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Apr 28, 2021




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AlondraDessy 16 days ago
who else is going through the same thing? :( btw Go to www.casetify.com/alondradessy today to get 15% off your new favorite phone case!
• Yolie •
• Yolie • 7 days ago
Where can I get the last dress from ?
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 9 days ago
You guys are lying or the fact that Alo doesn't know Benny is Elsy baby daddy
Ana Quintero Garcia
Where did u get ur dresses & rug someone pls link the websites
73Jlynn 12 days ago
I gave birth at 38 weeks (2 days before my due date)
Mari Ortiz
Mari Ortiz 14 days ago
When you go into labor hint hint, if you really wanna record. You can always hide the camera without them knowing and record.
Irene Olvera
Irene Olvera 2 days ago
I went into labor with both of my pregnancies at 38wks and 1 day!
melissa morales
melissa morales 3 days ago
You should do a belly cast before you go into labor!!!
Yasmin Torres
Yasmin Torres 5 days ago
I just want to k ,where did u order ur dress from?!!😩(the first white dress) I need to k ASAP
RayAnn Chi - Master Your Reality
I say its worth the longer drive, you don’t know if your water will break. I say this because 2 of my pregnancies, they had to break my water. Tune into your body, you will have an idea if it’s getting closer as you will feel it and then book an airbnb or hotel near your private practice. It’s better you have Benny by your side and the freedom to capture these beautiful moments. Just my 2 cents
Mason F
Mason F 7 days ago
• Yolie •
• Yolie • 7 days ago
Where is the last dress from ? 🤩
Lavínia Sousa
Lavínia Sousa 8 days ago
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Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez 8 days ago
where did you buy the white longsleeve dress that you wore for your gender reveal and the the very first one?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 9 days ago
into labor soon. Hope this helps 🥰🥰
Diana Salazar
Diana Salazar 9 days ago
Where are your dresses from?
Ale Cadenillas
Ale Cadenillas 9 days ago
Maybe closer to your due date and you get your last few appointments you guys can stay somewhere nearby that clinic you like and stay there for about a week until you’re due!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 9 days ago
I gave birth at 38weeks for my first baby and I can’t wait to watch your baby gender reveal 😉
Thalia Villalejo
Thalia Villalejo 9 days ago
Alo roasting Benny is so funny 😂
Yazmin Espinoza
Yazmin Espinoza 9 days ago
I gave birth to a lovely girl at 35 weeks ! My water broke & I had no complications whatsoever !!
jayb sartor
jayb sartor 9 days ago
A lot of people with their first baby don’t have the baby writhing an hour in a half if your water breaks you will have more than enough time to make it to the hospital trust me you probably won’t have her till late night or next day after water breaks but everyone is different just with the first baby it’s a long process USUALLY
Cheryl Graham
Cheryl Graham 9 days ago
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 9 days ago
Benny used to be a handsome guy but now he's phat drunk
theluv magnet
theluv magnet 9 days ago
Alo te guero mi vega
Luisa Desilagua
Luisa Desilagua 10 days ago
She got me with the "I got eyelash glue" 😂💀
mark & lyberty
mark & lyberty 10 days ago
Y’all can stay over where the other doctor is at for the last couple days of pregnancy like set an inducion date and then stay over there until yall can come back
Haidie S
Haidie S 10 days ago
I went into labor at 41 weeks and got induced.
Haidie S
Haidie S 10 days ago
My bf didn't even get to go inside with me to our very first ultrasound.. throughout my whole pregnancy he couldn't go in to any of my ultrasounds. I scheduled a 3D/4D ultrasound during my 3rd trimester and he was able to go in with me, that was his first and only ultrasound that he was able to attend to and it was the most beautiful 😍❤
milkchocolate s
milkchocolate s 10 days ago
Can you through your phone from the top of the staircase to the floor below? That was a short distance. So we could see if it actually works from like 10 feet drop ?
Natalia Melendez
Natalia Melendez 10 days ago
Where did you buy these dresses? It’s hard to find cute maternity dresses 😢
Rose bud
Rose bud 10 days ago
Benny is the sweetest thing ever...you’re so lucky.
