Baby Keem, Travis Scott - durag activity (Official Video) 

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Official video for “durag activity” by Baby Keem & Travis Scott

Listen & Download “durag activity” out now: BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity

Amazon Music - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/amazonmusic
Apple Music - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/applemusic
Audiomack - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/audiomack
Deezer - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/deezer
iTunes - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/itunes
SoundCloud - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/soundcloud
Spotify - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/spotify
US-first Music - BabyKeem.lnk.to/duragactivity/youtubemusic
Director - Eliel Ford
Director of Photography - Gus Bendinelli
Production Designer - Eric Hersey
Wardrobe - Taylor McNeill
Editor - Neal Farmer
Colorist - Joseph Bicknell at Company 3
Executive Producers: Dave Free, K.L., pgLang™ ℠
Executive Producer: Brendan Garrett, Simian Design
Producer: Brendan Garrett, Simian Design
pgLang™ ℠ Producers: Jamie Rabineau, Drew Scott, Juanita Niya Morton, Cornell Brown
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 96   
David Torres
David Torres 37 minutes ago
jeremiah Ousley
This song go hard🔥🔥🔥
ENES BUDAK 2 hours ago
Can we pls find the girl at 2:47
Hood 2 hours ago
I think im levitating oh wait i am
Blizz 3 hours ago
Now that the hype has died down, I think we can agree this song is mid af.
Bernard Senyo
Bernard Senyo 3 hours ago
You will fall
Brandon Steele
Brandon Steele 5 hours ago
Niggas just say anything. Long as it rhyme I guess smh
dylan edwards
dylan edwards 6 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥 baby keem kill beats
GunShow43 7 hours ago
Any idea why they switched Keem's and Travis's verse? It sounds so weird when I listen to it now, I like the original version better.
Stewart Maloley
Stewart Maloley 10 hours ago
I really wish he had a durag in one scene tho fr
Mohaned Sokni
Mohaned Sokni 11 hours ago
This song make me wanna wear Durga and dance in the middle of the funeral
Lee 2 hours ago
Illah 13 hours ago
n gostei por causa que fala muito palavrau
angela vidalon
angela vidalon 13 hours ago
this song is in my head all day
Daniel Ostos
Daniel Ostos 13 hours ago
Pongan los subtítulos, bring me the subtitulesss
Daniel Ostos
Daniel Ostos 13 hours ago
Brutal song 🤯✨
Matthew Sousa
Matthew Sousa 13 hours ago
Nizar 7 minutes ago
@Matthew Sousa same, it sounds off now
Lee 2 hours ago
Hella weird
a duck
a duck 3 hours ago
@Matthew Sousa exactly... );
Matthew Sousa
Matthew Sousa 4 hours ago
@Nizar lowkey ain’t feelin the verse switch I’m kinda mad
Nizar 12 hours ago
i came back to the video comments to see if anyone noticed that, i think its to get more plays from travis' verse 🤔
King Enow
King Enow 14 hours ago
us-first.info/player/video/nK14l6aUiYCmgqc.html 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂
Shadow Ops
Shadow Ops 15 hours ago
This song is actually solid 🙅‍♂️cap
driton dodi
driton dodi 15 hours ago
shes going up im going down its fine
driton dodi
driton dodi 15 hours ago
travis is getting real levels now.
Leak Sauce
Leak Sauce 15 hours ago
What’s the Girls @? Nobody talking bout this lol
Thugga thugga
Thugga thugga 15 hours ago
OG travis Scott fans 👇
Nat V
Nat V 15 hours ago
slow playback speed to 0.75x you’re welcome
Mahin Islam
Mahin Islam 16 hours ago
This music video is so hard
Majid Sunflower
Majid Sunflower 18 hours ago
Yall dont know nothing about dave free in the visuals
Sebastian Leal
Sebastian Leal 18 hours ago
What’s all the hype abt? This wasn’t even hot 😐
aa 19 hours ago
anyone notice they swapped the verses on spotify?
prod. by sibra
prod. by sibra 18 hours ago
On Apple Music too
Danyal S
Danyal S 20 hours ago
Izra Israel
Izra Israel 21 hour ago
Bruhh the visuals are 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I see y'all 👍🏽
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira 21 hour ago
La Familia🏙
Bucu 21 hour ago
whats the meaning of durag activity
Ansem Thewise
Ansem Thewise 21 hour ago
Such a vibe lol
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 22 hours ago
Lil Roblox yatchy
Lil Roblox yatchy 22 hours ago
Is he saying bitch stingy
tens 22 hours ago
this song sort of sucks, im disappointed
riley granberry
riley granberry 22 hours ago
Worst song I’ve ever heard
nils 22 hours ago
cactus dick fuckin ruins the song
Azra Aydın
Azra Aydın 23 hours ago
2K REBORN 23 hours ago
i remember when corona virus was a thing when this dropped... ah good times
Souig Rachid
Souig Rachid 23 hours ago
I am In 2:48
welly *
welly * Day ago
IRIS Dynamics
@2:34 that Heel bounce to th foot beat bounce epic !
0:43 Hank Schrader is that you?
Gail Butler
Gail Butler Day ago
The oceanic felony strangely search because triangle orally switch down a warm juice. flippant, flippant thomas
