7 days ago
jets ruined another young qb,
Madden Football
Madden Football 7 days ago
Juelz Caleb
Juelz Caleb 7 days ago
Owen gaming 100
Owen gaming 100 7 days ago
Considering I'm a panthers fan it was a great trade but teddy b is still better then sam darnold ngl
Shan4Shanvi Tripathy
For New York B- Carolina A-
Nate the Great
Nate the Great 7 days ago
What if they use Sam in a trade package for Deshaun
Von Barnes
Von Barnes 7 days ago
Teddy neeeds to go to WFT
Shiva Ho
Shiva Ho 8 days ago
JETS Where 1st Round QBs go to Butt Fumble their way outta the NFL...
Jackson Booz
Jackson Booz 8 days ago
Jacob HB
Jacob HB 8 days ago
wtf are the panthers doing
Joshallan21 Playsgamez
Jets get a B+ Panthers get a B-
Ian Gray
Ian Gray 8 days ago
Honestly using the picks the panthers just acquired I don’t think they’ll get someone better than Sam darnold . great trade for panthers
standardholder 8 days ago
I am absolutely happy for Sam and the Panthers. I think they are a good fit. I give the trade an A for Panthers and Sam Darnold. Probably a C for the lackluster Jets.
Izzy Gordon
Izzy Gordon 8 days ago
Jacob Becker
Jacob Becker 8 days ago
I’m fine with it anyone is better than teddy asswater
Jp Martin
Jp Martin 8 days ago
I really think the trade was even but only time will tell if someone won
OfRiceAnMen 8 days ago
Panthers fan here. I feel like the team would still give up a kings ransom if Watson was still an option, but it was clear we were gonna get a new qb. I was pretty big on trying to get minshew but I like this trade. We didn't give up a ton to get him and we have the last year of his rookie contract to see if gase was breaking him or if he's just not great. Overall not bad considering we're still "rebuilding".
Joe Wexler
Joe Wexler 8 days ago
Good move by jets new start new staff. New qb good luck sam
My Ayden Thompson
As I am a panther fan I feel like this trade this is a terrible trade But he now he has actually good weapons
bolutra 8 days ago
Every time I watch a mikerophone vid, I wonder, “why is his Snapchat name “monstermeatmike?”
Sebastian Monge
Sebastian Monge 8 days ago
A (B) because I think the jets should know that they surrounded darnold with a bunch of trash cans
Drop Kick Murphy00
Cause they want Trevor Lawrence baby! I could never see Lawrence in a Jags uniform. He is more of a Jets kinda guy. He got that whole Naimath look about him
Erica H.
Erica H. 8 days ago
Robert Holland
Robert Holland 8 days ago
He looks like a grown up dash from incredibles
jsk 8 days ago
Who did the beat at the beginning of the video?
Straite Moon39
Straite Moon39 8 days ago
8 out of 10 trade coming from a Bill's fan
anneka pray
anneka pray 8 days ago
Mike the dolphins are getting DeSean now
Aeronothis 8 days ago
B+, honestly I hope Carolina works on shoring up the o-line. Darnold needs a lot of work when under pressure (which was a lot under the Jets) Carolina let Teddy get sacked 30 times last year so the o-line still needs a lot of work and the addition of Elflein is nice but by no means the whole solution.
Ketut Nuada
Ketut Nuada 8 days ago
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CE Voihanski
CE Voihanski 8 days ago
i'm a bills fan and when i saw this video i said oh no lol zach wilson will be in the afc east damn that sucks
jel13 murray
jel13 murray 8 days ago
Darnold went to USC wym
Yung HoSS
Yung HoSS 8 days ago
Sam got the dub in this trade 😂
STANGMAN 19 8 days ago
Ian happy bout this I really dont know about the other panther fans
Paul 8 days ago
You’d better hope as a rookie you don’t get put at NY 1 poor Sam is finally about to play real football
Anthony Proulx
Anthony Proulx 8 days ago
Robby Anderson slander is not appreciated 🙃. Robby was good af for the Jets, just everyone else sucked and he had a QB who didn’t what he was doing bc he didn’t have a coach that could teach him
Cody Weaver
Cody Weaver 8 days ago
Panthers D Jets A Panthers, what the fuck are you doing? Stop dumpster diving for QBs. Jets, give up a trash tier QB and get significant draft capitol.
Flynn 8 days ago
A for panthers
Flynn 8 days ago
B- for jets
Mike Moran
Mike Moran 8 days ago
Jets: A- Panthers: B+
Brenton Burbank
Brenton Burbank 8 days ago
Good for Sam he will do better anywhere but New York Jets
Fredo Sadtana
Fredo Sadtana 8 days ago
Might see another Ryan Tannehil story with Sam in Carolina
Jonah Schimelpfenig
I love this trade hope Arnold thrives
Marvin Daniels
Marvin Daniels 9 days ago
C+ for Panthers. B for Jets.
