Brad Bestmilk | King and the Sting w/ Theo Von & Brendan Schaub #115 

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Chris Distefano joins Theo and Brendan in-studio to recap eating Geoduck and talk Theo's future biography/documentary, Unibomber Nick, Nashville vs Los Angeles vs New York, Chris's female comedian doppelgänger, Theo and Chris's early Opie and Anthony days, cancel culture, Romanian women, steroid stories and much more!
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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
King and the Sting
King and the Sting 13 days ago
Snowy Kerr
Snowy Kerr 11 days ago
@ElevatedAsh doggin the boys gives you lung cancer not burning masks.
MrA5 11 days ago
@19Burgandy but a business can refuse you in the name of safety. Just like the masks. Texas has been open for months and fully open for weeks with no restrictions but yet some businesses still asking to wear masks and social distance. People are conditioned now and think this is normal.
lucas beatty
lucas beatty 12 days ago
Love this dude as a guest
Jackie Noff
Jackie Noff 12 days ago
Long legged Larry for mayor!!!!
channeldirty7 12 days ago
Brendan would do some crowd work at Theo’s funeral, outside at a flea market, and afterwards shortly afterwards Brendan sells out of his new Theo Von Viewing merch...he will suspiciously write a suicide note, noting that he “expects his CTE” to flair up soon in result a GSW to the face....leaving behind a loving wife that he isn’t nearly good enough for and two beautiful little child hitters to go live in the forever never land ranch in sugar covered marshmallow cloud and bacon paved highways, with his true first love👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Theo Ratking Von....what a real love ❤️ story....we’ll be watching it on Netflix shortly
BarDownSnizzzzy19 14 hours ago
"Theos only my friend in here" i actually felt bad for brendan there, he catches a lot of shit and a lot of it unwarranted
Lilibeth Pereira
Lilibeth Pereira 18 hours ago
I wonder who hurt Theo’s feelings
thedexterbros 18 hours ago
1:18:42 No one giving a damn about Chris's story
J W 21 hour ago
This is peak King and the Sting.
Lee Hout
Lee Hout Day ago
I bet Swabs finsher is literally finishing u off w/ his mouf. 😂
Lee Hout
Lee Hout Day ago
Looks nothing like OJ; Brenda.
Lee Hout
Lee Hout Day ago
Came here for Theo n Chissy face dime stefano.. and im not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
orel neiman
orel neiman Day ago
Love @chrisdcomedy. He is a hilarious and a natural fit for KATS. Happy to discover him, He needs to be permanent here... theo seeming a little too racist, misrepresenting republicans. Dial it back bro, dont want u getting canceled and also just dont want u being racist.
Bigotón Brand
Johnson and Johnson causes blood clots - 4/13/21
The Brain
The Brain 2 days ago
This show has gotten horrible. UNSUBSCRIBED!!!
David Evans
David Evans 2 days ago
Brendan the type of guy to say he's on a juice cleanse, but just drink milkshakes.
Yung Hokage
Yung Hokage 2 days ago
That Michael Jackson line was good too Lmaoo
Michael Beezy
Michael Beezy 2 days ago
Chris DeStefano looks like the type of guy who throws a party trying to compete his 15 yr HS reunion “and they remember why I was left with no choice”.
AngryOscillator 2 days ago
You can tell Chris is used to the TV world, dude can't help but make eye contact with the camera 😁 (for what its worth I've never heard of this bloke before like 5 days ago and I'm probably a fan now. He's like a Tim Dillon who still has Air BnB privilege. Legit funny, willing to go to the 'Oh no he didn't' places but has a good heart under it all. My favourite type of person. Schulz is another.... I wonder if we are due a new (and good) 'alt comedy' scene 🤞🤞)
Sim 3 days ago
That Brendan knew what Oddworld is blows my mind.
