Bloodborne is the Best Souls Game 

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This is the greatest souls of All Time


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Apr 30, 2021




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Watchdog of the old lords was a tough one for me, got my balls rocked so hard ever time.
Bob MacIntosh
Bob MacIntosh 10 hours ago
Why does he play unlocked it gives me aids
logan 11 hours ago
52:50 me when i watch monsters inc
Mister Dinner
Mister Dinner 15 hours ago
Really sad he didnt get to hear the music for ludwig's second phase
Jed Msallek
Jed Msallek 15 hours ago
Brainsuckers, winter lanterns, bug things, giant sharks and the vampire blood bags I hate those enemies out of all others
Bruno Borborema
Bruno Borborema 21 hour ago
I have to agree with you. This is a Gem for PS4. One of the best Souls Games I`ve ever played, jointly with NIOH.
Wikterror 2807
I love how in this game some small minions aren't much less dangerous than bosses
Skill Issue
Skill Issue Day ago
And people die when they are killed.
John Cena
John Cena Day ago
56:01 bruh ok that kill was just savage 😭😂
Fart Tony
Fart Tony Day ago
One of my gaming proud moments was beating cleric beast on my first go and bloodborne was the first soulslike game I got into.
Sterling Archer Lanor
He is using a broken weapon stfu penguin
Jason Fuqua
Jason Fuqua 2 days ago
LHB is king
SynthWave Dave
SynthWave Dave 2 days ago
beat this a good 5 times hopefully from software does a bloodblorne 2 after the current 1 they are working on
Tyler Hoekstra
Tyler Hoekstra 2 days ago
1:33:22 TWITCH CHAT!!!
Slavic Spaziani
Slavic Spaziani 2 days ago
"I can't die here" Proceeds to die
Im Vinny
Im Vinny 2 days ago
Did not like this game, good game, but not for me. DS2 FTW
Fun-n-sun 2 days ago
56:00 Teleports behind you
Stop Trying U Bum
I just spent 10 min learning something everyone else wasted a week and a half to learn it..Suckers.
Eptar 2 days ago
I crushed Ludwig without really trying, but then when I got to Orphan of Kos, all hell broke loose and I wanted to die. Beating him was one of the most cathartic feelings ever. Legitimately one of the greatest games I've ever played, if not the greatest. Just got my Hunter's Mark tattoo yesterday, even.
part 6 jotaro kujo
b. b b bb b b. bbb. b b
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 2 days ago
the ad placement reminded me of everywhere at the end of time. just clustered in the first half and nothing in the last
Ashchain - TheLonelyCat
I did not ever expect Charlie to play Bloodbourne, I love this man even more
mikerzisu 3 days ago
Best game ever made imo. My favorite ever. 4000 hours at least into it
Cinnamon Cakeface
What if you wanted to 44:45 But God said 20:54
Ya Boi Missing Some Chromosomes
I legit never used my blunderbuss or pistol when I played bloodborne
name name Name
name name Name 3 days ago
why are you talking like a canadian, eh
Tarkov's Scab
Tarkov's Scab 4 days ago
Amelia spanked you like a red headed step child that plays the xylophone.
Wavey Eli
Wavey Eli 4 days ago
Let me keep rolling into the down smash maybe I’ll get lucky
Fjord Dkcckkc
Fjord Dkcckkc 4 days ago
Love all the souls games, but one thing that kinda annoys me is that spacing doesn’t matter, like a lot of enemy attacks have a large amount of tracking, and they can move forward huge amounts. So it really does come down to side rolling every time. Maybe I’ve been playing too many fighting games lol
poeticalvision 4 days ago
Its Sekiro Call it a Souls game, don't call it a Souls game, idc. Its the best Souls game.
Raveous Carlias
Raveous Carlias 4 days ago
Nope. Not at all. Maybe if they release it on pc one day and it gets better than 20fps...
Just noticed MrBeast donated too.
Seth Wright
Seth Wright 4 days ago
I love how Charlie decides to use the whirligig because it’s not as overpowered as the HMS lmfao. As an avid bloodborne player, he had that completely backwards. The HMS is awesome, but the two easiest weapons to use in the entire game are definitely the saw cleaver and whirligig. Every weapon in BB is super fucking dope though
Gerben Rasing
Gerben Rasing 4 days ago
I love how playing a soulslike instantly spawns gatekeepers who think every build/playstyle except theirs is cheesy.