Rose bud
Rose bud 10 days ago
The Baby is probably sitting on a nerve.. so sorry 😞 for you maybe try talking to your Dr. to see what you should do. Hope you get Better 🙏🏼
Beautymkup8a 10 days ago
I gave birth at 38weeks for my first baby and I can’t wait to watch your baby gender reveal 😉
Marilyn Ortiz
Marilyn Ortiz 10 days ago
Hey love you vedios💘💕💗💖💝💞❤️💕💘💗💝💖am subcribed
Erika Radke
Erika Radke 10 days ago
had my baby at 36 weeks via c-section 2 weeks ago because he was breeched and I had high blood pressure. Wear the white dress and for your baby shower wear the color of the gender.
Martha Torres
Martha Torres 10 days ago
Who knows where she got her dresses from???? Im also having a gender reveal 😍😊😊
Christy Renea
Christy Renea 10 days ago
I Love the Beige one or the 4th one, the white one for your Gender Reveal & that other white one should be for your Baby Shower, it’s Beautiful & with your dark skin & hair, that will be so Fire! 🔥🔥🔥
Angela Buttery
Angela Buttery 10 days ago
I would wear nude or white either one
Amanda Haro
Amanda Haro 10 days ago
#5 and then pink or blue for baby shower
Edith Ruiz
Edith Ruiz 10 days ago
I gave birth at 37weeks 💞
Britney- w
Britney- w 10 days ago
i think the nude dress #1 or the white tight one
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 10 days ago
I say you should wear a nude or white dress for the gender reveal and the blue , pink for the baby shower once you know what gender is 💗💙 #teamboy 💙
Mercedez Barragan
Mercedez Barragan 10 days ago
Does anyone know where these dresses are from?🥺
G.M.B WORLD 10 days ago
If you are in pain baby girl go get checked to see if your dilated and ugh the suspense on waiting for the gender reveal videos
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 10 days ago
You look like Selena
Angelica Aguilera
Angelica Aguilera 10 days ago
if you really wanted to go to the one that’s 1 hour and a half away once you feel like it’s getting close to labor you could stay at a near by hotel 🤷🏽‍♀️ also I love you guys!! hope your belly feels better soon 💞
Kareneternity1 Eternity1
Keep your first doctor you're going to regret afterwards🥺 stay in a hotel for a week so you can have a peace of mine 🙏🏼
Halo Fortunato
Halo Fortunato 10 days ago
Thats a dress shirt needs to b e dry cleaned to get the wrinkles out😱
Jessica Medina
Jessica Medina 10 days ago
I gave birth 2 weeks before my due date. My son was already 8lbs. Soo imagine how big he would of gotten in those 2 extra weeks 😆 But hopefully you find a good doctor near by. Because that can be so stressful, but everything will work out in the end. 💕
Madelyn Ayala
Madelyn Ayala 10 days ago
My partners missed every appointment because of covid and it’s definitely a lot different because with my daughter he was there for everything. I was told by old OB that I couldn’t record anything so I didn’t bother asking with this new hospital but now I will ask hoping they say yes
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 10 days ago
knows when it’s ready! Don’t compare like how I would 🙃 All the matters is a healthy baby 🥰
Rose G
Rose G 11 days ago
Okay but where are alllll these dresses from
jackie lopez
jackie lopez 11 days ago
i really hope its a boy but then i want them to have a girl 😭
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 10 days ago
room for ultrasounds... But they allow other things to be mad open. I'm sorry.
FINA KNOWS VLOGS 11 days ago
It’s either the nude dress or the last white dress you showed is perfect for a baby shower! & usually if it’s your first pregnancy you don’t have your baby till your 40 weeks or a little later but on your 2nd pregnancy most likely you could have your baby around 36-39 weeks earlier than your due date !!
