Barcelona vs Cádiz | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/21/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA 

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An Alex Fernandez penalty in the 89th minute helped Cadiz steal a point in a 1-1 draw against Barcelona in LaLiga action.
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Feb 21, 2021




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Bryan Romero
Bryan Romero 3 days ago
I had no idea the penalty taker is Nacho Fernandez’s brother (the CB for Real Madrid) 8:43
Djamonja 3 days ago
lol at that penalty
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 3 days ago
Carnival barker Ray Hudson's on-going infatuation with Riqui Puig is downright creepy. He found excuses to mention him throughout the game, and then when Puig came on as a sub and made a back-pass, yelled "immediate impact!"
P2McK 123
P2McK 123 4 days ago
anybody knows what is going on with Barcelona? Refs not helping as much as they used to.
JET 4 days ago
Barcelona returning to the good old days of them being a mediocre la liga team before 2006.
Stephan O
Stephan O 4 days ago
Wth hell was that? 1:16😂😂
Cesar Aguilera-herrera
Barca for ever. Win or lose
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez 4 days ago
I miss Suarez so much!!
metataco 4 days ago
and barcaca fans still want this team to win champions league? lol the team has so many problems. messi is the only decent player in there. team has no good attackers, no real number 9, midfield is weak, they're playing with a bunch of teens with no real experience and fossil pique that should have been playing chinese super league since 2017.
3301 Legends
3301 Legends 5 days ago
Lol "cooler than Jason Bourne, cause that's what I was watchin las night". After the messi penalty.
Walter Fernandes
Walter Fernandes 5 days ago
This one was probably the worst soccer match I've ever watched, shame...
Adolfo Sanchez
Adolfo Sanchez 5 days ago
This is embarrassing....
Marco Diaz
Marco Diaz 5 days ago
Gerardo 5 days ago
Pessi scoring nothing but penalties nowadays 😂
Blaine Gibbons
Blaine Gibbons 5 days ago
Barca is trash this season. That pen is so soft. Futbol is soft. The players are soft. The ref is soft. You can protect the player and not be soft.
William Quintero
William Quintero 5 days ago
Fk this Spanish league. We all know the English league is better. More competitive.
Failure 5 days ago
Hope Messi leaves this team, without messi , this team won’t be top 5
Nathaniel John
Nathaniel John 5 days ago
We havent one a trophy a title in so long that it's getting to the point where barca might as well get relegated to the 2nd division just to win a trophy, but barca being so bad, will probably come in 2nd. WTF is wrong with this senior team. I want barca b to play psg, because this isnt working. The old players are legends, but its time to create new legends. Pique Busi Alba, need to sit out or just retire or leave the club for some new youngsters and prime players to take the new 3 5 and 18 shirt. And Unreliable players or non orld class players need to leave. Includes Neto firpo umtiti lenglet pjanic, fernandes, braithwate. So in total, I want these 10 players to go. and to replace them with the youth and prime. Kounde Moriba Balde, gaya, pena, garcia (even though todibo is better) alaba ( there is still a chance) collado mingueza haaland, Full renevations to the team, but it is possible to be victorious again.
mRwoRds2148 5 days ago
What was the point of getting Giezman?? Guy can't score for his life.
Nolanator7 5 days ago
Were the conditions of this game just dog shit? Fucken hell, every shot went over the bar by about 70 feet. Barcelona are the new banter FC and it’s such a shame for Messi.
Mike Tapia
Mike Tapia 5 days ago
Like always, #15 is the biggest problem for Barcelona's defense!
Cristian Ramirez
Cristian Ramirez 5 days ago
I really thought on Messi's goal, Hudson was gonna say "AAAAAAH Genius, Magisterial....Golazo azo azo azo!! Softer than a virgin on prom night... that's why they call him the black widow"
Basheer Katmeh
Basheer Katmeh 5 days ago
Pretty embarrassing tie to be honest. It's bad enough we can't win against giants, and now we can't even scrape a win even against a "nobody" team named Cadiz. How sad. They were done many times back then so yeah.....no comment.
Miguel jasso
Miguel jasso 5 days ago
2 weeks ago everyone was crazy about how Koeman had improved the team now there criticizing him again. Ridiculous. Theres no fault in koeman today. You see how many chances they missed? Also i agree with playing lenglet is a mistake but until araujo comes backs theres gonna be a problem there. Koeman is doin good with what he has. Trying putting the blame on the players
Carl 5 days ago
Im really not sure why Pique is still playing. The guy needs to go
Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro 5 days ago
Anybody noticed lenglect pushed Lozano on Alex penalty for this to be repeated.
