Boy Gets Taught A Valuable Lesson #Shorts 

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Boy Gets Taught A Valuable Lesson
Inspired by Google, but changed to work in a video format :)

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Apr 29, 2021




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Riley brouwer
Riley brouwer 16 hours ago
He's Canadian just like me 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Hanna rizgar
Hanna rizgar 20 hours ago
Liam Haines
Liam Haines Day ago
He’s saying that they are worth the same on the black market
Milkyyowit Day ago
What a shallow bully
Skypiean Prince
If only people actually thought like this 🙂
Nat Valencia
Nat Valencia Day ago
so inspiring so manly
Atticus Cox
Atticus Cox Day ago
John Lamipeti
Yo this guy has new Zealand money
Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson 2 days ago
Such a cool person bro
ItzFlowieHere_ 2 days ago
*The real question is why does he keep a twenty dollar bill coveted in dirt?*
ツRR_KoOLAiDz 2 days ago
Just a little
shouto todoroki
shouto todoroki 2 days ago
I would have said well look at you only a mothers love
Corine Colyer
Corine Colyer 2 days ago
That bully even though it’s yourself just because your girlfriends I am Gallagh doesn’t mean you have a opinion that’s their opinion I don’t care if they say my girlfriend or boyfriend is ugly it’s their opinion keep yens to yourself
Mcswagyy 2 days ago
What song is this?
Cønnør 死
Cønnør 死 2 days ago
Let’s be honest if this were real life, the bully would probably just get punched directly in the face
Mael Santillan
Mael Santillan 2 days ago
Job Fernandez
Job Fernandez 3 days ago
5 seconds in you probably would've get punched by the bully
Fruit Punch
Fruit Punch 3 days ago
I love this. My boyfriend isn't exactly a looker but he's such a sweetheart. I'm sending this to him :D
Amina Besic
Amina Besic Day ago
Please don't do that
Alexe Fontaine
Alexe Fontaine 3 days ago
Mason Daniels
Mason Daniels 3 days ago
CsoCool259 3 days ago
Yes they are all worth the same no matter if you are using bitcoin or cash
Katie Helms
Katie Helms 3 days ago
I love how he just accepts that his gf is ugly
cutekawiigirl _123
Arookei 3 days ago
Wait that's actually good
izzac 3 days ago
So she is the value of a 20 not like a 10000
Misty Miller
Misty Miller 3 days ago
So true
Yourlocalgaysimp 3 days ago
“Your girl friend is soo ugly” Me”at least I have one 😎” or I would just start yelling at them
Invisible girl
Invisible girl 3 days ago
No, Bully's do take advice Bully: OH ok and
Ausan 3 days ago
Whatever man i still prefer the better looking 20
AR Studios
AR Studios 3 days ago
You live in Canada I do too!
You like Jazz?
You like Jazz? 3 days ago
How tf are people still learning this. I grew up this way. Still no gf but tbh not really looking either
Jed Farley
Jed Farley 3 days ago
Irl they'd just wouldn't care
Fire blazer
Fire blazer 3 days ago
And if that does not way say "well at least I have a girlfriend"
Zoe Cull
Zoe Cull 3 days ago
He got it
4R3S G4M1NG 3 days ago
Dang it I don't like most of your videos but this one is good. Congrats.
Central cee Wife
Central cee Wife 3 days ago
so he isn’t gonna do something about this guy calling his girl ugly tf is society
Soumita Menon
Soumita Menon 3 days ago
Lol a life lesson
amandeep taneja
amandeep taneja 3 days ago
Everyone is beautiful
amandeep taneja
amandeep taneja 3 days ago
She not uhly
itsmarkus28 3 days ago
Hey Dhar Mann. Yeesiioss
J D 3 days ago
So you just compared your girl to a ugly dollar bill...
Gnei aysha Amith
Gnei aysha Amith 3 days ago
That's true
Elias Gunn
Elias Gunn 3 days ago
* then the Bully proceeds to beat the kid up *
Shreeyaa Pal
Shreeyaa Pal 3 days ago
I needed this lol.. *cries alone in the corner*
So he basically agreed that his gf is ugly 😅😂
DOPE savag3
DOPE savag3 3 days ago
This is the type of guy who says to the waiter the water has no flavour
zalfewtie 3 days ago
HyperUniCat Ss
HyperUniCat Ss 3 days ago
Guy: *makes skits and some slightly valuables life lessons* Girl on tik tok: *calls black school mate her slave and posts it on tik tok* Everyone: BOO THIS GUY STINKS.
