Behind the Scenes of a Forces Perspective Trick #Shorts 

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Let me know if you want me to post more Behind the Scenes videos. #shorts


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Apr 2, 2021




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Jeslyn Hour ago
My eyes ⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️↗️⬅️↙️⬇️
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 5 hours ago
😂sudah kuduga
Samantha Stevens
Samantha Stevens 7 hours ago
ok this may be fake, but the beauty in it isn’t
motozuki dongon
motozuki dongon 7 hours ago
thats not real magic
Nerd0! 8 hours ago
I literally didn't even notice the top screen 💀
Gary Mabs
Gary Mabs 12 hours ago
How does he stick the fork into the food?
Boris Borisov
Boris Borisov 14 hours ago
For my first time a watch this video i didnt saw behind the scenes.
SomeSad Lily
SomeSad Lily 14 hours ago
My childhood was a lie...
MJ Voice
MJ Voice 16 hours ago
Ohhhhh, Like that..🤔
Shasmeen Zakirah
Shasmeen Zakirah 18 hours ago
Tommy 20 hours ago
Techno 20 hours ago
Techno 20 hours ago
Thats epic i wish i could do thats
StockMan Day ago
Why is the guy handing him the fork wearing a mask
Вершина Эволюции
Retarded Content
ClampedXV Day ago
I grew up never knowing his tricks... Now.. it just doesn't feel right. 😔
MemeMEGU Day ago
Iike a kid
Dominika Day ago
Ja zawsze wiezyłam ze on to naprawde eobi😭😥
Ar Orakzai
Ar Orakzai Day ago
Ohhhh 💔. I'm feeling so sad. I thought that this guy is doing real magic.. But today i saw its all tricks 😢😒😒
Graciane Rodrigues
Enozixx Day ago
Неевклидова геометрия
TIKTOK 7368 Day ago
100 milion
Angel Estrada
Mago falso
- IQ
Mr. fat
Mr. fat Day ago
the best
Sophara Sophara
Wow omg azingful 😮😱👏👍💯❤️
AAAH Channel
AAAH Channel Day ago
ternyata ilusi ada pada pengambilan kamera ya, keren
Pam Maple
Pam Maple Day ago
Omg 😎
Hotea Petrica
Cassie Day ago
When I saw this, my mind literally blown up saying "why I didnt come up with this?"
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 17 hours ago
He really loves his job. He's been doing it for years and he's still enjoying it.
Zohair Siddiqui
Zach i know this
izzaty syazwani
Menipu rupnya slma ni
Almirene santos
Almirene santos 2 days ago
What? Lol
武田信玄 2 days ago
orange _studio
orange _studio 2 days ago
My childhood.... RUINED
Irha Shahid
Irha Shahid 2 days ago
refano 2 days ago
Carmin Mihai
Carmin Mihai 2 days ago
So cool! 😜
Tahura Gauhery
Tahura Gauhery 2 days ago
He is Professional👌
Ismaila Yusuf
Ismaila Yusuf 2 days ago
What a heck
Arianna Zaman
Arianna Zaman 2 days ago
Me: still confused
soinu foig
soinu foig 2 days ago
I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 17 hours ago
I admire how dedicated he is to his videos after all these years
Yolande Francis
Yolande Francis 2 days ago
•R O S E B U S H Y•
But I can see the bed
Hoàng Minh Đức
Ảo thật đấy các bạn ạ
minecraft commands tutorial
Now I know how it's done thanks zach
Ahmad Assfdi
Ahmad Assfdi 2 days ago
GIXA SUPER 2 days ago
So the super magic in the year is fake?
Yayo Loeza
Yayo Loeza 2 days ago
Porque. Mal
Akaai 3 days ago
the food is shrinking
Sexy SnowMan
Sexy SnowMan 3 days ago
This just in Zach King is a fraud for not actually using real magic my child hood is ruined
Charming nowhere to hide
I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜
Anime person
Anime person 3 days ago
That's trippy
Maurecella Souvannakhot
Nahh cuz when I was little, I use to actually think he had powers😂
Пруссия 99
Uhhhh cool
Un Faedah
Un Faedah 3 days ago
nice team
Rachelle Badiles
Rachelle Badiles 3 days ago