Dryden 3 days ago
Hilarious, but all of you need to stay far away from politics
Uvision Media
Uvision Media 3 days ago
I'm a massive fan of this podcast but I'm starting to think it's days are numbered. The culture corner has turned into people that talk more than the two host of the show combined. Theo is the fucking star and he's understandably missing to many shows. Brendan... well let me just say this. You're working your ass off man and it admirable. However you need to understand that your co host, the culture corner, and crew are the reasons this show was so damn good. This wasn't a typical talking podcast. It was a good time with truly fun people. No need for dumb shit like eating sea dicks or having famous guests on the show.
Pine Trees
Pine Trees 3 days ago
Chris isnt very cultural
Monique Janke
Monique Janke 3 days ago
35:00 YES YES and YES, cancel culture is bullshit
George Feneberg
George Feneberg 3 days ago
The best part of this episode was when Brendan said "My brains hurt" after he couldn't come up with disses for some segment... just randomly made me laugh today.
Claudio Ortiz
Claudio Ortiz 3 days ago
I declare myself a fan after listening to Chris Distefano's rant about the insanity of the left. We need this conversation out there. Thank you man!
Zyn 3 days ago
Yes you have chris! Chrissy winstrol!!!
SRay77 3 days ago
Does anyone actually believe anything brendan says about diet or social media?
Adam 4 days ago
Brendan's laugh sound 'tarded. Man sounds like a bird.
Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen 4 days ago
I haven't laughed so hard when they roasted 1st Team all Dick guy
Jaden White
Jaden White 4 days ago
These 3 together was amazing HAHAHA
Bigmonto 4 days ago
Damn bro odd world is my shit. Point Brendan.
Bigmonto 4 days ago
If you put all three of them together that makes Michael Jackson Best fucking quote ever god damn
Todd Little
Todd Little 4 days ago
Isaac Regalado
Isaac Regalado 4 days ago
What if their daughters drove the motorcycle and put their beta boyfriend to ride bitch seat lol. Would y’all approve that?😂
i love Chris
patreeky 5 days ago
I'm getting some greg giraldo final intervention vibes lol hope theo sorts it out
Lian Light
Lian Light 5 days ago
theo's funny,.... that's about it
Derek 5 days ago
“when you start censoring you start giving into the left” meanwhile minutes before they literally censored Theo when he said that girls name
el b
el b 5 days ago
The plague of Chris D continues, is there anything he isn’t worming his way onto
Jimmy Owens
Jimmy Owens 5 days ago
Does anyone else feel like this is scripted?
Does E JIN-Su (aka Chin) change camera angles on the fly or is it done in editing?
Saltos Visuals
Saltos Visuals 5 days ago
Chrissy "My Girl is Puerto Rican" Distefano always bringin the Ruckus
Lar Lugosi
Lar Lugosi 5 days ago
Was curious to go watch the episode they were talking about with just Chrissy and Schaub buuuuut.... there’s no Theo so.. ehhh 🥱
Taha Benkhaldoun
Taha Benkhaldoun 6 days ago
This cancel culture is only creating more hypocrisy upon pepole because it forces you to naturally have always 2 opinions one for tweeter and another opinion thats more honest but reserved only to people close to you
jlpmoose 6 days ago
a chew toy lmaooooo
jhon kullens
jhon kullens 6 days ago
No episode tn?
CleanseTheSoul 6 days ago
32:15 idk why but I get the sense that he said Whitney Cummings. Like half the time they bleep stuff out I always think it’s about Whitney for some reason. But who knows lol
chris lapiana
chris lapiana 6 days ago
Chris: I've never done steriods Chris yesterday on a podcast with Tommy buns: my dad caught me doing steriods when I was in college.... *insert long story here* Now his funny father stories aren't as funny.
