Bravo The Bagchaser feat. Blueface & Drakeo The Ruler - "Stay Dangerous" (Official Music Video) 

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98% 9 064 159

Prod. by DTB @musicbydtb
Director by Director Carrington
Video Produced by Andrea Saavedra
Tha Label. #BreakInRecords
Bravo IG : @bravothebagchaser
Blueface IG: @bluefasebleedem
Drakeo IG: @drakeotheruler


Published on


Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Real One
Real One 42 minutes ago
I skip right to Drakeo
Deddan 8 hours ago
Blueface flow is so ... Damn The only reason why im here
papi 69
papi 69 10 hours ago
bankrollbaby in the back chillen like a goat
Andres Armendariz
Andres Armendariz 21 hour ago
Og3three in the cut👀👀
Sir Broski
Sir Broski 23 hours ago
Did Drakeo even know his lyrics LoL?
Pat Moët
Pat Moët Day ago
Get lil durk on the remix
Steve Charley
Telly Tell
Telly Tell Day ago
Is that wattshomiequan 00:13
Christian Milward-Ildefonso
3:27 bruh how is fenix not finna hop on dis song???
Isaac Vega
Isaac Vega Day ago
Bravo trash now
Really Heeem
Really Heeem Day ago
Brian De Jesus
The video immaculate LA AF
Josue Hernandez
Sheessh 619
Tiffany Burmen
Ion like that nigga word and he not 1 and I only like Drakeo
lil flip
lil flip Day ago
fire as fuck
destany schendel
Issa Bop!
CeezyThaGod 2 days ago
Nahh thiss 🔥🔥 i gotta bump more West Coast Music 💯
Brian Bucio
Brian Bucio 2 days ago
Bruh is that OG 3three NBA lmao
Tylor Bell
Tylor Bell 2 days ago
who else skipped to blueface part😂
John Dewit
John Dewit 2 days ago
This vibe is "In the whip with ratchets an nozzing it" booty smackin cheek clappin .
I even watched the commercials to support Bravos grind💪🏽💯...good shit! This is a banger.
Kinglil Moon
Kinglil Moon 2 days ago
Blue face facts 💙
HalloMJ 2 days ago
Skit 2 days ago
My nigga bravo remember when u barely dropped pull up fucken banger and he got so many artist was surprise too see threee3 there sheesh bravo inspired me hella my frist tracker I drop is over 27k 🔥🌟
clarissa aceves
clarissa aceves 3 days ago
Remix with blue bucks clan!!!?🔥
Jane Arias
Jane Arias 3 days ago
blue face baby aighhtt
Jane Arias
Jane Arias 3 days ago
he finally coming up
Jane Arias
Jane Arias 3 days ago
i love you bravo been a fan !!!
Luke Williams
Luke Williams 3 days ago
Here from Exavier Tv
Javi Aviles
Javi Aviles 3 days ago
800k lesss goooooooooooo
Sway Bless
Sway Bless 3 days ago
Blue flow was on some kurupt shit🔥🔥🔥🔥
keak da sneak
keak da sneak 3 days ago
Talkn to the police u a no bueno 💯
Kota Lz
Kota Lz 4 days ago
Damn Bravo let Drakeo bring his son Blue face to hop on a verse 💯
Ques Ques
Ques Ques 4 days ago
Jonathan Ignot
Jonathan Ignot 4 days ago
That shit was fire 🔥
Enzo 4 days ago
Og33? imagine drakeo make a colab with nba
This shit slap though
PyroGato707 5 days ago
flames im tryna pull up show dem how to swang the gato tho..
Mario Collazo
Mario Collazo 5 days ago
WattsHomieQuan In The Cut 👀
Mr S
Mr S 5 days ago
This song is trashhhhh
AllPureSkill 5 days ago
Wow Blue & Drakeo on the same thing
Sebastian Flores
Sebastian Flores 5 days ago
Crazy to see blueface and drakeo in the Same video. Doesn't drakeo and yg funk it, and blueface cool with both of them? Kinda weird. They went crazy on this track tho can't lie. 🔥
Fire Soldier
Fire Soldier 5 days ago
who came here after getting robbed on isntagram live
polo moran
polo moran 5 days ago
we got 522 haters don't like to see niggas succeed that is no cap on god
Tj Deshields
Tj Deshields 5 days ago
I think these might be the iceiest niggas in all of la
j Whi
j Whi 5 days ago
You guys need to use studio monitors. This sounds like it was recorded in a fucking can from how muted the highs and mids sound Good song
HotBoi Shmo510
HotBoi Shmo510 5 days ago
Rion Salëm
Rion Salëm 5 days ago
Nahhh this was my fav rapper now he’s all sold out. God for him tho
Zach Owen
Zach Owen 5 days ago
Good rap. Except blue face that fool trash. Retire already boody azz rapper
Mfnswayzee 5 days ago
