Bartolo Colon defying the laws of the universe needs a deep rewind 

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BEEF HISTORY NEEDS YOUR HELP ok maybe that’s dramatic but not far off. It’s nominated for a Webby Award and if you have a minute to vote, we’d appreciate you endlessly: vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2021/video/video-series-channels/sports
In 2016, Bartolo Colon was just about the last person on Earth you'd expect to hit a home run: A pitcher in his 40s with very few at-bats to his name. And yet ...
... well, before we get to it, we should rewind. We should examine how and why pitchers became so famously bad at hitting. We should remember how the designated hitter came to the American League, but not the National League, and take note of Colon mostly occupying one half of that divide. And before we dig into Bartolo's mostly pitiful, sometimes hilarious career at the plate, we should establish how great he is at his *actual* job, even into his 40s.
This is a different kind of moment in history, but to appreciate how amazing it is, it deserves the deep rewind treatment.
Produced by Seth Rosenthal
Directed by Brian Torres
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May 1, 2021




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hcruzness75 3 hours ago
Oh my God...That made me smile from ear to ear.
Poker Joker
Poker Joker Day ago
There needs to be a Kerry Wood 2003 NLCS Game 7 Home Run Rewind.
X Æ A-X 12
X Æ A-X 12 2 days ago
Do babe Ruth’s called homer
Martin Giguere
Martin Giguere 2 days ago
The following season in MLB the show, they bumped Colon's odds against righty pitchers from 0 to 1
Sports Trades
Sports Trades 2 days ago
If James Shields doesnt give up this home run, do the Padres give up on him a month later and acquire some dominican prospect named Fernando Tatis Jr.? i think his dad played in the MLB but man the padres had no choice but to let shields go
elchapeau 2 days ago
At the end of this video, is that a white Guess Who board on the pitcher's mound? next to the rosin bag??
Alex Chen
Alex Chen 2 days ago
I haven't ever watched baseball. Was in tears at the end. I love you guys, SB
SOMF Music
SOMF Music 3 days ago
This honestly sparked the complete rebuilding of the padres. Win Win.
Raf 3 days ago
While I love just how much the crowd went wild on this, oh how I wish this had been at Citi Field so he could have gotten the hometown treatment.
O Albuquerque
O Albuquerque 3 days ago
The impossible has happened
Tom Hills
Tom Hills 3 days ago
Please do a Soccer video on how Wycombe Wanderers went from relegation to beyond the football league 5 years ago, and made it into the championship on points per game because of covid last year. We now may be staying in the league despite relegation because Derby County may be deducted points! Thank you! It's an EPIC story.
cal hayden
cal hayden 3 days ago
can’t wait to see the “Gute vs Aaron” episode
Jaymzofsteel 3 days ago
He had great stuff for the Yanks in that aging rotation that still had Pettitte and Mo.
Miller Time
Miller Time 3 days ago
Ohtani: Am I a joke to you??
MTG Infinity
MTG Infinity 3 days ago
Do a video about something from the AUDL - ultimate has mind blowing highlights and needs some love.
Tim Okenfuss
Tim Okenfuss 3 days ago
Stephon Gilmore batted down pass in afc title game rewinder
Wallace Harris
Wallace Harris 3 days ago
Hey Secret Base, you guys should do a video about the 1990s Atlanta Braves or the 1990s Cleveland Indians. That would be cool.
Valk 3 days ago
as a nats fan i recommend doing a rewinder on howie kendricks world series game 7 homerun
Maxwell McComb
Maxwell McComb 3 days ago
These videos always get me so emotional 😭
Joe N
Joe N 4 days ago
Now and forever, the greatest argument against the DH...all honesty, I agree with the video, let the AL have the DH, but keep it out of the NL, the weird difference in rules is part of what makes MLB more interesting than most other leagues.
Rusty Johnson
Rusty Johnson 4 days ago
The Broadest Reason - Bartolo Colon
Derek Neaz-Nibur
Derek Neaz-Nibur 4 days ago
Another fantastic Rewinder, great job, as always, Seth. Could you please do a Rewinder on the Dave Robert’s stolen base in the ALCS, the 2004 WS champ Red Sox in general, or Big Papi’s grand slam in the 2013 ALCS? Thank you and keep up the good work!
DJ Doble U
DJ Doble U 4 days ago
That has to be one of the most iconic home run calls in MLB history.
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks 4 days ago
This was a game before or after he did an incredible behind the back hot dog play to nail a runner at first.
Daniel Hicks
Daniel Hicks 4 days ago
Didn’t even need to watch to thumbs up
Nick Muratori
Nick Muratori 4 days ago
Greatest moment in all of sports history
Colt Lovett
Colt Lovett 4 days ago
Did you notice how the pitcher left the ground in his pitch
Rickie Fowler
Rickie Fowler 4 days ago
Zack Greinke is still one of the best and most badass slugger/pitcher in my opinion
Kahm :
Kahm : 4 days ago
day 1 of asking for a rewind on desean jackson’s punt return vs the giants
William Strauss
William Strauss 4 days ago
Can’t wait for a secret base video about Lindor and McNeils fight
Nathaniel Levesque
Do a beef video on Tommy Lasorda vs. Mascots.
