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A Soulful melody of two hearts filled with love and emotions. #Baarishkijaaye where love will have a New meaning. The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional . The Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sunandha Sharma is all set to take you all to there Dream world. The song is based on true story .
♪ Full Song Available on ♪
Gaana :- cutt.ly/CxLEBnP
Wynk :- wynk.in/u/YcFfZiPrh
Spotify :- cutt.ly/vxLE4Id
Apple :- cutt.ly/LxLRtLD
Hungama :- cutt.ly/2xLRqaq
Resso :- m.resso.app/ZSJ24fJ1d/
Amazon :- cutt.ly/exLE27g
Linkfire :- umgi.lnk.to/BaarishKiJaaye
Saavn :- bit.ly/2PJeTed
Starring :- Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Sunanda Sharma
Singer :- B Praak
Music :- B Praak
Lyrics & Composer :- Jaani
Video :- Arvindr Khaira
Produced by :- Jaani & Arvindr khaira

DOP :- Anurag Solanki
Assistant D.O.P :- Kapil Mishra
Editor :- Adele Pereira
Choreographer:- Rajit Dev
Colorist: Hany Haleem Ahmed (Nube Studio)
1st Antra Composer: Romaana
Music Programmers: Gaurav Dev & Kartik Dev
Creative Director/Steadicam Operator:- Amaninder Singh
Assistant Directors:- Sukhman Singh, Satnam Singh, Jais Sivia , Gaurav Sharma
Production Head :- Aron Paharia , Vikrant Kaushik , Adesh Gola
Production :- Metro Talkies
Costume :- Naahid Shah
Asst. Costume: Siddhai Rane
Line producer :- Rama Krishna
Recording Studio :- Desi Melodies Studio
Mix Master :- Gurjinder Guri & Akash bambar
Music Programer :- Gaurav Dev & Kartik Dev
Creative design & Art work by :- Aman Kalsi & Viggfx
Vfx: Love Singh
Stills: Arpan Chahal
Casting By :- Sahil Sharma & Anshool Uttamani
Special Thanks :- Tarsem Singh Jassal
Project Manager:- Dilraj Nandha & Avadh Nagpal
Team Nawazuddin Siddiqui :-
Management: Anup Pandey
Hair: Sanah Kewal
Make Up: Jimmy
Assistant: Monu Halwai
Team Sunanda Sharma :-
Management :- Mad4Music & Sky Digital
Make Up: Shenoya Fernandes
Hair: Nagavendra T Dhanbad
US-first & Reels Promotion by :- Net Media
( officialnetmedia)
Digitally distributed by :- UMG
Label :- Desi Melodies

For Queries Contact :- +917307322290
Label :- Desi melodies


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Mar 27, 2021




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DM - Desi Melodies
DM - Desi Melodies 23 days ago
Listen the soulful melody of two hearts Do like share and give your valuable comments .
Khalid Hussain
Khalid Hussain 14 days ago
Abdul Munyeem Geelani
Ravi rewaj
Ravi rewaj 20 days ago
Dm nice song 🎶 released
Haider Khan2608
Haider Khan2608 20 days ago
Foresure.. outstanding work amazing
Sar-phiri Larki
Sar-phiri Larki 21 day ago
Pata Nahi aisa Kiya tha is ganey kE bol mein...sunn Kar e Jaise lag rha hai ishq e ho gya jaani se❣️
Sarkar Ji
Sarkar Ji 2 hours ago
Thanks again for your support and love guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Best LoveStory Songs
It's amazing love song ❤️😍😍😍💕 I love This song so much 😍😍😍@bpraak
Asli Hero
Asli Hero 2 hours ago
Ek comment nawazuddin sir ke liye
shoaib khan
shoaib khan 2 hours ago
Na duniya ke liye likhte Na mere liye likhte Na duniya ke liye likhte Na mere liye likhte Galib zinda hote to tere liye likhte
GAURAV SAINI 2 hours ago
Gjb song 🤠
Indian Army
Indian Army 2 hours ago
Lovely song ♥♥💖💘♥💖💘
King Gamer
King Gamer 2 hours ago
From Sahil From A_S Gaming
Dr Anmol
Dr Anmol 2 hours ago
बेहतरीन उपलब्धि हासिल कर लिया जाए
