Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones 

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Mar 30, 2021




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Abby Ewing
Abby Ewing 13 minutes ago
cody: "this is the man of a face who is" LITERALLY WHY IS NO ONE ADDRESSING THIS this is the FACE of a MAN
Luca Perotti
Luca Perotti Hour ago
Immediately went to clear my phone after watching this
aola wili
aola wili 3 hours ago
“She thinks she’s cute” yet he is the type to constantly hype you up then tell you to die because you’re not interested
Carmensita Davis
Carmensita Davis 3 hours ago
5:05 🤥💀
Six 4 hours ago
Adam is very petty
Ava Piemontese
Ava Piemontese 4 hours ago
Yeah im 5'9 .... and 1/2
Merkz 4 hours ago
the first guy was so down bad holy
Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison 5 hours ago
him, essentially "she MUST be fucking HOT. no girls over 100 pounds!!!" then immediately hes a fucking creep
Crispy Willows
Crispy Willows 6 hours ago
honestly, she was a major dick for making fun of his height.
AlexAhrens911 8 hours ago
I think I’m in love with her hahaha
Sophie Skeldon
Sophie Skeldon 9 hours ago
the question we needa ask is y cody hasnt updated his pfp
AleMedinaGTM 9 hours ago
He looks Peruvian
Mitch Scott
Mitch Scott 10 hours ago
This guys lips look like Ajit Pai’s when he talks
Saagar Khan
Saagar Khan 10 hours ago
This guy a fkn weirdo
Running Downn
Running Downn 11 hours ago
i wanna see people check each other’s spotify or whatever they listen to music on. judging people by people by their music tastes would be so entertaining
Rando Human?
Rando Human? 8 hours ago
Woah that's a good idea!
Lauren H.
Lauren H. 11 hours ago
I come here every now and then just to look at the comments and it makes the rest of my day infinitely better lmao
superiorstorm ·
superiorstorm · 12 hours ago
F in the chat for jon
Alichea Coetzee
Alichea Coetzee 13 hours ago
I actually liked the guy WAY more - I have a fuckton of screenshots and just forget to delete them, even if he decided to keep them, so what??? And again, she was very hypocritical - she dissed him so many times, but when my bro clapped back "hE's sO rUde" and that fornication text was funny in my opinion but that's just me XD. She also complained about all the sexy pics, uhm bro, her enitre phone is full of sexy pictures too? Stop with that hypocritical bullshit. Yes he was petty, but so was she - she set the tone and energy, he was just matching it - I'd argue topping it. 100% guarantee you, this guy wouldn't have reacted like this if she wasn't being petty first. ALSO here's a comment from the same video on another channel that I thought was perfect, and everyone should think about this: "She may be a trainer but usually trainers don't emasculate people who are trying to improve themselves."
Let me take a Jörmungandr at that
That dude makes me think of Jason Mendoza for some reason, but... mean, lol.
Matthias futterer
Matthias futterer 18 hours ago
6:46 IS SUS
Noon Styles
Noon Styles 21 hour ago
I love how this comment section is the only one who is seeing the dude's bs. The comments under the original video were all bashing the girl
V G Day ago
I need to know if you have a skincare routine
Noah Day ago
“Don’t drop my phone” “Ur battery is low” LOLLLLL
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Day ago
“She thinks she’s cute” yet he is the type to constantly hype you up then tell you to die because you’re not interested
Renald Music
Renald Music Day ago
I like the guy. He was unapologetically himself
kuromi Day ago
booty_ hunter420
Im just gon skip the comment section on this one
Uncool Keanu
Uncool Keanu Day ago
The guy was literally Bryce Hall
Paola Herrera
“This is the man of a face” you thought we wouldn’t catch that Cody? 7:15
Presley Jane
Presley Jane Day ago
That dude is a textbook incel
John Fasitta
John Fasitta Day ago
did no one notice Cody said ""this is the man of a face"
Abi B
Abi B Day ago
ok but he’s literally so creepy wtf
she kinda reminds me of alexandra daddario
panrio Day ago
She didn't roast or insult him she just described him lmfaooooo
Rando Human?
Rando Human? 8 hours ago
That's what I thought. I don't get why so many people think she's being so rude and going hard at insulting him.
Dylan Freemon
I love this sh*t man thanks for making my day
Mayur Soowamber
Yeah I don't think the screenshots is weird but I get why he's a bit creepy and I guess me too since I also do the snaps 😩
terra andrew
terra andrew Day ago
7:10 man of a face..
Taylor Baranowski
The men on these comments judging her for being a “single mom” exude tinyyyyyy dick energy.
Spoonses Macz
Down bad squared
hyet hihi
hyet hihi Day ago
I'm so glad I'm a lesbian
Spoonses Macz
No not the hentai
Duck Life
Duck Life Day ago
I aint even lying Cody Ko makes me laugh every single fucking time. Humour is top notch.
player P
player P Day ago
he be like: you GOT A WHOL BABY i be like: no a half
A W Day ago
Bruh this man uses gloves to lift 😳
jeffrey poh
jeffrey poh Day ago
this comment section radiates toxic feminity!!!!
Chunkys Home Made Memes
7:14 “tHiS Is ThE mAn oF a FaCe”
juliannuh Day ago
i found it surprising that a lot of people found her rude in the original video. I get that calling him creepy may sound rude but cmon he had his cam roll full of photos of girls (some in promiscuous positions). sad for the guy that she saw his photos first which i guess ruined her impression of him completely. also she's a trainer!! i don't think calling out his form to be wrong is inappropriate.
y’all going so far with your assumptions it’s a 15 minutes of what they can be like you don’t know their whole story💀 I’m sure the girl and the guy aren’t complete pieces of shit what
Rando Human?
