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Apr 28, 2021




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Elmer's exotics
Elmer's exotics 7 days ago
Yup. Exactly.
Jessica and Adam lawson
@Straight Pipe Acres p
Big Rich
Big Rich 12 days ago
Yee Haw- is that a new Ziptie vidga? ..well crank that mother (bleep) up ya (bleep) (bleep)...you dont need to worry about censorship (bleep)..(bleep)..cosby sauce.. (bleep).. more Ketchup (bleep)'n send it! we arent worthy Ziptie you rule our lives. kentucky sends a mint-t shout out
Robby Sheperd
Robby Sheperd 12 days ago
They let you run ads!? Maybe there is hope for US-first.
Heisenherb 13 days ago
alvays frooooosh
jldwolfe 9 hours ago
Call me an idiot but what is this truck built to do?
CPUDOCTHE1 11 hours ago
I think it would have been quicker and easier if you just sent your kid to town to buy you some beers.
Cory Gilbert
Cory Gilbert Day ago
7018 rod likes a higher OCV, like 70 volts, hence why it's just sticking, pop some 6011 in there. Make it Minty!
Cory Gilbert
Cory Gilbert Day ago
Yeah 6011 is the farmers fix it rod, 7018 is low hydrogen structural capable pretty boy rod, 7014 has an iron flux it's more minty while soaked in snow and cosby sauce than 7018. Love your shit, I'm GOING to be doing some minty fixes on all my shit later on. All The KETCHUP!
Best info Fu*kin ever bud! I did not know this kinda Cadillac shit!
val/John Longo’s
It’s alive minnnnnnnnttttttt
Snowflake Superbike
Peg , I Just Uploaded my Burnout Challenge ANSWER Video !! Feast Your Eyes !!! Thank's for the Motivation !!! Arizona
Triple 7's
Triple 7's 2 days ago
Where can I get some damn bait?
Tony 3 days ago
30 days without a beer Faaaaarrrrrk! Your a better man than I Gungadin.
Phil Seward
Phil Seward 3 days ago
Subscribed In the first minute 🤘🏻🤣
Sam klien
Sam klien 3 days ago
Hell when I was younger I needed a welder and was still in HS and couldn't afford even a Walmart one and didn't have enough batteries so me and my friend built a welder out of an super old washing machine sadly it worked extremely well too! We even put a voltage controller on it and we could go as tbin as an ⅛ inch and up to a ½ and we could lay some rolls of dimes it with and then with the control on it when we also couldn't afford a torch either so we would just effing crank her up and then use some old shit rods and have it run so hot we would just burn through what we needed to cut this also worked perfectly, just like a plasma torch but for free and with rods we couldn't use to weld anyways
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark 3 days ago
You added children and removed swearing. Well darn. Nothing great lasts very long. I wish you the best buddy.
Wanda Pridmore
Wanda Pridmore 3 days ago
So you can do epic savage and dangerous things while drinking PC light in Canada? I would get band
Landscaping Specialist
I love this channel!!! 🤣🤣🤣 been know in the state of cancer to cause California 👌🏻 fuckin mint.
Kevin Cocking
Kevin Cocking 4 days ago
I miss the greased versions
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 4 days ago
What's up
Ryan Beyea
Ryan Beyea 4 days ago
the traveler
the traveler 4 days ago
Awesome ! 😎👌 👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😆
Patrick Goerdt
Patrick Goerdt 4 days ago
7018 is a wh*re to restrike, try 7014. Smooth as butter
jimmy HDZ
jimmy HDZ 4 days ago
So many adds cant even enjoy the video..
Tony Sigsby
Tony Sigsby 5 days ago
Diesel smoke Alberta Skies nice
Toby Beaty
Toby Beaty 5 days ago
Think this video has more commercials than I care to sit thru, hope it was a good video.
Jacob Hewitt
Jacob Hewitt 5 days ago
Yessss flappers!!!!
Ryan Hatfield
Ryan Hatfield 6 days ago
A bit much on the censorship
Mik kry
Mik kry 6 days ago
I remember an old video of ol' peg leg talking about when and where to be vulgar. And to further his honesty and respect. He hardly even said shit infront of his son.
Dewey Miller Jr
Dewey Miller Jr 6 days ago
Lmao Native window hahahha 🤣
ZopyrionRex 6 days ago
Wow does this ever bring back some memories. Spent a season in Zama working on these guys. Quiet an experience.
Josh K.
