Best Gum Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts 

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I can't believe we made a painting with gum and the winner won gumballs for life
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Oct 23, 2020




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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Month ago
Whose gumball art do you think was the best? Thank you SimpliSafe for sponsoring this video. Use this link: simplisafe.com/zhccraft
Cristiana Oliveira Hallèn
ZHC Crafts how nasty, it’s so werd but cool too
London Sutton
Hi Zach
Ava Dawson
Ava Dawson 4 days ago
i think the best is michelle
Unicorn Playz
Unicorn Playz 7 days ago
hi zhc
Zia Kachwala
Zia Kachwala 7 days ago
Anneliese Martin
Anneliese Martin 33 minutes ago
ZHC you should do a day in the life of ZHC and the whole crew
Allison Birkey
Allison Birkey 6 hours ago
Jaz deffinetly
Faisal saeed
Faisal saeed 6 hours ago
Hi I am your biggest fan I love you soooo much I love you panting like every thing 🥰🥰🥰
Kata ZR
Kata ZR 7 hours ago
Imagine Zach customizes the simpily safe stuff 😂
Fawzzy Rocks
Fawzzy Rocks 7 hours ago
What’s jaz insta
myles vaughn
myles vaughn 8 hours ago
i feel u care picking ur girlfriend because shes ur girl do more challenges with out her
Xashly Gt
Xashly Gt 11 hours ago
ZHC i Love you GUYS 👍😊
Evan Yang
Evan Yang 12 hours ago
This look gross
12 hours ago
I got clickbaited 😭
Steven Earl
Steven Earl 18 hours ago
Megan Valenzuela
Megan Valenzuela 21 hour ago
If the blonde girl colored her hair that would look cool the girls will look pretty she is pretty though no hate 🥰
Ally rose!!
Ally rose!! 22 hours ago
That’s pretty impressive for gum!!
Anal Probe
Anal Probe Day ago
Jamie Herstein
omg my moms birthday
Ellene meshesha
p;les i want to have not ples beying gredey i wish i meat yon
De Jordan Henderson
ih zhc
random vids
random vids Day ago
I am Malala and i live in London
Afiqamin Amin
Surprised fgteev logo cars
Annoying JP
Annoying JP Day ago
Kailan kaya ako bibigyan nito ng Iphone 12 pro? 😔
najwa asim
najwa asim Day ago
I am so sad I never got anything because I am in dubai 😢 😞 😪
S Ali
S Ali Day ago
Grace x Kane
Grace x Kane 2 days ago
What type of dog I h ulk??
Wolfe Games
Wolfe Games 2 days ago
Cloudy with a chance of gumballs. Very nice.
Mystery Man?
Mystery Man? 2 days ago
Lol the ad before was hotmomma95 and was the gum one P.S lol gross
UltraDinoGamer 2 days ago
7:13 zhc : 10 , 9 , 3 , 2 , 1
nungky obgyn
nungky obgyn 2 days ago
Because zack 100 hours in the art room so my dare is the other have to do the same
maliha amjad
maliha amjad 2 days ago
Cruz Carter
Cruz Carter 2 days ago
I’ve been subscribed for 2 and a half years I’ve always wanted a customed iPhone
Janarthanan S
Janarthanan S 2 days ago
Yoo man so coool
fis h
fis h 3 days ago
game play Queen
game play Queen 3 days ago
I think the best gum ball art was IDK🤷🏻‍♀️
RSN BUCCI 3 days ago
The girl with the purple hair looks like charli dameilo \
Allen Caranto
Allen Caranto 3 days ago
Erica Padilla
Erica Padilla 3 days ago
Jake Moro
Jake Moro 3 days ago
The artwork under the desk at school: *PATHETICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC*
Tmnit Asmelash
Tmnit Asmelash 3 days ago
Who else thinks michellle is cute
Melody Gagarin
Melody Gagarin 3 days ago
wheres my phone ZHC
Ava Dawson
Ava Dawson 4 days ago
i love when one of them said that after this chalange i will never chew gum again
Jorge Urcuyo
Jorge Urcuyo 4 days ago
im subscribe you
Marisa Horton
Marisa Horton 4 days ago
I swallowed gum before
Hanae Koheily SÖSFI
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Edith Soledad
Edith Soledad 4 days ago
Hello, Zhc my idol please I need a phone for my online classes :< hoping you can read my comments :< I'm Filipino Thank you so much :
5 V
5 V 4 days ago
ZHC: so today I will do the gum challenge pls get we are so close to 100,000,000,000 sub Gum: why do I look like Mona Lisa? Edit: You are Mona Lisa
malie buggins
malie buggins 4 days ago
Why is nobody talking about how Michelle was wearing biebs merch like waaaaw
Claxie Bear
Claxie Bear 4 days ago
Their like kids
Gloomy Suki
Gloomy Suki 5 days ago
doesnt michelle win because its his gf?-
Jayda Malamba
Jayda Malamba 5 days ago
ilysm ZHC ❤️
[LILY] 5 days ago
I have gum beside me rn and I'm eating it lol coincidence
Abigail Martinez
Abigail Martinez 5 days ago
Love ur videos 😍
JenLyd YT
JenLyd YT 5 days ago
pleas drav a amungus impasta drawing pleas with the word dead on the stumak
Julianne Martinelli
Thank Michelle‘s gonna win the whole thing
Rahma Lauzi
Rahma Lauzi 5 days ago
School memories:whoever chew gum in class has put the gum on the hair
Autumn Landes
Autumn Landes 5 days ago
It’s so funny that they all have different hair colours!!
wilson rai
wilson rai 5 days ago
The girls are the power puff girls because ..........
