Brainwashed? A Deal Gone Wrong? Manson Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian 

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Hi my friends hope you are having a great Monday! I have always gotten suggestions to pleaseee cover this story and here we are. My brain got turned into mush watching all the interviews and reading all the articles, I still dont even fully understand what the heck was going on!
Would love to hear your thoughts down below! Hope you have a great rest of your week and I will being seeing you next Monday, woooot.
x o
Bailey Sarian
00:00 Intro
00:41 Casetify AD
02:59 This Week
03:47 Upbringing
07:15 Marriage
09:05 Released
12:58 Beach Boys
15:31 Spahn ranch
18:31 Bernard Crowe
21:51 Gary Hinman
25:04 Sharon Tate
29:00 LaBiancas
33:04 Spahn ranch
34:18 Susan Blabs
35:04 Charged
38:02 Helter Skelter
41:40 Sentencing
44:10 Where Are They Now?
47:50 In Closing
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Apr 26, 2021




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Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian 16 days ago
Hi friends I wont have a new video next Monday. I do 3 videos, skip the 4th. I will see you next the Monday though :) PS that lip combo got really sticky there 😒
Sabina Bäckman
Sabina Bäckman 7 days ago
Please do Nanny Doss and her infamous prune cakes!
Karibbean's Daughter
Do the menendez brothers next ‼️
Christopher Ramey
Christopher Ramey 10 days ago
You should do Blanche Taylor Moore in NC...killed 2 or 3 husbands with Arsenic in pudding and jelly biscuits...currently oldest living woman on death row in NC
Kelly Tate
Kelly Tate 10 days ago
I llllooooooooovvvvvee you
Nayeli Sinalo
Nayeli Sinalo 10 days ago
Hey Bailey can you do a case on the Melendez brothers?
Anna Edvardsen
Anna Edvardsen 26 minutes ago
P.S. Do you have a video on Grim Sleeper?? Just saw a DNA video and the story of how he was caught was mentioned.
Ma. Sofia Reyes
Ma. Sofia Reyes 40 minutes ago
Hey Bailey, can you do the Eric & Dylan...Columbine Massacre?
Isabella Aria
Isabella Aria 58 minutes ago
I miss you. It's been 2 weeks :(
Cyanne Knight
Cyanne Knight 59 minutes ago
please do Richard Trenton Chase !!!!!!!! I never see anything about him. the story is super graphic but its beyond interesting because his mentality through his life is just ... I have no words
A J Hour ago
I made it to the end 🙌🏼 Great story Bailey!!
92 skeet
92 skeet 2 hours ago
Vanessa Smalls
Vanessa Smalls 2 hours ago
i watched the movie on amazon prime .. and i think in the movie it's not really portraied that way .. sadly.
Paula Regolin
Paula Regolin 3 hours ago
It’s just me or anyone else miss this lady in the past 2 weeks…. I hope you’re health and safe !! Can’t wait to see your next video!! 😍
Arcadia Wu
Arcadia Wu 3 hours ago
Please do the case of junko faruta, it’s a grim case and upsetting the the boys involved received little to no punishment and she barely got any justice
Shelena Merritt
Shelena Merritt 3 hours ago
please cover the Tristyn Bailey case once all details are out!! I don't know much of it except the headlines, but i feel like it definitely needs covered.
Maya Greene
Maya Greene 4 hours ago
Hi Bailey, Can you look into the case of Junko Furuta? It's a case out of Tokyo, and was recently brought to my attention. It'll be great if you could cover it. Love your channel!
Jen Dee
Jen Dee 4 hours ago
Please stop leaving out details to "cut down on video time"! We don't care! You speak & we will listen! THANKSSSS
Ambria Stoltey
Ambria Stoltey 4 hours ago
Bailey does not need to keep her videos short. They could be documentary length and ima watch
Lizi Rossetate-Lyvete
Hayley Powell
Hayley Powell 5 hours ago
Bailey!!! You should do the story of Leonard Lake, I have seen a video on it and it caught my attention but it was not done by you! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 hope you tell the story!
