Backup QB Chad Henne sends Chiefs to AFC Championship Game, a breakdown 

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#chiefs #browns #NFL
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Published on


Jan 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson 2 days ago
Aye so I’ve been watching your videos from my recommended for awhile now and I’m just wondering... what is your channel?
Micheal Barret
Micheal Barret 4 days ago
Helps that the browns choked a bit
Tobias Shamblin
Tobias Shamblin 7 days ago
Henne was one of my favorites from Michigan
SilentMott 8 days ago
Andy Reid facesack intensifies.
Nancey Rowen
Nancey Rowen 8 days ago
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5th Amendment
5th Amendment 13 days ago
It’s all fun and games when you’re beating up on the browns but everyone turns into a pussy once Tom Brady steps onto the field.
Lmao What
Lmao What 15 days ago
Did you say Kid is juiced up HAAHAHAHAHAHHA
The_Alexman 16 days ago
I've finally built up the strength to watch this video as a Browns fan
Matt Thompson
Matt Thompson 16 days ago
Henne thing is possible
Matt Pilkiewicz
Matt Pilkiewicz 18 days ago
Should have started Henne on Sunday OOF
sam mehlberg
sam mehlberg 19 days ago
Threw it over the mountains lol
Levi Kendrick
Levi Kendrick 22 days ago
That’s running for Andy 😂😭
GH 22 days ago
I am the same !! I can do everything too !! Just like Mahomes 😂🤣😭
Neo Thomas
Neo Thomas 24 days ago
Sadly. This is the best Michigan highlight video in the last ten years
Paul Gerges
Paul Gerges 24 days ago
You’re a god damn LEGEND dude. You made Andy Reid sound like the coolest human being to walk on earth.
TeddyKGB 24 days ago
4th and 1, season to go and your middle linebacker doesnt even have his mouthpiece in lol
Norman George
Norman George 24 days ago
Second string qb going to be better than maholmes in the playoffs.Yea and this isnt scripted.
KingTray 24 days ago
Big balls Andy
Jim 25 days ago
I'm rolling! Seeing this poor sap of a Browns fan being shown on live TV... Wait for it... Then he gets wider coverage and poked at (is it safe to cry), by none other that Jomboy!!!! He will live forever!!! For a while anyway HAHAHAHAHA!
Nick Hawdon
Nick Hawdon 25 days ago
The "Literal Chad" Chad Henne beats the virgin Baker Mayfield with his balls of steel, we love to see it
Pickle Supply Company Yep!
Nice to see the benchwarmer dig it out.
Alex V
Alex V 26 days ago
"Back up QB, Andy Reid Doesnt give a fuck throw the ball" LOL
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates 26 days ago
I bet Reid’s back hurts with Balls that huge
Sunociva 26 days ago
Go Blue!
Ryan Mapes
Ryan Mapes 27 days ago
It's wild what KC has become never thought I'd see our team bring one home let alone go twice in a row
Chillbro Jazzkins
Chillbro Jazzkins 27 days ago
I wonder what the property taxes are on Andy Reid's titanic set of balls...
John M
John M 28 days ago
That's running for Andy lmfao😂😂😂😂😂😂
ThE BrOkEn GlAsS KiDs
My favorite part is Tony "I diagram everything and make Casuals feel smart" Romo being dead wrong on live television.
Jamir Hopson
Jamir Hopson 29 days ago
He said Henne thing is possible 😂😭
robbie smith
robbie smith Month ago
As a browns fan this still hurts so much, we were so damn close...
Michael Kolker
Michael Kolker Month ago
0:59 The sound you made will haunt my dreams.
i human
i human Month ago
This is the only sports commentary for all sports, exception given to rugby union, that I find worth a damn By the way, do some 🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉🏉
savery alike
savery alike Month ago
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Youare Afool
Youare Afool Month ago
"Andy Reid just doesn't give a fuck" quote of the year
Noah Doss
Noah Doss Month ago
Sorensen should have been tossed out of that game head first into traffic for that torpedo hit
Mylow K2
Mylow K2 Month ago
2:32 is a chaotic sequence
Southern Belle
Southern Belle Month ago
If Brady had been that close he would have been given the first down
mechwarrior13 Month ago
Last time I saw him playing qb was in the Big House. I was a sophomore at UofM lmaooo
theWolverine Month ago
😂😂 Andy Reid gives zero shits
Tommy Sawatzke
Tommy Sawatzke Month ago
Hennething can happen baby
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Month ago
Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the Browns actually had a fairly decent team this year?
