Baby Beverly Knock-off! 

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"no one puts Baby in the corner!"

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Feb 22, 2021




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Diana Vazquez
Diana Vazquez 3 days ago
Well thats just sad that one girl really messed up and lost out on a good man like Lester ! Dumb to be honest really bad move ! Of course i dont know thos girl but im just saying it was a dumb move ! Well everything works out in the end aint that right Lester ! Sending Love from.oklahoma from Dee ! ❤❤
Kristy Naughton
Kristy Naughton 6 days ago
I love all the miss fits 💕❤
Lucile Devries
Lucile Devries 6 days ago
My favorite color
Kim Smith
Kim Smith 7 days ago
Heck I will take a knock off cause I ain’t gonna spend that much for a designers name
David Alan Ross
David Alan Ross 8 days ago
Best video ever. You are really advancing in your story telling. I have a couple of Emmy Awards. This one should go on a reel of best videos.
Daniel Rodrigues
Daniel Rodrigues 9 days ago
Now. We. Know. B.K's. ARE FOR THE 40 N UP CROWD...Man oh Man I'm Gettin Old...
Jody Armstrong
Jody Armstrong 9 days ago
Beverly is full of herself .❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Swift
Sarah Swift 9 days ago
Just a simple comment, but, the leg straps on rugs are meant to pass through one another, before clipping on the same side. This is to prevent the rug from slipping over on one side. Also, to make sure they are the correct length, when crossed, if you place your hand widthways between it and the horses inner thigh, it should be the right length. You also definitely need to get smaller rugs for those 2 with the blue rugs on, as they are way too big, they are hanging off their arses, which means the leg straps are hanging by their hocks. If they lie down, they can get their legs hung up, which can mean a broken leg if they panic, at worst, or rip the cross surcingle off and also rip the rug at best. Not what you want after spending all that money on a rug! If they are geldings, it's serious trouble, because they can get their willy's caught up in there, which int good news at all. I'm sure you yourself would appreciate that not happening. I've had someone I know tell me their gelding almost lost his willy that way. It was trapped so tightly the surcingle had to be cut off of the rug, and he was very bruised. To measure for a rug that fits correctly, take a piece of string, (most measuring tapes aren't long enough), and place one end on the centre of the chest at the front, and on a straight line to the quarters, to end on a line straight down from the top of the animal's dock. If they are between sizes, go up to the next one. When fitting a new rug, make sure that the width of your hand fits between all contact areas around the neck, ie, the withers, side of the shoulder and the front of the chest. If it's too loose there, it can slip back behind the withers and cause some serious rubs and in the chest area too. It's also not very comfortable for them. The same goes for cross surcingles. They shouldn't be all looped and hanging down, for the same reasons as above. Hope that helps.
Ronnie Barrett
Ronnie Barrett 9 days ago
Watching you guys with my morning coffee couldn’t be any better.
Katelyn Smith
Katelyn Smith 10 days ago
Can someone please tell me when the other baby donkey will be back with his mom I feel sad for her
Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee 10 days ago
Back during my school days, the in thing was to have a navy blue Pea Coat. I didn't have a coat at all for two winters and in 10th grade a boy I was dating (who I eventually married) said he would buy me a winter coat for Christmas. I was thrilled when I went downtown to buy the Pea Coat. They were so popular that were completely sold out. I got a navy blue coat that day, but I was just as happy with it because it kept me warm. I laugh now that I lived through the Pea Coat trauma of my teen years, but it was the thought that counted. That coat embraced me with the best warm hug of my life. Thx for sharing and causing me to take a stroll down memory lane. Hugs to Y'all
MUSTANG SASSY 10 days ago
So happy to see donkeys being spoiled rotten without overfeeding! Please rescue more burros...you are doing SO WELL for them!
Half Unit
Half Unit 10 days ago
She was definitely proud
Lua Hendrickson
Lua Hendrickson 11 days ago
Beverly is the cutest donkey ever. Her fuzzy winter coat makes face even cuter.🤣😂💕❤️🧡
Em Justice
Em Justice 11 days ago
Loved this video. Great lesson.
