Biden just slipped on Gun Control... This could be huge for us people!... 

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In this video, we discuss how Biden is floating Executive Orders for his Gun Control package. This is huge and nothing short of a win for us people! Check it out!

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Feb 18, 2021




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David Wooden
David Wooden 28 minutes ago
"We the People" fought against a tyrannical govenmrnt and won once before. I see that "We the People" are going to be pushed to fight against a tyrannical government again.
Don Turner
Don Turner Hour ago
Your grasping at straws if your think this is a sign of weakness of those who favor gun control. Three hundred million people in the US and most don't own guns. Most don't give a flying fig about the second amendment. What they do care about is the safety of their families. They don't feel safe with AR style weapons being so easily obtainable by any wacko. They could care less about regular guns, hunting guns and pistols. What I don't understand is why you hang your second amendment hats on AR weapons, unless you want rack up some high body counts. Being ex-military I have seen the damage they can do. They were designed to kill people, which they do just fine. If you want to keep your second amendment rights you might soften your stance on AR weapons. The last bone I want to pick with you guys is, why everyone who isn't the far right is automatically "The Left". I've been conservative Republican for 50 years, voted for Ronald Reagan and believe small government. Why am I now part of Left?
Chris Metzinger
I cant really blame them after the capital riot, that insued due to the former presidents false claims. May be if we all stop acting like lunatics.
Me Hour ago
Her name is "CIRCLE BACK GIRL"
Chris Metzinger
Weakness?? Its weakness not to have a friend "steal" your guns. It's the same as what Trump is doing, in a different way. The truth is, you dont know what that means, it might be worse, it might not be, but, putting it out there is asking for agreement.
paul callaghan
paul callaghan 2 hours ago
We are in a living hell in the UK....Please, I beg you...hang on to your guns....you MUST fight these monsters....
Joe Wrigjt
Joe Wrigjt 2 hours ago
Remove the warning signs,and let nature take her course
Joe Wrigjt
Joe Wrigjt 2 hours ago
Your second amendment right to bear arms is to protect the people from the government and invading forces. So why in God’s green earth would you even want to give up your right,it’s not the governments decision on what weapon you have or can’t have,they take our guns,while keeping theirs ,doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happens next,POLICE STATE
Kyle Rhone
Kyle Rhone 2 hours ago
Make no mistake the liberals will get em if they can, anyway they can
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 2 hours ago
I love that they use the NRA as the boogeyman. That way they don't have to admit that their true aim is to take lawfully owned firearms from MILLIONS OF AMERICANS.
Joe Wrigjt
Joe Wrigjt 2 hours ago
How many of you really think cops,would enforce a ridiculous law of going to an armed population and say give me your gun or your going to prison ,they aren’t stupid
Raymond Heath
Raymond Heath 3 hours ago
Laws, we don't need no stinkin laws......
Hardline 3 hours ago
The whole term of Common Sense Gun Control is a joke and is a term the left use loosely. Most of the gun related deaths in the last 10 years in America were committed by handguns, so this made up term Assault Weapon ban has absolutely no facts behind it. It’s about the left trying to disarm Americans! It will never happen willing by Americans and will do nothing to curb violence because most gun related deaths are committed by criminals who don’t by their weapons legally!
PERFECTLS3 3 hours ago
Do not fear law abiding citizens owning guns, fear a government that fears law abiding citizens owning guns.
Andy Jones
Andy Jones 4 hours ago
If they do try they commit a crime that's why they can't touch the 2nd without fear of goin to prison where they will need some vass for the well you get the picture
SmokinBabySniper 4 hours ago
Sixty-two percent of Americans favor a ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons.
77 88
77 88 5 hours ago
Hey it's Shia Labeouf!!
Jon Weiss
Jon Weiss 5 hours ago
Does anyone realize that if Biden tries any form of confiscation, he will in fact be a felon? Taking property in excess of $1000 is in fact “grand larceny”.
My favorite Martian
Sorry man, but it is time to be vigilant and not relax on anything. This is a rough time for Patriots. It is OK to report on "Biden Slipping", But in no physical way does it make our task easier. What it is , is time to double down and get out the spurs.
