Australia Zoo's YouTube Re-Launch 

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Crikey! In celebration of Steve’s birthday, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of Australia Zoo’s reimagined US-first channel. Be part of the Irwin family like never before with exclusive content joining them on their incredible adventures. Plus, be the first to witness never before seen footage from the archives of The Crocodile Hunter and join conservation missions with the Wildlife Warriors team on the frontline.
Brand new content will arrive every Thursday and Saturday and we can’t wait to see you there!
Subscribe for free to the ultimate video experience for all Wildlife Warriors.
Visit our website - www.australiazoo.com.au/


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Feb 21, 2021




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Ashley Mcdaniel
Ashley Mcdaniel 7 hours ago
Can't bekive bindi is going to have a baby this month.
ANNIKA Ramos 12 hours ago
Yall are amazing in australia zoo and congrats on your pregnancy too Bindi
Clown Day ago
J S Day ago
I hope to go to Australia one day
lindsey 2 days ago
I like the Irwins, just not the fact they’ve disconnected themselves with Steve’s dad, the original owner of the zoo. I’m sure this would’ve made Steve very sad not having them all get along.
You can judge a situation like that if you don't know what happened.
Nirosh Fernando
Nirosh Fernando 2 days ago
Better subscribe to their channel
Kp P
Kp P 3 days ago
Awe this family is so awesome and beautiful 🤩😍
Scott Martin
Scott Martin 3 days ago
Is bindi pregnant
Milla B
Milla B 3 days ago
Since nobody asked.... I went to australia zoo at one stage a few years ago and the whole Irwin family was there
Delaney Myers
Delaney Myers 3 days ago
Lori Nadine
Lori Nadine 3 days ago
I just cut cable and am so glad you restarted this channel! Thanks for thinking of us. Can’t wait to see that baby already...
Kristina G.
Kristina G. 3 days ago
I swear it was only yesterday Bindi was a twelve year old girl. I grew up watching her and reading about her and now she's married with a baby on the way!
Marley Art
Marley Art 3 days ago
This is just WONDERFUL 💕💕💕💕💕
Dk Pfeiffer
Dk Pfeiffer 3 days ago
🌺Congratulations. . .🐊 The Australian🦜Zoo Site re-Launch🦤
HoneyHanni 4 days ago
Lass mal Pizza bestellen 🍕
Mary Breinholt
Mary Breinholt 5 days ago
I love this Zoo! I was there years ago during a business trip to Brisbane. No question, took the train north and loved my day there.
Lewis Lyons
Lewis Lyons 5 days ago
Nury Delgado De Valdivia
Bindi para cuando nace la bebita.. será muy hermosa como la mamá y el papá.
Tracey Lee
Tracey Lee 5 days ago
last time I was there , Bindi and Robert where so little , beautiful place .
AND-Peggy Schuyler
imagine going to Australia Zoo and hearing: "Hi, I'm Robert Irwin"
Louise Gibbon
Louise Gibbon 6 days ago
Your family is beautiful and your positive attitudes towards life shines clear and it's growing the baby is going to be so lucky and loved.x
Delia Marianetti
Delia Marianetti 6 days ago
Ahhhh yes my favorites! Seeing this made me smile so much!!!!
RoraBoryAlice 2187
I like Robert's new hairstyle! Looking more and more like his dad :)
Ginger Collier
Ginger Collier 7 days ago
Just finished watching Crickey onDiscovery +. I really enjoyed each episode and I’m not really an outdoor person. I’m from California so any of the animals I wasn’t familiar with but I loved watching the Giraffe births and the triplet cat births. I love giraffes and My family always had dogs and cats. Robert had me laughing over his desire to be in the Arizona desert to see the snakes. My maternal family is in Arizona and snakes are the last thing I’d want to see there. It was great to see you pass on your knowledge to the FD there. I’ll be watching you here and hopefully more episodes on Discovery+ too.
SamOSumO 7 days ago
What I actually thought they had more than 300k subs, they deserve millions of subs on their channel.
Taleah Thompson
Taleah Thompson 7 days ago
These guys are literally so wholesome, its refreshing to see 🥰💕
Leo Hino
Leo Hino 7 days ago
I'm so glad that the Irwin family is still continuing Steve's legacy. It brings me joy.
Andy Contento
Andy Contento 7 days ago
EXCELLENT!!!! I never missed an episode of The crocodile hunter, loved Crikey it's the Irwins, can't wait to watch this fantastic family again. 👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁
Cory Cruzan
Cory Cruzan 7 days ago
I can't wait to see y'all I love your family cindi and the energy created is absorbed by all god bless everyone over there
Cloee Soler
Cloee Soler 7 days ago
My fave family 💛🥺
Carly xo
Carly xo 7 days ago
i think i missed a season
andrue cates
andrue cates 7 days ago
I feel like Chandler's not used to be in front of the camera yet.
adorbxtwinz 7 days ago
@not available yeah!
not available
not available 7 days ago
i think he is hasn’t he been on tv for years? lol
Junior Singh
Junior Singh 7 days ago
My favorite family growing up 😍😍😍
First Catch!