Joyce G
Joyce G 11 days ago
I'd like to see ivy and ivan back togeather
Suzie Creamcheese
Suzie Creamcheese 11 days ago
Little Miss Sassie Pants - she is all that and more!! Love her kicks and jumps!!
Brenda scratchgolfer12 x
That Beverly is such a stinker.
Shirley Scrimgeour
Shirley Scrimgeour 11 days ago
Beverly the Beautiful Majestic Pony... Love Her ❤️
Margaret Lee
Margaret Lee 11 days ago
Beverly looks like Dan
Margaret Lee
Margaret Lee 11 days ago
It’s a good thing Ivys is snug. Means she’s put her wt back on!
Margaret Lee
Margaret Lee 11 days ago
Bev loves to kick!
Bonita Crow
Bonita Crow 11 days ago
That donkey blanket is giving Beverly super powers like a magic cape. She struts in a high fashion model way. Go Beverly.
Cindy Gierisch
Cindy Gierisch 11 days ago
She's just trying to kick that blanket OFF... LOL>
Dina Neill
Dina Neill 11 days ago
She's full of spit and vinager
Rebekah Jean Perry
Rebekah Jean Perry 11 days ago
I'm a misfit too
Susan Dilts
Susan Dilts 11 days ago
Been trying to watch this video for 2 days can't get it to play all the way through. Your other videos are just fine. Sending hugs and kisses to you all. Have a great day everyone.
Carla Tatum
Carla Tatum 11 days ago
It almost looks like Ivy’s coat is too tight that it’s hard to get her head down all the way to ground level to eat 😲 The coats are so beautiful and that Beverly is spunky ☺️
Marty Holbrook
Marty Holbrook 11 days ago
So dang cute 💖 nothing wrong with being a misfit x
beatty marquez
beatty marquez 11 days ago
Beverly feels like a beautiful pure bred race horse in that coat.
Patricia Cuddeback
Patricia Cuddeback 12 days ago
Does anyone know if they still have the donkeys named Jenny and Jaylin (sp)?
Gwen Milam
Gwen Milam 12 days ago
They look so beautiful
Sonja Risdon
Sonja Risdon 12 days ago
They look great! Forrest needs one now. Thanks to such generous angels.
Marlesia Keenan
Marlesia Keenan 12 days ago
Beverly is just full of herself!!!
Karen Hurst Harris
Karen Hurst Harris 12 days ago
I love watching Beverly with her little zoomies. I could watch her all day.💜💜
Shena Jones
Shena Jones 12 days ago
Lester, That is just sad that that girl would not even accept the gift of the purse but you know what I'm sorry your better off without her and LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL LOVELY WOMAN YOU ENDED UP WITH.
Betty Hale
Betty Hale 12 days ago
Your story is a good lesson for the kids at school Of course, some will get it while others won't .
Becke Treas
Becke Treas 12 days ago
Look at me momma look at my new coat 💜💜💜💜
Annie Appleby
Annie Appleby 12 days ago
Beverley has such a personality already! Can’t wait to watch her grow up! Also, totally understand that feeling of how clothes can build up your confidence! Recently discovered a brand called Popsy (they’re online and UK based). Every time I wear one of their dresses, I feel so much more confident! Plus they have pockets and a farm pattern (I obviously bought that one as soon as it was released) 😂
Faybian1000 12 days ago
Bless her, she makes me smile when she's feeling all happy. She really is alive & kicking with her new coat on ❤
Cheryl Jones
Cheryl Jones 12 days ago
That was beautiful
Margaret Henderson
Margaret Henderson 12 days ago
Beverly is so proud of her new coat❤️🤗
Elizabeth Kieffer
Elizabeth Kieffer 12 days ago
So much energy. Beverly is so cute.🌹💖🌹
Laura Young
Laura Young 12 days ago
Beverly looks like she’s wearing a super hero cape❤️
Deborah Nye
Deborah Nye 12 days ago
Did Ivan get a red coat to match Ivys?
