[BE ORIGINAL] SUNMI(선미) '꼬리(TAIL)' (4K) 

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[비 오리지널] 선미 '꼬리'
처진 고개도 세워버리는 선미의 스춤🖤
미야 보고 美친듯이 올라가는 입꼬리◠‿◠
(3:01) 퀸선미가 표현하는 고양이 꼬리🐈
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Feb 24, 2021




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disgusTAEd 27 minutes ago
1:20 bro that guy is totally into it.....look at his face omggg
disgusTAEd 29 minutes ago
Dude the backup dancers are living the life in heaven-
Snezаna Maleva
she is so hot
Nicole Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez 2 hours ago
郭蘅瑧 4 hours ago
Jennie.Chennie.00 8 hours ago
선 미아 사랑해 😍🤫🥵
커피 9 hours ago
음.. 얼굴이 선미 같지 않은건 기분탓이야?
Mariella Moncada
Mariella Moncada 10 hours ago
Dahil sa tiktok kaya ako nandito😀
4 2
4 2 10 hours ago
Hin lida
Hin lida 12 hours ago
2:27 is 🔥
Alonso Lioneth
Alonso Lioneth 16 hours ago
Me iré de gato por la vida. Gracias Sunmi!
Cutieaime 22 hours ago
Ig I'm lesbian now
Sophie Bonilla
I'm suddenly questioning my sexuality.
nsp Day ago
cha hyun seung❤️❤️✨
no pizza
no pizza Day ago
김지혜 Day ago
살짝 야한 느낌이다
pretty boy tingzz
1:25 Me watching this with my parents Mom and dad be like: 👁️👄👁️ Me be like:👁️💧👄💧👁️
남자 댄서분 존나부럽네
•Jᴇᴏɴ Mᴏᴏɴت
1:35 RIP Piernas del chico
Cynthia Day ago
Queen 😍
j y
j y 2 days ago
저게 야하다고 생각되시면 걍 학당에 쳐박혀 사세요..한국의 깊은 유교사상은 당최 사라지질 않네...가수가 자기가 하고 싶은 장르 하겠다는 지들이 감놔라 배놔라 ㅈㄹ이야 왜...;; 개멋있구만;; 이게 가인 파라다이스 때랑 다를 게 뭐야;; 그때도 야하다 ㅈㄹ 지금도 야하다 ㅈㄹ 한국의 발전은 니들이 막고 있는거임...발전이란 게 없냐 왜..;; 겁나 이상한 게 오히려 2000년 초반대가 더 개방적임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ현아 트러블만 봐도...갈수록 유교사상이 심해지네...
Jahnavi J
Jahnavi J 2 days ago
Okay, theory time. We see how hyunseung is really close to sunmi in the whole video. They're close, she does a little lap dance, etc. At 2:21 , they're doing this tail thing and then he immediately leaves her and she falls down, representing the same thing that happened in the music video, how the guy throws her off the building and then her psychopathic cat-ish side comes out. The next choreography part shows her dancers mimicking tails for her and the dance gets aggressive slowly. So that means that she died and now she is psychopathic and really to get her revenge. I don't remember seeing hyunseung later in the dance. I mean, he's there but that's it. At last that cat pose shows how she is satisfied with her revenge now. Damn, who is the choreographer, I'm questioning my whole life
Natalia Arias
Natalia Arias 2 days ago
i'm not lying i stream this one at least 3 times a day
hope 2 days ago
i never wanted someone to sit on my face so badly
beetho shin
beetho shin 3 days ago
Que envía el bailarin que se sienta,ojalá SUNMI me pisará 😔
Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing
She's just amazing
S Kim
S Kim 3 days ago
봐도봐도 미치게 멋있어~선미 최고~
waveya ari miu
waveya ari miu 3 days ago
Omg i cant, this make me feel so good
임삐삐 3 days ago
춤 이번에 ㄹㅇ 역대급인듯 ㅋㅋㅋ
Alyssa Moonilal
Alyssa Moonilal 3 days ago
She and Somi should collab
Boo! Purple here
Boo! Purple here 4 days ago
But she touch back dancers but I was like 👁👄👁
Sıla Okay
Sıla Okay 4 days ago
last time i checked i was straight... well i guess not anymore
larlixeu 4 days ago
! //>
김애웅 4 days ago
미쳤다.. 절대 한번보고 나갈수가없네
ken ziii
ken ziii 4 days ago
That dancer in the chair is living his best life 👀✌️
듬직이 4 days ago
춤 진짜 어려워보임
듬직이 4 days ago
진짜 어른섹시..
Stella Rae
Stella Rae 4 days ago
she looks sooooo good!!! and i love this song and choreo. every comeback, sunmi comes up with something fresh and new to give and it's amazing to watch :)
Higher than us
Higher than us 4 days ago
"outside isnt hot at all" the outside:
신재호 4 days ago
남자너무 아프겠다
no puede ser
no puede ser 4 days ago
I really like the use of her back up dancers with this choreography. The back up dancers don’t look like back up dancers, they look like they’re part of the performance as a whole, an element that completes everything. Great choreo!
Belen F.
Belen F. 4 days ago
Sunmi is so beautyfull
Litzy Ls
Litzy Ls 4 days ago
Ok I died at the chair part, damn Sunmi
ᄂᄅᄀ 5 days ago
구미호 현실판 아님? ㄹㅇ 홀린듯이 봤다 ㄷㄷ
Min Cremosa
Min Cremosa 5 days ago
Eu me sinto tão gostosa dançando essa música, Sunmi sempre perfeita!
ᄉᄒ 5 days ago
진짜 미친것같다...