First Catch! 7 days ago
One place our 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 would love to visit! 🙌
Grumpy Bumme
Grumpy Bumme 7 days ago
I'm sorry but I am so tired about hearing how wonderful life for the Irwins is even after the heartache of losing Steve. I cried for weeks after I found out he died but seems some families are blessed even in adversity not withstanding that Terri estranged Steves' father something she hasn't denied from what I've seen. I can't face any more of them. Sorry but it makes me sick....maybe I'm jealous that I've never known such family but I won't ever watch their unbridled joy again. I lived on the Sunshine Coast for 10 years and couldn't afford the fees to Australia Zoo as a pensioner back then there was no way I could afford the going to the Zoo. Maybe consider as well as our Wildlife our Aged people too Terri we need saving too or at least acknowledging in a real sense. We all would love to pay your high entrance fees but we just don't have it!
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever 8 days ago
I Just check Bindi's brithday is the the same day as my daughter's brithday, Her Name Is Noah Kimberly A few years older then Bindi. Of course My daughter made a big deal about her coming into this world, She came by C-Section, Her feet were moving, I made the comment She is alive, and the doctor said of course she is alive. She been funny every since. July 24,
Nicole St. Louis
Nicole St. Louis 8 days ago
Epic legacy.
G D 8 days ago
You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!:)
Nirosh Fernando
Nirosh Fernando 8 days ago
This zoo makes me wanna become a vet
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 8 days ago
Awk look it’s the annoying family
kellyssong 8 days ago
This will be a great way to see your zoo. I miss you on Animal Planet.
Tik tok World
Tik tok World 8 days ago
Wayne Bell
Wayne Bell 8 days ago
Steve was a man of great character. So wholesome. Couldn’t possibly be a liberal.
Carlavision 8 days ago
Wish I had a chance to come to Australia and see y'all in person but, that will never be! Loved your Dad and miss him! Bindi, you look absolutely beautiful! Love you all!❤️
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg 8 days ago
Congrats to bindi
Zurair Khan
Zurair Khan 8 days ago
Very nice
TRA21 8 days ago
Hollie Ever After
Yay!!! Can’t wait!!! 😍
Linnea Kocher
Linnea Kocher 9 days ago
Wait, when did Robert get hot?
ArgChica 9 days ago
Wow!! Double take on my side and goosebumps. Robert always had his hair short and with the longer hair for a split second my mind said Steve. What amazing kids she has raised and he is surely looking down proud
Cat&Fish M.
Cat&Fish M. 9 days ago
What kind of tiny snake did Robert have on his face? Scary! 👍🏻
Savvy Thomas
Savvy Thomas 9 days ago
Odd Ball
Odd Ball 9 days ago
Whst a joke urs are .fake people fake morals .one a cheater always a cheater..
Princess Tessa’s Fabulous Life
Yayyy congratulations this is so awesome I just subscribed I absolutely love your fabulous work in conservation and love your fabulous family 👸🏼🦄💗Eeeeee
T R 9 days ago
Please can u do virtual tickets I would love to see the zoo!!
Andy h
Andy h 9 days ago
Stevo sadly missed
Wild Male Rex Lvl. 150
Quality content, quality life (for the animals), quality experiences, quality actions, quality people Quality.
Mikayla Skaw
Mikayla Skaw 9 days ago
What they do is just so amazing!! I wanted to be a marine biologist and have lots of conservation projects, but my career took a different turn. I’m so glad there are people like the Irwins that do what I can’t!!
Rebecca Moran
Rebecca Moran 9 days ago
Chatta Sisters
Chatta Sisters 9 days ago
Ifey Home
Ifey Home 9 days ago
Giraffes & tigers DO NOT belong in zoos!
K T 9 days ago
Love you guys xx
LJ 9 days ago
Australia zoo was with the wiggles.
Nia Snow ASMR
Nia Snow ASMR 9 days ago
Congratulations Bindi🌻
S L 9 days ago
I can’t believe Bindi will soon be a mom. I feel like I grew up with this family
Lots of Lotty
Lots of Lotty 9 days ago
We moved to Queensland from the UK - always watched you when younger and never thought I’d get the chance to visit. We love being members of the zoo. Cannot wait to see what’s posted 👍🏻
Ryan 10 days ago
Y'all make me so happy. So thankful for people like you in the world
Sabina England
Sabina England 10 days ago
I love the Irwin family! they're so wholesome and cheery, watching them always put a huge smile on my face whenever I'm feeling down. Much love to the Irwins! Hope to visit Australia Zoo someday! 💕
Hannah Markham
Hannah Markham 10 days ago
I LOVE it already!
