Behind The Scenes Of Making A TikTok #Shorts 

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Behind The Scenes Of Making A TikTok #Shorts


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Mar 30, 2021




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Luke Davidson
Luke Davidson 20 days ago
It may seem like they don’t take long but this BTS video probably took 45 minutes to film because I had to get it perfect in 1 clip 😂 Here’s a video on the whole process: us-first.info/player/video/j8aJdIh0on2qfn0.html
Itz pandaora panda
Itz pandaora panda 10 hours ago
Natalia Aguillon
Natalia Aguillon 2 days ago
Keep it up luke!!!
Prajna Haldar
Prajna Haldar 5 days ago
@TYHEEM THOMPSON now try being the last 😉
Outdoor Sports
Outdoor Sports 6 days ago
Dude that smile tho
Blxck Dream
Blxck Dream 7 days ago
Arthur Kielian
lanagamerYT Santos
what is he doing...
Fatedcastle 1727
Fatedcastle 1727 2 hours ago
Ok how about another
No̸t_uniqe 9 hours ago
Goobergabe YT
Goobergabe YT 9 hours ago
With edits: Mom: "Go clean your room" Me: "No, it's my room" Mom: "Well it's my house" Me: "Then go clean it" Mom: 😮 Me: 😁
Yusra Kherzad
Yusra Kherzad 15 hours ago
I never knew his videos wil be funnier behind the scenes
Porkiie 15 hours ago
Plot twist: he has schizophrenia
Birdygamer Yt
This dude does so much work just for tik tok. I mean he changes his clothes
So much of hard work man 👊🏻
Sãräh 2 days ago
Damn the facial expressions tho-
Jennifer Bean
Jennifer Bean 2 days ago
What is that thing that keeps your phone up like that
T M 2 days ago
My guy said: 👊🏻😠
Anood Allan
Anood Allan 2 days ago
I Love your videos so much ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈
Solstice SpecTrum
That smile got me LMFAO 😂
Shawn_short09 2 days ago
Here you have a "hard working" tiktoker
monke gaming
monke gaming 2 days ago
The shorts section looks like tiktok
Anna Kokkalou
Anna Kokkalou 2 days ago
Man imagine how much effort he is putting on this vids
guy 3 days ago
Schizophrenia be like:
Nowroz Zaman Samin
Lol i lovee that shocked face expression 🤣
Neha Wadhwani
Neha Wadhwani 3 days ago
Well he looks like Donald trump
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd 3 days ago
I kind of feel like that wizard of Oz moment seeing behind the curtain. Feels like the magic is less magical. But I like the rest of your videos.
Jayla Celimundo
Jayla Celimundo 3 days ago
That was funny
Chika Doppio
Chika Doppio 3 days ago
Someone putted this in r/cringetopia for some reason
Dottie Doyle
Dottie Doyle 3 days ago
I saw that video 😹
Naffax The Gamer
Naffax The Gamer 4 days ago
The smile is super legendary
Kj Bager
Kj Bager 4 days ago
It fun wean he has to keep stopping it
Andrei Hm
Andrei Hm 4 days ago
Imagine his parents lisening to this: My son has gotten crazy,damn
Jaw Cracker
Jaw Cracker 4 days ago
Now I Know How A Legend Makes His Videos.
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez 4 days ago
It’s hard to watch because it’s so awkward but funny in the same time 😂😂
Project Joepapa
Project Joepapa 5 days ago
Now that's talent
Xhunny_cloud_ gachaX
Now i know how to do it kinda😁
Ty lee Meow
Ty lee Meow 6 days ago
Agueda Diaz
Agueda Diaz 6 days ago
You the best
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie 6 days ago
I love you impostor face
Crystal Cookie
Crystal Cookie 7 days ago
Can you prank your dad
janet kikcks
janet kikcks 7 days ago
I love how hes just :0 for one second then :/
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat 7 days ago
Wow bet I take s ages
Lucas Hu
Lucas Hu 7 days ago
Oh I know this
Cooper Beyer
Cooper Beyer 8 days ago
Another one plz!!!
The monkey Man
The monkey Man 8 days ago
One of the only tik tokers I can respect
Coliflour 8 days ago
That's basically me
_-Hi- -__Hry_-
_-Hi- -__Hry_- 8 days ago
Hey, i have a a joke for you : Wife : Hey, what you want to eat for snack ? Husband : I'm gonna go with crack-her Wife : But we don't have any ? Husband : Yes we do, now come in front of me. Wife : "Come in front of her husband" Husband : Now i gonna crack-her "Crack her neck oe whatever you want" Husband : Mmmm, im gonna get a candy crahs. Lmao, that is sh#t
Chicken Nuggies
Chicken Nuggies 8 days ago
Do one more but a twist say no every time you go to the next scene
Tamara Pouliot
Tamara Pouliot 8 days ago
So u live in Canada
MySupremeCream 8 days ago
That stare at the end😭
Greg Martin
Greg Martin 9 days ago
Secret exposed
E Man
E Man 9 days ago
I feel oddly uncomfortable...
dolita windo
dolita windo 8 days ago