K Eloise
K Eloise 11 days ago
Where are the dresses from 🥺
yflowerss 11 days ago
Gave birth at 37 weeks with my first! Had my baby shower and had her four days later 😅 good luck with everything 🤍 labor is no joke but our bodies were made for this. Seriously sending you all the positive vibes 💜 Also, my second came at 39 so you just never know! 😆
G G 11 days ago
Notice how she showed blue dress but not pink.... she probably tried to save the gender by saying she had a pink one too
Rose Rodriguez
Rose Rodriguez 11 days ago
In Texas they let you have the father in the room.
Crystal Rangel
Crystal Rangel 11 days ago
I went 2 weeks early. I would keep the doctor that allows dad in. Likes others have said, your best option is to get a hotel that's close by so you're not stressing and trying to rush in being that far.
Brendita Soto
Brendita Soto 11 days ago
You look like Selena
Jenna Lucia Briseno
where’s option 1 dress from?
Jenna Lucia Briseno
& option 4?
With Love, Grace
With Love, Grace 11 days ago
Girl idk I loveee all the dresses lmaooo 😜
P L 11 days ago
Its a boy! Congrats
Sara Huerta
Sara Huerta 11 days ago
You could try getting a hotel room close to the hospital you like
tiffany Gonzalez
tiffany Gonzalez 11 days ago
Damn benni can pull off being a padrino for someones quince💯😂ayyyyy thats righttt
Johari Mar
Johari Mar 11 days ago
Abuelito “zthree thousand” 😂😂😂
grape steph
grape steph 11 days ago
Wear the first white one for the gender reveal and then wear the pink or blue one for the baby shower
bella disastro
bella disastro 11 days ago
I got induced at 40 weeks 1 day. I couldn't walk anymore and I was miserable. Girl you look stunning even without makeup. It's sad that they aren't allowing the other parent in the room for ultrasounds... But they allow other things to be mad open. I'm sorry.
Kyky Brooks
Kyky Brooks 11 days ago
Not me thinking my phone was ringing when Gummy bear called. I was ready to attack the caller for interrupting me😂😂
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 11 days ago
i’m extra so i say wear the white dress and when u find out wear the color dress of the gender !
Chely Chels
Chely Chels 11 days ago
Aww Benny is so handsome! Love y’all together!!
stephanie angel
stephanie angel 12 days ago
He should have went to Zara for some 🔥🔥 dressing suits and shoes .
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 11 days ago
I’m all late ! But where did Benny get you that custom rug !? So cute 😍 y’all are goals
Arelia Medina
Arelia Medina 12 days ago
Where do I get myself a Benny!🥺💞
Jerry Galarza
Jerry Galarza 12 days ago
Bad cucihi
Alyssa Lopez
Alyssa Lopez 12 days ago
Alondra, download “shell” by Bellabeat in the App Store! I would listen to my baby’s heartbeat on there and save them! (Make an account).
Mayra Gollaz
Mayra Gollaz 12 days ago
I feel like all the dresses are ugly .! Till you try them on and it’s like dammmnnn.!! The dress is beautiful but it’s your bangin body .
Yaritza Gonzalez
Yaritza Gonzalez 12 days ago
Try checking different hospitals to see how many people are allowed in your delivery. Karina blogs she delivered at cedars Sinai you should check it out.
chding zuure
chding zuure 12 days ago
But I picture Benny as a girl dad 😭 I’m torn
Angela Medrano
Angela Medrano 12 days ago
I gave birth on my due date !!
Amariz Chavez
Amariz Chavez 12 days ago
I would love to know who your doctor in Valencia is because I’m seeing a dr in the Glendale area that doesn’t allow your partner in with you :(
Amariz Chavez
Amariz Chavez 12 days ago
I would make the drive to the dr that allows my significant other.