Fern Hamilton
Fern Hamilton 10 days ago
It feels like Steve is here
AuntieNem 10 days ago
This is great news! Watching from Minneapolis, Mn!
Ethan Clarke Official
Thank You to the Irwin family, who have inspired me to study Conservation, and Volunteer for Sea Shepherd. If it weren’t for you I’d be lost in life. Thank You so much guys
Captain Chris
Captain Chris 10 days ago
Robert’s beginning to grow out his father’s hairstyle. It’ll look good on my man. The internet and I’m certain the world is going to stand by this family, always. I like to think the internet hails Steve as an all powerful being (Steve Irwin is not actually a god, you know what I mean to say), simply because he’s so loved and his reputation is so protected, like if you come at Steve Irwin or any of the Irwin family, it’s like you almost just put a bounty on your own head to get demolished. It’s wonderful.☺️ Irwin, nor his family would approve, but that’s how protective I see the general internet is about this man, and now since 2006, this bloodline.❤️
She’s giving birth this month
Katie C
Katie C 10 days ago
I will get to see the zoo and meet y'all one day ❤️ I love you guys!
Affordable Desert Living
Wow this is fantastic! I love how Chandler now is jumping right in there and commenting. Excellent!
Artic Nemesis
Artic Nemesis 10 days ago
man robert has the same passion as his dad love it.
Bobby J 48
Bobby J 48 10 days ago
Bindi with her pregnant belly look so wonderful Very beautiful she will be a very fantastic mother just like her mother ♡♡
Callie Mahon
Callie Mahon 10 days ago
Please name the baby girl Anneliese
Julianne Firme
Julianne Firme 10 days ago
Bryan P
Bryan P 10 days ago
Like the great man would say..." WOO-HOO!! "
Samantha Wetzel
Samantha Wetzel 10 days ago
Yeay i just came from bindis facebook
DarkWolf OfHell
DarkWolf OfHell 10 days ago
I can´t believe how far they have come! Bindi is a mum and and Robert looks SO much like his dad, especially while feeding that crocodile at the end! It is like yesterday that I watched Crocodile Hunter, when I was little and no one had time for me. But every Saturday Steve would show me these amazing animals and adventures and it was the best part of my week! Lots of love to your family and to Steve, I will never forget these precious days and lessons that he gave me!
Danuta 10 days ago
Robert, you are like your father .
izabella cruz
izabella cruz 10 days ago
umm belly bump
Meriem O
Meriem O 10 days ago
What really upset me wacing your video is that steve s dad is not in your life so I will not wach your video sorry
Born Again Christian woman
Mask = shut your mouth and do as told/no freedom/no fresh air. Cvlie vaccination/shot/jab = loss of health/death/eternity in hell/ it is the mark of the beast. Seek JESUS today HE is the ONLY way!! Pray and ask HIM about the vaccine I gurantee you'll be surprised at what HE'S REVEALING!! SAY YES TO JESUS AND NO TO THE MARK 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉
Cherie' Frank
Cherie' Frank 10 days ago
ItsMarielVlog 11 days ago
You guys are amazing! We can't wait to visit Australia Zoo!
Truth Power
Truth Power 11 days ago
Billie FairyPrincess
Brenda Snider
Brenda Snider 11 days ago
Just love your family have been watching since Bindi was inside her Mommy's belly. Just love watching all of the shows Steve did so was a fan from the beginning. God bless you all. I'm a follower of you Bindi so excited to be able to follow your pregnancy. Your whole family is always in my thoughts and prayers 🙏❤
Sarah Arnott Brownlie
God Robert looks more and more like Steve the older he gets🙂
Cesar Murillo
Cesar Murillo 11 days ago
Crickey! this is AWESOME guys! Love from Mexico!
Constance Chong
Constance Chong 11 days ago
Bindi have a baby girl omg
Michelle Phillips
Michelle Phillips 11 days ago
Can't wait 😊
Yeliz hızlımeriç
Saskia v r
Saskia v r 11 days ago
I user to be very afraid of snakes. My husband made me watch Steve Irwin handling snakes and after a long time i was less scared. When i was on holiday in Africa years later, i was able to hold a snake . I was so sad after Steves passing away. And now i see Steve in his children......Guys keep up the good work
Megan Rose
Megan Rose 11 days ago
I am so happy about this and so are my kids. When we moved we were unable to keep cable due to cost and they miss watching y'all on animal planet. This way they can watch y'all.
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Chandler looks related, like the brother and father. Beautiful family.
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Wants and Needs
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