Christian V
Christian V 3 days ago
It's called forced perspective, the title has a typo
I still cant understand i dont have big brain-
Najib Salim
Najib Salim 3 days ago
Gunasekaran Gunasekaran
Kendy Gaming
Kendy Gaming 3 days ago
Now i found where the ilussion is 100% no edit
Peter Gitau
Peter Gitau 3 days ago
That's not majic👎
Widi putranetelu
Widi putranetelu 3 days ago
Oooh jadi begono tah buatnya 👍👍👍👍👍
sian fisher
sian fisher 3 days ago
Why and WHAT
sian fisher
sian fisher 3 days ago
Were is meh brain i literally think it is gone after that 😳
Steven Khan
Steven Khan 3 days ago
Would have been really nice without any video editing.. before he sits look at the floor under the chair, it changes when he falls, reflections and details disappear.. this may be a known fact divulged by the creators, dont known their style, just commenting based on what i saw.
Earl Oshiel Formento
The last one how did he get the food
Jayla Celimundo
Jayla Celimundo 3 days ago
So funny
KralashY 3 days ago
how did he get the food?
SAM U-R-A-I 3 days ago
It’s behind the scenes and I’m still confused lol
otavio fernandes
otavio fernandes 3 days ago
Yes i knowed It ALL the years dude😏 this is impossible to be happening his tricks
Bruna Faria
Bruna Faria 4 days ago
Então é assim......😑☕
Angel ASMR
Angel ASMR 4 days ago
Fun fact: You watched this more than 1 time.
dilan javier
dilan javier 4 days ago
Wey es neta
Martin Pereira
Martin Pereira 4 days ago
.chfggfhfijtigh Njbbb
Unndead Cat
Unndead Cat 4 days ago
Eyyy, i reached the last short video thing
Muham Mat
Muham Mat 4 days ago
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 4 days ago
I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜
Carlos Ávila
Carlos Ávila 4 days ago
I'm utterly confused
Destin Braxton
Destin Braxton 4 days ago
Like how you found me a Caillou song sana Sana man how do you fall in when I get a Snapchat the pig all it was a movie theater or something are National girlfriend and how you act like you are a robot again and see what he's dead now
the King of l4d2
the King of l4d2 4 days ago
I knew this was always some form of editing
Ignacio Martinez
Ignacio Martinez 4 days ago
No entendí
Roberto Mecklenburg Rojas
That's crazy
Lahcene Belarbi
Lahcene Belarbi 4 days ago
بدا يخبرنا بالخرابيب لي يديرهم ههههه
Da zombie Slayer
Da zombie Slayer 4 days ago
Now I know it’s not movie magic
Peterjugan Peterjugan
Bruh he actually lie in all his videos
Jeu Morales
Jeu Morales 4 days ago
That cool how they do that
Pyetro 4 days ago
Minha vida foi estragada
Кислород 4 days ago
You can see the boundary between the floor and the other floor.
kourtniegh ferguson
I watched this a million times 😅🤭🤭🤭
Sarai Blaz
Sarai Blaz 4 days ago
Igual tuvo que ser editado... por el bocado que se lleva en el tenedor..😅
Geraldine Recalde
That was funny
RYN Potter
RYN Potter 4 days ago
These videos are so fucking stupid
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 4 days ago
He asked for butter but ate the whole bread in one bite lol
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 days ago
When I saw this, my mind literally blown up saying "why I didnt come up with this?"
Liza BP
Liza BP 4 days ago
i though hes magic tricks content was like edited or something it turns out to be an actuall illusion
Eric D
Eric D 4 days ago
It’s a shame you had to edit the food leaving the plate and couldn’t figure out a way to shoot that in real time. But this was a neat little thing regarding forced perspective!
Avel Pascual
Avel Pascual 4 days ago
Mah eyes hurt T-T
Deathslaye9090 4 days ago
Wow this is so cool how he makes the magic