⚡️Bosch kickback control in action😎👍 Cool Tools in action! 

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BUY Bosch GSR18V-755CN: amzn.to/398X2DC
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Mar 25, 2021




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Kripto 7 hours ago
The 18v-110c is a beast... I mean it even sounds better than a tesla I'm my opinion 😂
Braeden71601 Jk
Braeden71601 Jk 11 hours ago
Milwaukee is still better
AllSummerLong 123
Why didn’t he just hold the trigger with his finger
Paul 2 days ago
Was the zip tie necessary for this demonstration? I feel like pulling the trigger down with your finger would have been sufficient.
Mürsel Semih ADA
What is that I dont understand
Weld Chip
Weld Chip 4 days ago
Or you just set the clutch off of drill mode and leave it on the highest screwdriver torq setting when you have a big holesaw in the chuck.
Pat Maloney
Pat Maloney 4 days ago
Torqued my wrist hella bad the other day trying to drill a hole in ply between rebar. Stupid Milwaukee
Lazăr Claudiu
Lazăr Claudiu 4 days ago
very nice 👍😉
Petar Dimitrov
Petar Dimitrov 4 days ago
Wie bei alle anderen🤷‍♂️
Jose Abarca
Jose Abarca 5 days ago
I remember watching a video of a youtuber designing kickback protection and then never posting a video on it. Now I know who bought his designs
GeekOn 5 hours ago
or he got a cease and desist from a big company lmao jk btw dont be mean :(
Andreas karlsson
Andreas karlsson 2 days ago
yeah but at least it's useful
Gordon Bombay
Gordon Bombay 5 days ago
But then you remember it's a bosch
Covid 19
Covid 19 6 days ago
Cool but still underperforming company
Snoopy 457
Snoopy 457 6 days ago
Everyone gangsta till you have a bone sticking out of your wrist
gibbeh 7 days ago
Either let it break your wrist or shred the gearbox not kickback bullshit
Владимир Искрич
А зачем тряхнул его ? В чем фишка ?!
Владимир Искрич
@Дука Хахалев Так после нажатия на кнопку патрон не вращался ! ☝️ Вращение началось после встряски ! Значит не останавливает , а запускает вращение ! Но тогда где показ остановки вращения таким же встряхиванием ?! 😏
Дука Хахалев
Скорей всего чтоб руку не вывернуло блокировка срабатывает .мол ты сверлишь и сверло у тебя закусило в металл или что либо другое .кисть спасает
Adrian Fuentes
Adrian Fuentes 9 days ago
Sonic vibrator Pleasure percentage:100%
king grund
king grund 10 days ago
Abraham Paniagua
Abraham Paniagua 11 days ago
Wao q inteligente
Deegan 777
Deegan 777 11 days ago
Save yourself a broken wrist, very smart 👍
Deegan 777
Deegan 777 9 days ago
But I also thought about the fact that you still need to drive the darn thing in. I guess that's what a 20lb sledge is for😉
George Habeeb
George Habeeb 11 days ago
Cute, a drill for the more feminine construction worker...comes with a tampon holder😅🤦‍♂️
Branden 12 days ago
What the hell
NENG Neng 12 days ago
เป็นระบบ เซฟตี้ ครับ
Ty Scott
Ty Scott 12 days ago
Boy would that have came in handy about 2 weeks ago when I was trying to use a hole cutter with my drill and it decided to grab onto the wood and break my wrist
Dantastic 13 days ago
Just use an impact driver
Whitecross Courier
Whitecross Courier 13 days ago
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Basik Vids
Basik Vids 13 days ago
Why is it binding in the first place? I've never had this happen
Barbatio 10 days ago
Try a real large paddle bit through wood
pmakfpt 11 days ago
It happens going through thick enough steel
Jairo Luis Rodriguez
esmeralda vega
esmeralda vega 14 days ago
I still don’t get it. Can someone explain it to me
Lance Gleco
Lance Gleco 14 days ago
It snaps the wrist first..That's not a good odd. If you advertise it's safe, then make it safe??? There is toooooo much play before the drill shuts off!! Look at how far his wrist turned before the drill turns off... There are to many options out there today with CLUTCH OPTIONS ON THEM, TO SLIP PAST THE TORQUE THAT BREAKS BONES !!!
Pieter Venter
Pieter Venter 14 days ago
Hilti had this feature like forever ago.
Jared Cavy
Jared Cavy 13 days ago
No1 giving you that credit
Vihree Linja
Vihree Linja 14 days ago
Brandon Atkins
Brandon Atkins 15 days ago
Can I get it as a pair with the impact
Dillon Jackson
Dillon Jackson 15 days ago
Not when you have to use a 2 speed drill to auger a 5/8 hole in power poles.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 16 days ago
Чё там шероскоп встроен?
