Awkward Divorce Drinking Game 

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Feb 21, 2021




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Helen Delgado
Helen Delgado 2 minutes ago
The fact that you looked up bashful 😭
tristan mclay
tristan mclay Hour ago
Nikola Krista
Nikola Krista Hour ago
do they have bad hair day? why both of them are wearing hats?
ClutchCarl50 Hour ago
Cody you should watch this tiktok toker and do a that’s cringe on vm.tiktok.com/ZMej9B45Y/
Kendric Eduarte
Kendric Eduarte 6 hours ago
Cody ko has to watch this😂😂us-first.info/player/video/qMeupaCZYZZiiXE.html
Maxwell Russell
Maxwell Russell 6 hours ago
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Sam 11 hours ago
for some reason the bashful thing absolutely killed me
MJ West
MJ West 11 hours ago
Imagine getting a tattoo on yourself that says IM SHY
w0ah sam
w0ah sam 3 hours ago
payton ali
payton ali 13 hours ago
Why are all the questions asked sexual
Bere.i.Damien 4EVER*
He probably getting ready to shoot sonic 2
Nooby - Animations Gaming!
Some people's Pov: You went and searched up Cody Ko from pancho
Griffin Joker ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
151k likes and 2M views in 2 days wow
The Bacon
The Bacon 15 hours ago
"ex-babe" I can't take it lol 😂
Seth G
Seth G 15 hours ago
didnt like the video till she found out she was a gamer girl uwu
Gigi Gifford
Gigi Gifford 16 hours ago
He should have said xxxgames
Merlin 16 hours ago
Hahahah how do they find them . Just took the word out of my mouth. How do they fuckin find these people
Henry Giles
Henry Giles 18 hours ago
this video made me gay
liberty 19 hours ago
5:48 why did the "welcome to hoOo- lly wood babyyy" make me laugh harder than any of the jokes in this video
Jazmo Hawk
Jazmo Hawk 19 hours ago
Why did I tRY to click on one of their videos at the end before he read comments-
bo stiansen
bo stiansen 20 hours ago
u HAVE TO react to 7 strangers decide etc, etc
Kagome Nishi
Kagome Nishi 21 hour ago
2:32 best acting I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂
Catherine B
Catherine B 21 hour ago
The Cut needs to give Cody a cut of their profits.
fraser123 22 hours ago
looking rough Cody
yum yam yo
yum yam yo 22 hours ago
roasting fans 4?
Hudson Yeah
Hudson Yeah 22 hours ago
We need more videos with Noel
Alissa B
Alissa B 23 hours ago
@cut hey you should invite Cody
Liyah & Life
Liyah & Life Day ago
Cody’s facial expressions throughout this entire video has me dyinggggg 🤣🤣🤣
Paige O'Dwyer
just had a druggie try and break into my house whilst I'm home alone, was scared, and still felt unsafe so I watched this video because Cody literally makes me feel safe :)
sour chuck
sour chuck Day ago
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cody really had to look up what bashful meant
Bella Lynn
Bella Lynn Day ago
Can you imagine being as young as they are and already getting a divorce... embarrassing.
7inwa Day ago
she kinda bad tho?
Cameron Aydt
Cameron Aydt Day ago
the bashful bit lmao
Marko Medic
Marko Medic Day ago
cody's mane is magnificent
people person
3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West have been missing for 45 days in California City, CA.120,000$ for information of their whereabouts
tilly cromarty
cody you sound like you did the voice of wayne from prep and landing, if i dont say it il loose my ankle socks
rocco Day ago
Hair game is on.
Spiderwolfer Day ago
Wow I just realized that Cody has an earring. Very edgy.
bb jade
bb jade Day ago
you scared to get a haircut ever since the jake thing huh?
Chris Hill
Chris Hill Day ago
X Games Sex? You couldn’t just say seX Games? ITS RIGHT THERE
plot twist: this dude is the guy from what would you do and he broke it off when he found out she was a girl lamer
Ana Barrios
Ana Barrios Day ago
Ngl you had me actually laughing out loud . That rarely happens with youtubers. Great vid
Mel Dembinski
this convinced me that my nipples do need shaving :/
Whatever Day ago
Cody: Whats the words for it? Marriage partners... Husband or wife? Me: Spouse 🙄
Dyno Day ago
Did anyone else notice the new tatoo 👇
Sterling Brown
dawg my dads name is gary
Brenden Moore
the bashful tattoo might have been a snow white thing
icky cat
icky cat Day ago
LMAO “Ex-Babe”
you even burn bro ?
pRoJect 45
pRoJect 45 Day ago
*Bros before Hoes* *Games before Dames* *Dudes before Nudes* *Kicks before Chicks*
LetsMixIt Day ago
cut ur hair bro
John Ingram
John Ingram Day ago
Silly me always thought that being separated meant that you didn't live together.
