Bill Belichick's legacy-altering beef with Eric Mangini destroyed a beautiful friendship 

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Bill Belichick took Eric Mangini under his wing in Cleveland. Back in the early 90s, Belichick was just starting out his head coaching career while Mangini was a simple ball boy for the Browns. Out of that meeting bloomed a beautiful friendship that lasted for many years... until Mangini took the head coaching job with the Jets and reported Belichick to the league for spying. Beef!
Directed and edited by Ryan Simmons
Written and produced by Will Buikema
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Apr 17, 2021




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Secret Base
Secret Base 16 days ago
Well, right after publishing this we found out Beef History has been nominated for a Webby for best sports series. If you enjoyed this and have a sec/feel inclined to vote, I certainly won't stop you - vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2021/video/video-series-channels/sports
Preston Ballengee
Preston Ballengee 15 days ago
Baker vs Lamar.
FallingToPieces10 15 days ago
yo, when y'all gonna do Aquib Talib Vs. Michael Crabtree, suprised that one hasn't made it on here!
Azahr Malik
Azahr Malik 15 days ago
Wasn't Bill Parcells a high school basketball coach before he got hired to be the Giants head coach. Ok college basketball.
Jack Carraway
Mangini = Fredo
austin lamonge
In Cleveland we used to call him Eric man Gina
UncrownedLegend 2 days ago
inyourface jerks
inyourface jerks 2 days ago
Beef History : Mac Jones vs San Francisco 49ers fans
Bubba Liburtee
Bubba Liburtee 5 days ago
Imagine having 1M subscribers, doing a video on the Belichick-Mangini saga, mentioning spygate and still somehow not knowing what you're talking about and spreading misinformation about it. Get a grip homie. Like spend 10 minutes doing research instead of drinking the koolaid. Those who actually took the time to do just think you look like buffoons.
228allday 6 days ago
Eric Mangini snitched
Mitch 6 days ago
Mangini would coach with the BIGGEST wad of chew tobacco in his lip
Dr. Thrax
Dr. Thrax 6 days ago
Beef History: Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas
Niino G
Niino G 7 days ago
Great video... But this guys from is from another channel SBN?
Stacie Mohler
Stacie Mohler 8 days ago
0:40 thanks for explaining that
Luke Schroter
Luke Schroter 9 days ago
do Lebron beef with Kyrie and how did such a good duo fall
Zachary Price
Zachary Price 9 days ago
Beef History: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay packers vs NFC championships
Geordie Robertson
me.. i would hang out with Bill
Demetria Brooks
Demetria Brooks 10 days ago
Beef history: Reggie Jackson vs russ and kd
Super Epicpro
Super Epicpro 12 days ago
Collapse how the patriots went from a dynasty to a rebuilding team
GHfan4life 12 days ago
Obligatory f**k the jets!
J R 12 days ago
It’s not legal to film the sidelines. That’s why they got in trouble for doing it recently for taping the Bengals sideline. I realize you have no integrity so you admire others who act like that but your facts are wrong. You’re spinning this to make it sound like the Patriots did nothing wrong. They have been cheating and breaking the rules for years. It’s been documented
Chris Young
Chris Young 13 days ago
Please, please, please ,please do a rewind on Rulon Gardner at the 2000 Olympics. His opponent was Alexander Karelin whos record was 887-1 and hadn't given up a single point in 7 years-ish.
Pres. John F. Kennedy
Beef History: Charles Barkley vs women in San Antonio
Phil V
Phil V 13 days ago
Gretzky playing the last stanley cup finals of his career and launching the Habs current drought needs a deep rewind
Yojimbo 14 days ago
does this channels have a lebron james video?
Ishwarejan Balaratnam
Rewind of Jose Bautista Bat Flip 2015 ALDS Game 5
T V 14 days ago
Bill Belichick is not that good. It was all Brady
bas theman
bas theman 14 days ago
can you please do the 1980 wimbledon finals
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 14 days ago
I know nothing about football, basically what happened was - Introverted coach mentors and befriends a guy - Guy becomes a coach - Media rips Bill for not showing emotion - Eric rats out Bill for cheating, assuming that he would get a small punishment because cheating was common - Media asks if Pats cheated every game - Bill's legacy is damages and he blames Eric and they are not friends anymore - Eric regrets it
Jack Knights
Jack Knights 12 days ago
Guy leaves couches team to become head couch for their rival team THEN rats for cheating
Spiritual Architect
That is what happens when you cheat Bill, especially against someone who you know knows you are cheating. Speaking of cheating the system, Deshaun Watson should hire Krafts massage attorney if he wants to get off.