Larry Fry
Larry Fry 5 hours ago
Your thoughts are logical. However, never underestimate the deviousness of the liberal left. They will chip away at our right to own and USE (think storage restrictions, ammo, transporting, etc......) legal firearms.
threvpb 15
threvpb 15 6 hours ago
Trump's first two years were a complete standstill in congress due to infighting in the Republican Party. Turns out the Democrat Party is doing the same thing. The common denominator: our government is useless.
Kris Michaels
Kris Michaels 6 hours ago
They don't care if they have a mandate ....they stole the election
HyN Lartomar
HyN Lartomar 6 hours ago
ya man i smell what your thinking,
Chris Tanner
Chris Tanner 6 hours ago
I think these people just say thing so to appease the far left for their vote. But I think they’ll actually try something but fail miserably and will actually allow us more freedoms with out hobby. God bless you all! God bless America
Alex Rosky
Alex Rosky 6 hours ago
If they don't think they have the support of the people then I expect a mass shooting to take place. These people are evil.
Lead Farmer
Lead Farmer 7 hours ago
Just buy more Ammo & get ready Patriots for fok sakes people
john f Mitchell
john f Mitchell 7 hours ago
The supreme court’s will protect the second amendment
Nah Bruv
Nah Bruv 8 hours ago
I'm just gonna say it Hacky Psak....
Craig Parker
Craig Parker 8 hours ago
They can't appease weirdo lefty's because they fear losing the House & Senate in 2022.
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 9 hours ago
She's as radical as the rest of them. If you voted for Joe Biden you need to beware.Reminds me of the Poem "The Snake." The 2nd Amendment is the right of ""We the People." God bless America and God bless President Trump ! A Patriot
North East Whitewater
Romney, Murkowski and Collins will vote with the communists. It is coming
Tommy Wieringo
Tommy Wieringo 11 hours ago
Biden is scared of gun control cause it will start another civil war in America again between pro gun believers and anti gun believers and he knows there are more of us pro gun people than none and we will win this war period.
Steven Daniels
Steven Daniels 11 hours ago
Keep emailing your Senators, Representatives etc. It works.
Samuel Patchett
Samuel Patchett 11 hours ago
You have no idea how legislation works in the US Congress or you wouldn’t be asking such ignorant rhetorical questions
Scorpion Huro
Scorpion Huro 12 hours ago
Feel like shooting
John Delvisco
John Delvisco 15 hours ago
Funny how they want to ban guns when 90% of the murders in this country are not caused by guns. If somebody wants to kill you they don't need a gun to do it. They can make all the laws they want because the criminal didn't pay attention to the first one and they are not going to pay attention to the next one either. You want to curb the murder rate?? Make a malicious act of murder automatic death sentence AND ACTUALLY GO THROUGH WITH IT. Too many states don't recognize the death penalty and refuse to use it. Most of our states threaten the death penalty like an empty promise and are too afraid to put it into affect. It's just a game that they play. QUIT PLAYING GAMES. That's why murderers are not afraid of anything because they know the judicial system is going to take care of them for the rest of our lives. It cost roughly $70k a year to keep and inmate happy in prison. I heard a statement not too long back that prisons do not want to use the death penalty because the 5000.00 dollar price tag it takes for lethal injection is too costly. I couldn't believe my ears. 5k is too much to spend on one death row inmate but 70k for 30yrs for that same death row inmate to be taken care of is ok. Thank you Judicial System for being a bunch of F&%(#$G Idiots. It's not the weapon of choice that becomes the problem with a murder, It's the fact that the choice to kill someone in the first place is what the problem is. How come nobody in the political arena and the judicial system pays any attention to this??? We don't need gun control,,WE NEED CRIMINAL CONTROL!!! Or criminal elimination.
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 15 hours ago
I have dealt with people and the Second Amendment for years. What they don't understand is in the 25 word Amendment the word hunter is no where in the Amendment. This is a false statement made by politicians and anti gun nuts. So remember the next time you are in a discussion with these people ask them "How many times the word HUNTER is mentioned." Most of them probably have never read the 2nd Amendment and have no idea what it says.
