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Black Panther 2 Kilmonger Explained. Marvel Phase 4 Movies, Black Panther 2 Teaser, Loki Trailer 2021, Easter Eggs and Falcon and Winter Soldier ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
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New Black Panther 2 Kilmonger Explained. Michael B. Jordan returning as Kilmonger in future Marvel Phase 4 Projects Breakdown. Black Panther 2 Teaser, Black Panther 2 Spinoff Disney Plus Series Announcement. New Marvel Phase 4 Movies Intro Scene with Chadwick Boseman, RIP. Black Panther 2 Story Changes and New Movies Breakdown.
New villains, Avengers Endgame Ending Easter Eggs. X-Men Fantastic Four Easter Teaser Trailer Eggs. Avengers 5, Filming Start Date and Black Panther 2 Release Date. The New Black Panther, Thor 4, Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse and Future Black Panther Movies Changes. And Marvel What If Trailer Easter Eggs and Episode Crossover.
Kevin Feige, Chris Evans, the other Avengers Endgame actors like Chris Hemsworth Thor, Robert Downey Jr Iron Man. And Answering questions about Marvel Black Panther 2, Avengers 5 and future Marvel Movies without him and how Marvel is going to address that going forward. They will have a special Marvel Phase 4 Trailer or panel later this year and I will cover all the things that they make announcements about.
Loki Episode 1 with Tom Hiddleston will release next, now that Falcon and Winter Soldier is finished. New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Trailer, Shang Chi Trailer and Eternals Trailer!
More Loki videos coming soon!

Black Panther 2 Teaser Trailer via Marvel Studios
Art by ultraraw26
Black Panther Theme Music via us-first.info

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May 2, 2021




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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome 12 days ago
Here's my new Black Panther 2 Kilmonger video and other Marvel Phase 4 Projects Michael B. Jordan is coming back for. Post all your theories in the comments! Here's my new Shang Chi Trailer video too! us-first.info/player/video/i6unl4ereplijWA.html
Shahaneh Limonadi
Please do a video on all the upcoming 3D movies this year. Here's the current List: Abruptio (TBA) My Little Pony (TBA)🎠 Cruella (May 28th) 🎲 Vivo (June 4th) 🐒 Spirit Untamed (June 4) 🐎 Wish Dragon (June 11) 🐉 Peter Rabbit 2 (June 18) 🐇 Luca (June 18) 🌅 Fast & Furious 9 (June 25) 🚄 The Tomorrow War (July 2nd) 🔫 Black Widow (July 9) 🕷 Cinderella (July 16) 👠 Space Jam: A New Legacy (July 16) 🏀 Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (July 21) 👹 Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) (July 23) 🥷 Hotel Transylvania 4 (July 23) 🧛 Jungle Cruise (July 30) 🚢 Suicide Squad 2 (August 6th) 💀 Free Guy (August 13) 🎮 Finch (August 20) 🧬 Reminiscence (August 27) 🧠 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (September 3rd) 🏯 Boss Baby 2 (September 17) 🚼 Venom 2 (September 24) 👾 Infinite (September 24) ♾ Dune (October 1st) 🛸 The Addams Family 2 (October 1)🎃 No Time to Die (James Bond 007) (October 8) 🎰 Ron's Gone Wrong (October 22) 🤖 Jackass 4 (October 22) 💥 Eternals (November 5th) 💫 Clifford the Big Red Dog (November 5) 🐕 Ghostbusters Afterlife (November 11) 👻 King Richard (November 19) 👑 Top Gun 2 (November 19) ✈ Enchanto (November 24) 🍀 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (November 24) 🧟‍♀️ West Side Story (December 10th) 💃 Spider-Man No Way Home (December 17) 🕸 The King's Man (Kingsman) (December 22) 🎩 Matrix 4 (December 22) 🌐 Sing 2 (December 22) 👄
Shahaneh Limonadi
@Joey Rigsby Kevin Feige said Kilmonger is dead.
Shahaneh Limonadi
@Mark D Kevin Feige confirmed that Kilmonger is dead.
Shahaneh Limonadi
@Jacob Baranowski he's not. He's dead in the Live-Action movies. "What If" series shows a version were he becomes Black Panther.
Mark D
Mark D 9 days ago
@Ken Welch It wouldnt be that hard to do.. in time of need they would use any help they could get. If Wakanda is under full attack.
