Basketball Trick Shot BATTLE ROYALE for Rare Cactus Jack Jersey 

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In this video, the boys compete in a basketball relay race!
Ultimate NBA Basketball Shooting RELAY RACE Challenge !! -- us-first.info/player/video/p7ejho51aWqceJM.html
Win the Basketball Challenge, Spin the WHEEL of PRIZES !! -- us-first.info/player/video/hbKUfWyhmHafp3E.html
Guess That ALL-TIME NBA Dynamic Duo !! -- us-first.info/player/video/a9ycqZqXfq2qfHE.html
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Jeff: us-first.info/more/tvggO4vLSDBq1hUCrRRPvg
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Apr 30, 2021




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Luay Awadallah
sike loving it keep it up
Luay Awadallah
not felling the music.
Stacy Kramer
Stacy Kramer 2 days ago
Zack is insane 🏀🏀
Trajan A.A Regales
Yesterday i bought nike stuf(shorts,t-shirts,hoodies,shoes And i gave it to homeless people
Ben Krugel
Ben Krugel 6 days ago
Tell Kris I respect the Detroit Pistons jersey
Jeff Damayo
Jeff Damayo 7 days ago
Crazy video loveeet
IIWrLdII 8 days ago
Jeff is underrated
ibc_hinter5 8 days ago
Zach the best
Alonzo Cummings
Alonzo Cummings 9 days ago
cool lets go zack
Rowen Morrison
Rowen Morrison 9 days ago
Love your videos zac you always find a way to make me smile
Pootah Gwiffin
Pootah Gwiffin 9 days ago
Mans 36 acting like a child
Muh_ Lah_Zuh
Muh_ Lah_Zuh 9 days ago
Well deserved. Jeff is good people, definitely the type of guy you want in your circle
Owen 4
Owen 4 9 days ago
I might be a little late but this vid is more fire than how many flames Zack put on the video
Cantgaurdkayden. 9 days ago
Zach a goat 🐐
Aidan Okorowo
Aidan Okorowo 9 days ago
@ZackTTG aka the goat can i plz get the jersey
Ben Reid
Ben Reid 9 days ago
Moochie pulled a quick Stephen adams with the beard.
Bryson Reed
Bryson Reed 9 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you all so much ❤️❤️
Alex Ganson
Alex Ganson 9 days ago
Zack's editor is clearly the best in the group
Brandon Hodgson
Brandon Hodgson 10 days ago
they make tons of trickshot vids they getting boring
Chip Skylark
Chip Skylark 10 days ago
I wanna see 2hype vs amp 5v5. Reply and tell me who y’all got winning. I’m interested on who y’all think will win
Erin Sanchez
Erin Sanchez 10 days ago
Your edits are the best🤣
Lucky Dude
Lucky Dude 11 days ago
Why isnt cash in the last ts
koy range
koy range 11 days ago
jiedel has too much weird aggression and i can’t tell if it’s supposed to be funny or not 💀
Anthony Dundore
Anthony Dundore 11 days ago
The Zach has a nicest hair out of 2hype
Jacob Laufer
Jacob Laufer 11 days ago
What’s up zack can I get the jersey???
JV Siwaten
JV Siwaten 11 days ago
Zack do a challenge where everybody has to recreate the best and ones of this season or in some other seasons up to you. They would also have to make the free throw as well
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 11 days ago
Why is Jeff the nicest being on the planet?
Adrian Cortez
Adrian Cortez 11 days ago
as soon as it said 3’s should’ve known cash was getting out 😂😂
Jaxon Bridle
Jaxon Bridle 11 days ago
SPONGEBOB I’m not happy with your language 😂
Lincoln Murphy
Lincoln Murphy 11 days ago
Big fan to cris
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores 11 days ago
At 7:42 jesser and moochie did the exact same thing at the same time
Rashad Hill
Rashad Hill 11 days ago
Dis vid a banger
QirfzNAE 11 days ago
This video is a banger
Nick Diorio
Nick Diorio 11 days ago
Zack you looking good
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson 11 days ago
Jeff was really boutta give away the jersey anyway that’s crazy. Jeff the man
Cooper Pittman
Cooper Pittman 11 days ago
zack is the only one i like now besides cash and moochie
Adam Hamrick
Adam Hamrick 11 days ago
2hype videos are just too good!!!
Tonio 11 days ago
Bro everyone in this vid did amazing💯🔥
Elijah Quinata
Elijah Quinata 11 days ago
Matthew Olesh
Matthew Olesh 11 days ago
Love the vid
Mads Rasmussen
Mads Rasmussen 12 days ago
Yo Bros
Yo Bros 12 days ago
Is it just me or am I rewinding Jiedel's miss lay up
Tyler German
Tyler German 12 days ago
Yes sir
lo l
lo l 12 days ago
low key love the austin powers music in the back 😂😂
Hayley Fleming
Hayley Fleming 12 days ago
Im glad to see Cash is back! :)
Francis Kaitai
Francis Kaitai 12 days ago
Jeff is always humble always giving back to his fans
Riley Brown
Riley Brown 12 days ago
Zach forgot to put Jeff link twice smh
Itss_Vincee 12 days ago
Bruh that jersey is pure heat, whoever gets it is lucky asf
Gacha_DudeYT 12 days ago
phoenix ferris
phoenix ferris 12 days ago
You and your girl are a fine couple keep it lasting 😘
ItsZay 12 days ago
Dude I always say this, your videos are edited super dope!!