J.D. Franklin
J.D. Franklin 6 days ago
Brenda your not funny🗑
BAD4SS 00 6 days ago
You can tell Theo is having a blast. Nothing better then a good group of people bs. Right place, people, and time. No hating. Sucka free
Game Gang
Game Gang 6 days ago
Chrissy Chaos looks more like Chrissy Gayos and he wouldn’t disagree
Texans Try
Texans Try 6 days ago
Cro cop is literally the only KO Brendan ever talks about 😂
Christopher Smith
Chris. Making the most money and being the hardest working people are two different things.
Bramble Teaser
Bramble Teaser 6 days ago
Gang Gang Buzz Buzz 👍👍
andreaxnicole 6 days ago
Ngl, not a fan of Chris giving Theo those real hitter jabs about bein a wreck and shit. Dont really like him in general but that’s just me 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
CJ32 pull2
CJ32 pull2 6 days ago
FILIPINO is spelled with an F get it together Theo 😂
Victoria Howson
Victoria Howson 6 days ago
Chrissy Chaos is so great!! Love seeing him on thse!
Colin Cunningham
Colin Cunningham 6 days ago
Thank god Theo back to put b in his place cuz he don’t have Malik to pick on lol
Divine Drift
Divine Drift 6 days ago
Bro here in WA state eeevveryone wears masks and we just went to phase 3 last week. I do deliveries to Montana and through Idaho and everyone wears masks there too. Some ppl even wear em in their car by themselves lmao.
Aymack 6 days ago
Does anyone know what race Chris' girl is? I have a feeling she's Asian but he never talks about it so idk /:
TheEngineeredSkill 5566
Theo could make millions doing commercials
The Hidden Hand
The Hidden Hand 7 days ago
Brendan the type of guy that got knocked out so many times he thinks he's funny.
Cedric Dufour
Cedric Dufour 7 days ago
Feelings dont get hurt .... Thats' why Shaub does not read comments apparently.
Vis Chetty
Vis Chetty 7 days ago
Theo in LIGHTS booooy!!
Randy Ross
Randy Ross 7 days ago
Them all talking about that white guy with the deep voice had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joachim Hackshaw
Joachim Hackshaw 7 days ago
As someone from outside of the US, it is wild seeing people call the Democrats extreme left. Sure, 5% of their voters are on the extreme left, but as a party, half their policies are the same as the centre-right party in my country. (We have four main parties, a left, right and two that are in the middle but lean slightly left or right, these two get most of the votes)
Joachim Hackshaw
Joachim Hackshaw 6 days ago
@Pedro Miguel Sure, they do a great job of influencing the opinion of 5-15% of democrat voters, and 50% of people on Twitter, but what tangible effect have they had on actual policy?
Pedro Miguel
Pedro Miguel 6 days ago
When you listen to AOC and the rest of the squad which now controls her party you understand they are extreme left! And that is why the US is leading this BS "woke" and "cancel cullture" movement!
Ashley S
Ashley S 7 days ago
Holy Fortune Fiemster got ripped!
Sara Adair
Sara Adair 7 days ago
Chrissy D !!! Yasssss baby 💯🌈
Christopher Smith
Before and laughter
tu43 7 days ago
Hey guys did I ever tell you that my wife is Peurto Rican?
NT 7 days ago
You, me and cte
PowerToThePapol 7 days ago
Theo coming out swinging damn
AaronWentzel 7 days ago
Need to know what sunglasses Theo is wearing
Isaac Laflam
Isaac Laflam 7 days ago
I'll put in a pound my hound and it's just gonna be a pic of my downstairs.
Brando Boyer
Brando Boyer 7 days ago
I just don't like him
Randy Ross
Randy Ross 7 days ago
Theo is back babbbyyyy 😂 GANG 💥
Alex Downard
Alex Downard 7 days ago
Rappaport is the wildest dude in comedy. Sued a guy because he made a shirt to make fun of him and then made his lawyer look like the dumbest dude on the planet.
Hammertimez 7 days ago
Umm why wouldn't Chris dye his hair blue?? Seriously why not?