Carlos Navarro
Carlos Navarro 5 days ago
Anybody noticed lenglect pushed Lozano on Alex penalty for this to be repeated.
Alex 5 days ago
7:34 how is that not a foul
Bienfait Kikombe
Bienfait Kikombe 5 days ago
I'm giving away my phone, I need peace of mind
Pythien ツ
Pythien ツ 5 days ago
No hate to messi, griezman and dembele but what is going on with their shot accuracy. They needs to train on his shooting because there playmaking is good just lacks finishing.
Spewin’ Beans All You Can Eat
Sorry have to ask... anyone else get turned off by American commentators? It just sounds like I’m listening to basketball or baseball, so dry.
RealTech Pilo
RealTech Pilo 5 days ago
This is the most human like performance I’ve ever seen Messi play
Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez 5 days ago
Y’all remember when they made fun of Cr7 for only scoring by penalties..... well damn . Doesn’t time just catch up lol
Aaron Francis
Aaron Francis 5 days ago
How many shots do you want? Barca: Yes How many goals? Barca: We don’t do that here
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 5 days ago
Ramiro Romero
Ramiro Romero 5 days ago
8:58 Lenglet Pushes a Cadiz Player so the penalty is taken again but the what he didn't expect was that Cadiz player wouldn't gotten in as he expect it
LUKA 5 days ago
4:42 I swear that is some bullshit
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 5 days ago
Was there even contact between Lenglet and the opponent? Never in a million years should that have been called. In the 88th minute, the Cadiz player knew he was in the box and simply collapsed. It's stuff like this that's ruining the sport.
V P 5 days ago
What's wrong with the aim ?
Jesus Punlay
Jesus Punlay 5 days ago
Everyone talking about the defense in the comments but that Barcelona attack is embarrassing, 20 shots but only 4 on target? Yikes
Ab Panda
Ab Panda 5 days ago
You should at least put the clip of why a penalty is given.
Emmett G
Emmett G 5 days ago
Games like these Barca misses Suarez. They needed a finisher here
zeki9199 5 days ago
Barcelona's coach has to go. His chemistry didn't work for him
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 5 days ago
Lol. Jesus
ALBERT BABY 5 days ago
Barcelona തീ
Acerry Reborn
Acerry Reborn 5 days ago
Real Madrid product scored 😁😁😁
الهلالي عالمي
ALL DAY 5 days ago
Ever since 2015-16 season start I’m been saying this season will be Barca season and it turn out not to be and 2016-17 Barca will improve and do so much better since 2015 till 2021, it been 6 years oh boy was I wrong, it turn out Barca has been declining each year. Every season they getting worser.
Josue Soto
Josue Soto 5 days ago
Bro the fact there has been no improvement whatsoever what are they training
David 2k
David 2k 5 days ago
Why is there always a flopping goal dawg
Suk Gurung
Suk Gurung 6 days ago
I’m a Messi fan not Barca
Ricardo Corona
Ricardo Corona 6 days ago
Con esa actitud mediocre de parte del barcelona piensan hacer algo en la champion? No creo. El barca ha descubierto algo...que es como la espuma de la cerveza, porque todo lo que sube tiene que bajar. Se acabo el barcelona de miedo.
tariq hv
tariq hv 6 days ago
lenglet header the ball ffs
Misael San Agustin
Pobre de Messi solo a estos aquipos débiles les mete goles y de penal
edgar de leon
edgar de leon 6 days ago
It's increible.....
Yung Papa
Yung Papa 6 days ago
These penalty calls are a joke!
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 5 days ago
Even in slow-mo, it's not clear if Lenglet even made contact with the Cadiz player. The league should review this type of thing. Ruining the sport.
HeyItsNick 6 days ago
Yo Messi to Manchester city is the move. Bankrupt club, awful defense , no tactics. Awful
antiagonista 6 days ago
Messi should go to Inter Milan... That would be the best attack in the world.
smart guy
smart guy 6 days ago
we need a manager like jugen klopp to rebuild Barcelona back to glory
smart guy
smart guy 5 days ago
@Bob Bowie that is cause of their injuries and not to mention klops mother died and he couldn't even attend her funeral thats gonna affect you ...... they will be back on top next season watch
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 5 days ago
Lol . Liveepool is 5th in the standings. Its the players not the manager. You need special players who are fit.
stylechyld 6 days ago
Pessi scored 2 back to back goals from PSG and now Cadiz.