JerryTC 5 days ago
Wish i could actually play bloodborne tbh, shame its locked to shitstation
Reddragon2157 5 days ago
Yo, real sad that Charlie didn’t do a arcane build. That shit is hard, but rewarding as fuck
Eno Lew
Eno Lew 5 days ago
Did he play it on ps now pc or ps4 ?
SamuraiCowboy231 5 days ago
am I the only one that noticed that at 38:52 Charlie had to stop himself from saying "cum chalice" twice?
Jake x
Jake x 5 days ago
Greatest Game* of all time
Space Beagle
Space Beagle 5 days ago
Jesus he was less than level 30 when going into the DLC for the 1st time. My man is a legend
Harry Bouttel
Harry Bouttel 5 days ago
Moist man missed the music box
JHMninja89 5 days ago
55:59 Nothing personnel, kid.
Konnor Carpenter
Konnor Carpenter 5 days ago
Not a real fan of bloodborne if u don't run the chalice dungeons
Waifu is Laifu
Waifu is Laifu 5 days ago
bloodborne is ez mode bro. nioh 2 is where its at
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 5 days ago
more longer vids like this pls
Higgs Boson
Higgs Boson 5 days ago
watching this dude play is so frustrating
Reaper Symbiote
Reaper Symbiote 5 days ago
All this whining in your chat about what build or weapons OP, why yes let me just purposely make my build in a SoulsBorne game shit
Isshin Ashinaa
Isshin Ashinaa 5 days ago
wow... he is really bad at bloodborne lol
Eric McAllister
Eric McAllister 5 days ago
For some reason the living failures killed me more than orphan of kos.
Vattsu 5 days ago
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 5 days ago
That one npc in the church was harder then all the other main game bosses lmao
Henry Sibley [Batman]
@Oh Yeah Yeah at the time though it was my first fencing type game
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Day ago
@Henry Sibley [Batman] 21 over here
Henry Sibley [Batman]
@Oh Yeah Yeah 112 tries over here
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 2 days ago
@Henry Sibley [Batman] yeah, the orphan was harder for me then the npc
Henry Sibley [Batman]
is the reason you specified main game because of the orphan
Connor Berry
Connor Berry 5 days ago
Anyone notice Indeimaus subbing at 7:28?
tanner hargraves
tanner hargraves 5 days ago
imagine disliking a gameplay just bc u hate the person
redx 6 days ago
No it's not lmao. DS3 is the best souls game and Sekiro is the best FS has ever done.
JdoesGaming 6 days ago
Idk about bloodborne but in Dark Souls 1, you can map the jump to a press of the left stick (like it is in DS3) and you'll be able to roll out of a sprint
Angel M. Rodriguez
It is the easiest of the souls games. Not the best
Ham burger
Ham burger 5 days ago
easy doesnt equal bad. Many people think its better because of the lore and atmosphere.
The True Independents
sick mechanics
TheCuza 6 days ago
I don't care if the Whirligig Saw is OP. Every playthrough of Bloodborne I've ever watched had the player pick Hunter Axe at the beginning and spin2win through the whole game. I'm just happy to see something different, even if it's just a different kind of spinning2win.
keola mendes
keola mendes 6 days ago
i want em to play on ng+
Sloppii Papi
Sloppii Papi 6 days ago
wait has Charlie done Chalice Dungeons?
Scorpion Clips
Scorpion Clips 6 days ago
.......... Now I gotta play Bloodborne again -__-
Thanos Irwin
Thanos Irwin 6 days ago
Not a flex since I died to Ludwig like 50 times before I beat him, but I was able to 1 try Orphan of Kos with most of my strength builds in this game.
Prima_Ignis 6 days ago
"This boss looks really similar to cleric beast" dude look up the lore it's amazing. The whole lore in fact
beans 6 days ago
Why does he even bother sprinting during a fight I always just spam roll.
Investopedia 6 days ago
Thus game looks beast
Samuel Varvodic
Samuel Varvodic 6 days ago
Nah, the original Dark Souls is where it's at.