Wan Nisa
Wan Nisa 5 days ago
I'm never tired or bored listen to sunmi-Tail.. i'm in love with her sexy voice
Natalia C.
Natalia C. 5 days ago
This is hot af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
army x bts
army x bts 5 days ago
Me gusta como suena la canción lo que no me gustó es el m/V y la coreografía
ZaydaVanessa AvilaReyes
Alguien sabe el nombre del bailarín principal (curiosidad)🙃🙃😂😅
Hillery Caldwell
Hillery Caldwell 5 days ago
Jump on me next wowww
thing Letdoevery
thing Letdoevery 6 days ago
thing Letdoevery
thing Letdoevery 6 days ago
Coronado Valeria
Coronado Valeria 6 days ago
I literally have 1% of battery right now but I'm using it on Sunmi, worth it
Lolorn V
Lolorn V 6 days ago
Tha dancer: finaly I'm the luckly.
b suwan
b suwan 6 days ago
진짜 풀버전안무는 저세상 멋인듯. 어떤 에너지일까 저런 무대를 만드는 에너지는
moon 20
moon 20 6 days ago
퍼포먼스 개오진다 무엇보다 선미가 빈혈이 없는 것 같아 다행이야
Rosie's Lullaby
Rosie's Lullaby 6 days ago
I come here everyday just to watch the choreography and sunmi and listen to the song
Sofia Renee Pecero Martinez
que casualidad que en un punto del video salen los colores de la bandera bisexual de fondo
Chance Cao
Chance Cao 6 days ago
Hello bisexual community 😳
Ивана Янчева Нейчева
i wish i was the guy with the chair-
Nur Maniza
Nur Maniza 6 days ago
who come from tiktok?
김세모 6 days ago
무대 너무 잘해 선미 ㅠㅠㅠ
임현식 얼굴이나라며 복지이니라
안무 진짜... 대박이다... ㄹㅇ 최근 본 안무중 이게 최곤거 같아ㅠㅠ
MN ALotyb
MN ALotyb 7 days ago
بيبي اواواو اواواوه
7 days ago
왐마야 나는 왜 이걸 지금봤냐 연습 얼마나 했을지 감도 안잡힌다
JeAl 21
JeAl 21 7 days ago
_____ 7 days ago
DC has catwoman Kpop has sunmi
Mortuus M
Mortuus M 7 days ago
Talented queen 💕💕💕💁‍♀️✨
Domina Cho
Domina Cho 8 days ago
와우 ~~~멋지다. 예술이네..~~
iꪶkꫀ sꪊᥴꪊk
iHeartAnime113 8 days ago
didn't even break a sweat, our flooring choreo queen!!
Thabata Ramos
Thabata Ramos 8 days ago
Não sei quem é mais sortudo.. ela ou o cara que ela dá a sentada .. 😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
LAURA 8 days ago
Que isso só faz 1 mês?
angel constellation
Natalia Arias
Natalia Arias 9 days ago
what a blessing to see this in 4k lmao
lil k
lil k 9 days ago
록시해도 어울렸을 듯
Wendy Son
Wendy Son 9 days ago
Never been this gay
Karla Estrada
Karla Estrada 9 days ago
bi panic
Ooo 9 days ago
백댄서분들이 이 앨범 최대수혜자인 것 같음
Australia Rosario
Australia Rosario 10 days ago
Esa mujer lo da todo y se ve con elegancia y a la vez salvaje wow simplemente WOW
Byul 10 days ago
Taaaa porraaa, qué isso Suuunmiii!!??? Perfeita demaaaais
Farrel Anargya Pratama
Suddenly i wanna be a male dancer of sorts...or a chair is fine too.
Carolina Sila
Carolina Sila 10 days ago
Reyyan Kaya
Reyyan Kaya 10 days ago
Consept is so bad.
gevşek apışko
gevşek apışko 8 days ago
@Reyyan Kaya ok sis
Reyyan Kaya
Reyyan Kaya 8 days ago
@gevşek apışko bnim düşğncem arkadaşım
gevşek apışko
gevşek apışko 9 days ago
its my opinion
gevşek apışko
gevşek apışko 9 days ago
no its not
Reyyan Kaya
Reyyan Kaya 10 days ago
@changluv my thinking.
다람쥐쳇바퀴 11 days ago
어 그래 이렇게 자극적인 사랑해본적 한번쯤있잖아
samsamsam 11 days ago
With all due respect this should've won the grammy
gazelle 11 days ago
Oh shit here we go again me watching this 1727839 times
ريما المطيري
تكفون وش ذا 😭
etvow 11 days ago
This looks like it will easly gonna be my #1 Kpop song of 2021.
뉴치케진심녀 11 days ago
백댄서 걍 미쳤다 진짜 이건
손경원 11 days ago
진짜 멋지다
rosie rose
rosie rose 11 days ago
fact : we all want to be THAT man.
Nelly Lourdes López Benitez
Dios, no puedo sacarme ni la canción ni la coreografía de la cabeza, es demasiado para mí. Pero sin duda, es algo espectacular, no podía esperar menos de la diosa. Te amamos reyna.
ximena gavilan
ximena gavilan 12 days ago
김혜진 12 days ago
언니는 천재야... 첨 볼 땐 막연하게 야하단 생각만 들었는데 보면 볼수록 퍼포먼스 하나하나 그리고 표정연기까지 너무 멋있다 ㅜㅜ
예새보미 12 days ago
진짜 최고네요 👍👍👍👍♥️♥️♥️
I'm A WonderFul
I'm A WonderFul 12 days ago
김민지 13 days ago
아시 너무 좋다 어떡해
Top Hat
Top Hat 13 days ago
Hahahahaha... Im gay now