DementedXShenzi 2 hours ago
There's a whole lot of magic in Black Panthers universe. Even without technology, there may be a way
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis 2 hours ago
All that nonsense instead of just recasting 85% of Comic Blerds favorite Superhero...smh
LaidBackJetLife 10 hours ago
We need this keep black panther going 💯 micheal b Jordan will do well trust rip chad
Reese Jenkins
Reese Jenkins 12 hours ago
Just say that BP took his body that wasn’t dead yet and they saved him. Only thing is they locked him up n taught him about Wakanda n all that shit. That’s the easiest way to bring him back.
William Maddox
William Maddox 22 hours ago
I believe Tchalla froze Killmonger. I wanna know who was king for dive years after the snap.
Tiya Tatum
Tiya Tatum Day ago
Why not just say that TChalla saved Killmonger with the beads at the end of Black Panther and bring him back as the new Black Panther but with a change of heart.
No Masters No Gods
T'challa himself is important. They continue to treat Black people like children. Recast the role.
Dip333 Day ago
I watched 42 recently, WOW, just WOW, Chad moved me in many ways!
Emergency Awesome
He was awesome in that movie!
Erick Martin
Erick Martin Day ago
In all honesty I feel Shuri should be Black Panther. She was black panther in the comics and it will be a challenge for her character. 1. She had no wish to be Queen or Black Panther in the MCU (As far as we can tell) and now she had to be queen and black panther because she has to be not because she wants to be. 2. She isn’t an expert fighter. She is a scientist and a tech expert before being a fighter so it would be interesting to see a subpar fighter being black panther. She would be physically challenged every step of the way. 3. The story could follow her grief and how it effects her decisions and actions. 4. It would be cooler then some new guy from another dimension taking the reins of black panther.
Erick Martin
Erick Martin Day ago
Also, just an add on, their could be a good friendship that can come from Wanda and Shuri as they are the only ones that could understand each others grief and lost.
Ter mil
Ter mil Day ago
It will bomb! RIP Chadwick.
Do Do
Do Do Day ago
So did no1 pay attention to what t'challa said at the end next to him? He said and I quote you know we have the technology to heal you And kill said he rejects it But u really think t'challa gonna let his cousin die when he can save him
TimeCop 2 days ago
Honestly Michael B Jordan would be a great fit to play Black Panther. But obviously marvel is going with the sister and Jordan is already portraying Killmonger.
Othello M
Othello M 2 days ago
In the comic books Kilmonger comes back to life so it’s doable.
daydream 2 days ago
i thought shuri would be the black panther
jr umm
jr umm 2 days ago
Recast the role. The Black Panther Character means more to young people around the world then people in The US realize.
István Tamás Csepela
as Michael B. Jordan says: "You know, you know, erm, you know, you know, you know and you know, you know?"
King Skj
King Skj 3 days ago
What happened to the flash videos ?
kenan Panther4Ever
Yes please bring back Killmonger
Keenan Burns
Keenan Burns 3 days ago
As long as they give respect to his character we good 👍
Naveed Mahmood
Naveed Mahmood 3 days ago
I think majority of the people agree that they would like to see Michael B as the next Black Panther. His acting is great and the character he built from the 1st movie had a lot of emotion and story behind it. Nobody in their right mind wants to see Letita as the next Black Panther as it would not only be rushed but pushed onto the audience who merely don't see it as the right fit. I hope for everyone sake it option 2 Killmonger coming back as the Black Panther.
Herowebcomics 3 days ago
I only want two things in the next Black Panther movie! Suri as Black Panther and Namor! That would be awesome!
BigWynne 3 days ago
Cast the Lead from the Express, and keep it moving.
Loutzenheiser 3 days ago
Micheal B. Jordan is a fantastic actor. I was pissed they killed in him off in Black Panther... I guess that was premature loll
Joshua Wyrick
Joshua Wyrick 3 days ago
I absolutely love your content!!! but man you repeat certain points over and over again.
Curtis 4 days ago
Uhhh Killmonger should come back just for this movie to be the black panther so shuri can develop and become stronger,more mature and a better leader, later than she can take up the mantle then killmonger can die or return the stone or something. The thing is people love to say that if you don’t want shuri as black panther you’re sexist, but she her character in the mcu doesnt fit the mcu. She isn’t a leader, mature, a good fighter or have the herb. bUt iN tHE cOMiCs, in the comics t’challa is a super genius he’s not in mcu. It makes sense that for killmonger to be the black panther for BP 2 then everything else shuri takes up the mantle.