Is this the video where ur mom tells u to clean ur room then he says its her house or smthing like that
doliio volay
doliio volay 9 days ago
Why does watching this video make me feel like he’s the loneliest person on earth But that smile is on point
Zex 9 days ago
That smile 😈🤡...
AA D 9 days ago
This is bts
doliio volay
doliio volay 9 days ago
joker gamer
joker gamer 9 days ago
Piano Cover's
Piano Cover's 9 days ago
Liv Miri
Liv Miri 10 days ago
Ohhh I remember this tik tok
Ziyad S
Ziyad S 10 days ago
You need a remote trigger. Samsung note stylis can act as a remote trigger for the camera.
Kolton M
Kolton M 10 days ago
gotta appreciate the hustle
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 10 days ago
Imagine walking in on your son making a tiktok after hearing him yelling at thin air to clean their room.
Kim Bell
Kim Bell 10 days ago
i like these tiktoks your the best titokmaker ever!!!
Darren Kostanczuk
Darren Kostanczuk 10 days ago
Love it
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 10 days ago
I like your video
SWYeo 10 days ago
Luke face got angry when a thunder r strike in my home
RoyalHalo 11 days ago
Me realizing how much money he makes by just making a face: 👁👄👁
alexandra diaz
alexandra diaz 11 days ago
The face in the end 😂😂
Tronix 11 days ago
Someone edit a baguette in this guys mouth
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 10 days ago
The smile 👁️👄👁️
luka kinnunen
luka kinnunen 11 days ago
Is this the video where ur mom tells u to clean ur room then he says its her house or smthing like that
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 10 days ago
I like how he looked at the camera then the tik tok camera
Hama Shakarchi
Hama Shakarchi 11 days ago
To anthor please
Group MSD
Group MSD 11 days ago
Mackenzie Vermast
Mackenzie Vermast 11 days ago
I've seen it before
Random Land
Random Land 11 days ago
I didn't realize until now that his evil face is actually creepy.
aola wili
aola wili 11 days ago
This man is a literal genius. He finds shit on the internet and uses them in his own vids. He could literally whip out 40 of these a day and they all get 750k+ views. Mad respec
Aanya Rao
Aanya Rao 11 days ago
U r amazing
Legendary Assassin
Legendary Assassin 11 days ago
That smile is something to do with the Anabelle
aola wili
aola wili 11 days ago
Cool Yoshi bros and friends
Were shoes
miko foin
miko foin 12 days ago
Imagine walking into your kids room asking them they want something to eat and just seeing this
Taniah Sims
Taniah Sims 12 days ago
I like your video
PsychoUchiha 12 days ago
Lol that face at the end lmao
miko foin
miko foin 12 days ago
Wow you are really comited to doing this hole Tik tok thing
PsychoUchiha 12 days ago
This is how he does it What a legend
Dom The Bomb’s aquariums
Am I the only idiot that thought he changed between every clip?
The World
The World 12 days ago
I like how he looked at the camera then the tik tok camera
cats 12 days ago
The smile 👁️👄👁️
Жусяои Ясоиет
i was sure he was held at gun point guessi was wrong
Marcus Price
Marcus Price 12 days ago
I will never look at an actual tik tok of his the same way again-
Roshni Rajesh
Roshni Rajesh 12 days ago
We need an another video bts
老板Gamer - brawl stars
THE face 😂
Fahad Khurram
Fahad Khurram 12 days ago
Fahad Khurram
Fahad Khurram 12 days ago
Khairunnisa Asmaulya
How do you do seperate clips at different times-
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 12 days ago
Broooo😂 The way he looks at us then at the camera😂
Naitik Tata
Naitik Tata 12 days ago
Awwh he works so hard for this. edit-
Cupcake Gaming
Cupcake Gaming 12 days ago
Wow you are really comited to doing this hole Tik tok thing
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 12 days ago
Why is this man so awesome
Nicholas George
Nicholas George 13 days ago
Luke.... your awesome 😎
Anna Le
Anna Le 13 days ago
Stop stop stop so so funny
Fru!t Punch
Fru!t Punch 13 days ago
Burry 13 days ago
I’d get whacked for this
Its_bubble Cake is still good
Tbh nobody hypes until they see Luke’s devil face
Ricardo Brown
Ricardo Brown 13 days ago
Wasn't the boy shirt white and blue
Angelica Hernandez
Angelica Hernandez 13 days ago
BLOXYBRAWLER17 13 days ago
I know this one, Mom - “Go clean your room” Kid - “No, it’s my room” Mom - “Well it’s my house” Kid - “Then go clean it!” *astonished* *the face* Edit: first time I watched it my audio was off so I thought there wasn’t audio lol that’s why I made this comment 😂
Sharon Z
Sharon Z 13 days ago
That smile/smirk/something at the end is what gets me.