Shit 🔥 search mfnswayzee next 🙏🏾🔥🔥
etoosaucyy 5 days ago
Yung Hustle Records
MR. AGAIN 93 6 days ago
Where Rj at tho lol 😂
Ivory McCowen
Ivory McCowen 6 days ago
Blue face stay fucking the song up but this shit go up! 😆💃🏽
Nicholas Alexander
Fire 🔥
Surlier Writer50
Surlier Writer50 6 days ago
Don’t skip the ad
Mfnswayzee 6 days ago
🔥Search mfnswayzee next 🔥
Preston Clelland
Preston Clelland 6 days ago
Jorell Ortega
Jorell Ortega 6 days ago
Cali rappers go hard
Brandon McPherson
should have added Fenix to this instead of having him in the back
Sosa Shop
Sosa Shop 6 days ago
Bravo dropping bangers after bangers🔥
Joseph Simita
Joseph Simita 7 days ago
Honestly bravo don’t do it for me, he not really rapping bout nothing and there’s just nothing special bout him 🤷🏽‍♂️
E G 7 days ago
Niggas pulled a GTA v
E G 7 days ago
Is that youngboy homeboy in there??
Black thoughts and backwoods
take blue face off add ralfy the plug
428 Redd
428 Redd 7 days ago
Bruh drakeo went Brazy
AlldayX10 clan
AlldayX10 clan 7 days ago
Every rapper in the Music Video 1:35 NBA OG3 0:55:Fenix Flexin on the left 1:51 Chrisean Rock on the left and 1:02 0:48 Hitta G on the right 0:40 Bravo the bag chaser 1:50 Blueface 2:50 Drakeo the ruler Anyone I miss :)
AlldayX10 clan
AlldayX10 clan 6 days ago
@Bryan Guzman naw bruh he not a rapper
AlldayX10 clan
AlldayX10 clan 6 days ago
@JustJonahTV oh bet
Bryan Guzman
Bryan Guzman 6 days ago
JustJonahTV 6 days ago
Yea wattshomiequan in the beginning driving the car
Andrew Rochon
Andrew Rochon 7 days ago
Yeah ighhhhhht come on blue face you killed that beat
Cristian Lozada
Cristian Lozada 7 days ago
Blue faced messed up the whole song
Calvin & Tracy tv
Hard no cap 🔥🔥
Bi Long
Bi Long 7 days ago
I’m only here for Bravathabagchaser ..he go harder than blue face & the other guy 💯
kid_cuddii_geo 7 days ago
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhh 🔥🔥
ShotByT 8 days ago
There you go jp 🔥
TalentedGTV 8 days ago
Drakeo hard
TalentedGTV 8 days ago
Whole gang in this, Fenix in da bacc
: lonnie
: lonnie 8 days ago
even 3 there
Issac Indigo
Issac Indigo 8 days ago
Finally a Hispanic that slaps with a different style
Mario Magana
Mario Magana 8 days ago
If y’all ain’t see Tha sneak diss r you Really in dem streets
Chuckyloco 970
Chuckyloco 970 8 days ago
I be riding around the city with like four bangers🔥🔥🔥
isaiah barragan
isaiah barragan 8 days ago
Real nigga shit💯👌🏽🔥
BUCKSHOTZ 8 days ago
why no one mention bankroll baby tho he always goes hard with bravo
miss nessia
miss nessia 8 days ago
Blizzy Boi
Blizzy Boi 8 days ago
Blueface & draco an bravo snapped🔥🔥
Saroj Dangi
Saroj Dangi 9 days ago
The Trading Regime Inc - Forex TV Channel
Oook 🔥 🔥 🔥
Dxrknesso 9 days ago
yo watts homie quan!!!
Long Bank
Long Bank 9 days ago
This song is fire 💵💣💰
Fruit 9 days ago
He be playing gta 5 irl
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 9 days ago
Mac Yeezy
Mac Yeezy 9 days ago
Y’all should try to see if you can put this on jails’ playlists, I’m tryna get my homies this banger, they been gone too long but they fucked heavy with all y’all individually n now it’s a banger in one 🤝🥶 #FreeDaGuyz
Anyssa Burruel
Anyssa Burruel 9 days ago
This went soooo hard for no reason at all & I love it!!! BRAVO UP! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
E girl Alex
E girl Alex 9 days ago
Who actually here before a mill ?
Pdx- _ -Smoke
Pdx- _ -Smoke 9 days ago
Drakeos verse coulda been better 🤷🏽‍♂️
ProdByCL 9 days ago
this song is a banger but after listening a few times, those kicks blew my eardrums lmfao
Javier Mandujano
Javier Mandujano 9 days ago
Song went just not bravo
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz 9 days ago
Unknown is my last name
He kinda look like junior H lol
Esperanza Martinez
Blue face Verse lit 🔥 like always 💯 that hellcat🐱 car clean ✊🏼
Vicente 9 days ago
“Stay dangerous if you hang with us ,keep that banger tucked”😈
Sharks 9 days ago
I actually came for the Ruler but damn that Boi Bravo Snapped💯✔