Bellinger Hits a Home Run but it doesn't count, a breakdown 

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Published on


Apr 1, 2021




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Wool Socks
Wool Socks 13 days ago
Here is the ruling of the play: You cannot give a player a homerun till they have crossed all 4 bags legally (rule 5.05(a)(5). By passing Turner it is deemed illegal so the homerun does not count (rule 5.09(b)(9). If Cody stayed on first the base would be his because he is entitled to it so Turner would only be out if they tagged him (if the ball is in live play) so if Cody would have just waited at first for the umpire to signal home run or out he would have had a two run homer.
James Sn
James Sn 5 days ago
@Brent Hooton Nice observation! 🙂
deansusandylan 7 days ago
@Alex Riedel you would think so, but like my comment, MLB has stupid rules for stupid people
hbk314 7 days ago
@อัครัตน์ จารุมณี Because he had already reached first base but was called out before reaching second.
อัครัตน์ จารุมณี
@Brian Sevilla I'm not sure about the rule change. Because it is players' responsibility to see where the ball goes. In this case, Justin and Cody may be asked how they saw the ball went. My bet Cody saw a homerun but Justin saw a catch. And Justin was too hurry to go back to 1st base.
King Cj
King Cj 7 days ago
@อัครัตน์ จารุมณี I believe it was because he was out so to a base running mistake
M perry
M perry 7 hours ago
Watching your videos make me feel like Nick Miller from New Girl is talking to me about baseball.
Cam 2 days ago
Gingers, man.
Cash Helton
Cash Helton 2 days ago
2:56 top left of the screen
B B 3 days ago
This is a dumb rule that needs to be changed. If the ball goes over the fence it should be a dead ball play.
Cooper Vezey
Cooper Vezey 3 days ago
This rule is the "Fumbled out of the endzone" of the MLB. Totally counter-intuitive to the game and its so easy to tell what the correct call should be
Frank 3 days ago
Hey Turner... get your head out and play baseball! You're even laughing about your dumb mistake! Great teammate... NOT!
Matt M
Matt M 3 days ago
Mr. Ry
Mr. Ry 3 days ago
Here's what happened....baseball is dumb and is filled with dumb rules.
Kamryn Curl
Kamryn Curl 3 days ago
This dude is so funny
Amanda Mendoza
Amanda Mendoza 4 days ago
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Timothy Asdent
Timothy Asdent 4 days ago
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P420 ?
P420 ? 4 days ago
It's 2021 baseball been around for ever fix this nonsense
P420 ?
P420 ? 4 days ago
Wow wat a mess
Ep0nz 4 days ago
When that line kicks in 2:44
Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers 4 days ago
Turner owes Bellinger a steak dinner.
Deangelos Shults
Deangelos Shults 5 days ago
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Oliver Edelheit
Oliver Edelheit 5 days ago
If anybody didn’t notice at 2:57 you can see his face in the left corner
eat shmoogle
eat shmoogle 5 days ago
What are you guys saying
Drew V
Drew V 5 days ago
SephiRevolver 5 days ago
I'm so glad I subbed lmao. Quality content. Little things like the zooming in and putting your face where I least expect it is top tier
John Doe
John Doe 5 days ago
Bunch of Colorado rocky mountain oysters !
Cameron Powell
Cameron Powell 5 days ago
Baseball is so weird.
maya k
maya k 6 days ago
i listened to this live on my car radio and i had absolutely no clue what was going on the entire time
Michael Qualey
Michael Qualey 6 days ago
This annoys the shit out of me. Baseball fix yo shit
Jam Gx
Jam Gx 6 days ago
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Sneersh 6 days ago
Is Turner dumb? Why would he keep running backwards past Bellinger when he sees him right there that's stupid as hell
random name
random name 6 days ago
Does jomboy have the expressed written consent of MLB to replay all of these MLB games.
HokiePitcher22 6 days ago
I firmly believe you can never trust a grown man who brings his glove to a ballgame. I'm sorry, it's just weird.
Gordon Waite
Gordon Waite 6 days ago
MLB, like the NFL is dead to me! So now I watch o sports, no traditional “late night shows,” no “main stream media,” no SNL, no Hollyweird leftest slanted movies or TV shows... I now watch old movies, older documentaries, I read more books and enjoy walking and working in the yard or on the car. I have not participated an any social media in years and US-first is the only online media that I do partake in, until it is so left I won’t want to open it. There is life without these destroyers of culture, seek it out and embrace it.