Bobbi Walentschak
Bobbi Walentschak 12 days ago
OMG!! Beverly is pretty in pink💓!! LOVE her!!! She sure thinks she is something and she is!! Does Ivan have a blanket?
Lisa Wildes
Lisa Wildes 12 days ago
I paid 10 dollars for my last purse...I'd be horrified if a man friend paid even 80 dollars...Beverly looks adorable
Marjorie Mursch
Marjorie Mursch 12 days ago
Lester I love your stories, life lessons.❤️
Barbara Taylor
Barbara Taylor 12 days ago
Bev is so cute galloping around and kicking. I love it.
Kathy Pierson
Kathy Pierson 12 days ago
Beverly has to be the cutest donkey of all time!
Madeline Sellers
Madeline Sellers 12 days ago
Beverly feels happy because she has a coat just like her mommy's.
Julie Knudsen
Julie Knudsen 12 days ago
That face just melts my heart. She is adorable. I just want to give her a big hug.
Summerfeelings *
Summerfeelings * 12 days ago
Omg those purple blankets look so cute on them 😙
Marti Lindsay
Marti Lindsay 12 days ago
Funny how Lester says (at one point) that he won’t name names ... yet he names his classmate that told him they weren’t BKs.
donna anstey
donna anstey 12 days ago
Awe beverly is beautiful 💘💖💞
Carla Schurman
Carla Schurman 12 days ago
Beverly cracks me up. Love her to bits! 💞
Janey C
Janey C 12 days ago
Awww the sweetest shot was Beverley taking a drink from Mum whilst they were both wearing their jackets. Absolutely beautiful. xxx
emmawright77 12 days ago
So lovely to see Beverley enjoying her coat so much, she’s a beauty!
Donna Kopp
Donna Kopp 12 days ago
Where’s the other baby donkey?
Cyndy 12 days ago
All kids love to wear capes! Beverley's pretty pink cape is the best.😍🤩💖💜💖💜
Aussie Possum
Aussie Possum 12 days ago
Lester that made me so happy. I’m sorry about your knock off story but I was like you. I didn’t know there were fakes out there. But I soon educated myself to be careful. Beverley is a bit of a Victoria’s Secret model. 💘💘💘
Gail Capilano
Gail Capilano 12 days ago
Where’s Ivan!?
Meandtoby 327
Meandtoby 327 12 days ago
Lester! When are you going to give back Ivy’s baby Ivan?
jinjin0135 12 days ago
They are so pretty! Beverly is so precious!
Becky Warr
Becky Warr 12 days ago
Beverly feeling good and feeling her oats.
Roberta Spielvogel
Roberta Spielvogel 12 days ago
My heart goes out for Ivy and how Dan knows she is depressed, but Ima Jean is high as a kite because her child was not taken from her and being called abandoned by everyone like Ivan is. I am not being mean but I cry for such a sweet mom missing her child.
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee 13 days ago
Ima Survivor Sanctuary With Mummy Ima Jean n Beverley with New Pink Blankets 💞
Sonia Smith
Sonia Smith 13 days ago
I just love Beverly and her ninja kicks. You’re so right Lester. She has a lot of personality and an amazing zest for life. I just love them all 🥰
Rachel Gervais
Rachel Gervais 13 days ago
There looking good in there blanket 🤗
Martina Lewis
Martina Lewis 13 days ago
It only took you 80.00$ to get to know her, lucky you👊🏻
Tammy Willgohs
Tammy Willgohs 13 days ago
She’s all that and a bag of chips. Lol
Martina Lewis
Martina Lewis 13 days ago
Love the colors 💞
Barbara DeSelle
Barbara DeSelle 13 days ago
Angela Cavacas
Angela Cavacas 13 days ago
❤ ❤ ❤
Kelly Cottrell
Kelly Cottrell 13 days ago
So glad I never cared about brands and still don’t...I will wear a Walmart shirt , Target, whatever. If I like it, it doesn’t matter. I do have some very nice name brand things, but I also have discounted things- whatever! And Lester, it was the thought that counted with that purse, geesh, that was rude, I’m sorry.
