Best Ultimate Gaming Room Wins $10,000 Challenge 

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Best Ultimate Gaming Room Wins $10,000 Challenge ft. @FaZe Jarvis @HanRidge @FaZe Teeqo @TeaWap
Jarvis & Kay Gaming - @Jarvis & Kay Gaming
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Feb 21, 2021




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FaZe Kay
FaZe Kay Month ago
subscribe for the ultimate gaming room coming soon...
Rohan Gu
Rohan Gu 4 days ago
roland meshi
roland meshi 4 days ago
Can you please play with me and help me complete the new challenges
roland meshi
roland meshi 4 days ago
i did
Ali Hindal
Ali Hindal 10 days ago
I did
Ana Karina Murillo Perdomo
On Jarvis’ setup he has Fortnite installed-_-
Tabbatha Torres Adorno
Can I get the ps 5 from you please
I’m subscribed
Sam Kingson
Sam Kingson Day ago
Yo jarivis have me a shout out peace my g
tammy spiby
tammy spiby Day ago
Mashed Socks
Mashed Socks 2 days ago
VIBES ALL DAY 3 days ago
This video is awesome
Kinsley Purser
Kinsley Purser 3 days ago
Javis tent had fortnite on the monitor
Rachel Ficara
Rachel Ficara 4 days ago
Jahnoah Epke
Jahnoah Epke 4 days ago
i like jarvis one but i love Ps5
Activity Style
Activity Style 4 days ago
Why was the hole video black
Davinci Ciocan
Davinci Ciocan 4 days ago
Yashay Smith
Yashay Smith 5 days ago
the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!.
Samuel Gutierrez
Samuel Gutierrez 5 days ago
8:23 didnt jarvis get the xbox and frazier the PS5 ????????????????
Angel Barrass
Angel Barrass 5 days ago
Is it just me who sees the fortunate login
roleplay rp
roleplay rp 6 days ago
I hate you kay
Jomyr Orihuela
Jomyr Orihuela 6 days ago
what the hell how is jarvis is on fortnite
Yashay Smith
Yashay Smith 6 days ago
the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!
ItzOllyOP 6 days ago
I like how in Jarvis tent he’s got fortnite on it says press a to start
Team Controla
Team Controla 7 days ago
Can I live in Jarvis's tent
Faber Hosman
Faber Hosman 7 days ago
he was saying I am my hole life on x box than he's wearing an playstion sweater
dheer shah
dheer shah 7 days ago
Frazier is now beginning to sound like morgz
meina46 7 days ago
the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!
David Araujo
David Araujo 8 days ago
meina46 8 days ago
the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!
TTV_night _Stewrat13
I pefur Jarvis ngtl
TTV_night _Stewrat13
Exotic Playz
Exotic Playz 7 days ago
Vihaan Jain
Vihaan Jain 9 days ago
If Elon went to space 'god I 'am in space'
Michele 9 days ago
the one that i used : fortnite.contractors It is intended for all platforms!
Click Basher
Click Basher 9 days ago
I got the same monitor that Kay got but for $650 cheaper
Tom Farrell
Tom Farrell 9 days ago
Can I have a free gaming setup
HvaSåDer 10 days ago
You guys see jarvis in fortnite
Husain A
Husain A 10 days ago
I give both of you 100
ItsMano 10 days ago
Wait did he really give him the car and 1million dollars worth of clothes ?
Carter Scheule-Sharp
why is there a PS5 and XBOX series X when there is a white PS4 controller next to the PS5?
rafeef f
rafeef f 11 days ago
Olivia Stenvold
Olivia Stenvold 12 days ago
Please Epic Unbann Faze Jarvis!?.
Braxton Byrd
Braxton Byrd 12 days ago
FaZe Kay and FaZe Jarvis walk in and get the Ps5 and Xbox like it’s not even rare
Fortnite Gods
Fortnite Gods 12 days ago
Can I tr out for FaZe?
Golden Tarantula
Golden Tarantula 12 days ago
Bro Jarvis is so much better like on god it is
Tommy Animations
Tommy Animations 12 days ago
Jarvis is better
Mario flores
Mario flores 12 days ago
Ngl but I think jarvis tent is way better it's a bed and I've never played pc so if I were to have that tent it'd be the best tent in history for me
Josephroleplays 13 days ago
Did anyone see fortnite
Safo IH
Safo IH 14 days ago
Done I'm subscribed with notes on
Cameron Stokes
Cameron Stokes 14 days ago
If I was jarvis I would get g fuel and a wirelless Internet cable
Kamman48 BTW
Kamman48 BTW 15 days ago
6:20 oh there’s some Fortnite in the back
Luca Cbm
Luca Cbm 15 days ago
The RPG lol
Brandon Games
Brandon Games 15 days ago
Khulaid Malik
Khulaid Malik 15 days ago
Faze Kaye you are the winning
Ezzedine Almaoui
Ezzedine Almaoui 15 days ago
I think jarv w Ins
Amr Mahmoud Ahmed
Amr Mahmoud Ahmed 16 days ago
Btw Jarvis his monitor has on it Fortnite 😂😂😂 i an actually happy tho...