Jonathon Harlan
Jonathon Harlan 16 days ago
I use an impact to drill.... I like it 😍😍😍
Bastion Only
Bastion Only 16 days ago
Perfect for Californians
aola wili
aola wili 16 days ago
Чё там шероскоп встроен?
Leland Holton
Leland Holton 16 days ago
This is to help Harry homeowners not fall off their roof when they are driving lag bolts to hold up a bird feeder.
Carkin Day ago
@Kaka Pepe he is. How can someone complain about safety features.
Chance Kiel Mendoza
is Harry the male equivalent of a Karen?
Kaka Pepe
Kaka Pepe 15 days ago
Are you trying to gatekeep drills Leland? Lol
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 16 days ago
they're definitely not on the top of the list
Eric Purdue
Eric Purdue 16 days ago
And it will fit in your purse🤣🤣🤣
Preston Steele
Preston Steele 16 days ago
At least some of Milwaukee's drills have this exact feature.
aola wili
aola wili 16 days ago
Don't go shooting any guns there mister.
niko Komsomolsk
niko Komsomolsk 16 days ago
Самое смешное что когда прадавцам обясняеш что есть такой датчик в шурупаверт каторый берегет тебе кисть от выварачивания, то они на тебя смотрят как на дебила и не верят.
niko Komsomolsk
niko Komsomolsk 16 days ago
Хороший и мощный шурупаверт 4 года пользуюсь красата но надо патрон менять сверла плоха стал держать.
Caden Riley
Caden Riley 16 days ago
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 16 days ago
Insulso ese manejo
ふにゃ太郎 16 days ago
Gage Capps
Gage Capps 17 days ago
Kinda late tbh
Ian Abu Bakar
Ian Abu Bakar 17 days ago
Is it safe ?
Standing Bear
Standing Bear 17 days ago
for those with incredibly weak wrists and elbows
Ian Christainson
Ian Christainson 17 days ago
You proved to me that if I get shook it will turn off. How about you take a dull drill bit that is way too big for that drill like a 2 in paddle dull it to all hell and see if it breaks your wrist or not that would be proof. And if that's the function you're showing all drills have that if you pay over $100 for it pretty sure even Ryobi has that as a stock feature now.
Excel Detail
Excel Detail 17 days ago
Yeah I just my hand like that once... fking sucks.
I reckon I can build that
But it still has to wring your wrist before it switches off???
Katsudon Vince
Katsudon Vince 17 days ago
Why would you put a ty wrap on the drill? Purpose?
Jared Pinkard
Jared Pinkard 17 days ago
No real tradesman needs this feature but then again no real tradesman is going to purchase a Bosch drill they do make some quality things but when I think of quality drills they're definitely not on the top of the list
Kaka Pepe
Kaka Pepe 15 days ago
You are actually attempting to gatekeep drills....
Badger Vic Funk
Badger Vic Funk 17 days ago
5 years and 2 wrist surgeries too late for me😆
Икболжон Азимов
Qo‘tog‘ni xam tushunmadim nima qildi bu o‘zi
xxskitsxx15 17 days ago
Don't go shooting any guns there mister.
Ricki Odonovan
Ricki Odonovan 17 days ago
hilti have done this for a while
Philippe Soares
Philippe Soares 17 days ago
Yup could have helped me avoid two weeks of "vacation" a few years ago :)
audy surya
audy surya 14 days ago
@Hunter Mcmurray ah got it hole saw,its pretty dangerous esp with hi speed drilling 🙄
Hunter Mcmurray
Hunter Mcmurray 14 days ago
@audy surya sometimes when you are drilling a hole, especially with a hole saw it can catch and really torque
audy surya
audy surya 16 days ago
Why not using impact screwdiver instead Bud?
mrmechriv 17 days ago
D S 17 days ago
I used to wonder why mine did this until I used an old sds haha
Timochat 2 days ago
Is your wrist still in one piece ?
shaun huckabee
shaun huckabee 17 days ago
I have an old school Bosch hammer drill and it drills through ANYTHING! Only problem is if it binds and you accidentally hit the trigger lock, OOOOOOH NOOOOOOO! I need to buy a newer model like this one!
NIA-Bot니아봇 17 days ago
you broke the machine
IsThatASupra? 17 days ago
Lol someone's gonna have a bad day when they try to drill start there mower with that
Tim Cordes
Tim Cordes 17 days ago
For this reason I usually use the torque limiter thing but this is way nicer! Although I can't really talk from experience since I don't really drill large, deep holes that often but the torque limiter works fine for small drills to prevent them from snapping!
