Bol Bol Shocking Giant Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids In Nuggets Debut! 

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Bol Bol Shocking Giant Makes NBA Players Look Like Kids In Nuggets Debut! Nuggets vs Wizards July 22, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 23, 2020




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Comments 100   
Sam Mayen
Sam Mayen Month ago
May almighty God help and protect you in all your career, you're our pride, love & support from your mother land🇸🇸
KJ 55
KJ 55 Month ago
NBA be tweekin on Bol Bol
Jaonboy 3 months ago
" levron has to retire right now" Bru i was crying of laughter 😭
Haku z
Haku z 4 months ago
Imagine him mastering Skyhook and deep threes bullying players everywhere
Tiger Zhong
Tiger Zhong 5 months ago
0:34 OMG, look at that, alien spotted
Brillantes 5 months ago
im so proud of bol bol proving himself
HowardoesGaming 5 months ago
my country bolbol is pubic hair
OKA 5 months ago
He's going to be an ENIGMA in the NBA- Tall players like that aren't supposed to be that fast, handle ball like he does and be energetic like him. He'll be a problem for sure!!
Jsasi Complex
Jsasi Complex 5 months ago
KD in a new Level game
Jsasi Complex
Jsasi Complex 5 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Im sure he is gonna prove the NBA wrong once he gets full minutes per match.Are kidding me 😳
Efraim La Madrid
Efraim La Madrid 5 months ago
bulbol next kevin durant
Tropics Hockey
Tropics Hockey 5 months ago
you think KD is hard to guard good luck if this kid develops and stays healthy... being well over 7ft and hes not just hitting catch & shoot 3s but pull ups? Goodluck with that lol
William Gatchalian
William Gatchalian 5 months ago
im so excited this game Nuggets vs Heat,thats why revenge day for Bol Bol on why he traded him if this young guy always in the gold health,he was difficult to was attempting scores in the paint
Cyclone Gamer
Cyclone Gamer 5 months ago
I bet all the teams are so mad at themselves for not selecting a man like Bol Bol
Ronald Rabanes
Ronald Rabanes 5 months ago
bol bol the son of manute bol the sons of Wakanda!
Ruben Correia
Ruben Correia 5 months ago
This nigga funny asf😂😂
vi3tbwoi 5 months ago
Lookin like slender man LOL 🤣🤣
Popeye Sailor
Popeye Sailor 5 months ago
C'mon bol bol you gotta relax, you're making your father too proud.
Ed Smart
Ed Smart 5 months ago
Lmaooooo...the commentator though lol ....best foreigner to do it. He need espn love
Ronaldo 47
Ronaldo 47 5 months ago
Bol is LOCKED in. He’s real dangerous
Hustle RELL
Hustle RELL 5 months ago
Yo Bol is the real deal Holyfield!
Kingsley Boerz
Kingsley Boerz 5 months ago
He is looking like a faster Tacko Fall... Bruh. 🤣🤣🤣
Miso Aiki
Miso Aiki 5 months ago
Alien vs predator 😂😂
Hop Along Johnny
Hop Along Johnny 5 months ago
Maybe it was the “BLM” tee shirt....Bacon, lettuce and Mayo!
Jeen Levingston
Jeen Levingston 5 months ago
Out here looking like every position lmao a center playing a guard lmao im dead
Jesus Esquivel
Jesus Esquivel 5 months ago
He dribble with the ball 50 ft away sent me my guy dropped to many jokes this vid I’m dead 😂
Scout Runner
Scout Runner 5 months ago
"You can't even create this character on 2k"
New Adventures
New Adventures 5 months ago
Bol bol way better first round pick then zion
Derrick Bruce
Derrick Bruce 5 months ago
This guy thinks he is the Morgan Freeman of sports clips 🤣😂
Myteemouse 5 months ago
I hope all who passed on him enjoys watching him getting better and better
Mark Kaminsky
Mark Kaminsky 5 months ago
Enjoyed this video, thanks for posting
l l
l l 5 months ago
He can be the next will 😂😂😂 Ik he glitches on 2k
So Groovy
So Groovy 5 months ago
Bol Boo is like what Tako Fall should've been
itsampofcourse 5 months ago
I missed this dude.... he is hilarious.