FaZe F1ames
FaZe F1ames 16 days ago
First. They all knew which tent was which and second. It is so obvious that Kay was going to win because he has never lost a single challenge in one of his videos
Alfie Taylor
Alfie Taylor 16 days ago
if you look a the pc monitor It is loading up Fortnite 5:58
Micah Dhiraj GAJARIA
Roblox devs
Roblox devs 16 days ago
fortnite is not on the screen is a fortnite wallpaper
Plazma Zone
Plazma Zone 16 days ago
Is jarvus unbanned
TTV Anvance noscopeシ
I like Jarvis more
stijntje YT
stijntje YT 17 days ago
Frazier likes to flex hes money😂
Chixology 17 days ago
Love how they are like: WOW 2080 FPS! You can really game in here! But if u actually try it would be 140+ ping
Divano Vrij
Divano Vrij 17 days ago
jarvis is see fortnite!!!
Fernyboi GG
Fernyboi GG 17 days ago
Jarvis has fortnite on his monitor
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 17 days ago
6:17 anyone else see what’s on the monitor
Mason Piper
Mason Piper 17 days ago
Is that fot
NYC Zaid
NYC Zaid 17 days ago
Yo just cut the hole srings
Jessica Hinojosa
Jessica Hinojosa 17 days ago
Guys are crazy Jarvis is way better
Dylan Keyz
Dylan Keyz 18 days ago
Jarvis has Fortnite open
Mark gaming
Mark gaming 18 days ago
Kay was just building a solar system 😂
Square Fn Yt
Square Fn Yt 18 days ago
Fortniteis on in jarvis setup
Tenzin Namkar
Tenzin Namkar 18 days ago
Jarvis wins
Tiko is best
Tiko is best 19 days ago
David Saul
David Saul 19 days ago
In my opinion Jarvis won. Reply who you think won
VioletAlpha 19 days ago
did anyone see jarvis tent has fortnitw when they were voting?
TaxFrauder 19 days ago
When your mon says go play outside
Sofia Korchi
Sofia Korchi 19 days ago
I just wish that you get a house I am watching old video’s and crying I miss face clan good luck your the best
Joshua Saghian
Joshua Saghian 19 days ago
anybody wonder why in frazier’s setup there is a PS4 Controller when there was a ps5
Benjamin Schlüssel
Meyer Rosen
Meyer Rosen 20 days ago
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Aidyn Brady
Aidyn Brady 20 days ago
#bandboy hes cool
alexander surles
alexander surles 21 day ago
07:12 i see fornite
GE-Streamer YT
GE-Streamer YT 21 day ago
I love Kay's the best:)
GE-Streamer YT
GE-Streamer YT 21 day ago
It's creative
Harley Benedix
Harley Benedix 21 day ago
why was javis on fortnite
Maria Munoz
Maria Munoz 21 day ago
Maria Munoz
Maria Munoz 21 day ago
FaZe Jarvis
Khing Thompson
Khing Thompson 21 day ago
next thing u know he calls the police saying someone robed my tent
mango 21 day ago
Cillian Walsh
Cillian Walsh 21 day ago
When he said me and Jarvis have spent the last 48 hours. on this it showed up as 24 hours
angry burger47
angry burger47 21 day ago
Elijahcraft18 21 day ago
Your insane Jarvis
Suresh n
Suresh n 22 days ago
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Melachi Lund-Brown
Melachi Lund-Brown 22 days ago
I give my boy Jarvis a100 out of thirty
Trb Yt
Trb Yt 22 days ago
I liked jarvis’s tent
Super plush Bro’s
Didn’t y’all get kicked out he faze house
slop 60fps
slop 60fps 22 days ago
6:36 fortnite
Roxanne Gibson
Roxanne Gibson 22 days ago
Is Jarvis band from fortnite
Guillermo Moreno
Guillermo Moreno 23 days ago
At 6:56 why is Fortnite loaded up Jarvis?
Lenny Collins
Lenny Collins 23 days ago
The way that in Jarvis’s text has fortnite loaded on but he’s banned😂
ADK _Clutch
ADK _Clutch 23 days ago
Kahini Manuel
Kahini Manuel 23 days ago
6:40 Jarvis is playing fortnite
Steve Daniels
Steve Daniels 23 days ago
8:53 it was in a fridge
Lucy Greene
Lucy Greene 23 days ago
he has fortnite on his screen
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