Subho Sarker
Subho Sarker 4 days ago
Suri needs to be the new Black Panther. She knows Tchalla more than anyone and she can truly respect the legacy
No Masters No Gods
How does she win a challenge with the power stripped away?
Daniel Haikal K
Daniel Haikal K 3 days ago
Noo, she not good enough..she good with the teacnology and also as co-star but not as main character
Kavin Satish
Kavin Satish 4 days ago
Honestly I really can say that killmonger was my literal favorite character in the mcu so I cant wait for them to introduce him again.
Forevertaken89 4 days ago
Warmonger was such a poorly written character. They sure as hell better improve or this movie will be a flop.
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller 4 days ago
Not watching...as a black man Black Panther was one of my favorites growing up. The movie was a HORRIBLE letdown. And after they killed off T'Challa I definitely won't watch anything else from them. Hey yes I understand Chadwick Boseman died but T'Challa didn't
argophontes 5 days ago
Everything in Black Panther happened before the time travel and the resets, so bringing back Killmonger is pretty simple.
TheMrDarkPhoenix 5 days ago
Okoye should be considered for Black Panther 😁
Charles Hodge
Charles Hodge 5 days ago
The yellow eyes are a symptom & indicator of hepatitis and possible drug abuse. Just sayin... 😏
Terrell Humphrey
Terrell Humphrey 5 days ago
You missed the easiest and most simple way to bring him back. T'challa, not wanting to repeat the past, takes him to be healed just as he had offered. Killmonger is revealed later in the movie to serve as the new Black Panther, while Shuri serves a queen.
Clarence Saizon
Clarence Saizon 5 days ago
Just freaking RECAST T’Challa and use the multiverse to explain it! I love Chadwick but there are too many T’Challa stories to let the character just basically die!
GENGHISKHAN 1206 4 days ago
No, that would be disrespectful. Chad will ALWAYS be Black Panther.
lenny ross
lenny ross 5 days ago
Siri as black panther would be great. Wins in battle with cunning over brute strength
Simon Dunsford
Simon Dunsford 5 days ago
Before I even get right into this video,, I was never convinced kill monger was dead at the end. With the exclusive resources made known to wakanda and particularly in that film (everest ross's recovering in that film itself) and he is a awesome actor and even more valuable to marvel a awesome villan. Seemed wasted in just one story. Plus given the real life factor of bosmans death. And given marvel studios being a marvel publisher. They could do a complete redirect with the character kill monger becoming the black panther hero. FYI I don't follow black panther comics enough to know if something like that had ever been storyline. I think this is where this video might be going I'm gonna finish watching. So stoned
Simon Dunsford
Simon Dunsford 5 days ago
It did hahaha well baked. Yeah buckys got a home there ect. Mate this would be well cool if that's where he finds his peace
Simon Dunsford
Simon Dunsford 5 days ago
Ha I think video is about to go there hahaha
Simon Dunsford
Simon Dunsford 5 days ago
Aww mate. That whole ancestral plane. And the rules of where you go based on biology culture. Connection to gods. That means you could be wolverine and convert to the religion of bos the white mother panther, so in the MCU how cook would it be to see bucky 'the white wolf' go to the ancestral plane.
msg 27
msg 27 5 days ago
They should just give him the black panther Roll there's nobody else That can play It better than him
luis sandoval
luis sandoval 6 days ago
Man it would be great to have him as the actual black panther
Wyatt Wyckoff
Wyatt Wyckoff 6 days ago
Awesome to see him eager to come back!
Leo 6 days ago
that's a lot of you know and no I don't know R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 6 days ago
Dear Lord how many squirrels did you see outside the window while voiceing this video is there some way to maybe stay on topic maybe a quarter of the caffeine
Little Penny
Little Penny 6 days ago
Two ways to bring Killmonger back is... The multi-verse or when T'Challa duped in the ocean, the Atlanteans ruled by Prince Namor brought his body/essence back to life using the underwater technology.