David Skelton
David Skelton Month ago
3:00 Kelce was upset at himself because he ran the wrong route, which he said in the postgame interview. But I agree it totally looks like he was upset at the QB for taking the sack. In reality Henne did great taking a sack rather than throwing an incompletion.
17 XV
17 XV Month ago
My favorite part was Andy Reid giving Baker Mayfield an affectionate pat on the head as he walked by, and Mayfield didn't know who touched him.
TheGeneral Month ago
no no no, the ref who missed that call going into the touchback sent them to the AFC game, not the backup, he merely "survived"
thepokkanome Month ago
Tyreek Hill is a beast
Blight Month ago
“Lotta wrist action here hammering, hammering, hammering “
James Viice
James Viice Month ago
as blk a mah homies color blind
GOD Month ago
Chad is. Michigan man!!
Doesn't Jump to conclusions
Those nutz tho..
Will Templeton
Will Templeton Month ago
2:51 Kelce's reaction was because he ran the wrong route, which forced Henne to take the sack.
Godben Ben
Godben Ben Month ago
Can we just appreciate how ORIGINAL the comment section is, please!
isaac w
isaac w Month ago
didn’t even mention the most heartbreaking play of the game: the browns accidental touchback at the end of the first half.
Julio Jr
Julio Jr Month ago
He also almost threw the game
Austin Canas
Austin Canas Month ago
andy reid play calls like he’s playing madden
britiw Month ago
Just a random European passing by having no clue what you guys are playing there. A guy throws the ball to another guy, he runs for a bit, ten gets knocked over, later jumps up and celebrates. I guess it was a good play, right?
angel samrin
angel samrin Month ago
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Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Month ago
Still happy for the Browns. They should make it back soon
SoSickRick Month ago
Kelcie was actually upset with himself for not turning the right way on an option route
Nia Strahl
Nia Strahl Month ago
kelce was upset because he ran the wrong route
Nvecchione Month ago
This is a prime example of Andy Reid not being able to adjust his gameplay when something unforeseen happens, he’s lucky the browns are the browns smh
The Impeccable Sparrow
time to ditch dwayne haskins this guy is insane
John B
John B Month ago
The way this guy reviews this game was awesome.Great content
James Noland
James Noland Month ago
3:00 Kielce was supposed to be blocking in that play where henne got sacked that’s why he was upset
BWillTheAddict Month ago
Correction: Travis Kelce was mad at himself because he ran the wrong route. That’s why Henne got sacked!
Michael Mancuso
Michael Mancuso Month ago
Was the head slam that vicious there I can't tell is it just me or did he get concussed kind of easy. Tough to tell when your not on the field How bad was that hit to the ground ?
Nick Philipps
Nick Philipps Month ago
Kelce was upset because he screwed up. He went the wrong way on an option route...
Joseph Jacobs
Joseph Jacobs Month ago
He played for the dolphins vs the Steelers in the playoffs. It's not his first playoff game.
Tony Howes
Tony Howes Month ago
They actually didn’t score from 2:10 to 2:16 they had a scoreless drive sorry to bust your balls 😂
4thandinches Month ago
Even though I think he should have had his team punt on their last 4th down possession, Andy Reid finally got the Super Bowl win that forever eluded him, so now he is freerolling.
GLDSTR Month ago
LOL best commentary funny and on point! SUBBED
S Des
S Des Month ago
So without the bullshit no-call at the goal line where a spearing hit caused a fumble as the ball went into the end zone, the Browns win this game? Ouch....
S Des
S Des Month ago
@Wesley Russell Not sure what you're talking about, but every analyst for the NFL on ever show talked about the no-call on the helmet to helmet on the goal line that caused a fumble in the end zone. They all like KC but thought the call was bullshit.
Wesley Russell
Wesley Russell Month ago
And without the spearing call on Henne by #36 after his 14 yard run, the Chiefs still win.