Alicia Carter
Alicia Carter 5 hours ago
Have u ever looked into the west Memphis three or devils knot case?
Brynlee Freeman
Brynlee Freeman 5 hours ago
Erin Gonzales
Erin Gonzales 6 hours ago
You should look into the Houston candy man. I’ve heard of him but don’t really know the whole story and would love to know it!
Upstate Housewife NY
Bailey! Where are you?
skyp1997 6 hours ago
You should do Fred and Rosemary west
enid reyes
enid reyes 6 hours ago
Bailey! I just wanted to say me and my teen daughter love watching ur videos! We have a tradition to watch ur new video every Monday together and always look forward to them..just wanted to let u know we love you and think ur awesome. We miss you when you don't post, but we also know and are always patiently waiting for the next one cuz you are worth it. We have notifications on for you but we always check anyway just in case. Hope all is well!🥰💕
Emily Marku
Emily Marku 6 hours ago
Bailey I love your videos! Would you be able to do a video on the story of Junko Faruta? I know it’s traumatic but I feel like it’s a story that needs to be known
Tinika Robinson
Tinika Robinson 6 hours ago
Please do Junko Faruto
Candace Abraham
Candace Abraham 7 hours ago
Why can't I see all your videos? I can only see once a month? Help please!! I love your videos so much!! 💔😢
Shannon 7 hours ago
Bailey: Have you heard of the Timothy Pitzen missing person case??
Kate Patricia Advincula
Bailey where are you waiting to your new upload :D
L&E 7 hours ago
You should do the Mendez brothers
Anahi Salazar
Anahi Salazar 7 hours ago
can you cover Junko Furuta please!!?
Keith Hartshorn
Keith Hartshorn 7 hours ago
I miss your monday mystery. Are you going to come back?
Jeannette Jandasek
Jeannette Jandasek 7 hours ago
Bailey it's been 2 weeks and no video? Are you ok? I miss your videos 💯❤️
Sara Cotto
Sara Cotto 7 hours ago
👏 get👏better👏idols!!!! You morons 🤌🏽🖤🖤🖤🖤
Sara Cotto
Sara Cotto 7 hours ago
Dear Bailey we truly love u never leave us 👌🖤🕯
Dany Markell
Dany Markell 7 hours ago
Please cover the hello kitty case or the luka magnotta
Briana Jones
Briana Jones 8 hours ago
can you please please please do “The Menendez Brothers “ case!!!!
Doris Drumm
Doris Drumm 8 hours ago
There is a case I was watching a movie on. Melissa Lucio she was accussed of beating her daughter to death. She is on death row in Texas. There was proof that someone else did it but that was never presented in court
Jasmine B
Jasmine B 8 hours ago
Yay for being Bailey’s best friend
Rhonda Santos
Rhonda Santos 8 hours ago
We still need more signatures for Rocky! Please go sign the petition like Bailey has asked us to! Thank you!
Bailey Stanley
Bailey Stanley 8 hours ago
Bailey, I have a case that is heavy on my noggin! I watched a documentary on the West Memphis Three and I can’t stop thinking about it. I need more information and I need answers. Even though there was a guilty verdict justice was never served on my opinion as well as many others. Please cover this one!!!!
kathy peaco
kathy peaco 8 hours ago
Bailey you’re adorable 💕
Pamela Dominguez
Pamela Dominguez 8 hours ago
Monday's theme song reminded me of something!! Check out the first few seconds of the song from The Kinks called Easy Come, There You Went. Perfect match, I love it!!
reako boxed you
reako boxed you 8 hours ago
Is it sad I'm a bit but love her videos
Kobe The Don
Kobe The Don 9 hours ago
Please do the Rae Carruth story. It will a hit and a tear jeepers lol
Luann Barnes
Luann Barnes 9 hours ago
Who is here because of Robert Welsh? Happy to have found the channel.
courtneyamazing 9 hours ago
Bailey, I am from Maine and I would love to see you cover the sad unsolved mystery of little Ayla Reynolds, she was only 20 months old and "disappeared" from her grandmother's home. Thank you for your work, you are one of my favorite people!