Exotic Slimes
Exotic Slimes 5 days ago
I want a lifetime of gumballs 😞😞😢😢
Private Account
Private Account 5 days ago
Can u ask Michelle to get me some sugar free gum balls
Emperor Gaming
Emperor Gaming 6 days ago
Gill Wilbourne
Gill Wilbourne 6 days ago
Your amazing artist
SSA 6 days ago
I laughed so hard when the dog put the gumball in the trash bag 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Gerken
Andrew Gerken 6 days ago
This just a second channel for more money smh
Peter Masemola
Peter Masemola 6 days ago
Mohammed Afri
Mohammed Afri 6 days ago
Do you know zhc gives more free product to rich peoples and celebrity to get more fame
N Vignesh
N Vignesh 6 days ago
Plzzz let me work with you guys so that I can win something I am being greedy now
AlphaRobot5 6 days ago
thumbnail is such a clickbate
Stormy 6 days ago
Disgusting but amazing
Sheep Queen
Sheep Queen 6 days ago
Can you stop doing clickbait because this is
Sheep Queen
Sheep Queen 6 days ago
I hope that don’t sound mean
family page
family page 6 days ago
he just did his gf cause she is his gf
Sibel Snow
Sibel Snow 6 days ago
"HP computer" "Visalia" "Reasons: This computer the camera is broken and i need one to do online class
Sibel Snow
Sibel Snow 6 days ago
raul durah
raul durah 7 days ago
I like his cool phone
Lilith Contreras
Lilith Contreras 7 days ago
"Mac Book"or "phone" I lost my computer l it's been a year.🤣🤦‍♀️"Riverside". My phone is SUPER SLOOOOOOOW. "Subbed"
LEELAH AZEMI 7 days ago
How do you do this
Josiah Holland
Josiah Holland 7 days ago
I only wish I had as many subscribers he has
Learning art
Learning art 7 days ago
Chito Cano
Chito Cano 7 days ago
Chito Cano
Chito Cano 7 days ago
I can't believe that zhc customizes his inside of his house cool
Chito Cano
Chito Cano 7 days ago
I can't believe that zhc customized the inside of his house cool
Serena Shivji
Serena Shivji 7 days ago
Anyone else now craving gum?
Nourhan Chaar
Nourhan Chaar 7 days ago
After this challenge to dont want to chew gum ever again - Viv 2020
Angelina Soe
Angelina Soe 7 days ago
I Love gumballs
Aemen Omair Khan
Aemen Omair Khan 7 days ago
Who’s watching in almost 2021 😃😃😃😃😃😃 ZHC like Michelle Comment
Aemen Omair Khan
Aemen Omair Khan 7 days ago
I did both 😅😅😅😅😅😅hehe bcuz for me both are the best
Halloween Ghost
Halloween Ghost 7 days ago
Mirella Guerra
Mirella Guerra 7 days ago
Phone pls Moorpark Because my family is strugaling and i don't want tomake you choose me but you can if you want and i nees another laptop for brother
After seen this video I would not eat gum
mαngou 7 days ago
Ann Marie Ruelas
Ann Marie Ruelas 7 days ago
I liked vivs
Simone Wittiger
Simone Wittiger 7 days ago
Your channel is amazing I have never watch you but I literly lo ve your channel
Eva Zaragoza Diaz
I might get traumatized by a gum Michelle chewed.😂😂
Eva Zaragoza Diaz
I might get traumatized by the gum Michelle chewed.😂😂
Minh Ngo
Minh Ngo 8 days ago
I have be subscribe when you ever started this channel and Michelle‘s channel and your channel zhc
Jess Swindle
Jess Swindle 8 days ago
Your videos are so awesome 😎
Brooklynn Flores
Brooklynn Flores 8 days ago
i love you videos I almost whatched them all
tamcar707 8 days ago
The one with butterfly and flowers
Lara 8 days ago
Done subscribing
Hey, Its me again Angelina
Simplisafe simply piano simply guitar
ob zero
ob zero 8 days ago
I'll stick with one everytime I see a gum machine
Pôçørñ Bêãrś
Why have I never worn on iPhone before or anything
olivia higgins
olivia higgins 8 days ago
the loser should of have gave the gum balls to the winner and im hungry now :( :(
NoodlesForLife Karpierz
Imagen if Hulk pooped on one of the arts 😂😂😂😂