QT 15 hours ago
Look up HR 127.
Krustyking Crabbymariner
The far left is a figment of the ignorant's imagination. The left doesn't want to get rid of guns, most own them. It's just a ploy to keep the ignorant and uneducated voting against their best interests, and help a few rich guys get richer though panic buying. Better gun control is certainly needed with the number of brainwashed cultist outfitting themselves like terrorists, and trying to skirt laws on silencers and full auto. Those are certainly not safe for others, in the hands of drunk teabillybobs.
andy m
andy m 16 hours ago
with all due respect...and i am a liberal gun owner, you are reading way too much into this...even i will fight for the 2nd amendment...Obama had 8 years to take away our guns...and sales went through the roof...
James Vatter
James Vatter 16 hours ago
I hope you are correct, but not sure that's what is going on currently.
Arthur Devain
Arthur Devain 17 hours ago
There are many reasons why a citizen might want to own a firearm, but the Constitution only mentions one of them. The Constitution says nothing about punching holes in paper targets. Nor does it mention putting meat on the table. It doesn’t even say anything about citizens defending their homes, their families, and themselves. The Constitution does specify, however, that in a Free State, the citizenry MUST have a military capability. So when the wannabe tyrants preach that private citizens should not be allowed to own “Weapons Of War,” please remember - that is exactly what the Constitution calls for! Repeal the “Hughes Amendment!” Hell! Repeal the whole damned NFA!
Spud Head
Spud Head 17 hours ago
He ain't even president he's a poser
Ken Kitchens
Ken Kitchens 17 hours ago
An Executive Order cannot override the Constitution, this week Dems have lost 30% of their base and are in panic mode. 2nd people are on their last straw with the Government this would put people over the edge and political suicide for any person that does this and they know it.
Branimal420 17 hours ago
The Government has the control. we the people need to stand up before is too late . we are the united states of America. We are not in a free country. We are being brainwashed to hate. To comply. And we are letting it happen. A civil war will happen. History repeats if we do NOT learn from it.
talonstrike01 18 hours ago
the democrats are corrupt the arms manufacturers just need to start throwing a bunch of money at politicians under the table, so that they say, well we dont need THAT many restricitions, the gun manufactures can plan to come up with assault weapons or some other made up classification (that then gets banned which wouldnt matter becuase it was never a real thing) and everyone is happy the democrats get to line their pockets the gun companies get to sell guns and the consumer gets to have guns, arms manufactures just arent bribing the politicians enough is all
TheGenYAnomaly 19 hours ago
Can I depend on them to be so stupid that they'll only ban Ar-15's and not Ar-10's because they don't know the difference.
Michael Dewitt
Michael Dewitt 19 hours ago
Immergrent he allows remember they can be from any country hell be Isis no one knows it and now gun control wonder what's next to help and as when Obama was in office put fear in public and act like they give just to take to make is a problem were most public feels you need the democrats
Michael Dewitt
Michael Dewitt 19 hours ago
Dictation is what you have the president signs if Congress approves but no one ask the public we should be signing a voters slip on what wants as we should be able to ask for things ideas
Bionic Man
Bionic Man 19 hours ago
Tim Cathey
Tim Cathey 20 hours ago
It's not what you eat is how you eat it
Tim Cathey
Tim Cathey 20 hours ago
Randy Smith
Randy Smith 20 hours ago
Who's going door to door throughout America to confiscate our guns if Sleepy Creepy Ukraine Beijing Lyin Hiden NOT MY PRESIDENT Joe Sniffing O'Biden goes through with this madness of "Responsible" gun control, and wants to take our AR's and AK's?? Most if not all cops in my neck of the woods are former military or life long police officers who are 2ndA loving Patriots just like all of us, so I doubt it will be them. Come n get it Beto!!
T54Hx2112 20 hours ago
Ok, send me the 10 pages i need to fill out, and at the same time, send the other 50 some million those ten pages. Then we will all fill them out at the same time, shit such as im herman munster and i live at 1313 mocking bird lane so forth and so on, then we will all mail them in at the same time! Fun fact. 1 million sheets of paper will reach 326ft if stacked. So 50 million? Gun owners each with a 10 page form to fill out with utter nonsense...yeah I cant wait.