A Chris Called Ferns
Matthew Wiles
Matthew Wiles 5 days ago
You guys should be done on edge hazards goal that won Leicester City the league in 2015. Lack of soccer content on here.
Jake Stumm
Jake Stumm 5 days ago
The title still doesn’t do this moment justice
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske 5 days ago
Secret Base, can we have a rewinder on that legendary Ichiro vs Riveria walk-off homer on September 18, 2009?
Chung Bom Katayama
And now we see Shohei Ohtani...
That Guy Named Luke
You guys gotta rewind the mile high miracle for my ravens
Jaylen Pauley
Jaylen Pauley 6 days ago
Do a rewind on Hakeem Warrick block in the 2003 NCAA national championship Syracuse vs Kansas
Jean-Bukk Dukk
Jean-Bukk Dukk 6 days ago
Please do the 2005 champions league final
zlaecohn 6 days ago
that was a Good one
Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina 6 days ago
Still playing in Mexico at 47.
Traber Burns
Traber Burns 6 days ago
Beef History: Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg
Shai Fishman
Shai Fishman 6 days ago
That was excellent!!!!
kuunami 6 days ago
To me it's weird that the AL and NL have different rules for pitchers even though it's the same league. I don't understand the logic behind this.
Conquistadorito 6 days ago
Now that he’s retired you should do an Untitled for Philip Rivers.
Big Baller Sports
Think about it, this play got the Padres Fernando Tatis Jr
Ethan Sketch
Ethan Sketch 7 days ago
Beef History Reds Vs Pirates
Andrew Balis
Andrew Balis 7 days ago
The 2010 Stanley Cup Game 6 OTGWG deserves a rewind!!!!!!!!!
Will Capuano
Will Capuano 7 days ago
Can we please get a reminder for Roy Halladay’s playoff no hitter????
Stereotypical Gamer
Yo with Chelsea returning to the UCL final it’s the perfect time for a rewinder on Drogbas winning penalty
Wayne Winslow
Wayne Winslow 7 days ago
You are a bunch of losers getting so excited about a baseball pitcher hitting a home run...I actually read that some men CRIED when he was rounding the bases???!!! HAHAHAHAHA 👉OSERS...you need to get lives...obviously you have no worries if this moment was such an emotional event in your life....embarrassing
Littlestkitty1 NBA5996
us-first.info/player/video/rdNmeKaAhmllZZs.html Y'all got mentioned on JJ Reddick's podcast right on the 4:00 minute mark @Secret Base
Nick Poggi
Nick Poggi 8 days ago
5 years ago today
Hisham 8 days ago
Came here cuz of Kenny
Joe Gonzales
Joe Gonzales 8 days ago
Conspiracy theory time also please up vote this comment if you saw this or wanna know more after reading my comment so they might make a video on this topic. It is may 6th today "aka" willie mays 90th birthday and I saw a birthday post from snoop Dogg saying its your nephew snoop Dogg and also addressing him as uncle willie later on. When I saw this i was quite confused because I had never even heard those two names in the same sentence let alone in family terms. I went to google for answers. But the internet had nothing to give me except snoop greeting without context. I think you guys should get your crack team to do some research maybe on ancestry websites even to find out if snoop dogg is actually willie mays' nephew or find out why they are that close to have that relationship if they arent related.
Devan Aguilar
Devan Aguilar 8 days ago
One of the greatest moments I’ve witnessed in my life
Hedgey 8 days ago
If it wasn't for James Shields giving up a homer to Bartolo, Fernando Tatis Jr. wouldn't be a Padre today. The city of San Diego thanks you, Big Sexy.
Bradley Magnusson
Please do a dork town greatest pitched game of all time
Nathan Beaubrun
Nathan Beaubrun 8 days ago
Soccer / football deep rewinds
Djnightmare14 8 days ago
Please do the 2007 NL wild card!!!
[VGH] Charm Of Crows
Easily the greatest home run in the history of baseball
TheNumberQuelve 9 days ago
I have never agreed harder with the notion of a moment that was TECHNICALLY inconsequential deserving its own show. After this moment, I believe you were only allowed to address him as "the man, the myth, the legend, Bartolo Colon." Anything short of that results in tomatos being thrown at you.
Warren Morton
Warren Morton 9 days ago
This was amazing. Only Secret Base could make this interesting to me. Thank you, SB!
EggMath 9 days ago
This story is cool, but the storytelling in this video sucked, a lot. Why are you prescribing us that what you're building up to is impossible? You literally bring up "could a miracle happen" and still say no only to end up revealing "yes a miracle can happen". Cool story though.