Front Line finish carpentry
I own the 18v brushless brute tough version of this. Highly capable and very smooth running drill. Bosch wins again!
Bassturd 18 days ago
This was made for weaklings with little limp wrists.
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard 18 days ago
Unpopular opinion: I want that wrist breaking torque so I don’t have to lug around a hole hog.
Ironic Bobcat
Ironic Bobcat 6 days ago
It still has it. It's just for the wrist breaking jerkd
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 18 days ago
Never had this problem. If I am using large bits, I use a real drill.
Evan Hartmann
Evan Hartmann 19 days ago
I find it really annoying and funny every time a new safety feature is added it’s then not manly or only for weak people. For example power steering when it was released so many people said it was stupid and only for weak people and weren’t real men if you had it. Or umbrellas which were seen as only for woman so men would just get wet.
forest gump
forest gump 19 days ago
Charlie 19 days ago
The cable tie was a bit extreme 😂
Eric Porter
Eric Porter 17 days ago
@BarneyGumble but here they are making the comments anyway
BarneyGumble 18 days ago
It was just to show that he wasn't holding and letting off the trigger, and that it actually cut itself out. He wasn't being extra, just preemptively dealing with comments some people would make otherwise
damon2772nomad 19 days ago
! HOLY TITTY SHITS! Where was this when I discovered that I am not tougher than my drill with one arm?! I felt like I broke my damn wrist hitting a knot white drilling 3 inch holes.
Alan Xu
Alan Xu 19 days ago
Tech does help, but brain is the best tool
Kibae 20 days ago
Bosch drills - taking the flick outta the wrist since 2020
Digdug Donkey
Digdug Donkey 10 days ago
lol blyat this channel
This is art sir
DAZZLER DAZ 20 days ago
Rick 20 days ago
If you aren't strong enough to not break ur wrist on a drill don't do construction
Rick 10 days ago
@Zul Azlan whatever dude plot twist there is no feature that little 20v battery just died after 15 seconds of drilling. Dude I've literally never seen anyone in my whole life drop a drill cause it kicks a little bit u gotta be kidding me man if ur not strong enough I have a trick I tell my little guys. TAKE UR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER WHEN IT KICKS
Zul Azlan
Zul Azlan 10 days ago
@Rick I have heard a story from my ex-coworker about a poor construction worker with a tough physique that was diagnosed as brain-dead few days after falling from the ladder whilst doing rooftop installtion, head hit the ground first. And not all construction workers have muscular bodies or being a gym/sports freak; most workers that I know have either small or medium physique. And power tools are not cheap either; once it falls to thd ground after being thrown away from its owner due to kickback reaction (I have seen that) then that's it. Gone forever and probably you'll have to replace it with the new ones. So again thank you bosch for coming with this feature
Rick 11 days ago
Oh im on a roll and if you don't use shitty tools they won't kick u get what u pay for.
Rick 11 days ago
Oh and 3rd most people commenting on here saying oh man thanks so much this is so cool, are people that don't work in construction. 4th, any drill strong enough to crank my wrist or anyone else's (most on my crew are strong guys we do concrete) has a handle on the side of it too just for that so as long as ur holding with 2 hands but that's with a 60-80v drilling into concrete
Rick 11 days ago
@Zul Azlan first of all, yeah, that's the whole reason I can control it is through years of long hard work, second I literally don't see that ziptie or whatever he's doing do anything it still turns 120 degrees enough to crank ur wrist lmao
That Boss
That Boss 20 days ago
I from texas the land of the big and thick would never need this on a normal drill
That Boss
That Boss 11 days ago
@Kaka Pepe try a gym dont be mad at me the grip resistance is cheap get your broke ass 1 build up that confidence you might be able to tell someone shut up in person instead of online no need to be offended just because you are tiny petite girls like a petite guy sometimes take that energy to them little guy
Kaka Pepe
Kaka Pepe 15 days ago
@That Boss shut up
That Boss
That Boss 18 days ago
@Jake Mangiola its good for tiny wrist people that dont use their whole body at one point i worked out my forearms built up grip strength and wrist muscles
Jake Mangiola
Jake Mangiola 20 days ago
What u mean
pasha houston
pasha houston 20 days ago
Bosch is garbage.
