ASMR | Sybil Gives You a Soothing Manicure 

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1:25 Skip to Intro (if you've already watched the beginning read hehe)
Full playlist of Daisy, Lorelei, Sybil, and Officer Bart doing your nails: us-first.info/name/PLa4zmfXkL4P0Sfrv2KoSttkvx0dC8NNcq
Thank you a million times over to Loud Lacquer for being such a lovely company to work with. I have nothing but wonderful things to say! We've had this collab in the works for many months now, and if you go back to my old videos I'm sure you can see me wearing the tester colors c:
I'm honored to be able to release this collection!! Being able to choose the colors myself and name them after my very own characters is indescribably special to me, thank you.
Stickers were done by AmphyPop! Please give them a follow :)
Now sit back, relax, and let Sybil show you how it's done!
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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Gibi ASMR 7 days ago
I just dropped FOUR videos at the same time! Who's gonna do your nails next?: us-first.info/name/PLa4zmfXkL4P0Sfrv2KoSttkvx0dC8NNcq Get the Gibi x Loud Lacquer Collection here! bit.ly/3rw96Wl
Lonely Lyonel
Lonely Lyonel 3 days ago
This inspires me to get a job for the stickers, puttin em right on my dashboard
C’est Moi
C’est Moi 4 days ago
Got my polish set ordered. Now I just have to grow out my nails.
Jim Mithy
Jim Mithy 4 days ago
I have a request, and it's from an anime you might not have watched, but could you do a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ASMR? I can't find mamy good ones...
anotherYOUtubER 4 days ago
Gibi if im spending $50+ for 4 small bottles of bail polish u better include a video of u stripping.
Ale Nannariello
Ale Nannariello 5 days ago
I literally purchased the set as soon as you dropped the four vids, I like to pretend it was an even exchange
Roblox II
Roblox II 2 hours ago
We really need spa girl next!
Alexandra Húževková
Very good asmr video👌👌
Primrose Petals 2
Primrose Petals 2 12 hours ago
I just painted my nails but I guess we doing this again Frankly what I did aint looking too hot anyways so lets go sybil
Emma Kate Guy
Emma Kate Guy 12 hours ago
WHY IS SHE NOT WEARING A MASK?!?!?! Also I get it for the quality of the video I know
limelight elizabeth
limelight elizabeth 13 hours ago
sybil is like that one mom who makes pizza rolls for her child's friends n hangs out with the other moms
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster 13 hours ago
I swear Sybil is just Daisy in disguise with a stuffy nose.
Gio Unknown
Gio Unknown 13 hours ago
Imagine for all of these vids she’s practicing on Matt
Ashley Goldsmith
Ashley Goldsmith 15 hours ago
Why is the company shes working with is loud but shes not loud like if you think that to👇👇👇
Arianna Cepeda
Arianna Cepeda 16 hours ago
This is not a asmr She's a bedtime really loud
Aesthetic Vxbes
Aesthetic Vxbes 16 hours ago
I dont have nails o.O i bite my nails
michaela byrne-julienne
Gibi: so which one stands out to u Me: purple and black maybe black Gibi :* picks up the pink one Also gibi: yes i think this one will look good one u too
Javier Alicea
Javier Alicea 19 hours ago
Awww she is so soft I love her 😍
lolbit_plays1 20 hours ago
Wait... i put animal on my nail?! Wutttttt... how does it not go moldy so quick.. why doesn't it smell good :((((((
rat 20 hours ago
i really thought the title was about Sybil from tvd 💀💀
Hopelessvlogpage 22 hours ago
No I want my nail polish beaten before I buy it
James Murray
James Murray Day ago
It's so cute how Sybil sounds like she has a cold It's adorable!!!❤️🌟🙂
Lunar Foxes
Lunar Foxes Day ago
Me, chilling with no known allergies(I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING THAT GIVES ME AN ALLERGIC REACTION): No I don’t have any allergies. Thanks for asking though!