Nick Hawdon
Nick Hawdon 14 days ago
Sorry there's a mistake at the beginning of this video. He isn't *one of* the greatest coaches of all time, he *is* the greatest coach of all time
AWESOME 14 days ago
Raider Smokey
Raider Smokey 14 days ago
6:10 blackhand
McDice5 15 days ago
bruins 2013 game 7 vs. leafs rewind plz
jose yepez
jose yepez 15 days ago
Mangini got punked out by skip bay less
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 15 days ago
Stephen M. Jester II
I want my tombstone to read, "This Time a Hug, This Time a Hug!" 🤣
Fito Alrifat
Fito Alrifat 15 days ago
Beef History : Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg
Ronald Schoolcraft
Ronald Schoolcraft 15 days ago
The Patsies are cheaters through and through.
ALAMO BEXAR 15 days ago
We need a deep rewind on dock Ellis pitching that no hitter on acid...
TheModer8ter 15 days ago
God is real and all people are imperfect. Sin means imperfect, so all people sin. Only sinless perfect beings are allowed to live forever in heaven. The good news is that Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us.. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.
EnderYeah 15 days ago
Great video, thank you! Just subbed.
James Newbury
James Newbury 15 days ago
I don't get it
Maximilian Motter
Maximilian Motter 15 days ago
Collapse: Detroit lions any era 😂😂
Shaney McBaby
Shaney McBaby 15 days ago
Beef history - Harold Ballard & Toronto Maple Leafs
Matthew Dancy
Matthew Dancy 15 days ago
Please do Nyjer Morgan and his antics. Dudes gotta have beef somewhere.
Adomical 15 days ago
Jon Bois
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 15 days ago
Bill IS the greatest coach of all time, get it right. I'm sure Eric regrets everything that went down back then and he should.
Rich Lorenzo
Rich Lorenzo 15 days ago
I usually like these beef videos but I had to stop this one early. That ridiculous violin background music toward the end was just too much.
iang_106 15 days ago
Mangini has to be aboslutely gutted, really sad now knowing the full scope
Oliver Rath
Oliver Rath 15 days ago
Collapse idea: Barcelona from 2015 to now
Aidan Rodriguez
Aidan Rodriguez 15 days ago
pretty sure many hate bellechick not just 1 guy
Manu Petaia
Manu Petaia 15 days ago
Music choice is cool. What's the piece?
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez 15 days ago
Bill gave him the chance of his life when he had nothing. Now that he's back in Nothingham, he wants to rekindle his relationship. Cute.
Nick T
Nick T 15 days ago
Lol at Spygate being forgotten
Nick T
Nick T 15 days ago
Good lord I need that sweatshirt at 1:08
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez 15 days ago
Who wrote the article at 6:04? What a piece of work
Azahr Malik
Azahr Malik 15 days ago
Ball boy too head coach it's never been wht u know always who u know.
Super straight and proud
Beef History: DeShaun Watson and consent
John Parker
John Parker 15 days ago
If Mangini was called Ball Boy instead of Ball Man? Imagine in baseball a Batboy being called Batman? Ha ha ha ha
Fran Preiti
Fran Preiti 16 days ago
Day 3 of me asking for a rewinder of the 2014 fifa world cup. SB if you do ti you are legends
Famous RedBeard
Famous RedBeard 16 days ago
Rex Ryan beef with New England would be a good one
Tony Perez
Tony Perez 16 days ago
"ball boy" at 23? It clearly led to some good opportunities for him but Jesus ... That's like "grown man playing softball" level sad.
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 16 days ago
ya i wouldnt be friends with mangini either haha
Eliseo Colon Jr
Eliseo Colon Jr 16 days ago
MemesAreGood 16 days ago
Beef History: The Buffalo Bills and winning Superbowls
Racer X777
Racer X777 16 days ago
He didn't ruin anything as far as BB is concerned.
Alex Ison
Alex Ison 16 days ago
Beef history: the european super leave vs everyone
Sine Field
Sine Field 16 days ago
Nobody can ruin Belichick's legacy
Kenneth Ho
Kenneth Ho 16 days ago
Nfl Twitter had me thinking spygate was some extravagant plan get gameplans through a spy cam in a cockroach or something. But you can practically do it from the sky box but not the sideline? I don’t know what difference there is
Sean C
Sean C 16 days ago
Okay so as I could care less about the Patriots the Jets coach Belichick and Coach mangini I can give my objective opinion about this vid . So In my opinion you seem like your just trying to blame mangini for as you said " mangini ruined Belichicks legacy".. so how exactly did he do that? By reporting bill for doing something that the league made very clear no team was supposed to do? I mean I remeber when the league office destroyed those tapes. There is only ONE reason why they would do that bc I remeber the press wanted them so instead of showing the world how Belichick was cheating they destroyed them to save face for the Pats and Belichick.. and I don't wanna hear that BS about " oh everyone does it they just got caught" so every team is doing this and bill is the ONLY coach EVER to get caught..gtfo here.. you know what kat williams said about michael jackson right? Mabey if he's getting called a cheater all these years and he has gotten caught cheating multiple times then mabey he's a fckn cheater.. you can make this big in depth video about how mangini told the league office about this camera taping and that's how he ruined Belichicks legacy as you put it but that's completely ridiculous.. you just don't want your favorite team and coach being called cheaters..and you did what alot of people do who get caught doing something and just doesn't want to admit it..you place blame on someone else. Bro please don't make videos like this bc they are just ridiculous.. and btw from what you said here Belichick is the one who fired first by slapping mangini with tampering charges to which mangini said he did no such thing. Everything you said before that was just conjecture. I mean jesus did you listen to this before you posted it to make sure it made sense?