Sahad Hanif
Sahad Hanif 6 days ago
Black panther as concept just doesn't work. And the first movie just didn't make sense. Your telling me that a piece of metal allowed tribal people to advance so much in technology to the point they have stealth and shields before everyone else. I mean if they found a spaceship then I could still believe it. Then there's the problem of the fact that marvel inadvertently made the wakandan people selfish as well. So your saying that the wakandan people did not try to conquer land with their tech, cooolio. Your also saying that they didn't try to protect their fellow African people from slavery because they wanted no problems and peace, aiiiight. But then a King who was raised as a King left his innocent nephew behind and could not just imprison his brother, ooookaaay. Then we have the new king decide that one white agents life was worth exposing everything his people had.... I know its a comic but their is no logic behind the story and it doesn't make sense Start the story from the beginning with the first discovery of the metal and do a better job.
Bruce Cox
Bruce Cox 6 days ago
very simple to do, his father was not killed and he was raised in the village
CF Sun
CF Sun 6 days ago
They can bring back killmonger easily because he does have the power of the heart shaped herb in him, which can explain how he survived. Killmonger, seeing all the good that T'Challa been doing in the world, agrees with his ways and so he help by running covert missions like Nakia at the start of BP1, explaining why he missed IW and EG. Then they can use the explainer that T'Challa become stuck in the spirit world seeking council for the major story plot in BP2. With no one in line to succeed T'Challa (Shuri is more a tech person and not a fighter), they recall Killmonger from a mission to takes on "temporarily" the black panther mantel.
Porfirio Agramonte
Omg! Almost 4000000
Zara Ahmed
Zara Ahmed 7 days ago
I’m I the only one who does not want Micheal b Jordan to come back his arc and death was fitting ending just get a new character being black panther and Micheal b Jordan is going to start filming creed 3 soon and they already started filming black panther wakanda forever
Gentjan Lamaj
Gentjan Lamaj 7 days ago
Somehow Kilmonger gets saved by T'Challa, (maybe sacrificing himself) and Kilmonger end being the Black Panther to honor T'Challa, and and protect Wakanda.
Kat Atonic
Kat Atonic 7 days ago
What if.....way back when Zuri was keeping tabs on N’Jobu for T'Chaka, he knew that the relationship with and subsequent pregnancy of Killmonger’s mom was changing N’Jobu. Zuri could see the radicalization growing in N’Jobu and the influence his American girlfriend had on him. Now she was pregnant and the child would strengthen their bond and also have a future claim to the thrown. So, to protect T’Chaka & Wakanda, Zuri decided to get rid of the American girlfriend (get her sent to prison) after he paid off hospital staff to say the baby was still born. The only problem was she didn’t know she was carrying twins. Even though Zuri’s plan worked to steal away the first baby, he wasn’t prepared for a second baby. So basically, Killmonger has a twin that only Zuri knew the existence of and that secret died with him. Until, one day this twin is spotted by a Wakandan character. I know it’s not a comic book storyline, but Marvel Studios can do what it wants.
Mahmoud Hesham
Mahmoud Hesham 7 days ago
if Michael B Jordan will be the new Black Panther this gonna be bored,
Eddie Galin
Eddie Galin 7 days ago
Wakanda Forever... :(
Darkside of the Sun
They used Nano tech to save Killmonger .
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 7 days ago
Recast T’Challa!!
I Laughter
I Laughter 7 days ago
Movie writers: we can bring back the character...they really didn't die Me: No!....He didn't get out of the COCKADOODIE CAR!
GL1988 7 days ago
Kilmonger coming back cheapens Black Panther
Myart Smash
Myart Smash 7 days ago
It's even more easy we NEVER SEEN KILMONGER ATUALLY DIE. We assume he dies, he could've been saved by tech
Sello Matetoane
Sello Matetoane 7 days ago
"Bury me in the sea where my ancestors jumped from spave ships, because they knew death was better than bondage" Still gives me chills to think that Boseman was the originator of the line😪
Michael Griffin
Michael Griffin 7 days ago
If T'Challa not in it I don't want to see it.
Edwynn Nowlin
Edwynn Nowlin 7 days ago
Why are we stretching on how killmonger can live, why can’t it just be the advanced technology in Wakanda and was just kept in prison and for some reason they need his help and let him wear black panther suit as he works with T’challa sister we could have multiple black panthers
btookz 8 days ago
I like the idea of killermonger from an alternate timeline coming to 616 and being BP
Gene Albert 13
Gene Albert 13 8 days ago
They could put the orb thing in him after he took out the knife cyro froze him and sherie saved him
TheNicholasWayne 8 days ago
I want Michael b Jordan as black panther
Nightmare Thunderstrikes
They need to make Leticia Wright the next Black Panther. Michael B Jordan just needs to be a supporting or the catalyst for Shuri becoming Black Panther.