Nada Williams
Nada Williams 9 hours ago
Am I missing Baileys posts?????
Anita 9 hours ago
You are the best❤️🙏🏼 you have no idea
Ashley Saffell
Ashley Saffell 10 hours ago
I live by the hospital he died in. They wouldnt let anyone visit him but maaaaan was the hospital lobby parking lot side wall ect were PACKED ASF
Ali 10 hours ago
Would love to see you cover Turpin Family
April Moreno
April Moreno 10 hours ago
You should do the strangers
KaT x0xX
KaT x0xX 10 hours ago
Leslie 10 hours ago
John Wasey please
Lauren in Underland
Lauren in Underland 10 hours ago
Lynette Fromme (one of the family members) went on to attempt to assassinate Gerald Ford. Her story is featured in the musical Assassins. “Unworthy of Your Love” (her song in the show) honestly slaps
Miranda McDonald
Miranda McDonald 10 hours ago
Best thing about Mondays!
Rickards 10 hours ago
Daniel LaPlante - THIS STORY IS CRAZY!!!!!!!
Silvia Guedes
Silvia Guedes 10 hours ago
What's going on with u dearest? Two weeks without MMMM?? Miss u so much!
sasha aberham
sasha aberham 10 hours ago
Bailey you should try doing Yang Xinhai
Barb Hyer
Barb Hyer 11 hours ago
Will you please do a story on Colleen Stan and the Hitchhiking Horror?
Patricia Quintiliani
Take some well deserved time off!!!! Sorry about the sty in your eye. Get better soon. Your makeup is amazing and I love how you tell the stories. Thank you very much !!!!
Fortune 11 hours ago
Story aside; I love the lip combo here. Never tried EM liners and i just might ..... beautiful as always Bailey Bombshell! xo
lala avalos
lala avalos 11 hours ago
Love the makeup 🥰🥰🥰
Tammara Huelle
Tammara Huelle 11 hours ago
Love you girl! And I have a request for you to look into a crazy suspish case of Chance Englebert. Yes he’s still “missing” but it’s his wife’s reactions and everything else that don’t make sense. Tarot readers have also been threatened by her family to be silenced wanting to make everything hush hush.
Tammy Allen
Tammy Allen 11 hours ago
T. Sturm
T. Sturm 11 hours ago
Restock you merch!!! I need some! Love what you’re doing! ❤️❤️❤️
Mary Bowman
Mary Bowman 11 hours ago
Will you PLEASE do a Richard Speck video?
K L 12 hours ago
Have you heard of CrimeDoor? They should sponsor you! I love you booboo
Hannah Victoria
Hannah Victoria 12 hours ago
Just heard about the story of Colleen Stan (a woman who was held captive and tortured for 7 1/2 years) and her captor/abuser is up for parole in 2022, with a likely chance of being let out. Even if Bailey doesn’t do a video on it, if you see this comment please look up the story and sign the petitions!!
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner 12 hours ago
Isn’t that ranch mentioned in the movie once upon a time in Hollywood?? Or am I crazy? 😂
Avril 12 hours ago
Dang girl you dead or what😭
Bailey Boling
Bailey Boling 13 hours ago
The theme song always makes me want to watch the simple life, takes me back to the early 2000's
Noah Romanov
Noah Romanov 13 hours ago
I’m worried about Bailey. Where’s Bailey?😭🥺 bailey sarian are you ok?😱🥺
Lindsay Thompson
Lindsay Thompson 13 hours ago
Please do Mary Ann Cotton.
nicolepotterarts 13 hours ago
Isn't writing about court cases you took part in against some code of conduct?
