Breakfast On A Wednesday 

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Oct 25, 2020




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The unknown calling furry
I was gonna say something abt how I want tony to raw my ass but. . . CwC. . . nvm
Emmanuel Mraibure
Emmanuel Mraibure 5 hours ago
That Tiger sounds gay
Agustin Beth
Agustin Beth 5 hours ago
I can't, even Tony propouncing, "Joshua" is.. kdnsjdjdjsksjjdid
AMARI BROWN 6 hours ago
comere comere
Benjamin Yang
Benjamin Yang 7 hours ago
He's creepy as heck
Boy Turtle
Boy Turtle 8 hours ago
"n o w w h o s y o u r l i t t l e t i g e r." 𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖆𝖗𝖊 That Scared Me.
Jeremiah Hall
Jeremiah Hall 8 hours ago
this is wierd but still like it
DaOogieBoogie 8 hours ago
This is just...weird. I expected Tony to rip apart the guy or something and kill him instantly, but instead of instantly he’s killing him slowly and sadly. Really just makes me sit there and think
gamera gamera
gamera gamera 8 hours ago
My when this came out: ha, i act like this My after learning to bake cakes yesterday: I act like this
Milton Diaz Marcos
Milton Diaz Marcos 10 hours ago
Really did my man dirty no milk
AlphaDre 10 hours ago
Thii is so creepy!
DOGEBERT 13 hours ago
imagine of the owner of the cereal sees this ._.
FreeMade L
FreeMade L 13 hours ago
Just get regular corn flakes.
T-R3KT 13 hours ago
This is more sad then disturbing
Maribel Tello
Maribel Tello 14 hours ago
エリート 14 hours ago
That’s how it is with fat people and hungry people and me
President Elect Robust Safeguard
You need to make a new show with a combination animation and real life like this. It would be an instant adult swim style classic.
DareToBeJack 15 hours ago
he forgot the milk
Josh Byron
Josh Byron 16 hours ago
uncomfy my fuch .0. wasnt expecting to share this dude's name
Marcus Mason
Marcus Mason 19 hours ago
All of his videos are disturbing but very funny lmao
UnbreakableLAG 19 hours ago
This would also work for soda companies.
Kaleb Turner
Kaleb Turner 20 hours ago
This is somewhat motivational in a terrifying way
Jacob Bass
Jacob Bass 21 hour ago
I will never look at the frosted flakes commercial the same way again
Vasile Mihai
Vasile Mihai Day ago
OH MY GOD i just realised its a reverse robot and frank refrence
Scruffian Day ago
I came here for disturbing art style, not the disturbing scenario of temptation.
Gracias sr pelo Ahora que me acuerdo este tipo se parece a nikocado AGUACATE
D M Day ago
this made my skin crawl.... and subbed
Birdy Animation
I'll never see my frosted flakes the same again
Ethan Farve
Ethan Farve Day ago
Love it
lyss tri
lyss tri Day ago
I’m gonna go eat some frosted flakes
Random Person
WOW us-first.info/player/video/fLiIeZ6JnHmUfoU.html
Crispy Fry
Crispy Fry Day ago
He looks like your version of James corden
Kileyah Harris
It’s the three chins for me
Orange Wolf
Orange Wolf Day ago
1:30 I'm kinda scared-
The Child of Shrek
Why does this feel so fucking sinister
brennan callahan
This ruined the Frosted Flakes tiger for me
Sophia the Fox
This is just like me trying to quit coca cola. It's true.
This perfectly resembles trying to lose an addiction and depression. Always your brain telling yourself thats you can always start tomorrow, or that it‘s okay and that you work hard and you deserve a break or reward.
Is no one gonna talk about how he just ate the cereal without milk or water
JToonz Day ago
I can always start tomorrow
Ванеса Атанасова
Damn this looks like Nikokado Avocado
Rotcrawler Day ago
Ok so this one is legit just sad rofl.
Frisky Dong
Frisky Dong Day ago
Tony is demon tiger.
Joshua Lainé
My name is Joshua. I dont want to eat frosted flakes anymore...
TruFFula Day ago
The song in the background is literally called “breakfast on a Wednesday”
YungAlex0 Day ago
id rather have not bought the cereal
Benjamin S
Benjamin S Day ago
All these big mfs coming on here like “this isn’t a joke guys” lmao laugh at yourself guys, loosen up. I’m skinny as fuck and have struggled with eating enough my whole life. Anytime I see people laughing about eating disorders or something I’m not getting all serious about it
Yolo Swag
Yolo Swag Day ago
I literally thought Tony was going to beat the living sh*t out of Joshua at any point in this video, with zero context whatsoever. 😳
Zyyo Day ago
I think this is probably one of the animations that are wholesome and not scary and grousome
Ethan 1078
Ethan 1078 Day ago
That was a really weird video
JyaSnkrs Day ago
fiknani 2 days ago
the tiger kinda sexy
My baby sister
My baby sister 2 days ago
bruh when he said here here come here whos your tiger my face droped yo why is this sooo funny
MD 2 days ago
the cycle of sadness because he will do this over and over again and hate him self till the day he die's it's real horror and its terrifying
Nova Clan
Nova Clan 2 days ago
nicovada avacado......