John Kisch
John Kisch 8 days ago
We need a White black panther.
Israel 8 days ago
He'll probably come back to train shuri and be her advisor or some shit he won't be black panther after what he did
Yibambe 8 days ago
Shuri needs to be Black Panther. That’s the only path true to the comics and would therefore be respectful of Chadwick Boseman and all women. I adore Michael B Jordan, but I am noticing too many male US-firstrs completely overlooking the obvious person to become Black Panther because she is female. If MBJ comes back as villain, fine. Fine if he remains in the ancestral plane. But neither he nor any other male character should become Black Panther.
Anthony Coley
Anthony Coley 8 days ago
no one dies in comics. Had enough of this dumb shit. KillMonger died. Vision "died". Black Widow DEAD!!! Iron man DEAD!!! BUT they'll be back. Dumb shit.
Jason H
Jason H 8 days ago
He (Killmonger) did have the black panther powers when he was stabbed. I'm sure that comes with some advanced healing. You cant move as fast or be as strong without a super cellular structure. The suit isnt giving him speed/strength. Its protection/ defense only from what I remember. Im sure he needed "saving" but w/ the suit sealing the wound, the BP flower power and being that close to advanced tech... He should have survived easily enough.
He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊
Cody Parr
Cody Parr 8 days ago
I think this was definitely the worst avengers movie lol just like cartman says the worst
mike m
mike m 8 days ago
Super Heroes Never Die
T. Reza Budiansyah
Bringing Kilmonger as T'Challa's successor actually has to do with the king getting snapped in 5-year-period. As Wakanda became more known and open, added with the fact that the closest person T'Challa has as an heir is Kilmonger, and also he's the only one with the herb, it's clear that he's available, eventhough not worthy, yet
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo
No Michael B. Jordan, I do not know!
Mike Hofer
Mike Hofer 8 days ago
Could they not get a decent actor instead of Michael B Jordan? He is horrible in everything.
Todd Wade
Todd Wade 8 days ago
Am I the only one who remembers that Colossus used to reference 'the White Wolf' in the Claremont/Byrne issues of X-men?
Alexis O'Donnell
Alexis O'Donnell 8 days ago
Doesn't black panther have super healing? If iron man can get stabbed and live with normal healing. I'm sure jaguar does have advanced healing. When he pulled that knife out everything else was already healed.
pHiL Kizer
pHiL Kizer 9 days ago
Chadwick Boseman Forever! Recast T'Challa with Derek Luke and let's continue the Black Panther story. Leave Killmonger dead and give us a new villain.
Descendant of Chaos & Controversy
Chadwick brother looks just like him,,use him in small parts
Suburban Tacticool
With the unexpected and heartbreaking loss of Chadwick Boseman, I totally expected Marvel Studios to rewrite BP2 to feature Shuri as the new Black Panther (she had a run in the books) and Okoye (and even Bucky/White Wolf) dealing with T'Challa's (off-screen, unexplained) death and running into Namor, rekindling an age-old war between Atlantis and Wakanda, and Shuri's character developing into a mature leader who finds a way to peace. Killmonger could have a role in that story, per the "ancestral plane" theory. But if they are planning on MBJ being the new Black Panther, I think the multiverse explanation is the only feasible way to do it: he's the rightful Black Panther from another dimension, never snubbed and never denied his birthright so he was mentored by King T'Challa and like a brother to T'Challa (you know, a good guy). Depending on the multiverse storyline of the DS2 movie, it might be easy to plug in all kinds of characters and back-from-the-dead stories in the wake of a rift in the multiverse. No doubt that's how they will bring mutants into the MCU, and how it will be like they've always been there. I'd like to see MBJ in the MCU again, but I was looking forward to a Shuri BP story, even with all the "girl-power" that already exists in the MCU.