Bang Bang
Bang Bang 20 hours ago
I will not comply
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 20 hours ago
you reek of desperation, still asking permission to live as God intended? As free men.
wfs2 email
wfs2 email 20 hours ago
Honestly, thank you but they don't give 2 sh*ts about us or qhat we think. It's all deception, diversion, and subversion. TRAITORS TO THE CONSTITUTION occupy the white house!!!! Where is the line?
Adam Fay
Adam Fay 21 hour ago
I am betting they have an Operation Northwoods style attack planned to push their gun agenda in their favor.
Johnathan Dohbert
Johnathan Dohbert 21 hour ago
As far as lefties are concerned, and these are the people that voted Biden in all guns are bad. They definitely are for this. His voter base. The winning team will do it. As a conservative im telling you that you need to buy some PVC pipe, a shovel and desiccant cause you'll need it soon enough. She is an idiot, believe me Biden and his ilk will be all but completely removing the 2nd amendment.
Greg Exelby
Greg Exelby 22 hours ago
Shane Fibke
Shane Fibke 23 hours ago
Id seriously would like to know your definition of brothers and sisters?
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler 23 hours ago
State laws is where your gun control will come from not sleepy joe
Charles Coker
You assume they will in the end stand for the Constitution.
cody orr4
cody orr4 Day ago
do you just make different videos with similar titles every 4 days...? getting all the pro-gun and anti-biden people to buy your merch.
Ady Day
Ady Day Day ago
They just don’t want YOU ! to have any guns...politicians don’t do anything for nothing...the corporation of USA is bankrupt...which means..there’s no CEO/president. Politicians have to find a way of regaining wealth from deception...it’d be easier for the politicians,if,the public didn’t have weapons to fight back with...it’d appear that the government is gearing up for war...who with though?
Hugebitch Day ago
All I’m saying shall not be infringed upon they took this oath.... they take this right they will sooner later take all rights just like the first and second There trying hard to get them both and why the hell is pelsoi being so quite lately oh yea now Biden in she wants to deescalate it now so Biden cause push his agendas I think we the American people should impeach him we the people not we the congress and such
Dave Vandenbosch
Don’t even think about it, you will start a war!!
Acceptable Let
Support or not an executive order could go into effect over night.
Patricia Huffman
America's laws and Constitutional liberties are as important today as they were years ago. The Constitution states "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." The Biden Administration have clearly been trying to change the Constitution and have stated their objective to transform our Country.
Barbara Sink
Barbara Sink Day ago
You could be right. We shall see....
The Senate and Congress both know that they do not have the power nor authority to enact anti-gun legislation (laws) because that would be an attempt to usurp the Second Amendment. They can spew all of the hyperbole they choose, but they know they do not have the votes, power or right to change anything! Biden’s admin will attempt any end-around they can in order to make it look as though they can and are doing SOMETHING! It’s completely laughable.
Code Ninja
Code Ninja Day ago
Here's a compromise. I'll be ok with them banning salt weapons if they stop all gun control. I'm not sure what a salt weapon is but it sounds like it's dangerous to dehydrated people.
mike melina
mike melina Day ago
It took you 2 minutes to get to the point. You wasted 2 minutes of my life. Don't ramble when discussing politics, it pisses us off. Be more like Colion!
Dennis Lucas
Dennis Lucas Day ago
Favorite press secretary , I'll have to circle around about that .
Enrique Del Valle
🔥👌💪💯🇺🇸The Second Amendment is the Official Power of Liberty of This Great Nation 🔥👌🎯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Wayne Zartman
Please correct me if I am wrong but if he uses an executive order to ban the importation of 7.62 by 39, won't that cause that once very affordable bulk ammunition to no longer be available? The few ammunition manufacturers that make it in the US couldn't possibly keep up with the demand.
Russell Miller
Words without merit are for entertainment only. Be ready or be first.