L1nk 2 days ago
I jumped when he said my name
Gustavo Rodriguez
Does Joshua have that Yummy Yummy?
This does give me chills it makes me sad
VALENZIO 2 days ago
Se acabo el cereal de a 3 cucharadas /=/
Onscreen Prince0
Onscreen Prince0 2 days ago
The tiger sounds like kylo ren
TheGamingEl1te _
TheGamingEl1te _ 2 days ago
The Tiger is %100 accurate
lazzy penguin animates
This is hilarious and unsettled and I don't like it
Itz_D4sh09 2 days ago
If cereal commercials were honest
DAPS1 2 days ago
1:30 oddly reminds me of lady in the radiator..
69Pootis 2 days ago
Deer god this scary and funny
debra schroeder
debra schroeder 2 days ago
By shooting him with us bar aka browning automatic rifle and but 10 20 round mags in him and wearing a us marine out usa fuck yeah
debra schroeder
debra schroeder 2 days ago
I would go usa on him
debra schroeder
debra schroeder 2 days ago
This is weaird
Danna Martinez
Danna Martinez 2 days ago
meatpyramid 2 days ago
First world problems
SPEAK UP 2 days ago
Ализа человек
"I can always start tomorrow" beautiful words.....🤣😂
Gauge Haver
Gauge Haver 2 days ago
What a cultural fucking whirlwind to be part of this meat filled phenomenon, I count myself lucky to have discovered this channel right as the Wabbit Season debacle went down. History in the making I shit you not, MeatCanyon is the one good thing about 2020.
Mikey G
Mikey G 2 days ago
This felt too relatable, y'all check the reaction to this video🤣🤦🏾‍♂️😭😈: us-first.info/player/video/jpltlWpngGhjiok.html
Kris Sellers
Kris Sellers 2 days ago
Soup.avi but general mills
Raylu 2 days ago
RTX on: 1:30
Tony The tiger
Tony The tiger 3 days ago
🙂 Always eat all my cereal 🥣
Sclavic 1454
Sclavic 1454 3 days ago
Bro take your pills in starting to think he is real
fwagwo Flimzy
fwagwo Flimzy 3 days ago
i think the most disgusting thing about this is that he's eating it dry
R’Mani R
R’Mani R 3 days ago
Who your tiger you
This is just relatable. Not weird, not horrific, just sad and relatable.
Evan Richeson
Evan Richeson 3 days ago
Is this how tony the tiger gets off
TheCoolKevin 2008
I feel bad for him bc I wonder what will happen if he doesn’t eat the cereal
Brockz Animationz
I threw up eating that cereal
Poly phome
Poly phome 3 days ago
Did my guy literally dress up as Tony the tiger just for this animation
Crazy King Kyle
Crazy King Kyle 3 days ago
He didn't kill him because he's letting his product so that for him, Very very slowly too.
Chuco Lara
Chuco Lara 3 days ago
Its so dark if he's just imagining all of this in his head .
GC TEASY 3 days ago
You need to have series on like netflix or amazon video
You Tube
You Tube 3 days ago
Tigers used to be my favorite animal, that is until I saw this video!! 😰😖😭
Rory Higgins
Rory Higgins 3 days ago
RightTea Roblox
RightTea Roblox 3 days ago
Fun fact Frosted Flakes are from flaky feet
Spencer Phelps
Spencer Phelps 3 days ago
Shanti Brown
Shanti Brown 3 days ago
Disgustingly awesome!😄
SSN NotAtlix
SSN NotAtlix 3 days ago
Does Reese’s Puffs do this too
Sho Ken
Sho Ken 3 days ago
Bruuh how do you eat cereal with out milk ? Is Tony on something? Even after all this I'm still laughing lol
Maria Petridou
Maria Petridou 3 days ago
oh shit
Mcwellington Harris
1:30 tony the tiger movie trailer lookin good
De$tiny™ 3 days ago
Little Piggie
Shawn Mayse
Shawn Mayse 3 days ago
heyheyhey he still has the rest of the day
Shanika Stephenson
The commercial said that cereal is good for you when it's filled with sugar nice try cat