Rando Human? 8 hours ago
I agree. The comments on this video and the original go too far in my opinion. We don't really know either of them.
Lamey Day ago
Diam la
James Scott
James Scott Day ago
I needed to take a 10 minute break after he said her phone was low on battery
White Chocolate
They both kinda seemed like dicks
Dude I love cody
mighty mouse
mighty mouse Day ago
I had to stop watching this halfway through dude its too cringy for me😂😂😂
Scott Hegeman
I love this man.
Jared Fortin
Jared Fortin Day ago
Dude Cody's toddler run of excitement had me dying
ClassifiedM96 2 days ago
This is the perfect example of a guy feeling like his ego was attacked and immediately becoming defensive in the worst possible way
Zoe W
Zoe W 2 days ago
lol prime example of a man being intimated by a confident woman lol
Kyler Smith
Kyler Smith 2 days ago
Yeah but then the VPN company has your history and can also sell it...
Ryley 2 days ago
I don't like either of them tbh
Brianna Wade
Brianna Wade 2 days ago
This guy's fucking down worst
Dominique Productions
I decided to actually not skip the sponsor for the FIRST time in my life today, and I don’t regret it! Lmaooo
Banana Joe
Banana Joe 2 days ago
she deserved ever word
Elizabeth Grace Staebell
this is a man of a face
smifvert 420
smifvert 420 2 days ago
SnottierBrick 2 days ago
The guy has among us on his phone very sus
ceilidhx3 2 days ago
Every sentence this guy says is a red flag.
Barrett Alicna
Barrett Alicna 2 days ago
I just finished reading the Holes book coincidence I think not
Axel Niyonzima
Axel Niyonzima 2 days ago
she'd rather lay down on a train track than go on a second date.
Guillermo Aquino
Guillermo Aquino 2 days ago
"You have a whole baby??!!!" Nah bruh she has it by parts lol
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2 days ago
This comment section is the cringiest most backwards comment section i have ever seen, he just matched her petty energy and now yall on him crazy. @abaandpreach
u wu
u wu 2 days ago
“what is this? holes?”
Evan Branford
Evan Branford 2 days ago
Nailed it.
candyslice 2 days ago
Guy is not "blunt" okay, these people give actually blunt people like me a bad name lol
Elijah Winchester
honestly, it felt like she just had a playful attitude and he mistook her pokes for stabs. she's properly suited for a fun relationship with casual, light-hearted teasing. he's obviously not.
atnip 2 days ago
those are some huge empty bookshelves bro xD
Sophia Ender
Sophia Ender 2 days ago
this series reminded me to clear my phone
Maia Christianna
Maia Christianna 2 days ago
“this is the man of a face”
Honey Bunz
Honey Bunz 2 days ago
I hope he sees this and hates himself
rosina 2 days ago
he gives me jay from big mouth vibes but even worse
Sten 2 days ago
Cody that a way to send a picture to someone else too i mean i don't get it why are u so upset about it :c
Antonio Mendoza
Antonio Mendoza 2 days ago
I love how dude felt extremely on the spot & awkward and decided to go with "share it with my fellow brethren"
David 2 days ago
I always skip the part where the guy with the long hair is talking. He’s so annoying
Crystal Coleman
Crystal Coleman 2 days ago
all the comments in the original video are bashing the woman... wtf
Calm yet internally screaming
"i was nice to him" lmao they both think they're nice people 💀
Pete Kooshian
Pete Kooshian 2 days ago
Maybe they shouldn't let the person watch the other going through the phone till afterwards so there isn't that bias of "they were mean so I'm going to be"
Zack B
Zack B 2 days ago
Perfect video lmfaooo they ruinined this guy's life . did anyone check on this guy after the show...😂
GuyNamedJay 22
GuyNamedJay 22 2 days ago
I didn’t watch this for a lil min Bc I thought the people was blind 😭 I thought they would have to read out shit and tell them what is on it 😭😭 I still thought that all the way up till she started lookin at stuff XDXD I’m gone doe 😂😂😂😂😂
Karen C
Karen C 2 days ago
I need to know what happened to the last video bro
taryn touchstone
taryn touchstone 2 days ago
The difference in the comments here and on the original video is so drastic. Everyone on the original video hates her while everyone here hates him
iPod Touch 5
iPod Touch 5 8 hours ago
@jeffrey poh Why, they're both bashing people so wouldn't make them both shitty?
jeffrey poh
jeffrey poh Day ago
kinda shows how shitty his audience is.
Tyler Lamos
Tyler Lamos 2 days ago
Idea next video you roast one of Noel videos like girl defined, CRING!
Nori Narwhal
Nori Narwhal 2 days ago
“You gotta whole baby!” Ah yes as opposed to the partial baby
this is the most cringe ive ever felt
Caleb Swanson
Caleb Swanson 2 days ago
Wow. That interaction between those two was horrific.
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole 2 days ago
you got a whole baby? you got a whole ass baby? no she has part of a baby like most people
Alice Dare
Alice Dare 2 days ago
JHG 315
JHG 315 2 days ago
Anyone else feel like she was the bitch
Pip Chillin
Pip Chillin 3 days ago
cody ko has absolutely no clue what down bad means
Madison Goodman
Madison Goodman 3 days ago
Poor Jon:/
Dragobantai 3 days ago
Cody using down bad wrong makes me so sad
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