Joel Baclayon
Joel Baclayon 9 days ago
if they can easily bring killmonger back with their script, why can't they bring black panther?.. better to get someone to replace black panther actor than trying to make a story that won't make sense
Mr.M Habvane
Mr.M Habvane 9 days ago
The suit absorbs energy and we did see him die
Ministry of WrongThink
if you ever actually read a comic you understand that the only rule is there are no rules. Characters have a literally destroyed the entire universe and undone it, characters have lived and died hundreds of times and then been reborn..it would be infuriating if it wasn’t just the general rule of comics.
JAFKennedy 9 days ago
I think they should recast the roll of black panther ! Michael B. Jordan , should take over the roll !
Bob Greenwade
Bob Greenwade 9 days ago
Maybe T'Challa did manage to get Erik medical help in time to save his life, and the guy's been in a coma ever since. (As long as Michael B. isn't brought back as Johnny Storm....)
Hiichan Daisuki
Hiichan Daisuki 9 days ago
Easy. Just replace anyone with Skrull and you can fit any plot that you want.
Gaming Life
Gaming Life 9 days ago
They could make shuri the black panther because she bacame the black pather when t'challa died they could set it up in the Disney plus series or the could do what they did with Paul walker in fast and furious franchise
Arun Gade
Arun Gade 9 days ago
i dont think they should bring killmonger just becuase some idiot asked to bring them back.
ronald white
ronald white 9 days ago
thank - you .
Logan Tamlyn
Logan Tamlyn 9 days ago
I think there's a very easy way to bring him back. There's a flashback scene where we see them healing him while he's unconscious and freeze him like they did with bucky. Then however way they write off T'Challa, that's when they can take Killmonger out of the ice which could be very interesting for all the characters.
Thato Molope
Thato Molope 9 days ago
well the king is not stupid, he saves kilmonger against his wishes to be thrown in the ocean, just in case the king dies his cousin will take his place. i think kilmonger could be in rehab like the winter soldier to learn more about wakanda. then the king dies and he rightfully wears the mantle of panther simple
Skype Chipp
Skype Chipp 9 days ago
Respectfully .....why don't marvel..just make black panther that sont take off mask in a whole movie.....making black panther
Ryan Hau
Ryan Hau 9 days ago
Would anyone be ok if they Deepfake Chadwick Boseman?
Keith Trotter
Keith Trotter 9 days ago
Ok, it's time for me to be that guy...Kilmonger had already consumed the Heart Shaped Herb (HSH) which gave him the powers of the Black Panther. (Glory to Bast) One of those powers is the power of healing. The moment T'Challa removed the vibranium spear from Killmonger's chest he would have begun healing. Killmonger requested that he be buried in the ocean with his ancestors. One of Namor's people (A woman of course) could find him, and against the rules of Atlantis, she instantly falls in love with and nurses him back to health. This would set up escalated conflict between Namor and the Wakandans creating a redemption arc for Killmonger who temporarily assumes the mantle of Black Panther to help save Wakanda and hold the title of Black Panther until Shuri is ready. This would be in line with cannon because in the comics Killmonger is originally resurrected by the Mandarin to challenge for the Throne.
Jeremiah 9 days ago
So sick of everyone acting like he was some deep villain with originality. GTFO! His character was about as deep as a 1” puddle. And his motivation was equal as weak. BP is seriously one of the worst written contrivances in the MCU. Wasted talent in both Michael B. And Chadwick. Both great actors wasted on a weak story with enough plot holes to drive a 747 through
Cristobal Miranda Amil
i like michael b. jordan to be the new black panther
angrychickin 9 days ago
michael b jordan sucked as killmonger. his acting aint there (yet?). he's very dry to me. i know i'm not the only one who thinks this..
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 9 days ago
It continues to confuse me as to how so many black folks love this movie when there is a very prominent racial slur/stereotype looking them right in the face in several scenes. Why is a nation supposedly so technologically advanced using a handheld spear as the primary weapon of the infantry? lol. I will not say the racial slur but involves the spear and Africans. Ordinarily black folks would be outraged over this but somehow it went over the audiences heads.
Toto Ike
Toto Ike 9 days ago
Killmonger didnt die in the first BP movie. Tchala said he could save him but KM rejected his help. Based on BP's interraction with His father's Killer in Civil War, he would have used that stabilizer tech to save KM. And in that scene, he bent over probably inserting the device.
williano 9 days ago
They could have just put him in the crio freeze like they did bucky at first and them un freeze him when he ia heeled from the the end fight duh