alina Day ago
ex babe
Ramy Laqlach
Ramy Laqlach Day ago
watch the intro at 0.25 hate me later
Croatoan Day ago
this is a new level of cringe
Griffen Campbell
Why do all of the top comments have the default profile pictures
Mahina Osai
Mahina Osai Day ago
I thought Jerry Trainor was on the thumbnail smh talk about clickbait
Karolyn Redilla
Oh my god I choked on beef stew on my lunch break watching this I can’t stop laughing wtf
Mitch E
Mitch E Day ago
This was easily some of your funniest content in a while man
Irene mikami
Irene mikami Day ago
the divorced couples: taking about something else the guy recording : sex,sex,sex,sex
giovanna maignardi
Irene mikami
Irene mikami 2 days ago
i feel like the from canada or sum
Rachel 2 days ago
Funny part is I’m divorced and you get so used to saying everything and anything going through divorce that this game already doesn’t work on concept 😂
Psychedelic 2 days ago
you remind me of Jerry Trainor.
SlumpDawgBars 2 days ago
cody looks like Steve Herrington with his hair
Mason Myers
Mason Myers 2 days ago
Remember 80 + 26 = 96
Al Doesagood
Al Doesagood 2 days ago
I would watch a whole video of Cody doing the sleazy producer character
barelycalm 2 days ago
Your hair is more amazing every video. Keep that shit up. 👍🏼
Caitlin Banks
Caitlin Banks 2 days ago
missed opportunity: X Games sex = Sex games
rico 2 days ago
They would make a good show
Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes 2 days ago
You should react to your first videos comments
Matthew Rosen
Matthew Rosen 2 days ago
bruh he literally pulled the Dennis "because of the implications"
S R T H 2 days ago
Did he THINK of cheating? Sounds like we have a Mr . Struggle here bois
Sorry g
Sorry g 2 days ago
cody has just given me inspiration to get "bashful" tattooed on my forehead
j.e.e.lindberg 2 days ago
sakura hoora
sakura hoora 2 days ago
I love your divorce video content please make more 😂😍👍😊❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈
claire 2 days ago
missed the chance to say sex games instead of x games sex 💔
n0n1s3 2 days ago
how do even apply for a video like this-
Lucas Osborne
Lucas Osborne 2 days ago
Do Guinness world records videos they’re weird
Ella Schromm
Ella Schromm 2 days ago
React to “a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist smoke weed” by cut pleaseeee
emrah karadağ
emrah karadağ 2 days ago
I love cut their content is cringe,creative and weird at the same time
Sarah Schultz
Sarah Schultz 2 days ago
i love u
Yikes that girl is so bitter. She agreed to this so she could make the guy look bad on the internet
Chase Lazarian
Chase Lazarian 2 days ago
Why every time I watch Cody Ko he gets a new tattoo, coincidence I think not
Jordan Vellmure
Jordan Vellmure 2 days ago
cody has really been reminding me of schmidt from new girl recently lmao
Benjamin Cross
Benjamin Cross 2 days ago
are u and noel done making vids together
mason Harris
mason Harris 2 days ago
Cody you have to watch the cut video where it’s strangers decide who gets the 1000 dollars. It’s the one with a massive dislike to like ratio.
Lucy DC
Lucy DC 2 days ago
bashful lmao
Jessica Marie
Jessica Marie 2 days ago
You have to do the bridesmaid drinking game cut videos they get MESSY
sammy davis
sammy davis 2 days ago
9:57 Bro your face at the Warcraft bit was spot on lol.
saiki k cult
saiki k cult 2 days ago
Why does cody look like mega mind when he acts like the host💀
Ellie Patterson
Ellie Patterson 2 days ago
Can we get cody to do a Marriage Story reaction bc that shit is SAD
Sahayeda 2 days ago
the cut directors have always been horny ngl lmao
Karlie Mathias
Karlie Mathias 2 days ago
the cut put out a video about a mom guessing which kid in a lineup is high. just saying.
Chloe Lorin
Chloe Lorin 2 days ago
the spa music at the beginning hahahhahh
Matt Marschner
Matt Marschner 2 days ago
Has your forehead always been so big?
OttaLux Is the clap
i feel like homeboy is in so much pain
Luke Hathaway
Luke Hathaway 2 days ago
I haven’t seen you in a while and the only thing uncomfortable I’m feeling is you with long hair. You can crop out your head and it will look like you have short hair. The rest looks fake
River Turnbull
River Turnbull 2 days ago
2:28 this shit from my nightmares
wolf805 2 days ago
The interviewer has a kink for deteriorating relationships