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I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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Feb 21, 2021




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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Day ago
Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))
Jeanette Burrows
Jeanette Burrows 2 hours ago
I’m subscribed to both channels I love your videos
anonymous 2 hours ago
😁 can u pls do more vids like this i rly like this one
Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh 3 hours ago
Ok I did
Halima Siddique
Halima Siddique 4 hours ago
i feel like your girlfriend should have won i know her name i dont know how to spell it
Lindsey Watson
Lindsey Watson 5 hours ago
@Sadiyah M 7
Jenny Babe Chavez
I'm a new subscriber
Maria Khan
Maria Khan Hour ago
I have a 3D pen but I lost its main thing, the charger..
Steve Sam
Steve Sam Hour ago
I like napping and sleeping
Himari Uzamaki
I subscribed and notifications are on love you guys
ST0N3R DR0PZ Hour ago
I subscribed as soon I seen the amazing arts you guys create
sarah bauman
sarah bauman Hour ago
Megan Anzaldo
Megan Anzaldo Hour ago
I love you
sarah bauman
sarah bauman Hour ago
Brendan Ferris
Jimmay Lozano
Jimmay Lozano Hour ago
jorge hurtado
jorge hurtado 2 hours ago
I sub
jorge hurtado
jorge hurtado 2 hours ago
I subribe
Shinko_angel 2 hours ago
"let's get this bread" omg what did i just see- *insert Jungshook.png* timestamp: 6:53
Jacob moncada
Jacob moncada 2 hours ago
Goodness Odagbodo
Goodness Odagbodo 2 hours ago
But what about your eternity? God loved you so much that He sent His Son to die for you, so that if you believe, you won't perish but have eternity
Zeze Choice
Zeze Choice 2 hours ago
It's really fun content, I also worked with 3dpen, and I felt a lot of sympathy.
Ayushi Bhattacharya
I have one question....do you guys give away stuff internationally too? Love y'all ♥️
Amy Evgen
Amy Evgen 2 hours ago
I wish I had $5000
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 2 hours ago
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The Bradley family
The Bradley family 2 hours ago
I tried it out like 3 days ago and I touched the tip and got a blister
Lana Khaliefah
Lana Khaliefah 2 hours ago
She look like a fish when she was dropping the Gooey stuff bro 🎣
Andrea Lindsay-Gaikowski
Hi Zach you might have see. Me in the other comments my phone literally got stolen today so I hope I can a phone if not it is ok but j live way in Frontenac Kansas I hope you guys are safe
TortOps 2 hours ago
Pro Tips. -Jake “I use paper 3 times even tho I lost to them” “4th is the good one I change and finally won!” 👁
i like to draw what ilike to dream
Ashley Delperdang
Ashley Delperdang 2 hours ago
Rip Jaz and Jake when it comes to rock paper and scissors.
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz 2 hours ago
Q Qe T Wq La Me Me Qe T Wq La Me Qe me
Kristen Mingarelli
Kristen Mingarelli 2 hours ago
The VS Channel
The VS Channel 2 hours ago
How the heck do you already have 2m subs
Ricky. Hun
Ricky. Hun 2 hours ago
Ricky. Hun
Ricky. Hun 2 hours ago
Yakeen James
Yakeen James 2 hours ago
i just sudscride
Jjpo 6590
Jjpo 6590 2 hours ago
I’m just a kid but I really want to be in one of your videos
Athletic Fxever Yt
Athletic Fxever Yt 2 hours ago
I am from the Philippines
Minyi Shen
Minyi Shen 2 hours ago
When Jaz is doing her push-ups I couldn’t help but notice the giant iPhone 11
DeZyre Eischens
DeZyre Eischens 2 hours ago
I swear I subscribed when the house video came out
Lara Amer
Lara Amer 2 hours ago
I think jack had to win
Dried Marker
Dried Marker 2 hours ago
Hitsongs Fanclub
Hitsongs Fanclub 2 hours ago
SM CLAN SHOREHM 2 hours ago
me next pls
Charm Brooks
Charm Brooks 2 hours ago
samuel chawngthu
samuel chawngthu 2 hours ago
Michelle doesn’t look like her self without makeup
Jillian Rickman
Jillian Rickman 2 hours ago
I love Hi watch your videos Every week Her name is hope
Karmine Montes
Karmine Montes 2 hours ago
zach i can not have instagram and i have been a subscriber for a while just so you know.
Maia Khalifa23
Maia Khalifa23 2 hours ago
Teresa Forbes
Teresa Forbes 2 hours ago
I liked Michelle’s better
Best_Sisters 2 hours ago
I subscribed and I liked so plzzzzz
True Crew Videos
True Crew Videos 2 hours ago
Small Daddy
Small Daddy 3 hours ago
Jaz the reason why I didn't win is cuz you are doing your choice u need to think like zach or zack I don't know how he spell it
Eddie Bray
Eddie Bray 3 hours ago
Omg I want to be apart of this line the subcirber bc I am subed÷
Vyper 3 hours ago
The stuff you guys make is is so easy To watch 🤥
Dan Angelo Santos
Dan Angelo Santos 3 hours ago
why zach doesnt give that much money anymore.
