Bacon-wrapped hotdog with hot sauce 

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Apr 27, 2021




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zoevamrys Hour ago
Try mayo instead of butter when you're toasting your buns, it makes them way crispier!
Firebobi 2 hours ago
idk if you also do this but where I live we have pigs in blankets which is sausage wrapped in bacon
MadeByMomAndDad Gta
So simple, yet I didnt try this. Im going to add this to my list this weekend. Thanks!
sasah. 4 hours ago
moça tenta fazer o hot dog estilo br pfvr
Jordan 5 hours ago
Lol she over crowded the oil
A 5 hours ago
20 minutes yeah because the oil was ice cold
RythmR 8 hours ago
im vegitarian yet it looks so good
Ryuken 11 hours ago
This’ll give a heart attack in a week or two.
Gelo Salabar
Gelo Salabar 12 hours ago
I recommend you boil the hot dogs first then when they are cooked wrap them in baken THEN fry it
Ivan Simental
Ivan Simental 12 hours ago
Ay that's super popular in mexico. We do them with fried onions and guacamole, cheese and don't for get Bean's of course. Some people add mushrooms. Depends on the person I guess.
Shoe Scott
Shoe Scott 16 hours ago
Is it... Is it.... *b u s s i n?*
blaxed FN
blaxed FN 18 hours ago
U should use air fryer
Hero Savior
Hero Savior Day ago
Add some relish i hate picklesbut seeing those and how you wanted veggie with it relish mixed into the spicy sauce would work wonders
Maryam Al Rubaee
That’s all pig 🐽 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Mercedes Lopez
They come out much better on a skillet or grill
Mz ViBE Day ago
Oil wasn't hot enough when u put them in love
Handy Poker
Handy Poker Day ago
Dash Day ago
those look sus af raw WHEN COOKED THEY LOOK MORE SUS
Lynn M
Lynn M 18 hours ago
Thought they were fingers for like 10 second
¡ Andres ortega !
From where I am in Mexico, we grill them, toast the buns then put Mayo on them, and top it with mustard ketchup and pico de gallo.
jumpy Day ago
30 years of spice tolerances: hey guys today I’m eating remnants of UY scuti
Henrique De Oliveira
Dying speed run any%
The one the only God
That is a pig in blanket
Kennedi Hernandez De Leon
Telling us to do it.... but you ain’t ever gonna do it again 😂🤔
adr1ew Day ago
gosh do you have free medical care? lol
Sergio Plesa
Sergio Plesa Day ago
110 % Unhealthy .. At least don't use oil to cook sausages
Pan :D
Pan :D Day ago
I have a “recipe”: First you cut the sausage in the middle horizontally, pure cheese so it kinda “melt” and wrap it with bacon it’s really tasty and if u put avocado on them always gents better (Sorry if my English is bad)
Leafy Bøi
Leafy Bøi Day ago
These are called Berner Sausages. The are basically glizzys with cheese inside and wraped with bacon.
Aaron Vargas
Aaron Vargas Day ago
Maybe let the oil actually get hot before trying to deep fry. Otherwise your stuff is just soaking in a bunch of cold, used oil. Also, it probably would’ve tasted better just put on the skillet. The bacon already has a bunch of fat, so it fries naturally. Probably tasted more grease than anything trying to deep fry this. Rip.
Big Chez
Big Chez Day ago
These just seem like a worse version of pigs in blankets. You get the best sausages you can (Lincolnshire is best but you might not be able to get a hold of them) and wrap them in streaky backon before baking. Hope you see this!
Sven Swizzle
Sven Swizzle Day ago
Somebody in shorts -* tries out new stuff with food* US-first self proclaimed food experts - *bonjour*
Pizzaman Day ago
You don’t need to fry it, bacon has so much fat, you could’ve just done it on skillet or grill
Drew Yang
Drew Yang Day ago
I thought it was cheese she added... i was wrong
nathan ramirez
They would have cooked waaay faster had u just put them in an empty pan...bacon=grease
its_falaah's  cute world
You should do pickle juice with harbenero sauce and a firery steak
Bandz Day ago
This video made me realize that anybody could be a cooking youtuber lol
Gabe coyle
Gabe coyle 2 days ago
You grill them!!
Tato 2 days ago
I'm not a cook and I love your videos, but that oil wasn't ready or hot enough to cook all at once.
ptownfernando 2 days ago
Bacon wrapped dogs mmmm but 20 mins cooking time smh. Heat up the fkn oil and buy a thermometer as well.
Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers 2 days ago
this wont get acknowledged but koreans have something like this but its pan fried then topped with kimchi, cheese and gochujang
TheTashaDrama 2 days ago
Next time dip a corner in the oil to see if it bubbles. If it doesnt, its too cold.
AquaVibez 2 days ago
Grill it.
Emily NN
Emily NN 2 days ago
Bruh hotdogs are disgusting and they make me feel sick ALONE as well as bacon🤢🤮could never eat this but I hope you enjoyed it🙏🏼
Mrs. A-Z
Mrs. A-Z 2 days ago
It would take less time with a hot pan and with less hot dogs in the pan
Kendall Bard
Kendall Bard 2 days ago
They took long because you put too many things in the oil at once. It brings the cooking temperature down
Laniakea C
Laniakea C 2 days ago
It took you a long time to fry them because you overloaded the pan with too many hot dogs. This drops the temperature of the oil dramatically. Wait until the oil is hot to put food in. Small batch frying will keep the temperature up and expedite cooking time.
Melissa Mccoy
Melissa Mccoy 2 days ago
The pig ate my dog is what I call the bacon wrapped frank
Brandy Lebrecht
Brandy Lebrecht 2 days ago
The oil looked like that becuase you overcrowded the pan and it wasn't hot enough. Small batches, maybe use a thermometer.