Ziddi bhai
Ziddi bhai 2 hours ago
B praak sir aap Jan hi le lete ho😉😉😉yar hr bar alg 🙏🙏🙏🙏😂😂😂
Asadul Islam
Asadul Islam 2 hours ago
kantap movie
kantap movie 2 hours ago
ashwin gupta
ashwin gupta 2 hours ago
The benefit of real actors in songs is that they enhance the flavour of the songs so stop taking chhapri tiktoker in videos
MUSIC LOVER 3 hours ago
Can any one subscribe my channel
fighter gemar
fighter gemar 3 hours ago
Great song ,gjb Fantastick
Prasis Basnet
Prasis Basnet 3 hours ago
*Sunanda is real actor, a good singer and many more❤️*
PSP geming
PSP geming 3 hours ago
Nice song 💘
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 3 hours ago
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 3 hours ago
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar 3 hours ago
Nice song
Raviraj Singh
Raviraj Singh 3 hours ago
Really best actor of Bollywood....love u sir
suraj dev yadav
suraj dev yadav 3 hours ago
Sushmita Roy
Sushmita Roy 3 hours ago
B.praak voice🔥🔥 and jaani lyrics 🔥🔥... Superb song😘😘
Pawan Kumar Rawat
Pawan Kumar Rawat 3 hours ago
👍 For b praak ❤❤❤
Rajiv Mehta
Rajiv Mehta 3 hours ago
Seshnath arya
Seshnath arya 3 hours ago
Bhai epay ek movie banna chaya
Kundan Sahani
Kundan Sahani 3 hours ago
Nawazuddin siddiki sir ki dance amazing
Gurmeet Entertainers
MR GurmeeT
Gurmeet Entertainers
Gajab song love you all team
Pramanshu Prajapati
2021 has started with good songs
Ramjan Khan
Ramjan Khan 3 hours ago
Gjb bhai
Sumit Verma
Sumit Verma 3 hours ago
B Praak and Janni are the two gem 💎 of Indian music industry
sports life is volleyball
Nice song
kuldeep mahawar
kuldeep mahawar 3 hours ago
The song are very nice
manjur ansari official
Nice song
OD RAHUL gaming
OD RAHUL gaming 3 hours ago
Nice song Mana pakha sa song downloads kia ha
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar 3 hours ago
Nice song
Anil Mewada
Anil Mewada 3 hours ago
2021 ka hit song
Gulfan Khan
Gulfan Khan 4 hours ago
Gulfan Khan
Gulfan Khan 4 hours ago
Gulfan Khan
Gulfan Khan 4 hours ago
Fantastic bhai
aditya pandey
aditya pandey 4 hours ago
Beautiful song i love this song
kishanlal hansdah
kishanlal hansdah 4 hours ago
Nice Song
Ravi Jat
Ravi Jat 4 hours ago
With all my heart I can say with confidence that more than 450 million of this song will come.🙏🙏🙏 ,, Did i like it right
ashu Rajput
ashu Rajput 4 hours ago
diolgue me dam he
Asadul Islam
Asadul Islam 2 hours ago
Gamerz ABRO G
Gamerz ABRO G 4 hours ago
Indian ka all song best best 💕
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh 4 hours ago
😘😘Very nice song😎😘😘dil se😍😍
pasa pasa
pasa pasa 4 hours ago
veer singh
veer singh 5 hours ago
B praak voice is not suit on nawazudin Siddiqui..
afef brahmi
afef brahmi 5 hours ago
Love this song 💖💖💖
Jannat Iftikhar
Jannat Iftikhar 5 hours ago
awsum song
Ikhlas Shaikh
Ikhlas Shaikh 6 hours ago
I love thes sonh
Furkan Ansari
Furkan Ansari 6 hours ago
मस्त है यार
Jyoti Parsad
Jyoti Parsad 6 hours ago
Jyoti Parsad
Jyoti Parsad 6 hours ago
All about jaani
Sarfaraz Ali Sabri Official
The Father of acting Nizam ud Din Siddiqui
preety joshi
preety joshi 6 hours ago
Best acting song nd story👌🏻😊
better than shahrukh-salman
Pabitra Meher
Pabitra Meher 6 hours ago
B praak sir voice is mind blowing💯👍lyrics & music super hit_great acting🥰❤❤
Ruby Shaikh
Ruby Shaikh 6 hours ago
Nice song ❤❤❤❤❤
Snypee Gaming
Snypee Gaming 6 hours ago
Jadugar or what??