WhyIsRumGone 20 days ago
Hilti had this for ages
Reynier R.A
Reynier R.A 20 days ago
I can hold my dewalt 230v drill steady drilling tru 12mm stainless steel. Even when it blocks. You have to be a man for that 🤣🤣🙈🙈
Zul Azlan
Zul Azlan 12 days ago
Most of binding occur when drilling hard wood or when drilling through concrete (and the drill bit getting stuck to the rebar). Bosch probably consulted with the trades association within Germany before coming with this feature
Luka Skywalker
Luka Skywalker 17 days ago
@Echo they def do tho
Echo 18 days ago
Or dewalt can’t put out any torque lol
David Gillard
David Gillard 20 days ago
So you added a level clutch. And added 100 more $ to the price tag. If you can't handle a little drill torque . Don't be a construction worker
Борис Борщ
Датчик на выкручивание руки? Нормально, че.
Jon Amaral
Jon Amaral 20 days ago
Mr Hoax
Mr Hoax 20 days ago
Erebos 20 days ago
nice bosch!
Scott Paterson
Scott Paterson 20 days ago
For girls with no wrist muscles and that would be the worst in the work place
Stefano D
Stefano D 20 days ago
cordless drills nowaday are very powerful, i have the most powerful drill that you could buy in 2006, its not a problem when drilling because its very weak now in comparison, but then i thought it was amazing. its a problem now, i think there is no use to buy a corded drill at this time, and this feature is extremely useful when you dirll or screw at max power up in a ladder, if you arent cofident it could deastroy a wrist
Stefano D
Stefano D 17 days ago
@Ryan yes i was referring to drills 300-500 bucks. i think corded drills are useless because for me are useless. i oftenly weld and cut steel, good cordless drill are amazing. and i oftenly install external recording systems, cordless are invincible, i can drill thousands of 6-8mm holes in concrete with a single charge, and i can work on the ladder without cables. when working in wood, unless im working with 70cm long bits, corded are useless for me, spending money in a good a light corde hammer drill is indeed a good option, like when i have to drill through a concrete wall to install an air conditioner, there are tons of tools for any range of workers, a corded drills are for beginners cause are cheap, but some high end drills are expensive, but i can agree that for some type of work are worth buying, everything you said is correct,but i need other tools than you. its amazing isnt it? there is a lot of choice out there :)
Ryan 17 days ago
@Stefano D most cordless are have a hammer drill setting anyways. I'm just saying that a cordless drill is not a great option for most stuff that requires a lot of drilling. Like building a raised garden on a hills with stacked 4x4s or 6x6s your going to have to drill a ton of holes a few feet through wood for rebar or what ever your using for support. You can definitely drill a few holes using a cordless but you will run out of batteries well before the jobs done unless you spent 300-500 on batteries (some people do) I'm just saying corded drills will always have a place because they are stronger and more reliable than a cordless.
Stefano D
Stefano D 17 days ago
@Ryan if i need heavy duty i dont buy a corded drill, i buy a hammer drill
Ryan 17 days ago
Corded drills will always have more power. I have the newest cordless drills because of their convenience but when you need real consistent torque for long periods corded is king. Unless you have a shit ton of lithium batteries laying around...
SAR Dawg
SAR Dawg 20 days ago
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 20 days ago
James Edward
James Edward 21 day ago
It looks like it would have stopped after you already broke your wrist if it wasn’t a forced demonstration lol
Andrew 21 day ago
Kickback made men men. Don’t millennial our tools. You have a hammer that doesn’t hit your finger or a tape measure that isn’t off by a 1/16th? Get out of here.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 20 days ago
Now thats a meet feature
Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy 21 day ago
I have no idea what it just did but cool
Phill, just Phill
Phill, just Phill 17 days ago
it stopped drilling, if it didn't it would spin your wrist and that's not fun
mractive382 21 day ago
Y eso que
Runaway Jim
Runaway Jim 21 day ago
Why can’t you squeeze the trigger with your finger? 😂 zip tie
Griffin Philemon
Griffin Philemon 21 day ago
To show he didn't let go of the trigger.
Jason Judson
Jason Judson 21 day ago
Best battery drill I own. Never twist a wrist. Bosch makes great tools.
MckJimmy 21 day ago
Kick back control. That’s fantastic. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Controlled fuckall really Is that what the cable tie was for. So you didn’t drop it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Again as pointless as the clip. Fucking kick back control 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣WTActualF
bikramjit singh
bikramjit singh 21 day ago
Broken wrist right there
Daniel Post
Daniel Post 21 day ago
Atvsrawsome 21 day ago
I would simply not have weak wrists....
Jason Hull
Jason Hull 2 days ago
You also can get your teeth knocked out. Yes it has happened.
Antony Lopez
Antony Lopez 18 days ago
@Atvsrawsome a little boys wrist yea.
Atvsrawsome 18 days ago
@Perrine Kld I was joking, I know they have a ton of power and can hurt your wrists.
Perrine Kld
Perrine Kld 19 days ago
Than try to drill on a ladder with extended arm and fancy wrist position