Wow Friends
Wow Friends 2 days ago
Humm can I ask...are you STILL in college just want to know heh
Striker Alpha
Striker Alpha 2 days ago
Pigs in a blanket: one of the best gamer meals
taquito 513
taquito 513 2 days ago
She should try hot dogs raped in burger and then in bacon on the grill it is soooo good
Nina Sladonja
Nina Sladonja 2 days ago
It took you that long and they looked so weird because you put them in the oil too soon, you need to wait until when you put them in the oil the oil kinda splashes
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Ujtohcsjlc Gdzzvswldi
Imbryleigh Grace
Imbryleigh Grace 2 days ago
I lowkey hate butter but this looks good:)
ngl0202 2 days ago
Pre cook the bacon halfway then wrap the dogs.
Purbasha Banai
Purbasha Banai 2 days ago
How to know if a oil is hot or not, Lisa? Since I don't have those thermometers for kitchen, what I do is I dip in a small part of a wooden spatula or a part of a wooden matchstick and it immediately starts to sizzles. Hope this helps. Plus, you're not the only one. I've seen a bunch of amateur American food content creator dip their stuff-to-be-deep-fried in literally cold oil. Idk why. Strange.
Tk Cabasan
Tk Cabasan 2 days ago
Heat is low
James C.
James C. 3 days ago
So, for future reference! They're typically cooked on a flat top, and have grilled onions and peppers on top! Sometimes a grilled jalapeno on the side. It's a Los Angeles staple.
Lizy Cardenas
Lizy Cardenas 3 days ago
It's alot faster if you pan fry with just a smidge of already hot oil since the bacon releases it's own grease. Don't move them until the bottom starts browning then just rotate as needed.
ETP_Nacoi 3 days ago
Isn't that technically pigs in a blancket
Christy Heintz
Christy Heintz 3 days ago
Christy Heintz
Christy Heintz 3 days ago
I think the grease can't be so hot because the bacon fat content is so high , it would just erupt into a splatter mess.
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 3 days ago
Put peanut butter and jelly with jalapenos on the buns. We call them Elvis dogs.
Raul Astorga
Raul Astorga 3 days ago
No Lisa don't do that don't do that again please
scott mackenzie
scott mackenzie 3 days ago
The oil was stone cold muppet🤦‍♂️
Shawn Red
Shawn Red 3 days ago
Should have thrown em on the grill
Sophie Cloutier
Sophie Cloutier 3 days ago
The oil was not hot enough
Alex Quezada
Alex Quezada 3 days ago
Why she sound like she congested
Candy_ Baby
Candy_ Baby 3 days ago
Your didn’t let the grease heat up ofc it’s not gonna work
Kristera Terry
Kristera Terry 3 days ago
My dad does these a lot and we cook them on a grill, smoker, or in the over.
David Fence
David Fence 3 days ago
Fat isn't unhealthy. Your body runs off it. Carbs are more unhealthy than that bacon grease.
johnny tawon
johnny tawon 3 days ago
I would suggest u use sunflower oil.... It gets better and more heat....
Racheal A.
Racheal A. 3 days ago
The oil was not that hot before you put in the hotdogs. That's why it took longer than needed to get fried
TheMpkeaton 3 days ago
Your oil was not hot when you started stop trying to teach when you dont know the first thing about cooking
Mike Joshua Manlangit
Who puts food on cold oil
lojicx .
lojicx . 3 days ago
The oil needs to be really hot tho
Mackenzie Hobbs
Mackenzie Hobbs 3 days ago
U should try making a quesadilla but with hot sauce as a dipping
Defiero 3 days ago
The oil wasn't hot enough
daniel m
daniel m 3 days ago
*starts with cold oil* why it no fry? hm??
Alma Ruvalcaba
Alma Ruvalcaba 3 days ago
hotdogs have pig 🐽 for the skin
Celia Perry
Celia Perry 3 days ago
Love what you do now but can you do an exotic meal
Twizler88 3 days ago
Why is your voice so nasally?
Blackazz Joey
Blackazz Joey 4 days ago
Bacon Wrapped Glizzy
Bree Coward
Bree Coward 4 days ago
Lisa!!! You have to wait for the oil to be boiling. Throw some water in it! If it pops its ready if it sizzles wait. If you put what you’re frying in the oil before it’s hot enough it’ll just soak there in the oil
Virginia Campbell-C
Hell no girl no ....no
K K 4 days ago
Bruh is the oil even hot at the start of the video?
K K 4 days ago
If lowly class youtuber cook like this in this video, pretty sure they would have a lot of hate.
2 zone
2 zone 4 days ago
why tf would you deep fry a hot dog in the first place
jiminchoo 4 days ago
why cook fat on fat tho
Was the oil hot in the beginning?
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 4 days ago
Ketchup really cuts the savoriness. Same with mustard
Tereza Muricová
Tereza Muricová 4 days ago
Jules 4 days ago
I've never heard of deep frying hot dogs
Dorys Vazquez
Dorys Vazquez 4 days ago
I warm up the weenies first and then wrap the bacon around to fry (by fry, I mean in it's own grease)
Namrata Mankani
Namrata Mankani 4 days ago
The oil wasn't hot enough when you put those in
I tried this at home and almost died at the bacon I was chocking 😔
bryce hoggard
bryce hoggard 4 days ago
It took 20 minutes because your oil wasn’t even hot lol who taught you how to deep fry
Ken McCants
Ken McCants 4 days ago
Week one of asking Lisa to make bacon wrapped hot sausage
Milenime YT
Milenime YT 4 days ago
You should use a gas stove but its up to u
ViveVFX 4 days ago
I think they didnt even need that much oil cause bacon already releases so much
Bbq baby back ribs