Drew Sanford
Drew Sanford 9 days ago
panthers steal
TroopDawg09 Dog
TroopDawg09 Dog 9 days ago
B for jets
AEWWECWW 9 days ago
Actually, he completed 100 % of his completions. Not 59%
Najeer Williamson
D- for Panthers for Jets B They got a lot for him He's not that good Not Trying to be mean
odyss eus
odyss eus 9 days ago
Just goes to show how worthless most high draft picks are. Yes, if the player is a Peyton Manning, who is capable and mature enough to direct the team as a rookie, but almost all QBs that succeed are not top picks. Manning is about the only one I can think of at the moment except maybe Elway. Good picks going to useless teams, and there are about 28 useless teams in the league at any one time.
John Goetz
John Goetz 9 days ago
Build a good team first! If you draft another kid, and put him on this 3 win team, he will fair no better, and by the time you build a good team around him, you will have to pay him the big contract or he will be gone anyway. This is not the Joe Montana Era, you CANNOT build a team from the bottom up starting with a Rookie, it fails 19-20 times.
Jeff B
Jeff B 9 days ago
What idiots!!!!
Kristin Honaker
Kristin Honaker 9 days ago
Panthers a B+ but the Jets get a c minus
Slut wagon
Slut wagon 9 days ago
-4 2nd rounders have more talent than darnald
Kristin Honaker
Kristin Honaker 9 days ago
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 9 days ago
If the Jets can get Allen Robinson or Amari Cooper they’ll have a great team
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 9 days ago
NY Jets future plans Draft Zach Wilson Draft Rashad Bateman Draft Walker Little Sign Richard Sherman Trade For WR Amari Cooper if available
Andrew Gluck
Andrew Gluck 9 days ago
Jets need to Trade For a Wide Receiver like Allen Robinson or Draft Rashad Bateman
RAWJIT 904 9 days ago
The trade is a c+
Game Raiders
Game Raiders 9 days ago
Jeffrey Tran
Jeffrey Tran 9 days ago
Zach Wilson: So Eli Manning, could you provide me advices on how to pull off the commotions you caused on draft day with the Chargers?
Derek Theiss
Derek Theiss 9 days ago
I gives both teams an A
dusa1122 9 days ago
Maybe if the Jets put a team around their quarterback they would do better
Travas Fay
Travas Fay 9 days ago
I think the better picks when your that poor is draft other peices that way when you do draft or sign a better qb they have a chance to succeed. Drafting or signing a guy to have back to back to back losing seasons due to overall team talent is a good way to break a player and ruin his career. Not everyone can bounce back from that. Especially if your whole rookie contract is spent losing. Losing franchises usually don't have the best tutelage around the players as well. The best qb coaches strength and conditioning coaches ect. Don't want to sign with teams where their talents will be wasted. Now if all your team is missing is a qb you can get people to want to come to your team if you tell them your going to sign the qb they want then they can build and grow together. Set your team and players up for success or end up like the Bengals the Jets and teams like that.
Thomas Eastwood
Thomas Eastwood 9 days ago
Jets: B+ (Getting some of those picks back for Sam Darnold who didn't really work out seems decent. Another plus is probably just because Zach Wilson will become the new face of the franchise.) Panthers: B (I don't think they necessarily gave up too much, but I still feel like Teddy B is more consistent right now. Eventually, Sam Darnold could make my grade look stupid since he probably still has untapped potential.)
Travas Fay
Travas Fay 9 days ago
Patrick Mahommes wouldn't have made the playoffs on that team so it just made no sense. Biggest winner here is Sam Darnold escaping a terrible franchise where any talent he has would just be wasted. Unless the ownership coaches gm scouting and more all change.
Travas Fay
Travas Fay 9 days ago
That Jets trade was so terrible. You do that maybe if your a superbowl team and really just want to add a couple key guys from the draft. If your garbage like they Jets have been you don't trade all your picks away to get one guy in the ultimate team sport. No QB could have brought the Jets to where they wanted to go. To many holes everywhere. It's not the NBA where drafting 1 guy can turn your whole team around. They're GM doesn't deserve to have a job unless he was against it and the ownership overstepped him.
Vision__Lunatic 9 days ago
What's the name of your outro song
Petey Rose
Petey Rose 9 days ago
This trade is a B for me. I like it. Best offer we were gonna get considering we tanked his value...