Ben Simmons Turns Into Stephen Curry With A 3 Pointer! Sixers vs Grizzlies 

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Ben Simmons Turns Into Stephen Curry With A 3 Pointer! Sixers vs Grizzlies July 24, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Jul 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
KyleNamite 21 day ago
Conspiracy: Clive is Chance the Rapper??
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook 25 days ago
Who’s here after SETH Curry is now on the 76ers?
mumicah18 29 days ago
What he call curry after ben simmons hits three 😂😂😂
Price Atwood
Price Atwood Month ago
Your commentary blows
littleBIGdaniel _
Wonder how Flight feels about this one?
Nicholyas 13
Nicholyas 13 Month ago
Wait curry on the 6ers 🤣😂😂🤣
Seth that is*
He is now lol
Franco Cardozo
Franco Cardozo 3 months ago
no way
Sean O C
Sean O C 3 months ago
That was Ben Simmons?? I thought it was klay thompson
Andrew Carrillo
Andrew Carrillo 4 months ago
Can anyone explain to me why he doesn’t shoot 3s. When he makes them it looks so effortless.
escothegoat TM
escothegoat TM 5 months ago
Violeta cerezo
Violeta cerezo 5 months ago
Steph curry for three and it shoot Nothing suprised Ben Simmons shoot a three Oh my good! John Cena! THAT'S A NEW STEPH! GIVE ME FOOD A FOR A THREE! ALL:THREE POINT IT YEAH THREE POINT IT
YaBoy Icy
YaBoy Icy 5 months ago
Ben simmons form is worse than getting a fade wrong
Naif Ahmed
Naif Ahmed 5 months ago
Curry 😂
Inigo Bereziartu
Inigo Bereziartu 5 months ago
That bitch kendall shoots better than him
Super king
Super king 5 months ago
Now he made more 3s than my 2020 player
yogesh partap thakur
This guys voice 😂
Anthony Sowell
Anthony Sowell 5 months ago
The arena is smaller so its easier to make it
FoRmEr OuTLaW84
FoRmEr OuTLaW84 5 months ago
Bruh.....lol...his foot was on the line AND it bounced between the rim....hardly steph curry....step back 4 feet and hit nothin but net Ben.....then we'll talk. Much love for Ben though.
dillan alonso
dillan alonso 5 months ago
DramA525 5 months ago
they both light skin anyway lol daad
Neilbryan Reponte
Neilbryan Reponte 5 months ago
Turn into stephen curry wow heheh that say steph is the best shooter of nba
TOURINGLEMON 707 5 months ago
That sad when he gets a highlight reel over a couple 3s🤣
Nikos Kalantas
Nikos Kalantas 5 months ago
This guy can talk for 1:23 and say nothing
C9_Revelator 5 months ago
1:07 racist ass nigga, jus cuz they lightskin they look the same, foh ben is half a foot taller. 😆
freddy Flores
freddy Flores 5 months ago
Your voice annoying af bro
Yato 5 months ago
Legends has it when ben simmons makes a three on real game,the world will end soon
Lil Quas
Lil Quas 5 months ago
I'm already at my home
Brett Odin
Brett Odin 5 months ago
💀 the steph curry stuff. “I know they both light skinned” 😂😂😂
Random Videos
Random Videos 5 months ago
The next Steph Curry
meiji ikhlasul
meiji ikhlasul 5 months ago
And the plot twist = he actually can shoot, but just save it to bounce his name in the playoffs like "Ben Simmon playoff mode"
Cameron h.
Cameron h. 5 months ago
Ben Simmons so inspirational....nvm it's not the same
TrippieNippie 5 months ago
Fuck outta here a point guard (who is suppose to hit threes) finally makes one
Just Stop IT
Just Stop IT 5 months ago
Hard to watch with a Marxist logo on the court
Osuko 5 months ago
this is disrespectful... if Ben Simmons is Stephen Curry then Charles Barkley is the goat of basketball.
Dilla Dev
Dilla Dev 5 months ago
2020 unpredictable like that dunk right there took me tf out
Schauncy North
Schauncy North 5 months ago
He not gonna do it in game he did it last scrimmage too soooo
den525 5 months ago
What's with this guy's accent? lol
Rum Have
Rum Have 5 months ago
Ben Simmons is the most overrated player in the last 15 years of NBA. He's proof that flashy moves under the basket are better than well rounded talent. You have to know how to shoot the damn ball, it's called BASKETBALL!
John Mohri
John Mohri 5 months ago
These are scrimmage games
C.J.A World
C.J.A World 5 months ago
I can't watch this bro....i hate ben hit threes.... I can't troll.him for threes no more?wtf
home9dog2blue 5 months ago
New tournament rule update: "If Ben hits 3-pointer, the 6'ers automatically win. Opposing team gets banished to the shadow realm"
CAMREN FULLER 5 months ago
“They knew his shot was deadly” rattles one three pointer barely into the rim
Evan.Hongzheng Yang
Evan.Hongzheng Yang 5 months ago
What if Curry finishes a dunk? He's Carter? 😂😂
Gerald Chiong
Gerald Chiong 5 months ago
Ray Allen is the Best 3 Pointer in the NBA #34 #JesusShuttlesworth
hyperrat12 5 months ago
2k be like: 99 open 3 galaxy opal
VEAKSTA 5 months ago
simmons= just make 2 3s and miss none keep stats 100% from 3 lol
Nickson Gelladuga
Nickson Gelladuga 5 months ago
SuperMario bro
SuperMario bro 5 months ago
because Ben Simmons made a three does not mean he Stephen Curry lol 😂
Young Ball
Young Ball 5 months ago
QMD-Marvin Resurreccion
that kind of shot is like a sucker punch
Dr. St
Dr. St 5 months ago
What's this guy's accent supposed to be? Sounds black but sounds a bit Asian, or Jamaican idk
TAITOKS 5 months ago
“Stephen cuwwy, gets the ball oh wait cuwwy pulls up”
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
It’s a Reel Highlight Real when Ben Simmons hits a three, for now on when you shot a three say Ben SiMmOns 😂🤣🤣💯❤️✊🏾
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
I thought Steph Curry snuck into the bubble, but it’s Ben Simmons we both know they lightskin😂🤣🤣
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
Yo imma shot my shot like My Nigga Ben Simmons😂🤣💯❤️✊🏾
35 HUSSLE 5 months ago
Steph Curry on the sIxErs o wait that Ben Simmons😂🤣🤣
John Harvey Rios
John Harvey Rios 5 months ago
Boy he's just made one shot! Give me a break
Ty Bostic
Ty Bostic 5 months ago
We know he can shoot them in exhibition/pre-season games. Watch when the regular season starts back up, he’s not even going to attempt to shoot 1 smh
Nogah Lerman
Nogah Lerman 5 months ago
how many times Ben Simmons hits a three but sadly not stat recorded.