Kanard Williams
Kanard Williams 5 months ago
"Bol Bol gotta relax"!🤣🤣
Mark Kaminsky
Mark Kaminsky 5 months ago
Raniel Brown
Raniel Brown 5 months ago
Slenderman with the trigger!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Cabalde
Joshua Cabalde 5 months ago
Lol i was really laughing when he said the ball was like 50 feet away
Samiel Lee Pascua
Samiel Lee Pascua 5 months ago
Legit wanna see bol bol and taco 1v1
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 5 months ago
Bolbol amputa HAHAHAHA Pinoy lng mkaintindi
Stefen Kerry
Stefen Kerry 5 months ago
Ur voiceeee
Clutch Da Goat
Clutch Da Goat 5 months ago
Bol bol’s 2K build is literally the demigod glitch max height, max wingspan, and can playmake, shoot, finish, and defend the cup
S S 5 months ago
Look at his knees if he does this game every game.. His career will be short.
Youtube Khazy
Youtube Khazy 5 months ago
John D'Plumber
John D'Plumber 5 months ago
ANTWARCUSTOMS 5 months ago
Bro please just shut up ....u be Killin me wit the lame ass jokes talking over the highlights
Beep Bop
Beep Bop 5 months ago
“They been patched it” 😂😂😂
ISOxWaterIvy 5 months ago
Bol bol is a demi god glitch
Aljun Reyes
Aljun Reyes 5 months ago
can't stop laughing through out the video 😂😂
Humble Disciples
Humble Disciples 5 months ago
You sound like you got a major man crush on this clown. Come out of the closet already. Maybe then you can perfect adequate English skills. - to the idol worshipping narrator Habib or whoever.
Will Harvey
Will Harvey 5 months ago
“He took off from full court!!!”😂😂😂💀
Pedro Cano
Pedro Cano 5 months ago
If he has the right mentality he can be one of the greatest been watching him since high school he has raw talent but is the mind set that be crumbling sometimes
ali Skits
ali Skits 5 months ago
He da next Kevin Durant
R N 5 months ago
🤣 can’t even think from laughing so hard. Oh this is embarrassing. Just be careful though for the dirty players that might try to hurt you. You’re bloody long so don’t fall hazardously. You need to double up on leg strength please. Otherwise 🤣 keep making them look silly 🤣
Groovy_yt 6 months ago
Yea I fw the rest but you fucked up at 1:58
jonathon blackmon
jonathon blackmon 6 months ago
Making his daddy proud
jonathon blackmon
jonathon blackmon 6 months ago
RIP Manute 👼
MJ9002 6 months ago
The Heat made a big mistake...
lazerlazer 6 months ago
I wish him all the good luck and health so he can play many years in the NBA! He’ll be a Hall of Famer!
larry koch
larry koch 6 months ago
Image against the Washington Wizards? Are you serious? With that logic carsen Edwards who the Celtics took hit eight threes in a scrimmage with the Cavaliers oh, I believe you hit eight more the rest of the season. He's not playing against Pros Washington's all hurt! Give him a few games before you anoint him the next! As tall is Taco Fall? Taco Falls taller than his father. You see this way too often only to see the player fizzle into nothing. There's a reason why he was taken 44th overall.