The wattenburg
The wattenburg 3 hours ago
Sajjan Kohar
Sajjan Kohar 3 hours ago
I like maps
Sanjay Gidharry
Sanjay Gidharry 3 hours ago
ZHC is copering mr beast
Brian Sightler
Brian Sightler 3 hours ago
Reaper 3 hours ago
Zhc should do a challenge where they have to make art with ice
Cookie Cookie
Cookie Cookie 3 hours ago
Every thumbnail for abc crafts: ZHC🤏
Ck Msb12
Ck Msb12 3 hours ago
9:16 jake literally yawning 😴 😑
Ashly Wherry
Ashly Wherry 3 hours ago
I like Minecraft more
Ramla Hassan
Ramla Hassan 3 hours ago
You know how they had to use there left hand I am left handed
vikram reddy
vikram reddy 3 hours ago
Wow. thats. Amazing I. Wish. I could have it my. Cousin has it thay. Are brothers
Kinsleigh Bradford
Kinsleigh Bradford 3 hours ago
Love your vids!
6347 Afra Eisa Ibrahim Ahmed Al Hammadi
No mishale was better
Amy Webb
Amy Webb 4 hours ago
i subscribed i also have a 3D pen lol hevent treid it yet tho it looks so fun
X V 4 hours ago
Someone who actually knows grogu
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 4 hours ago
Hello, Humans. "Never have a companion that casts you in the shade."-Baltasar Gracian TERRANCE OUT
Andy Castro
Andy Castro 4 hours ago
That looks cool
Justin Jurjens
Justin Jurjens 4 hours ago
I dare u to give me a Nintendo switch
Omran Bobaker
Omran Bobaker 4 hours ago
kenz! dont touch the tip its hot! hot = pain
Jose Zorrilla
Jose Zorrilla 4 hours ago
Bald gang
MrDavis070707 4 hours ago
Jazz should’ve won
Rehan07x 4 hours ago
hello zhc i am trying to make a good progresion on my youtube channel and you were the one to inspire me to make a channel and i have always been looking up to you because your my influence i love your videos keep up the good work also can you give me a shout out please it would help me so much
Carrie Hahn
Carrie Hahn 4 hours ago
dont pick me im shi
krysa boyce
krysa boyce 4 hours ago
The ties shouldn’t have counted Zach
Drxzz 4 hours ago
Lemon Juice
Lemon Juice 4 hours ago
This guy is Mr.Beast but with a lower budget😂😂😂
Theresa Pettway
Theresa Pettway 4 hours ago
Y’all are all some
S. ST VIL 4 hours ago
Dominic Freeman
Dominic Freeman 4 hours ago
I have a 3d pen
Abbey Robinson
Abbey Robinson 4 hours ago
why is the garbage on trending? shaky camera, uninspiring content.. can't wait for the next one
StickUpClyde 4 hours ago
everyone throw me a subscribe its not gon hurt you man 😞
StickUpClyde 4 hours ago
@Abbey Robinson appreciate it alot 🖤💯
Abbey Robinson
Abbey Robinson 4 hours ago
Dragonal Critz
Dragonal Critz 4 hours ago
That is why I love you guys I’m a big fan
Leya Fulmore
Leya Fulmore 4 hours ago
I’ve been subbed for months
Iamstela 4 hours ago
0:34 DONT touch the tip is hot! Touches tip*
Flare 4 hours ago
So we not gonna talk about ZHC's his Bella Poarch shirt
Trinecia Morris
Trinecia Morris 4 hours ago
Play for me to
Aeden Andhrei Garcia
Did you hear hindi
Crazy Squad
Crazy Squad 4 hours ago
Musuai Pauulu
Musuai Pauulu 4 hours ago
I just commented and liked and subscribed and shared this video
Mary Gorelczenko
Mary Gorelczenko 4 hours ago
Can I be in one of your vids????
Domo 4 hours ago
This channel is pathetic.
Trinecia Morris
Trinecia Morris 4 hours ago
Me me I bo it
john luis
john luis 4 hours ago
2021 is Satzu's year
I did this before but I did a sunglasses lol
Polar Bear
Polar Bear 4 hours ago
Howd u get so many money?- I wish i was ur doughter i want do that toooooo 😭 😭 😭
Lilly And Dylan
Lilly And Dylan 4 hours ago
Lilly And Dylan
Lilly And Dylan 4 hours ago
burrito game time
burrito game time 4 hours ago
I like turtles