Candi Lease
Candi Lease 12 days ago
Girl trust me you’ll have the time to travel an hour or two if you go when your contractions aren’t any less than 5-8 minutes apart and don’t wait til you can’t take it anymore or even if ur water breaks which most time it won’t break on its own...you’ll still have plenty of time to get to ur doctor if u choose to keep the one that allows Benny and recording etc. but if it were an emergency situation then yes Of course go to the one in the city ;) but being as it’s ur first baby I think u would be fine with the hour or two travel time
chding zuure
chding zuure 12 days ago
Girl this is your first baby you will go longer than that 🙃💋🙏You are so lucky and blessed to have a guy that brings out this happiness out you can see it in your face 🙏🙏
First Name
First Name 12 days ago
How come you never show behind the scenes or anything business related? I think I'd be nice and something different for your channel.
First Name
First Name 12 days ago
Opinion #5 very fairy princess vibes 🤍
Yessica Serna
Yessica Serna 12 days ago
When youre feeling like you might go into labor.. try to stay at a hotel nearby the hospital u like because benny should be able to be there for you every step of the way... lol just saying love u guys 🥰 be safe
Becky Ojeda
Becky Ojeda 12 days ago
Option 8, typically first time moms go past their due date unless there is a scheduled induction or c-section. Praying for a safe labor and delivery for mama and baby ❤️
Karen Rios
Karen Rios 12 days ago
Alo you do not look crusty lol you’re so pretty ! But yes. I just got ready cus it makes me feel better and here I am watching your video and eating takis being lazzy :)
Yesenia Malacara
Yesenia Malacara 12 days ago
I’m all late ! But where did Benny get you that custom rug !? So cute 😍 y’all are goals
La Yaquessita
La Yaquessita 12 days ago
Alo your not gonna go into labor the second you water breaks, for most woman it takes a couple of house since you have to dialate, you gonna be fine sweetie
Loretta Silva
Loretta Silva 12 days ago
Option 1 for sure. Sexy, cute and it’s neutral.
Betzy Flores
Betzy Flores 12 days ago
Does anyone know where the rug is from?!
bssni touir
bssni touir 12 days ago
Romans 8:18 the pain you’re feeling now cannot compare to the joy that is coming. God bless
Mayra Bee
Mayra Bee 12 days ago
I get Boy Vibes 💙💙💙 OPTION 1 👍
bssni touir
bssni touir 12 days ago
Where are your dresses from?😍😍
Jazmin Sanchez
Jazmin Sanchez 12 days ago
Why I thought someone was calling me😭😭
Nelly Perez
Nelly Perez 12 days ago
I think is girl 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
rocio ortega
rocio ortega 12 days ago
Girl this is your first baby you will go longer than that 🙃💋🙏You are so lucky and blessed to have a guy that brings out this happiness out you can see it in your face 🙏🙏
Konnie Mejia
Konnie Mejia 12 days ago
#1 #4
Lizeth V
Lizeth V 12 days ago
They didn’t let my partner be in any ultrasound but he got to experience it before I gave birth. We both cried because he wanted to hear her heartbeat and see her & he got his wish before birth. My baby will be 8 months in a couple days & he has gone to EVERYYYY appointment of the baby. The pediatrician let him in because she knows that the dads ain’t able to go to the ultrasounds. It’s a bittersweet thing and blessed the pediatrician we got for our baby, she’s being so thoughtful 🥺❤️
Lafamosa Katherine
Lafamosa Katherine 12 days ago
First and last forsure 😩😩
nidelkys diaz
nidelkys diaz 12 days ago
Option 1
Kayla G
Kayla G 12 days ago
The rug was so sweet!! You guys will be great parents!!!
Edaynah Nicholls
Edaynah Nicholls 12 days ago
I love option 5 for the baby shower
Golfgirl27 12 days ago
Okay but, deadass. Benny could be an interior decorator. Like what can’t this man do?? Vlogs☑️ Lit content☑️ music☑️ intros☑️ manage his on merch☑️ montages☑️ like the list literally doesn’t end lol
jennifer tran
jennifer tran 13 days ago
Where are your dresses from??
Anahi Gama
Anahi Gama 13 days ago
Do option 5
leilani garcia
leilani garcia 13 days ago
Hi guys
Angie Benavidez
Angie Benavidez 13 days ago
Where are your dresses from ?
Andii Paz
Andii Paz 13 days ago
Where are your dresses from?😍😍
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