Metamorphic 6 months ago
Tbh y'all underrated this guy b4, he'll make it big, even Shaq sees promise in him. Hope he gets no injuries
eM. Dosêl
eM. Dosêl 6 months ago
'The ball was like 50 ft. away from him n he still had bol controlled ... ' 'Oh..no Bol bol..u gotta relax!' 😄 😂
NorthMiamiGucci 2k
NorthMiamiGucci 2k 6 months ago
😂😂 Most definitely a demigod
Jovil Ferras
Jovil Ferras 6 months ago
Imagine if bol bol gets some muscle he will automatically overtakes giannis and not to mention he's an elite 3 point shooter
Lechoggers 6 months ago
Only ogs remember this music
TUTS TORIAL 6 months ago
Giannis' youtube channel has grown so much now wow
Joe Louis Perez
Joe Louis Perez 6 months ago
omarbet de la cruz fernandez
He plays like kevin durant
jake wong
jake wong 6 months ago
Imagine him getting muscular, like wtf dude.
EnvyMe 2077
EnvyMe 2077 6 months ago
Imagine the nba trains him until he got more muscles and more heights
Preston Tucker
Preston Tucker 6 months ago
I think he need to give bol bol more credit
Abraham Cabrera
Abraham Cabrera 6 months ago
“You can’t even create a character in NBA2K” 😂
Edgar A.
Edgar A. 6 months ago
This isn't fair. Just give the man his millions and retire his jersey.
J Shabazz
J Shabazz 6 months ago
He looks good but, his knees won't last. All the best in the world to you!!!!
ChuckyCheese 6 months ago
"His armes goin to work Pause" 😂😂😂
eadekolu 6 months ago
They finally let him out Bol Bol is going to be a problem in the NBA
Noah Alexander
Noah Alexander 6 months ago
It took a pandemic to unleash Bol Bol
Fly High Favor
Fly High Favor 6 months ago
searchlockin 6 months ago
Bol bol already beat his dad career high in first game
Esen 17
Esen 17 6 months ago
All the teams that missed out on him in the first round kickin themselves right now ill be mad aswell if i was ranked top 10 played in the draft
Adi Bryant
Adi Bryant 6 months ago
Brandon Ingram LOL
The Amazings
The Amazings 6 months ago
Makapal bol bol nito
Abdoul N'diaye
Abdoul N'diaye 6 months ago
🇰🇪Or 🇸🇳 for sûre
Man O'Neal
Man O'Neal 6 months ago
Players this tall don’t tend to fair well. They almost always have injury problems. I wish him success, but I’m just stating facts.
JustDontAskMe 6 months ago
Are you Chinese?
Jepoy Laurennce
Jepoy Laurennce 6 months ago
They disrespect him during the draft night. Now he will disrespect them with his game
The Occasional Youtuber
"looking like the alien, from alien" didn't occur to you?
Rodrick Dubose
Rodrick Dubose 6 months ago
He besta beef up
Josh Farrington
Josh Farrington 6 months ago
A players rookie season starts with their first regular season game right? Will he be eligible for rookie of the year next year?
FrequencyOo 6 months ago
What's his height?
1_ Time
1_ Time 6 months ago
Bol Bol = fake brown shirt
Brother Hezekiah
Brother Hezekiah 6 months ago
All I can say is dam, dam, DAAAMMM!
Tim Macky
Tim Macky 6 months ago
Pubic Hair
Interesting comment but....
Shooting 3s just like his Dad!
Gray Man
Gray Man 6 months ago
Bol Bol is a 2K Giant Point Guard. Demi-God indeed. So crazy! He got handles, footwork, defense, and shooting. So unreal! Good to see him showcasing his talent.
bombfirst157 6 months ago
1:12 “look at him playing defense” *completely clobbers the guy in the face with his forearm*
deidrich kemp
deidrich kemp 6 months ago
I wished my team drafted him
TXT 965
TXT 965 6 months ago
Lebron better retire right now 🤣🤣
JDMsal 6 months ago
🤣😂🤣 @ play by play....Manute would be proud.
Sey Niole
Sey Niole 6 months ago
They been patched it looool
jeremiah batista
jeremiah batista 6 months ago
Since i first saw him i knew he was gonna kill cant wait to c wat he got in store
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