Josh K. 6 days ago
If n your trying to cold start something. The primary ingredient is 0 fucks given.
shadow stalker67
shadow stalker67 6 days ago
You are teachin that boy all the right things peg milwaukees mint 👌 dewalts sht
R. Endicott .
R. Endicott . 6 days ago
Toby tape yes sir Yes,I'm fuckin dying over here 🤣😭 Oh my fuckin God...
Knight Reiter
Knight Reiter 6 days ago
I love your channel and your content! It just drives me up a wall when you're being censored. I love hearing all the new analogies everytime I watch
dagger3k 6 days ago
Your videos are so mint but with that little guy they are mint for weeks
Elmer's exotics
Elmer's exotics 6 days ago
33:55 did your son just say "I'm dumbbb" then picks up his keys lmao 😂😂 gotta love that helmet he's wearing to. Gotta have that when your his dad 😂
Tyler Kuntz
Tyler Kuntz 6 days ago
Ketchup time
DUBMANS 7 days ago
This guy and puglife
Jesse W
Jesse W 7 days ago
Impact for the win!
Memes are my life
29:05. Peg there is swearing in this vidya...HOW DARE YOU lol
dennis 7 days ago
with that raw dog exhaust dumpin in that cab you can call it a canadian gas chamber
icelineman 7 days ago
3406 cat?
Al Lewis
Al Lewis 7 days ago
So F'n dumb that youtube makes you censor all of your content now. US-first blows I hope dailymotion or something puts this company out of buisness. Unreal. They can make millions off of people who actually put in the work to make videos and they have the audacity to tell them what and what not to do.
ctdieselnut 7 days ago
"It even looks nice... which is kinds pissing me off." Lol
Messiah 7 days ago
Lmfaoooo "That gonna land on your feet? Yeah how'd that feel?" Thats exactly how I am hahaha. I'm dead.
79tazman 7 days ago
I have done lot's of arc welding with the batteries the first time I ever welded was with batteries out at my dad's buddies junkyard when I was a young teen
LucidGamer 360
LucidGamer 360 7 days ago
Known in the state of cancer to cause California 🤣
79tazman 7 days ago
Only the Motor Trend dicks get sponsored by Optima
kunu98 7 days ago
Busch is the shit, ever drink ice brewed beer
James Reynolds
James Reynolds 8 days ago
Native window 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman 8 days ago
I believe that thingy is called a series parallel switch, my 84 Pete has one. You'll want 4 batteries. When everything is working they work well. If want to you can install a 12 v starter and rewire it. I don't think I've ever had to jump mine.
jonbravo2 8 days ago
Raisin' them RIGHT
Steve Bahlai
Steve Bahlai 8 days ago
Great as always, cool you got the kid involved. This rig is mint ! I love yer ferds but this and the Frenchmans blown IDI. 😂
WYOGarage 8 days ago
The things man will do to get some beer.
Jody Bauder
Jody Bauder 8 days ago
Check the twerk
Wasted Daze
Wasted Daze 8 days ago
Man...I’ve been a subscriber to this debacle for a while now and usually Peg just destroys anything he comes in contact with. Gotta say my mind was blown like one of his engines when I saw a feller actually repaired something. Loved this vidya and you enjoy those cans of piss good sir. Well deserved!!!
Monte Stu
Monte Stu 8 days ago
The editing to take out the cussing must have taken a week! Damn US-first!
Knifemakerthor 8 days ago
Are you a roughneck?
Mark Blankenship
Mark Blankenship 8 days ago
where in canada did you get a trump sticker?
John Hornback
John Hornback 8 days ago
That's great ... Awesome man.. mint
No Gods No Masters
Cherry one owner!
Brad Ducharme
Brad Ducharme 8 days ago
How much is it to subscribe to be a patreon peg??
Joshua Urban
Joshua Urban 8 days ago
The ole girl sounds like she runs out pretty good
J Johnson
J Johnson 8 days ago
Skip the bleeping. It’s unwatchable without the cussing. I don’t give a rats about the ads
Drew Nelson
Drew Nelson 8 days ago
Hell yeah!!! Straight pipes on everything i own. Including my 94 olds cutlass ciera with a 7" tip. Minty
Victor Light
Victor Light 8 days ago
Bull-shit that muffler came apart that easy, I ain’t buying it
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler 8 days ago
sponsored by ol fuckin dumptima
TedVentures 8 days ago
Sooo minty 👌
440Magnum70 8 days ago
That truck is cool as hell
Matt Dakota
Matt Dakota 8 days ago
Awesome 😎
tom northcutt
tom northcutt 8 days ago
Fuckin mint episode
no just no
no just no 8 days ago
Mad respect for not swearing infront of the kid, the cuss words that come out of this man's mouth on the daily but still respects not swearing infront of the kids.
no just no
no just no 8 days ago
@ZIP TIES N BIAS PLIES swearing can be fun and useful in certain situations but it's always best to keep them clear of it until they're old enough to not misuse it
Thanks bud! It's hard! But it's worth doing!
speaker gameing e
Dewalt is better me buys one it breaks Milwaukee me buys one me uses it for ten years
Swamp Rat
Swamp Rat 8 days ago
:50 You wouldn't think of throwing those empty cans in the scrap bin would you? Another week and you will be picking up the very same cans and NOT tossing them in the bin, yet again.