Captain 6 days ago
What did I tell ya'll? PENSSI 🤣
free gelato
free gelato 6 days ago
Ok I had enough barça for this season Let’s see what happens the next one🥲
Melvin Martinez
Melvin Martinez 6 days ago
Since Bayern defeated Barca 8-2 I’ve been a Bayern fan ever since
Sanatana Infiniti
Koeman didn't hesitate to throw out a perfect striker like saurez but still didn't do anything with pique, Busquets or lenglet. How does this make sense. Saurez is still a perfect striker for atleast two years. But no. Koeman is not the right man.
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 5 days ago
The board did it, not koeman. Its not koemans money.
Carlos pibe Pibe10
Mala defensa del Barcelona
oscar jimenez
oscar jimenez 6 days ago
Barca would be a lot better this season if they still had suarez
Craz88 6 days ago
Ronaldo scores a penalty. He suck only penalties Messi scores penalty GOAT
Kongloshaa 6 days ago
Barca needs to finish. So many chances
Patrick Rodriguez
885 passes. In the top 10 for most passes completed in a game from a football team
Cecelia Sancez
Cecelia Sancez 6 days ago
Como presumen que Messi es el mejor jugador del mundo dan lástima como inflan a Messi
Fn Galaxy
Fn Galaxy 6 days ago
Longlegs 😂
Raj Sahoo
Raj Sahoo 6 days ago
12 minute highlight and they don’t even show how Barca earned the penalty kick.. how is that possible?
Jireh Dobgima
Jireh Dobgima 6 days ago
There are times when you can blame the manager and there are times that you can cry for the manager how Barca haven't won this game is one of the seven wonders fthe worls
Jireh Dobgima
Jireh Dobgima 6 days ago
I would he scared if I had Pique and Lenglet as my center back pairing and I am even tempted to say Magurie and Lindelof are better
Jireh Dobgima
Jireh Dobgima 6 days ago
I swear clubs in the relegation battle hope they have barca as their next match because they are just giving out free points
Collective Macri
Collective Macri 5 days ago
the irony...
Helberth Pérez
Helberth Pérez 6 days ago
So disappoint 😣💩
Cri Jim
Cri Jim 6 days ago
Bro why is lenglet so much garbage
J4 P20
J4 P20 6 days ago
Messi should go to MLS
Charlie lopez
Charlie lopez 6 days ago
nobody won nobody lost it was a draw great game go Barca
Varinder Singh
Varinder Singh 6 days ago
Barca against the ref... ref won the match!
Raihan Ahmed
Raihan Ahmed 6 days ago
Pessy only Penalty..CR7 legend GOAT
GOLDEN GAMER 6 days ago
I love Pedri style, he’s everywhere
Nautilux1110 6 days ago
Lobster wins
Lobster wins 6 days ago
This ref hates barca
Alejandro 6 days ago
And yet some of you guys still believe Barcelona are going to make a comeback against PSG
Chris Ravenci
Chris Ravenci 6 days ago
Still can't believe he used De Jong as CENTRAL DEFENDER instead of Umtiti, against PSG 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jolly John
Jolly John 6 days ago
Lenglet... why?
Uzo Design
Uzo Design 6 days ago
I don't hate many footballers but Lenglet, I just want to see this guy gone.
Kouder 6 days ago
What if Liverpool sacked Klopp and then Klopp came to coach Barca 🔥🔥🔥
Jose Rios
Jose Rios 6 days ago
No quiero exagerar pero este Barcelona solo causa asco. Alguien tenia que decirlo, y se dijo.
Luis R. Gualpa Jr.
Who does he think he is just passing it into the corner. Makes it look effortless
Ticotech Houston
Ticotech Houston 6 days ago
otro penal a favor del farza?
amadeus1576 6 days ago
Lenglet must to get out of Barça. This garbage is responsible for many losses and draws.
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 5 days ago
You don't watch actual matches
Joe 6 days ago
Bob Bowie
Bob Bowie 5 days ago
MessiLifestyle 6 days ago
If want to see pain ? Just watch pique , alaba , leglet and busqet
Seafood Lover
Seafood Lover 6 days ago
Lenglet.. the stupidest defender throughout Barca's history
Achyut Dave
Achyut Dave 6 days ago
I don't understand how is the penalty only Lenglet's fault?
Leonel Messi
Leonel Messi 6 days ago
Griezmann the World 🌎 cup winner 🏆 😅, my Ass ! and Koeman the 🤡 still trust his old and finished players..
Ayodamola Ajala
Ayodamola Ajala 6 days ago
Israel The special One
Grande Cadiz, Grande Cadiz that's the stuff,😁🤠🤠.
favoritemusicon 6 days ago
Cadiz penalty was a gift. But still barca had so many opportunities to kill it and they didn't. Their fault.
Coastal Pension2
Coastal Pension2 6 days ago
Dumping Griezman, Lenglet and Pique should be no brainer, they are totally useless.