triston boone
triston boone 16 days ago
Can we please get a khabib mcgregor beef history
silentwulffff 16 days ago
Matthew 16 days ago
Bill’s conversational skills are lacking? Dude knows exactly what he’s doing and it’s great.
Survivors Quest
Survivors Quest 16 days ago
When/why was Mangini fired from the Jets?
Dave E.
Dave E. 16 days ago
It's football and everyone knows that when your friend is wearing the other teams uniform he is now your enemy. But these guys forgot that and they let some stupid gamesmanship get between them.
Mr LoL
Mr LoL 16 days ago
Oh wow, creeper v creeper.
James H. Kelly
James H. Kelly 16 days ago
Eric was good at being a ball boy
ccLA08 16 days ago
Seems like this writer O'Brien is a simp and has nothing better to do than complain about Belichick.
jonnycat529 16 days ago
Mangini broke the golden rule of work. You never embarrass the adult that brought you to the big boy table.
Adolfo Ruiz Salazar
So... this is how started the lame excuse of the others...
sunnohh 16 days ago
Belicheck is a broken human, lol
Carlos Villezcas
Carlos Villezcas 16 days ago
I'm not his biggest fan, but at this point, he's not "one of the greatest coaches." He's the 🐐.
William Dillard
William Dillard 16 days ago
And you see Mangini is relegated to the occasional TV analyst spot. He'll never ever coach in The NFL again. Snitches don't get Head Coach riches.
Troy 16 days ago
Wasn’t the rule about videotaping changed the year before?!
Emaniel Jerry
Emaniel Jerry 16 days ago
Where's the worst series???
just a thought
just a thought 16 days ago
New series idea: Sport bromances
just a thought
just a thought 16 days ago
Beef history: Brady vs Goodell
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 16 days ago
Managini stabbed BB his boss in the Back Like the AG in Minnesota who stabs his COPS in the back defund the COPS and rid the NFL of all TRAITORS like KAP and Managini
drby0788 17 days ago
Beef history: Bill Romanowski vs Sanity
chaz 17 days ago
Jose Mourinho v Arsene Wenger NEEDED
The Prodigal Heel
The Prodigal Heel 17 days ago
So, in other words, fake made up drama?
reynarain 17 days ago
How in the hell do you go from 23year old ball boy to NFL head coach two times and then suck at both opportunities and still get a job as a defensive coordinator. The NFL needs more deserving candidates
D Flatt
D Flatt 17 days ago
Correction: 12:21 I think what 'why' is supposed to be a 'how'
Badguy10472 17 days ago
Spygate got swept under the rug thanks to the Goddell and the league destroying the tapes instead of releasing them.
Badguy10472 16 days ago
@Sine Field if there was nothing to see then there wouldn't have been a fine, and a loss of draft picks. Goodell used both his buttcheeks to protect the pats. Of course none of this mattered when deflategate came around. Pat fans were crying fire Goodell and completely forgot they he looked out for you guys the first time around.
Sine Field
Sine Field 16 days ago
There was nothing to see
Jason T. Dingess
Jason T. Dingess 17 days ago
I misinterpreted the rules, and that's how you reach these kids. According to Eric Cartman.
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn 17 days ago
Do a beef history on Roger Clemson vs Mike piazza
DiabloSpiritus 17 days ago
When it came to taping signals, Mangini broke a code shared amongst division rivals and that's why he hasn't gotten another coaching job. They just don't trust him.
Dion R
Dion R 17 days ago
S 93
S 93 17 days ago
I don’t like Eric either 😂😂
Brian Schlager
Brian Schlager 17 days ago
Beef history. Lombardi trophy vs the Vikings/bills
Ace McBonin
Ace McBonin 17 days ago
You’re forgetting that the patriots are and always have been cheaters
freshpineapple 17 days ago
As a relative outsider to Noughts NFL, the Pats did cheat though, right? I mean you can be upset about being labelled something all you want, but they still did spy and later deflate balls, right?
Jon Osborne
Jon Osborne 17 days ago
Technically, although you could tape just not from the location, so they could've gotten the same information from a different angle. Deflategate was never proven but Goodell can do anything he wants to basically. Aaron Rodgers said in an interview a week or so before deflategate that he liked to overinflate his and no one cared. So yes, they broke rules, no it didn't help them win games
Madden Family
Madden Family 17 days ago
Why can’t we be friends song starts playing