Siraj Jutt
Siraj Jutt 6 hours ago
Ram Bhakt Rajputana
Struggle in life till your last drop of sweat n blood, youll be next to none.. Har har Mahadev 📿🕉️
Siraj Jutt
Siraj Jutt 6 hours ago
Khushi Patil
Khushi Patil 7 hours ago
Dum hai ek pagal ladki se kon shadi kar sakta hai par isme possible huva💙🖤🖤
Siraj Jutt
Siraj Jutt 7 hours ago
Hafeez Ullah Shah
Hafeez Ullah Shah 7 hours ago
To everyone reading this: Whatever happens to you, please do not give up on love and on your self too. Presumebly, you do not need whole world to love you. Maybe, you just need one person. Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. brothers and sisters, always you should take easy on your self, I don't know what happaned in your life but want to tell you one thing, life is a very beautiful thing. forget betrayers no matter, how big was hoodwinked you! And discover your self, it is the most beautiful thing and you're glamorous so don't cry on any blunders accept and don't patronize your self again! life is waiting to astound you again! Love will never hurt you but a wrong person will hurt you. If you smiled, stay smile! Visit me of you need my help. Keep your smile ahead of everything.....
Stoner Standard
Stoner Standard 7 hours ago
Nawaz Sir is the Kohinoor of Bollywood Agree people Like here👇👇
Siraj Jutt
Siraj Jutt 7 hours ago
amna nisar
amna nisar 7 hours ago
Mind blown actress more telented than some Bollywood actresses
The Sassy Biker
The Sassy Biker 7 hours ago
I couldn't hold myself from writing this.. Love you Bpraak paaji.. Amazing song.. such emotion and genuineness.. ❤
Mohit Saini
Mohit Saini 7 hours ago
Yesterday I listened it for 3:30 hours continue and it's 2:35 am and still listening 🎧 Conclusion - Listen at your our risk because this song is so addictive.
Love Birds
Love Birds 7 hours ago
Who are the mother fucker dislike the song😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬
Mohammad Hussain
Mohammad Hussain 7 hours ago
One like just for Nawazudin sir ke leye
Narendra Silawat
Narendra Silawat 7 hours ago
Wonderful interconnection between song and album (story).. credit goes to all star cast of this song.. specially nawazuddin sir and B parak .. like for them
Siraj Jutt
Siraj Jutt 6 hours ago
Avinash Korche
Avinash Korche 8 hours ago
Co vid19 ka khab abhi bhi baki ye gana suno mast time pas ho raha hai
Gaurav Makkar
Gaurav Makkar 8 hours ago
Nawazuddin Siddiqui's acting + B praak song =💯 Song
Welly log
Welly log 8 hours ago
Sunanda sharma size matters . . Like if u agree ??😛😜
OneG Gaming
OneG Gaming 8 hours ago
Mind Blowing Song.....loved it....
J Sparrow
J Sparrow 8 hours ago
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 from 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 nice song. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ touching song.
Sudhir Salunkhe
Sudhir Salunkhe 8 hours ago
हृदयाचे ठोके वाढवले या गाण्यानी👌🏻😍
Shashi Pandey
Shashi Pandey 8 hours ago
Nawaz bhai ki acting kamal ki h 👌💞but do one for B Parak 1.Teri mitti 💞 2.filhaal 3.baarish ki jaye
Md shahrukh
Md shahrukh 8 hours ago
गर्मी का मौसम है ऐसे में सभी अपनी छत पे पंछियों के लिए पानी रक्खे...
Munir Ali
Munir Ali 8 hours ago
I love my Allah
Maan Saab
Maan Saab 8 hours ago
I m big fan Nawazuddin Siddiqui sir
picture Ka Keeda
picture Ka Keeda 8 hours ago
Oh MAA tullu tullu lub🤣🤣😘😘
Saiba jahan
Saiba jahan 8 hours ago
Kidhar chipi thi itni heart touching voice
Saiba jahan
Saiba jahan 8 hours ago
Jindagi me pata nehi mera piyar kab ayega
S K 8 hours ago
Koushik Sengupta
Koushik Sengupta 8 hours ago
Dil ko chu gaya 😍❤
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma 8 hours ago
Yasir Malik GG
Yasir Malik GG 8 hours ago
نواز الدین سر گریٹ ایکٹر پاکستان سے
NITISH JHA 8 hours ago
Bhai gazabbbb
Umme Sayra
Umme Sayra 9 hours ago
Wow love this song
Malik farhat
Malik farhat 9 hours ago
Turu lub😅😃👍❤
Nice sone 1000
hu man
hu man 9 hours ago
The intensity of his eyes masahallah
Sameer ahmed Ahmed
Sameer ahmed Ahmed 9 hours ago
Love it
Pranti Garnaik
Pranti Garnaik 9 hours ago
wasi rajpoot
wasi rajpoot 9 hours ago
Nawazudin siddiqui 😍😍😍
Waseem Aslam
Waseem Aslam 9 hours ago
This is the wonderful and amazing song in 2021
Shiv Kisku
Shiv Kisku 9 hours ago
Bipin Singh
Bipin Singh 9 hours ago
Heart touching music ❤️💕💕💕💕
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