LinBai 6 days ago
See i couldnt even finish this game bcz it was so hard 😆
Distinky 6 days ago
Spam mollys at blood starved beast
Francois DelRio
Francois DelRio 6 days ago
lol It still trips me out till this day, how this game takes place all in one fucked up night🤦🏽‍♂️
nikenit 6 days ago
Wanted to kill all bosses, skipped chalice dungeons and didnt get to Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen, and several smaller unique encounters like Amygdala in a small room... Sadge.
JZero 6 days ago
Charlie went up against Bloodborne Vet and got tossed for a little why until.... The shenanigans were over for the fellow
GravyFather 7 days ago
I killed the first wolf first try too.
Scout Chapman
Scout Chapman 7 days ago
Best game idc😽
Simon Wilhelmy
Simon Wilhelmy 7 days ago
38:22 "Have some goddamn Mercy" he says to the Merciless Watchers boss
Welch Gummies
Welch Gummies 7 days ago
what is better sekiro or ds3
Toad 7 days ago
1:33:24 I didn't know they added me to bloodborne
sShadoWws 7 days ago
Little late to this vid but just got the platinum the other day
Kamil P.
Kamil P. 7 days ago
I agree, I hope we get Bloodborne 2 and a remaster of the first :D
SkyeKingdom 7 days ago
that fucking pizza cutter is insane
Coco NUTS 7 days ago
Funny man
Ramen 7 days ago
doing the DLC after wet nurse causes you to miss out on the dolls dialogue after the lady maria fight (I think there's some dialogue after orphan of kos as well)
Slermph 7 days ago
Charlie needs to do more of these types of videos
Holy fuck I just started playing fromsoft games and moist is already ahead of me
Ur clapped bruv
Ur clapped bruv 7 days ago
Darksouls is better than Bloodborne, straight up, the lore is better, Bloodborne for me was such an easy game, because I already played Dark souls 3, any souls game is gonna be hard af for anyone that's never played one before so it's up to individual really, but I just love the Dark souls series way better than Bloodborne, plus Dark souls lore is better
Demon' Eddrogade
Demon' Eddrogade 6 days ago
It’s bloodborne for me but cool. Dark souls is great too
J Al Comics
J Al Comics 7 days ago
Pizza Cutter is pretty good What a splendid pie pizza pizza pie every minute every second buy buy buy buy
MeeN MASTERP 7 days ago
i love how confident moisty boi is when hes at the title screen. then proceeds to get farmed by tutorial area trash mobs LOLO. Never underestimate bloodborne. cant wait for it to hit PC!
Leon Aïmene
Leon Aïmene 7 days ago
For me GTA SA and blood born are the best games ever Edited: plus super Mario bros.
stratstarts YT
stratstarts YT 7 days ago
Orphan is most definitely not harder than midir. Idgaf🤷‍♂️
Para Traxx
Para Traxx 7 days ago
Bro, i am currently playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I've started and stopped playing it 3x now since release. I don't know how to beat one of the bosses and I want to play it so bad, but I can't progress and literally gets the title "Hardest Game Ever" in my opinion... I've tried everything and only ONCE i came close to beating him.. Without exaggeration, I've died like 200x to this boss through time and I get infuriated whenever I lose just once now. I simply can't beat that game...
Cedeno 7 days ago
Why does the witch of hemwick sound like Carl Wheezer when killed
B4B4 7 days ago
Only thing missing is the death counter ;)
Femboy Gaming
Femboy Gaming 7 days ago
Guts when the eclipse happened: 1:01:42
Strikerofdeath51 _
Havs fun with ds3 the ringed city
SPARKSY 182 7 days ago
When I played I just so happened to pick a strength build because hur dur strong U can imagine my excitement as a noob struggling to play finding it, LUDWIGS HOLY BLADE , is it too strong Yes Should it be any other way No
Aman Aziz
Aman Aziz 8 days ago
Nice you finally noticed this masterpiece
Ham burger
Ham burger 5 days ago
he literally played back in 2015, and has literally called it his favourite soulsborne since playing all of them years ago.
Gergely Molnár
Gergely Molnár 8 days ago
Sub 2hr speedrun?! Well done Charlie
CrispyYoinks 8 days ago
Gale Misoki
Gale Misoki 8 days ago
TheMc1436 8 days ago
Sekiro was the best imo
Bungalow Tundra
Bungalow Tundra 8 days ago
Replay sekiro now
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