D Bridges
D Bridges Day ago
Kendrick all ova this
This is my daily dose nowadays! durag activity
This slaps so hard
Sub Zero
Sub Zero Day ago
I’m boppin my head like crazy to this at the gym
Martijn Strik
Why is Travis’ verse switched around with the one of keed in the record that was uploaded on spotify.
Martijn Strik
Martijn Strik 22 hours ago
@Seif for real
Seif 23 hours ago
been listening to the song since it came out and suddenly the verses switched on spotify so came to check the video thankfully I found your comment I thought that I was crazy😂
Cryptonian Knowland
This song sped up to 1.25x is way more turnt up.
Song Ass. Video Good.
Fris Day ago
This guy gives me strong weeknd vibes, anyone else?
Dre DeJesus
Dre DeJesus Day ago
Baby keep nose look like a pug
Naum Jakovlev
so underrated
Aaron Benizri
Travisscot love ethan
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis Day ago
pg boiz
Mark Handley
Mark Handley Day ago
am i trippin or have they changed the order of the verses on spotify and travis now goes first??
dzevvv Day ago
wtf they really did haha
alexa *
alexa * Day ago
yea noticed that too🤔 i wonder why but i like the rearrangement better tbh
SanTheMan917 Day ago
On Spotify the verses are switched
RØHIT Day ago
This is the only time I'm enjoying Travis ngl
Sam Pitt
Sam Pitt Day ago
Bruh am I trippin y is Travis’s verse at the start of the song and not at the end anymore, my Spotify buggin or wat lol
a duck
a duck Day ago
@Lil Juggz LMAO too real
Lil Juggz
Lil Juggz Day ago
@a duck bet it's so when clubs play the song they can just go to the next song after travis is done lol
a duck
a duck Day ago
Yeah same I really dislike Travis being first :/
Lil Juggz
Lil Juggz Day ago
yeah same here lmao wtf
MOTC Day ago
who just came from straitenin
Yo I'm white and this made Me put on a durag.
Levi Galbraith
She go out, I go in, it’s okay! Travis is different
seth jay
seth jay Day ago
I liked this video because of Travis Scott
Chrisppy2p Day ago
Damnnn... this is straight garbage
Titus Andronicus
torch woman model- does she have insta if so, what is it please
Winter Clown
Winter Clown Day ago
Bruh like 4 or 5 other niggas tryna figure that out 😂 myself included. ......for research purposes
Ariq Ilham
Ariq Ilham Day ago
He lowkey look like dababy
Patrick Melo Modesto
At Johnson
At Johnson Day ago
is the song on spotify putting travis verse 2nd or is that just me
jean perez
jean perez Day ago
just a regular generated song smh trash
Smokey the Kidd
Wtf u saying
tyrell salazar
Lol follow up you know how petty you got to be to press the dislike button lol like you know you can just exit without a a dislike
junkman baby
junkman baby Day ago
سهد ازبي
Ian Reid
Ian Reid Day ago
"thank god I put them crosses on before we met" too hard
ib Day ago
Why Travis verse is a lot more further in spotify than the youtube video... im loosing my mind
ib Day ago
@JF ITG i thought i was mad
JF ITG Day ago
i came back to see if i was hearing things lol why he change the layout on spotify
swhix Day ago
MEBSR1 Day ago
No Durag was harmed in the making of this music video
Rico Swave
Rico Swave Day ago
I take off my durag to this song, and let my waves flow lol
Rico Swave
Rico Swave Day ago
So why I've been starting my morning off with this song ever since it got released, I hate good music 😭😩
khalid noor
khalid noor Day ago
Baby keem rhyming like Kendrick Lamar .
Winter Clown
Winter Clown Day ago
Runs in the family
SeeV_ D_KiiD
SeeV_ D_KiiD Day ago
Who is here because of the beat switch ?
Gerard Edling
every frame of this music video could be my wallpaper
1995Rebel Day ago
keem carried
Marina Petrenko
best MVC seen in long time! congrats!
Marcel Epoh
Marcel Epoh Day ago
2:21 what's the girl names?
Supergrapher Day ago
travis scott looks like the ugly version of asap rocky
ASAP Day ago
The best song of trav in this 2021 i want utopia
* Victoria *
* Victoria * Day ago
💯”I Can’t F* With B*tch N*ggas On They Menstrual”💯
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers 2 days ago
How come Travs part is earlier in the song on Spotify?
Lenny Summers
@Kushagra Vashishth Honestly it works both ways imo.
Kushagra Vashishth
I was wondering the same. Yesterday, it was normal, but today when I listened the song on spotify, travis's verse came earlier.
Selam Selam
Selam Selam 2 days ago
Xatar rennt
who's that kid
who's that kid 2 days ago
At first I thought he said “do rat activity”
Cyrese Campbell
Cyrese Campbell 2 days ago
this shxt hard 💯
Muhammad Fajrul Falah
No more travis dis year, her time is up. This is flacko jodye season
Gregory Robinson
Gregory Robinson 2 days ago
Fuck it just buy a du rag bro’s 🤝🤣🤣
Gregory Robinson
Gregory Robinson 2 days ago
The comments legit got me weak asf😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤧 ain’t no du-rags or activities going on here🤦🏿‍♂️
Dababy LESGO
Dababy LESGO 2 days ago
Trabis cott so sicko mode