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Month ago
Travis was mad because he picked the wrong option route jomboy.
jay11 rob
jay11 rob Month ago
Jonboy sucks
jay11 rob
jay11 rob Month ago
He didn't do crap
S ada_1621
S ada_1621 Month ago
Baker Mayfield: We might actually win this thing Chad Henne has joined the chat
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Month ago
Everyone saying "Henne thing is possible" but i dont know, maybe Andy thing is possible when you put your will into it
Blinded_ Month ago
Love these breakdowns
Little did we know patty was holding back the chiefs
GG 2x
GG 2x Month ago
4th and inches and they ain’t guarding the flats damn
shoe and shoelace
Pretty sure thats a feed bag
Delete this breakdown, refs win it again, or better yet why don’t you breakdown the helmet to helmet that was never called lol, its not fun with all the blatant bad refs, there is human error and doing it on purpose and im kinda leaning towards it being rigged the more and more i watch a game.
Wesley Russell
Wesley Russell Month ago
By the same standards, Henne was '"targeted" by #36 on his 14 yard run.
Kad For
Kad For Month ago
I don’t know if it’s just me but jomboy sounds like pat mcafee
tebjosh13 Month ago
Best part...i still know tony romo is a idiot 🤠
Jason Kifner
Jason Kifner Month ago
Andy Reid is morally and spiritually opposed to running. He's been that way for as long as he's been a coach.
Michael Angelillo
Andy Reid doesn't run. He has to have a gambling problem or something because he's always play called like he doesn't care. also "like a pro", well he is a pro, hopefully he can handle low snaps by now, but I get your point, it's crazy that Mahomes is out with a concussion and then their 2nd string runs head first on 3rd and 14, also rare for Romo to get a call wrong.
B D Month ago
You didn't point out that the Right Tackle gives a wave on his butt to say "yes" or "no" to run that play, so that Hill gets the step because he knows when it's coming. The silent signal from a Tackle is a HUGE balls move
rich deAngelis
rich deAngelis Month ago
Henne played for the dolphins vs the steelers in the playoffs + kelce knew he made a mistake with the route.
jim Grizzly
jim Grizzly Month ago
Morons believe Kansas City has no shot without Mahomes,The Atheism K.C. Has can absolutely pull out a win with Henne over Buffalo but if Mahomes plays and is himself Buffalo cannot win,No fucking way
mike cally
mike cally Month ago
The 4th down play was an idiotic call. No wonder Andy Reid has a reputation of losing the big game. If you punt then Cle has 1 min to travel 80 yds with no timeouts. If KC fails to make it, then Cle only has 50 yds to win the game. Much, much easier. Cle QB can easily throw to the endzone from the 50. And WR Hill ran a bad route. KC got very lucky.
mike cally
mike cally Month ago
@Wesley Russell Dude, do you watch football, or play? Any coach/analyst will tell you a million times that a receiver must run beyond the first down line or end zone before making his cut.
Wesley Russell
Wesley Russell Month ago
In the post-game, Henne said that they 4 different 3rd and short or 4th and short plays based upon film which showed Cleveland's tendencies in those situations. He said that he and Reid agreed to use this play. It wasn't idiotic, it was expected to work, and it did. That's why Reid will be a Hall of Fame coach, and you will be sitting in front of your computer being nothing more than a Monday morning QB.
mike cally
mike cally Month ago
KC got lucky. WR Hill 10 ran a horrible route on that 4th down play. He ran 1 yd back behind the first down line. He could have been tackled for a 1 yd loss. Always run your route past the 1st down line.
mike cally
mike cally Month ago
@Wesley Russell PS. Andy Reid post-season record 11-13.
Wesley Russell
Wesley Russell Month ago
Thanks for your help coach. You ought to drop a note to Tyree and instruct him on how to run routes.
zook420000 Month ago
here's my comment, ok love u bye
Michael Raphael
Michael Raphael Month ago
The best part of this was Romo being wrong
TybS92 Month ago
If anyone actually believes mahomes suffered a "concussion" than you should reevaluate your stance on reality. The NFL is absolutely tanking when regarding ratings, just like the nba. They are desperate for ratings so they clearly will fabricate any moment to make sure people still think football is exciting. The nfl has produced garbage for about ten years now.
jjlenny Month ago
Wait. Mahomes was doozy? I did not know. Is that a combo between dazed and woozy?
Gym Bo
Gym Bo Month ago
"That's running, for Andy Reid... some would say."
Richard Martinez
Way to go KC😛
Radmetalmonk Month ago
Hill is a beast
Ethernet Month ago
Michael Gonzalez
Job Month ago
this channel sucks at football breakdowns but that was a good game