D. Day ago
Nice vid...and i believe you are right on that.
cedric worthington broadaxe
Unless white Americans start using their Constitutional Rights/Freedoms to take back control of their country; the Marxist 'Deep State' regime will have transformed America into a 21st Century version of Lenin/Stalin's Marxist 'Paradise' all too soon:- Major Soviet Paper Says 20 Million Died As Victims of ... www.nytimes.com/1989/02/04/world/major-soviet-paper-says-20... 04/02/1989 · A Soviet weekly newspaper today published the most detailed accounting of Stalin's victims yet presented to a mass audience here, indicating that about 20 million … List of Gulag camps - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Gulag_camps The list below, enumerates the selected sites of the Soviet forced labor camps (known in Russian as the "corrective labor camps") of the Gulag. Most of them served mining, construction, and timber works. It is estimated that for most of its existence, the Gulag system consisted of over 30,000 camps, divided into three categories according to the number of prisoners held. The largest camps consisted of more than 25,000 prisoners each, medium size camps held from 5,000 to 25,000 inmates, and the smallest, but most numerous labor camps operated with less than 5,000 people each. Even this incomplete list can give a fair idea of the scale of forced labor in the USSR. Wikipedia · Text under CC-BY-SA license
Ryan Magnan
Ryan Magnan Day ago
The Federal government could relocate everyone into a locked down skyscraper city of doom and they still could leave us with our gun rights. All we do is shoot each other over property and women disputes. The federal state doesn't risk anything with the 2nd amendment and warfare barely has anything to do with firearms these days anyway.
Max Scott
Max Scott Day ago
Good catch! Executive Order versus Will of the People.
Eric D
Eric D Day ago
Even taxes are limited. If congress imposes their $800 per firearm tax, it could be challenged as an infringement, which is prohibited in the second ammendment. Then there is a risk that states just won't comply, which will be a complete embarrassment to the powers that be.
gary stanford
I'm 82 years old and I dare Biden to come after my guns because I don't give a shit so try me!
James LaFayette
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
erueka6 Day ago
I've heard that before but just the way you said it made me think the fuck does "common sense" gun control even mean that's retarded word use.
kathy poff
kathy poff Day ago
The way I said hello Americans is our job is to protect the Constitution at all cost from foreign and domestic terrorist enemies of our great country who want to change it !!! I'm not signing no registry I'm not paying no taxes so I sit again in weight locked cocked ready to rock person in American with a gun is a citizen an American without a gun is a servant !!!😎 please my fellow Americans pray for our country
Unknown X
Unknown X Day ago
She’s not a red head...look at her roots. She’s as fake and false as the president she speaks for.
Paul A
Paul A Day ago
You may be on to something, however if Garland gets appointed, which let’s face it he will, he has already come out and stated he would find every legal recourse to push forward Biden’ s agenda.
Chris Wells
Chris Wells Day ago
How about people just take out people who are pushing this.
Bertie Day ago
Hi from Britain. Here's one of my favourite quotes: “That rifle on the wall of the labourer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” ― George Orwell Never Give Up Your Guns USA 'They' took away our inalienable sovereign right to keep and bear arms here in Britain - We are F@cked.
Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen 15 hours ago
Absolutely! Thank you for your support!
Polly Horlander
The government won’t have to limit us. The corporations are doing it for them.
Sandera Adams
The British tried it , we shot them !!!
timmbos Day ago
Jen Psaki......."Peppermint Patty" lol!!
IsaidQUIET Nhere
Sacko Crappy
Terri Sparta
Terri Sparta Day ago
The left don't wanna take our guns out of our home. On no, big problems for them if they try.
dazzling3237 Day ago
Of course they don't have the support so stop buying ammo. The gun lobby spend hundreds of millions in washington every year and it's not on billboards, it goes directly to senators and congresspeople, there is zero chance for any changes despite all the doomsayers crying the sky is falling every couple years...
Tacoshotgun Day ago
It’s not gun control, it’s civil rights control.
Mike lafleur
Mike lafleur Day ago
I’ll have to circle back lol
John Brown
John Brown Day ago
When "THEY" Outlaw guns is when I become An Outlaw!!
Don Klem
Don Klem Day ago
Very good point
my valentine :)
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my valentine :)
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