Itsalul 55
Itsalul 55 6 days ago
deansusandylan 7 days ago
Since turner didn't hit the first base and Bellinger didn't hit second it should have been a 2 run homer, in practicality, but the MLB has stupid rules for stupid people
Hart Stitz
Hart Stitz 7 days ago
It’s surprising that nobody here understands what they really just saw. It happens fast so pay attention! The center fielder sold that he made the catch when he bounced back off the wall and faked a relay throw, something he did to induce a base running error from turner. A base runner in turners position will read the outfielders body language if he is unsure where the ball is. It was a very smart play, the outfielder deserves a lot of credit for knowing the rule and then selling that catch and throw. It didn’t seem strange to anyone here that an outfielder who doesn’t have a ball in his glove turned and pretended to throw a baseball he knows is ten feet behind him in the stands!?! Jomboy really shat the bed with the commentary. He spent a little too much time perplexed that a home town fan wouldn’t be excited to catch a home run from the visiting team. Insinuating that turner turned back because he was reading the body language of a Rockies fan is equally stupid. Thanks for properly explaining the rule though. You do deserve some credit for that. -An angry bitter pirates fan.
sleeknub 7 days ago
That’s a really dumb rule. As soon as the ball crosses over the fence it shouldn’t matter what the base runners do.
UnsolicitedBirds 7 days ago
I always love the manager advocating for his team by pretending that he doesn't know the rules, a la Billy Martin.
Tamalee Robinson
Tamalee Robinson 7 days ago
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Levi Snyder
Levi Snyder 7 days ago
Home run. April fools! That's not a home run! April Fools that WAS a home run!! April fools that's not a home run.
อัครัตน์ จารุมณี
To me Cody saw where the ball ended up while Justin only saw the catch as he was rounding the 2nd base in a high gear and turning back to 1st base in a hurry, thinking Cody was already out while Cody didn't need to. Turner didn't even see what that fan did or didn't do with that homerun ball. Dodgers just caught a bad break. Simple as that. This is what I like about baseball. There are many unusual things waiting to happen. Beautiful 👍👍
Ethan Bondick
Ethan Bondick 7 days ago
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christian 7 days ago
2:32 😂😂😂😂😂😂
michael dakota
michael dakota 7 days ago
The way Turner dashed away lmao
Rjaylor 7 days ago
Jomboy is so funny like my god man
Alexa Alexandrou
Alexa Alexandrou 7 days ago
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Samuel Sabic
Samuel Sabic 7 days ago
Lmfaooo.. yes yes yes yes, no no no no
Nomad Feet
Nomad Feet 7 days ago
This is why baseball sucks. It’s a homerun... who gives a shit if a dumbass runs backwards... another season without watching
Alphs 7 days ago
Umps never signaled a hr lol
Jmanbeast18 7 days ago
If you hit a home run all you need to do is touch the plate
tyslink 7 days ago
This is another dumb rule in baseball that needs to change...if the ball leaves the field it should be a dead ball and the runs should just automatically be counted. But I guess then we wouldn't have a Jomboy breakdown video of this, so maybe it's all worth it?
Jackson Orlady
Jackson Orlady 7 days ago
Classic Dodgers for the entire team and even the coaches to be confused on why he is out on a basic rule the umps and other team catch immediately haha.
Knightrider 8 days ago
I had no clue running pass the returning base runner was an out. You learn something everyday.
LOCKNLOAD6996 8 days ago
Too bad this rule is in play would've loved to see belinger hit the ball out twice.
Chris Moore
Chris Moore 8 days ago
Idiotic rules. MLB deserves it's current death spiral.
D Stich
D Stich 8 days ago
Stupid rule
John Rummo
John Rummo 8 days ago
You all are the best. I love this channel
casey luksch
casey luksch 8 days ago
Liberal umps
The Mouse
The Mouse 8 days ago
Lots of money in L.A streets
iburci1 8 days ago
The homerun didn't count... Just like the dodgers championship.
Luke Reed
Luke Reed 8 days ago
Imagine if Bellinger finishes his career with 499 home runs...
StevenP 91
StevenP 91 8 days ago
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
StevenP 91
StevenP 91 8 days ago
The noise's you made after the telling us your draft kings code lmao
Bryce Andersen
Bryce Andersen 8 days ago
Bellinger: Heyyy What happening? 🤣
Bryce Andersen
Bryce Andersen 8 days ago
The guy pretended like he didn’t get the ball so he wouldn’t have to throw it back
agonzalez8924 8 days ago
What an interesting play. Imagine how big of a play that would be if it were meaningful game, because the outfielder and the fan both played it heads up, enough that it fooled turner completely; he had no choice but to tag up
willfm01 8 days ago
Corey Cates
Corey Cates 8 days ago
I think the umpires got that wrong. Surely that should of been a home run or ground rule double
Shiny Magikarp
Shiny Magikarp 9 days ago
A little embarassed that Jomboy didn't make a note that that was a dodgers home run and a clear rockies fan fielding the ball. I mean... you gotta take the ball... but as a rockies fan you cannot express joy from the opposing teams homer. Cmon. Thats just fan etiquette right there.