Roberto Irizarry
Roberto Irizarry 12 days ago
Jiedels jumper makes me wanna die
Ethan Camps
Ethan Camps 12 days ago
Dylan Chang
Dylan Chang 12 days ago
Jeff cares for us so much. "This is for you guys." swishes it. next shot "This is also for you guys" swishes it.
Luke Devereaux
Luke Devereaux 12 days ago
Love the videos keep up the good work ❤️💙
Charlie Winters
Charlie Winters 12 days ago
Good video I love you
Tiffany Evenson
Tiffany Evenson 12 days ago
I appreciate all of your hard work and grind throughout quarantine, much love brotha!
Landon 12 days ago
Put Jeff in 2hype
Landon 12 days ago
Kick James
Jake McAtee
Jake McAtee 12 days ago
The vids have been great lately keep up the good work king👑
Landon 12 days ago
Mannn ain’t no one want a jersey wit McDonalds signs on it 😂
Nick Sargent
Nick Sargent 12 days ago
Jeff’s a legend
Christopher Bayly
Christopher Bayly 13 days ago
Jeff is insane with shooting
melchi nyame
melchi nyame 13 days ago
say less and when cash is in these videos it makes it lit
Dorian Smith
Dorian Smith 13 days ago
Emmett Van Dellen
Emmett Van Dellen 13 days ago
Great vid
Eli desandis
Eli desandis 13 days ago
This is a great video
Theorelo Cappuccino
love ur vids zack
rhonn ilagan
rhonn ilagan 13 days ago
ChungusBlue 13 days ago
bro cash got rebuddle in the corner but jeff didn’t for the granny? what is this mahogany
Keanu Mayer
Keanu Mayer 13 days ago
You're the best
Mason Roberts
Mason Roberts 13 days ago
Had to dislike just to make it 69🤫🤫🤫
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 13 days ago
that is nice
Noah Davila
Noah Davila 13 days ago
Bro who did these edits XD
Judah Amis
Judah Amis 13 days ago
I want that jersey
Thomas Lemalu
Thomas Lemalu 13 days ago
i have entered the giveaway.....
Adzo78 Gaming
Adzo78 Gaming 13 days ago
0:51 anyone else see Jesse block kris then do the mutumbo finger shake?
Boris Bojic
Boris Bojic 13 days ago
Jeff is so amazing person
Ricky Villamil
Ricky Villamil 13 days ago
Look at Jeff man...😂😭
DaBiggestOne 13 days ago
That boy Zack a sweat😂
nirbhay 13 days ago
this man making quarantine and covid better love ya zack
Paolo Infante
Paolo Infante 13 days ago
that Cash Nasty shot is even worse than Wayoof P's shot
Garrison Risner
Garrison Risner 13 days ago
Great Video Zack. Love to see the whole squad together in these challenges. And shout-out to Jeff for being humble about the jersey. Keep it up man.
Marcus Osby
Marcus Osby 13 days ago
Zack one thing I love about you that you always touch someone's heart
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart 13 days ago
Love the vids
Moniko Molon
Moniko Molon 13 days ago
Where’s cash
Moniko Molon
Moniko Molon 13 days ago
Where’s crush
Young Moose
Young Moose 13 days ago
Bro jeff just seem like such a good dude
GMoneyPlays 13 days ago
i needa up my drip lowkey
Chris R
Chris R 13 days ago
09:43 that is not a beard 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😂😂😂
Stephen Rodrigues
Stephen Rodrigues 13 days ago
Love the videos, watch every video u post and plan to continue,
MidgetSlayer23_YT 13 days ago
I love all your videos I watch them everyday at school and whenever I’m not busy but keep up the good work bois💪🏼❤️
ADrizzyDrOP YT
ADrizzyDrOP YT 13 days ago
I love your videos Zack
Ashwin Jaiganesh
Ashwin Jaiganesh 13 days ago
jeff and zack dynamic duo!
landon jessup
landon jessup 13 days ago
james missing that layup tho
Brennan Weller
Brennan Weller 13 days ago
Why is James hooping in 1s
i love this video
Olivier Cliche
Olivier Cliche 13 days ago
Jeff just got his link in the description twice and the cactus jack jersey what a good day Jeff had
Jayw_plays 18
Jayw_plays 18 13 days ago
Cash cant fit that shit
ty taguchi
ty taguchi 13 days ago
that shirt cash was wearing was straight heat🔥
Bryan mallett
Bryan mallett 13 days ago
@bmalmedia I’ve been subbed for 5 plus years!