Dodot The real G
Dodot The real G 5 months ago
This guy is very funny
Jenned Miague
Jenned Miague 5 months ago
What the pack?
Antonios Soumpasis
Antonios Soumpasis 5 months ago
So basically ...Aaron Baynes is Klay Thompson on steroids ?
Shon Tee
Shon Tee 5 months ago
u trying to be funny or what?
Ckairuz TV
Ckairuz TV 5 months ago
BEN was improving his 3 point shot. Nice game. Guyz pls also subscribe to my channel. GOD BLESS us-first.info/player/video/q5Z5Zo9rnn50hHU.html
ITZJTZ 5 months ago
That dude Tobias Harris look like a whole different person without a headband😂
Ballout.Denzel 5 months ago
Ain’t that technically his second time making a three?🤷🏾‍♂️
Aarav . 100 years ago
Ballout.Denzel 3rd
Henry Tolentino
Henry Tolentino 5 months ago
Let me guys Watch this out!!!! us-first.info/player/video/b9xrnKepdG1_n2A.html us-first.info/player/video/b5yAi4mginqqoGQ.html us-first.info/player/video/p9SLnHpphaV_jZ8.html
Rogelio Chávez
Rogelio Chávez 5 months ago
I knew he could get better than Curry. The league ain't ready for him
emperor Palpatine
emperor Palpatine 6 months ago
Who is the one they call Ben simmons
The Connected
The Connected 6 months ago
Clive is Giannis secretly trolling with his brothers in between Uno games
Ibbi O
Ibbi O 6 months ago
He just hit a damn three
rockstardezz 6 months ago
its so sad ...1 just 1 three pointer will get you a youtube video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
Songs of War
Songs of War 6 months ago
wait Curry on the sixers???
Lulong Gaming
Lulong Gaming 6 months ago
lol no hype from the audiences this is so sad nowadays fak corona virus
Martell Hixson
Martell Hixson 6 months ago
John Benedict Alarde
Tobias Harris lookin hungry for a ring😤
Bruhmoment 6 months ago
I need the skits bro unless you hate them you should do them I love them bro
Jacob Haselhoff
Jacob Haselhoff 6 months ago
He did this last year now get ready for him to never take a 3 again he’s actually so shit
Tomboy CyNcH
Tomboy CyNcH 6 months ago
us-first.info/more/D0woaioB7u8CcAr0FTFpWA Subscribe guys
Emmanuel Moseley
Emmanuel Moseley 6 months ago
Clive’s voice makes the entire video funny af
KobiElilov 6 months ago
Micheal jordan lessons m.us-first.info/player/video/gd2adYqhh2aCmac.html
NIKI AND GABI FAN 6 months ago
Alejandro Matute
Alejandro Matute 6 months ago
We know. We thought as well 😂
Mang Didge
Mang Didge 6 months ago
Everyone can do 3's now, might as well make two points
Luck 6 months ago
This nigga voice is why im here 🤣🤣🤣
yes 6 months ago
ik im not the only one who thinks dis dude sound like blackyspeakz
Lil Boy
Lil Boy 6 months ago
Imagine your center hittin more threes than your pg 😂
Ytob 6 months ago
CliveNbaParody be like: Curry for three, no thats Ben Simmons! Chris Smoove: give that guy a manual, what are you sayin!?
Dusan Radivojevic
Dusan Radivojevic 6 months ago
Look at Curry man so inspirational, oh wait that's Simmons.
JakeDaSnake 6 months ago
Ben Simmons... you did it
Haides Launio
Haides Launio 6 months ago
"Exaggerated Caption title" for the sake of views.. Lame ass channel
KOU SEI 6 months ago
Aliping sagigilid
Aliping sagigilid 6 months ago
Steph curry gets the ball. Steph Curry pullin up. And he makes it. Wait Curry on the sixers? oh wait that's ben simmons *NO WAYY*
Kev H
Kev H 6 months ago
He missed a fish into the ocean tho
God Gives Grace To The Humble
💁🏽‍♀️ Lol!
Balloutajj 6 months ago
They said" A 3-pointer "😂😂 they made sure to specify that shit like "bro he only made one don't get your hopes up"😂😂😂
Sonny Meredith
Sonny Meredith 6 months ago
His shot Deli haha
Eddie Barbour
Eddie Barbour 6 months ago
He made one 3 and all of the sudden he's Steph Curry
Jordan Jamerson
Jordan Jamerson 6 months ago
It’s not that he can’t shoot it’s that he doesn’t want to
Gaming with evans
Gaming with evans 6 months ago
Just because he made a 3 pointer makes him curry your crazy
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