MetalMoshin 9 days ago
I understand the rule, but how is turner supposed to know that the ball fell out of the fielder's glove? And bellinger? Are both guys supposed to just stand between first and second and wait to see what the call is? I guess bellinger could just stay at first and turner could stand just off the bag until they know for sure, but for an outfielder to make the catch and then drop it over the fence is a very rare occurrence, and so any baseball player is going to turn around and jet back to first so he doesn't get doubled. That just sucks man.
MartyTheAussie 9 days ago
My son playing in the Pioneer League MiLB was robbed of hitting for the cycle in the same circumstances. Fortunately a few weeks before he already had hit for the cycle. Then late in the year did it again. Nearly three in the same year.
Tylor Reeves
Tylor Reeves 9 days ago
This is why normal people don't understand this overly convoluted sport
《Thee Sweet Science》
I dont know what's better... the insanity calamity of this whole play... or Jomboy's re-enactment(s), which never seem to amaze me! Dude found his life path!
MatrixExit 9 days ago
“Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no no no no no no no no no no no no no” Jomboy impersonating umpire 2021
Shantae Brown
Shantae Brown 9 days ago
The end scared me a bit 🤣
Kevin Maryles
Kevin Maryles 9 days ago
Going back to the last game of the WS, that makes 2 dumb AF moves by Turner in 2 consecutive games.
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 9 days ago
John 3.15
Faisal Kamel
Faisal Kamel 9 days ago
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Bandz Monney
Bandz Monney 9 days ago
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Pedro The Mexican
Done with MLB. The presumption that minorities don’t have IDs to vote is far more racist than requiring them to vote. Idiots.
Hogslayer Adams
Hogslayer Adams 9 days ago
That is so funny
John Smith
John Smith 9 days ago
The ginger screws everything up. There's a shock.
Alex’s Gaming Hub
Draft kings, kings that draft think about that.
Nick G
Nick G 9 days ago
Lol..God forbid if u Bet Overs and that made game stay under u throw your TV out the window
firebird_SPLEEN 9 days ago
Cali commie trash
Major Steve Austin
China’s League.
101 Taker
101 Taker 9 days ago
2:12 yes yes yes yes then no no no no 🤣
thedenerad 9 days ago
F u for still watching mlb
Iceman 9 days ago
How great would it be if he was 1 HR short of breaking or tieing bonds record.
phukit 9 days ago
Turner is the Joe Biden of baseball. Totally clueless.
NOwhereMAN!! 9 days ago
That’s a next level attendee Jedi mind trick. I like how it worked on the outfielder as well, he grabs his glove like he caught it to confuse Turner more.
Joe Costello
Joe Costello 9 days ago
Pretty smart of the Colorado fan to "hide" the ball so Turner doesn't see it and thinks it is caught!
Sapphire 9 days ago
Sorry! Time to let the MLB go down in flames! #BoycottMLB
Lance R.
Lance R. 9 days ago
It seems like once the ball left the park and is no longer in play, the on-field rules should be null and void. It's just technicality to circle the bases. Whether a player passes another player prior to crossing the plate has no baring of the process of the game. Had the ball been in play, yes, I can see this rule being a valid point, but not when it's technically dead at the point it landed in home run territory. Just put the runners back in order and cross the plate in the order you're suppose to be in and be done with it. It's almost the same concept as a walk off home run. If a team hits a walk off home run and a player begins to jump in celebration and does such celebration out of the baseline, he's out, right? That's 3 outs? I mean according to this rule he'd be out and the home run wouldn't count.
KushkingLA 9 days ago
That was the extent of my baseball this year. Good luck in Georgia. ⚾️👎
Brock Baumgartner
GOAT fan
jasona9 9 days ago
Putting all the blame on Justin Turner seems unfair. There are umpires and base coaches on the field that should have been signaling HR. Regardless, the rule seems unfair. If a player hits a ball over the fence it should be a HR. Tough break for Bellinger and the Dodgers.
Jörge 9 days ago
what if that fan, would know the rule. And thrown the ball back in?
Isaac Klostermann
This game mattered...well to LA anyway. The Rockies might as well be mathematically eliminated from contention (create a new math law for it).
Jordan Bartholme
Jordan Bartholme 9 days ago
2:55 your head....... i'm ded XD
Get to the CHOPPAAA
Bellinger is so high he has no clue how to comprehend this moment.
0623kaboom 9 days ago
the cross over takes precedence over the home run ... he should have tagged at second and continued ... that is a player NOT paying attention
deansusandylan 7 days ago
I agree with the other interpretation, that once the ball is over the wall, dead ball, correct the issue by having Bellinger wait between 1st and 2nd, which he did, 1st base coach stops Turner before tagging 1st, which he did, then turner retraced his steps to get past the stationary Bellinger, who trots home behind him. 2 run homer, still a highlight reel and Dodgers might have kept a rally going to win opening day
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