Channing White
Channing White 8 days ago
God fucking bless Canada..damn virus wont let me come to Canada..maybe i can find me a Canadian chick one day so instead of coming to canada i can come in Canada
Franks Garage
Franks Garage 8 days ago
Had to hire a whole crew just to sensor the twenty minute vijeo.
Senoir NoNo
Senoir NoNo 8 days ago
I just randomly came across your channel and you have me hooked 👌 I can't stop laughing 😂🤣
TheDuckumz 9 days ago
I dont have much use for a Tiger Torch but these damn videos sure make me want one for some reason...
Ultimate .Gaming
Ultimate .Gaming 9 days ago
😂😂😂 god I fucking love you what they getting any lighter watches him drop it on his foot huh learning things the old hard way
Wylie Montgomery
Wylie Montgomery 9 days ago
You don’t have to worry bout safety!
Craig Miller
Craig Miller 9 days ago
Known to the state of cancer to cause California. So true
AIDEN Mono!!!!
AIDEN Mono!!!! 9 days ago
Why are all the swear words bleeped?.. that was one of my favorite parts of your videos
Right Leg
Right Leg 9 days ago
Holy shit... Toby tape aaaaahhhahaha
Absolutely love the way you’re goin with the stacks with the flat black, flap capped straight pipe hell yes
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe 9 days ago
Why did I just get another notification for this ? Says uploaded 1 hour ago.
Mike Abner
Mike Abner 9 days ago
Too much profanity and just plain stupid!
David Blanck
David Blanck 9 days ago
Had a farm tractor we used Cosby sauce to chooch every first start for almost 20 years. We sold it with 2 extra cans. Never let us down.
jeffrey bennett
jeffrey bennett 9 days ago
Can't talk without the f-word? Can't watch 1 min in....I hear a child.
James Johnson
James Johnson 9 days ago
That ol clinkity clankity takes me back to my pops ol cabover
Teamster25 9 days ago
51:40 Fucking Miiiiiinnnnttttt👌👌
Gee Sss
Gee Sss 9 days ago
Mario Samora
Mario Samora 9 days ago
3:25 reminded me of my grandpa he used to say let’s get outside and wrench on the kwopper. He owned multiple kwoppers and Pete’s. He had a stroke last January and had to sell his Pete and stop trucking after 61 years on the road.
F***k, well, that's mint that ya got to spend to time with the ol' timer!
Tyler H
Tyler H 9 days ago
Every time my son does anything with me, he looks at me and goes: miiiiiiint dad 👌🏻
Steven Horner
Steven Horner 9 days ago
I’d like you to know that even as a liberal myself, I fucking love your content dude, I don’t care if I get roasted or if you make liberal jokes cause it doesn’t bother me, just as long as you keep up the minty shit bud 👌👌👌
And .. I don't think u are the intended target! Haha
Hahaha, well, thanks bud!
Haydyn Tryon
Haydyn Tryon 9 days ago
Are you cursing anymore it’s funny
Tom big
Tom big 9 days ago
Is it winter 11 months out of the year in that god forsaken place
Yes... All of it
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 9 days ago
Dimes my man
Osborn C
Osborn C 9 days ago
Tough times make strong men good times make weak men weak men make tough times or sumthin😬
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 9 days ago
"What is PC content?" Best question I've ever heard. I love this guy and I'm headed to get greased edition's.
A Egan
A Egan 9 days ago
29:06 refreshing throwback to the uncensored days
scdevon 9 days ago
It's nice to see a boy being raised properly.
Jd Haas
Jd Haas 9 days ago
Might be your best vidya yet eh!
P77777777 9 days ago
Private owned and not being used for commercial purposes that mint old thing should not need to follow any commercial regulations unless the smokies really are that nasty in the land of people who are too lazy to screw on two license plates. She should be old enough for collector plates anyhow.
JLoy 9 days ago
Upload unedited versions to odysee. I miss the cursing... better yet everyone move to odysee and dumb the tube