Armin Theron
Armin Theron 3 days ago
Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!!❤️
MegaNationalist 3 days ago
Luke forgot to do the scary clown face this time.
kinoro's Horrors
kinoro's Horrors 3 days ago
R Knapp
R Knapp 3 days ago
Ye but, a 20 dollar bill has definite value, and the girl friend's worth still has other factors(kindness, pride, relienece, loyalty etc.) And the bully (who isn't bullying but asking a legit question, a shallow question but a question non the less) is just pointing out one factor
vortex lol
vortex lol 3 days ago
pixel_lotus 3 days ago
This is very true
jamm meister
jamm meister 3 days ago
Truth organs prices don't doesn't necessarily depend on the person's looks
Kailey Hwang
Kailey Hwang 3 days ago
New dhar man
Alexandra Sheidy
Alexandra Sheidy 3 days ago
I love this video
Paris and starie
Paris and starie 3 days ago
Im pretty sire they would say thats somthimg a merd would say b7t yeah thats right
MarcoEnricoTM • 79 years with
Behind the cam you dont want inlove to ugly person infact you ashamed on it. However thanks for hyping up of ugly person who can watch this.
Blxssom_ YT
Blxssom_ YT 3 days ago
Expectatio: Reality: *Whatever loser*
Jasiek Krzemiński
I was thinking that he will say something about Billy being ugly and his mother loving him in a offensive joke style
mineman420 3 days ago
But with people I can only trade the black ones for goods or services
Rukhsana Hamid
Rukhsana Hamid 3 days ago
Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice 3 days ago
This made me cry man holy s**t
fake gamer
fake gamer 3 days ago
Good Explaination
Sauce Boss442
Sauce Boss442 3 days ago
"Your Girlfriend is so ugly!" "So.."
yuki ket
yuki ket 3 days ago
白色碎影 3 days ago
I thought he would say " At least I have one "
Bryan Jonathan
Bryan Jonathan 3 days ago
Teaching a bully the legit lesson
GeiZenix 3 days ago
VelvetTV 3 days ago
😲 Oh god it's my worst enemy - common knowledge!
DJ. Wolf
DJ. Wolf 3 days ago
Omfg 🙀 he actually didn’t end the video with the evil grin
Alx_Tox 3 days ago
You are the kind of kid that reads a fact online and then laugh at people who didnt know it Just so you can forget it 5 mins later
Harry Potter edits
So true 👍👍
Autumn Starnes
Autumn Starnes 3 days ago
The girlfriend watching: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 THATS MY BABY!!!!!
Guess My Name
Guess My Name 3 days ago
Everyone looks the same in the dark
I am lazy Af
I am lazy Af 3 days ago
He basically just called his girlfriend ugly lmao
Alexandru Isuf
Alexandru Isuf 3 days ago
The bully be like "Understandable have a nice day"
88 Siro
88 Siro 3 days ago
But if you could choose beautiful 20 backs or ugly 20 backs....
MR Murphy
MR Murphy 3 days ago
Unrealistic:the bully would beat him up. Talki- not talking from personal exp
bruh 3 days ago
damn my man really just agreed that his girl is ugly, no defense what so ever
Lin 06
Lin 06 3 days ago
Irl, the bully is like "lmao idc she's ugly dude lol"
Arze Levi
Arze Levi 3 days ago
"Why is your girlfriend so ugly" :🤜🧒
Jaylyn Concepcion
He got my heart in tears because some people dont care about the true life just looks 😭👏
Alt_for _olando0
Alt_for _olando0 3 days ago
Life is a game if u got good stats you can move up in life if u have terrible stats u will stay where u are and have to lv up to get higher in life and if ur lazy u will never be able to get to a higher point in life
Bradley Lumsden
Bradley Lumsden 3 days ago
is that a new zealand note
Nils Morten Falstad
Thats soooo trueeee
Fan Person
Fan Person 3 days ago
Khonsen Grey
Khonsen Grey 3 days ago
Actual bully response to that: *beats him up*
footboi YT
footboi YT 3 days ago
Dont judge book by its cover
Harold 4 days ago
Dude agreed that his girlfriend is ugly
꧁ᒍOՏᕼ ꧂
꧁ᒍOՏᕼ ꧂ 4 days ago
Kuhoo Garg
Kuhoo Garg 4 days ago
Aww that's a very meaningful message!
Shr1mpie 4 days ago
Beena Pradeep
Beena Pradeep 4 days ago
Man why are your reactions so fake?
angelo Matisko
angelo Matisko 4 days ago
In less your a guy