Sey Ley2
Sey Ley2 9 days ago
Playing in the Mexican league apparently...
Andrew Korn
Andrew Korn 9 days ago
This is one of my absoulutly favorite baseball moments
Sverre Tysl
Sverre Tysl 9 days ago
Kickass channel
Juhimuz 9 days ago
The show is Rewinder but the feeling is Pretty Good 👍
Robert Coulter-Thurley
Please do a rewind of Lucas Moura's hat trick against Ajax!!!
Randal Stone
Randal Stone 10 days ago
mageta621 10 days ago
Great selection for this video, you can't help but smile. Please do Super Bowl 52 🙏 it's so perfect for this series
No More Fielders
No More Fielders 10 days ago
For a second I thought they already made this video last year and it got me thinking they just updated this video every year for Bartolo day, but then I just realized I was thinking of Jomboy’s video
Adorkable Smile
Adorkable Smile 10 days ago
Colon is a legend and this is one of my favourite baseball moments. What they don't tell you is: after he hit this, he came back to an empty dugout - the rest of his team had hidden in the locker room as a prank!
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 10 days ago
Could you please do a rewinder video on Didier Drogba's game winning penalty shot in the 2012 UEFA Champions League final?
Alien TV
Alien TV 10 days ago
I can’t wait to watch the collapse video on the Brooklyn nets
sneak disser
sneak disser 10 days ago
took you long enough to make this one eh?
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 10 days ago
I really want a Bartolo Colon card in MLB The Show that has max power stats based on this moment. The worst possible contact stats, though.
Deron Momanyi
Deron Momanyi 10 days ago
Tom Brady's departure from the New England Patriots deserves a deep rewind.
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout 10 days ago
Another opportunity for a Baseball Bits collaboration, wasted.
David Tosscano
David Tosscano 10 days ago
You didnt show the part where after he made it home after his double the guys in the dugout cooling him down by waving towels in front of him.
Preston TalkZZZ
Preston TalkZZZ 10 days ago
Love this video! Just curious why it wasn't uploaded on May 7th though
Edward Reyes
Edward Reyes 10 days ago
* I play Softball with bartolo colon in his freee time he always practice batting and he gives home runs and hits , now he signed in professional baseball in Mexico.
HomerGunther 10 days ago
the look on his teammates faces are so great
adriel tindall
adriel tindall 10 days ago
You guys should do Tebow vs the Steelers rewind
chrisjamesr77 10 days ago
One guy who was a good hitter for a pitcher was Earl Wilson, who played for the Red Sox and Tigers mainly in the '60s. Career .195 average (which doesn't sound like much, but is quite good for a pitcher really) and 35 career HRs, including two times he hit 7 in one season. He was before my time, but I've heard my dad tell some stories about the 60s Tigers teams :D
Aaron Reyes
Aaron Reyes 10 days ago
Rewinder Idea: Joel Kiviranta's Game 7 OT goal to complete the hattrick against the Avs.
Spencer Wisch
Spencer Wisch 10 days ago
This was beautiful. I was in tears when this happened. Baseball is such a beautifully strange game.
Zypang 10 days ago
Jose Garcia Jr.
Jose Garcia Jr. 10 days ago
Make a video on Alec Martinez ot goal to win the Stanley cup
Danny Dorito
Danny Dorito 10 days ago
THIS is why we can't have the universal DH
Gydeme 10 days ago
so this was uploaded sometime in 2018 I guess?
German Benitez
German Benitez 10 days ago
As a life long padres fan I remember watching this game and cursing at the TV after that bomb 😂
Gunslinging Bird
Gunslinging Bird 10 days ago
I just got shudders and a tear in my eye. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest moments in baseball history.
Alex Cope
Alex Cope 11 days ago
Can you take a very small person. hand them the football, and then lob them over the defensive line for a guaranteed yard.
Lorenzo Perrotta
Lorenzo Perrotta 11 days ago
Please do battle of the bridge that gave the title to Leicester in 2016
Mark Olson
Mark Olson 11 days ago
You should do a rewinder on the Indianapolis Colts from early 90s having picks 1,2 & 32 in 1992. 16 in 1993 and 2,5 & 32 in 1994. That’s a modern day equivalent 7 1st rounders in 3 years, 4 of which are top 5. How does that result in Peyton Manning less than 5 years later?
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson 11 days ago
I live for this. I don't even like baseball. 😂
Walmir Xavier
Walmir Xavier 11 days ago
Somethings are bounded to happen, try as you might no piece of statistic or probability can help you, and in times like that the impossible becomes the only outcome.
David Lawrence
David Lawrence 11 days ago
Can we get a motorsports rewinder...F1 Brazil 2008, 2011 Daytona 500, 2011 Indy 500... Come on Secret Base I'm giving you gold here
Rico 11 days ago
Dayum I done just binge batched all your videos
The Best of Bartolo