Lois Wagers
Lois Wagers 13 days ago
My girls were into Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans back in the 80's and as a single mom of 3 teenage girls I simply could not afford them. So one day I told them that it was my job to cover that butt, not decorate it!!
JUDY WAIKIKI 13 days ago
Steffanie Ropicky
Steffanie Ropicky 13 days ago
Me neather lester just a reg brown or redish leather purse was fine for me! I wont pay over 15.oo for purses or shoes, dresses or slacks or shirts! I can find better things to spend my money on the bills! Lol dont get me wrong im down to earth, i love bling do i need it absolutely not!
Brenda Allison
Brenda Allison 13 days ago
Beverly looks so cute in her purple coat.💜💜💜
Christel K
Christel K 13 days ago
Never heard of British Knights shoes... but I do know how the importance of a brand name can help with popularity🙄 I don't miss those days. Spent $250 on a FUBU outfit in late 90's. But had it for 20 yrs, gave it to my niece.
Amy Kirby
Amy Kirby 13 days ago
Missy R
Missy R 13 days ago
I love Lester’s interpretation of Beverly, IMHO: Beverly hates her blanket BTDT :))
Pamela Wiggs
Pamela Wiggs 13 days ago
Is Ivan coming back to her mom
Donna Furr
Donna Furr 13 days ago
All I can hear is your lil rooster Nate in the background. Bev is the cutest, loves life!
Donna Furr
Donna Furr 13 days ago
I just love that girl...I can’t wait till Ivy is with her baby again!
Carol Lewis
Carol Lewis 13 days ago
Bless your mum, she’s a sweetheart!😍😍👏👏👍🇦🇺
Debbie Carpenter
Debbie Carpenter 13 days ago
Oh, that Beverly is delightful to watch. Prancing around ND acting oh so proud in her Beautiful Purple Blanket Coat 💜💜💜💜 and then to have a matching one on Mama 💜💜💜💜 Whoever sent those, that was so very kind of you 😊🤗 Thank you
Ellissa Taylor
Ellissa Taylor 13 days ago
Switch Ivy’s with Dixie
Brenda Snider
Brenda Snider 13 days ago
They look so cute in their coats all different pretty colors just makes the pasture look so much brighter in the dull winter when no green grass. Sure sad that the other baby donkey can't be in more videos we saw one I think Ivy's baby I understand why they can't be together it's just sad she can't be a part of the fun with her Mom just hard to watch without her there I won't ever miss a video it's just hard without her on your farm. 😢😥❤🤏😢
TAMMI HARVEY 13 days ago
Beverly is gorgeous. I think she is going to a beautiful donkey! 💗💗
olensha 13 days ago
What color coat did IVAN get,
Cindy Frederick
Cindy Frederick 13 days ago
Sweet Beverly so cute in pink
Cynthia Fitton
Cynthia Fitton 13 days ago
That’s her superhero cape. She says she can fly with that thing on.
Amy Ohl
Amy Ohl 13 days ago
Cute cute cute!!!
Leticia Rodriguez
Leticia Rodriguez 13 days ago
Yours and your mom's hearts were in the right place. "It's the thought t hff at counts" ✌❤
Paula Bull
Paula Bull 13 days ago
They love their new coats. Yes show them off girls
Karen Miller
Karen Miller 13 days ago
Beverly is absolutely adorable!
Patricia Taylor
Patricia Taylor 13 days ago
ump ire
ump ire 13 days ago
How adorable they ALL look in their winter coats!! I want to HUG allllllllll of them! - even Tex and Ringo!
Corinne Creswick
Corinne Creswick 13 days ago
Who ever sent the coats is an angel. Your horses and donkeys are not only warm but stylish and they know it. So sweet, a huge thank you from me for who ever sent all those coats. I don’t think donkeys are lower, that cross on their back raises them on high.
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