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 7 days ago
26:41 Theos face reminded me of Jack Nicholson in anger management
one4fifth 7 days ago
I think Schaub needs to get knocked around a few more thousand times 😭😭😭
Dane Boland
Dane Boland 7 days ago
I understand there are a lot of Brendan haters but he makes me laugh and Theo makes me laugh. Without them this podcast would be shittier. So maybe throw that thiccc boi a bone dude. He’s genuinely funny.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 7 days ago
Brendan is such a phony. He said Jim Norton is his favorite and that he loved listening to Patrice on O and A. Bull$h!t!!!! Brendan is the king of following a trend.
Jarrett Thomas
Jarrett Thomas 7 days ago
Man Theo really makes me laugh so much he’s so quick witted and too unique I’m gonna see him live when he comes back to Houston
Arron Bertuleit
Arron Bertuleit 7 days ago
they tell you when you get your bike licence 99% of riders end up in a wreck. "do you have your bike licence" "no" 🤔🤔
George Negron
George Negron 7 days ago
When they started roasting ppl towards the end had me crying 🤣🤣🤣
George Negron
George Negron 7 days ago
When they started roasting ppl towards the end had me crying 🤣🤣🤣
Jose Renteria
Jose Renteria 7 days ago
Hope the fucker catches it and sees the light. Just not go all the way.
D. Williams
D. Williams 7 days ago
Theo got some fuckin' pipes yo
whipper snapper
whipper snapper 7 days ago
Right before Chrissy Politics awakens from his slumber, the earth shakes in anticipation
Rollin UpInYah
Rollin UpInYah 7 days ago
Whoa the motorcycle hate is real. Check out MotoJitsu US-first Channel to learn how to stay alive. Wear some loud high visibility colors, get a loud pipe, and train MotoJitsu skills. Bikes require self control and training. Full armored gear helps you with the fear element so you can focus on saving your life when you need to.
PriceLife 7 days ago
Theo back on them cigs, whippin out a lighter like that
Nemo Nemo
Nemo Nemo Day ago
He's the kind of guy that's got fire in his pocket at all times
NERDPUNK 7 days ago
Bro Chris D is like the podcast std
Jesse Bakewell
Jesse Bakewell 8 days ago
1:04:40 onwards is what I return every day for
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker 8 days ago
Chris should replace Brendan
Space Age Shakespeare
Lol wtf Brendan Schaubs favorite game as a kid was Oddworld: Abes Oddysee? 😂 Hell yeah dude, that's weird as fuck but hell yeah.
Fabian Gomez
Fabian Gomez 8 days ago
Chrissy D will 100% be Theos replacement, once this partnership is over. It’s coming quick.
J W 21 hour ago
I'll never watch this show without Theo. He is the show.
Desert Gaming
Desert Gaming 8 days ago
Tha death jokes are coo lik once , Maybeee twice , Idk tho I feel lik bro sneak dissing on Theo “ too many shots fired ina short period kinda vibes ; either way Theo a legend! #facts Nd legends never die!!! Nd this vid was dope Brendan Nd Theo !! Love too see both of yu guys making content !!!!
Kayden Stalder
Kayden Stalder 8 days ago
O yea uhh!!?
Jonny B
Jonny B 8 days ago
I’m super stoked you guys have the balls to call out politicians, stuff isn’t even right in the DC world, something is definitely up, also mad respect for governor Jim Justice here in West Virginia, he made a state law that precedes the federal government and the federal government can’t take any of our guns away, I guarantee here in WV you won’t ever here of a mass shooting, too many of us conceal carry...
spoonracer 8 days ago
stop calling men "dime pieces" Brenda
RJ Kelley
RJ Kelley 8 days ago
This is one of the best episodes for sure. Y’all are amazing.
Jeremy Jakobsen
Jeremy Jakobsen 8 days ago
I'm around minority's all the time. You mean chapelle and malik? Jesus man yeah you are deep in the hood 🤣 stfu man.
Sam Clark
Sam Clark 8 days ago
ya boy chris is looking slim baby