Natalia Sanchez
Natalia Sanchez 13 hours ago
pls make ur own netflix series!!😭 ily 💖
Willow Linwood
Willow Linwood 13 hours ago
I'm sorry I never bothered to like your videos until recently. You didn't deserve that, I was just lazy. But I was subbed with notifications on.
Elena Sage
Elena Sage 13 hours ago
Do a video on the menendez brothers
Nina Johnson
Nina Johnson 13 hours ago
I literally live like 4 miles from the boys school he use to go to in irvington Indiana. Fun fact hholms killed a lil boy in the same neighborhood and it is also right down the street from DC Stevensons house.
James Haskins
James Haskins 14 hours ago
Bailey my love I've been a fan for awhile and just introduce my dad to these videos and he asked if u would do John bernay Ramsey and by the way he loves these videos after the Casey Anthony story he was hook 😁😁😁😁
Amanda Flemmi
Amanda Flemmi 14 hours ago
If there was a award for best narration of story’s it should go to Bailey hands down 🙌🏻😂
Charlotte Ferrari
Charlotte Ferrari 14 hours ago
Charlotte Ferrari
Charlotte Ferrari 14 hours ago
This girl’s thumnail is CLICKBAIT 100 percent.😂😂😂
Julissa Govea
Julissa Govea 14 hours ago
Bailey will you please do the junko furuto case please
Leslie Medina
Leslie Medina 14 hours ago
It’s been 2 mondays . Idk what to do with my self lol
Anila J
Anila J 14 hours ago
Baily where r u it's been weeks 😢 u haven't posted yet
Lynn Marcus
Lynn Marcus 14 hours ago
You should talk about Gypsy rose
bitchbong 14 hours ago
I'm watching Kendell Rae do the true story behind, when a stranger calls. I have seen both movies and I thought maybe you could tell this tale your way 🙂
Andrea Rosales
Andrea Rosales 14 hours ago
Bailey, can you please do a video on Michael Gargiulo? 🥰
Elyana Groccia
Elyana Groccia 14 hours ago
hey Bailey could you do a video on Delphine LaLaurie.
rubi 14 hours ago
3:53 "so he's a scorpio"
Jakki Long
Jakki Long 15 hours ago
OK I'm really sad because there hasn't been any video in over two weeks. I've been checking community and Instagram to see if there's anything about it, but I did get an email back from someone on your team regarding a story suggestion I sent, so that was exciting.
Emma King
Emma King 15 hours ago
Pls do Angela Simpson your the only story teller I like hearing
Dawn Miller
Dawn Miller 15 hours ago
Still nothing.. Hope everything's ok.
Jen Eachus
Jen Eachus 15 hours ago
what happened?
Sofi Cifuvilla
Sofi Cifuvilla 15 hours ago
i hope you are ok! love you bailey
Nastahia Rookwood
Nastahia Rookwood 15 hours ago
I just hope you’re ok Bailey! I’m shocked at people demanding a video!
Jessika x
Jessika x 16 hours ago
"So he's a scorpio" Ahh, Makes total sense now!
laura portillo
laura portillo 16 hours ago
Lily Healea
Lily Healea 16 hours ago
Um you owe me 2 videos 😂❤️❤️
Wendy Swift
Wendy Swift 16 hours ago
Bailey please do a video on Fred and Rose West in the UK. Bodies were found at there house in 1994 one them was their daughter. Yesterday the police started to search a cafe in which a young girl who worked there went missing and it’s is being linked to the couple. A case which shocked the nation and just the suffering the girls went through is unimaginable.
Kaleigh Doll
Kaleigh Doll 17 hours ago
I just wanna say, thank you Bailey for keepin it real with the "he's a Scorpio" comment. I always wanna know killers zodiac signs 😂😂
M Russell
M Russell 17 hours ago
Where are you, it's been 2 weeks??? 💋