Maximus X infinity
jayden.reads Day ago
Who else did the hand movements? 😂
killuas hot
killuas hot Day ago
This was really good but tbh her voice sounds like her nose is blocked
burymeinpink Day ago
I'm drinking chamomile tea with honey and scotch, and watching this. I'm going *down* tonight
*Pəachy Yoquřť*
Sybil is the calm sister Daisy is the " free spirted " cousin Lorlei is the crackhead younger sister Officer Bart is the thinks he knows best older brother * I wanted to put loud but i think this is fine
Vidit Kamboj
Vidit Kamboj Day ago
Did she just massage every single one of my fingers?? I feel so special 😢
aspiringghost3 plays
I know that she is meant to sound like a smart nerd type of person but she sounds more like she has a cold 0v0
Elijah The Kid
Fun Fact at 11:59 you can hear a Canadian Goose.....very cool
Peter Most
Peter Most Day ago
Gibi is too gorgeous
Haley the Space dragon
Where can I learn more about your characters?
Ayden Taylor
Ayden Taylor Day ago
My first manicure
It’s Your Girl _Nydia
Sybil: If you were to win a reward for something what would it be? Me: *sleeping to the sound of your voice* Her: Oh yeah? That's pretty neat
Jamie Bleijenberg
I love this!
Voguexedits Day ago
i thought you meant sybil from tvd-
XivRvxs Day ago
You should do more anime characters
jrvbamafan1 Day ago
Sybil is that innocent acting girl that turns out to be a straight up freak....lol
Cozy Toca
Cozy Toca Day ago
I swear when you introduce the sponsor I get so interested.
Yung Sync
Yung Sync Day ago
i’m so fucking high and my hands are tingling
Lorena Duran
Lorena Duran Day ago
does anyone know where to find those cool apothecary bottles she has in the video?? 🌙
Evie Pond
Evie Pond Day ago
in Tvd Sybil is nothing like this 😂
Sara Maria
Sara Maria 2 days ago
Hmmm it's this young Sybill Trelawney? 👁👄👁 I gonna imagine so lol
Carla Meehan
Carla Meehan 2 days ago
I love this video this is one of my favourite videos I love your content btw 😊❤️
chocolatetickles 2 days ago
I wish going to the nail salon was this easy. I feel like when I go, I tell them what I want and I get something completely different. lol Sybil is such a cute character!
Chasity Faith Harper
I have been so stressed lately this is the best video ever thank you
Xanimated 2 days ago
I need me some of that polish, also sybil holds a special place in my heart as the first gibi video I watched was a sybil one
fat stacks pat
fat stacks pat 2 days ago
This character sounds like the red haired girl from grease
Strawberry milk _freak0
I want to live there! :D
Strawberry milk _freak0
At 4:38 i just realized how pretty the room she is in is.
Pamela Pascal
Pamela Pascal 2 days ago
is it possible
is it possible 2 days ago
Sibl is the only sane person here
Brooklyne 2 days ago
This made me want my nails done
Ryan Arndt
Ryan Arndt 2 days ago
The thumbnail made me double take because I thought Tiptoe Tingles was in a Gibi video. O_o
David Spivak
David Spivak 2 days ago
Congratulations on being pregnant!
Meredith Grimm
Meredith Grimm 2 days ago
I got my tax refund today so I purchased the collection! Now I gotta stop biting my nails 🥴
Memphis Merren
Memphis Merren 2 days ago
gibi any one that stands out me black her picks pink
yvng KoKonuht
yvng KoKonuht 2 days ago
God you're so cringe.
Nisa Anderson
Nisa Anderson 2 days ago
Sybil is so cute and friendly nice asmr vid
sins creve
sins creve 2 days ago
Is it just me or the sponsors give me extra tingles.
Chloe Daly
Chloe Daly 2 days ago
Does anyone know Sybil from the vampire diaries? I have to comment this because Sybil is so evil but gibi is nothing of the like
unswervingtempo 18
I'm from England and I really love this channel, the acting and imagination Is on point..feel I'm watching a movie..love the accent too, def adds a little something extra to the asmr effect, great job. 👌
With Love, Grace
With Love, Grace 2 days ago
Sybil is the friend I need, so kind and gentle. 🥺 we stannnnn a kind friend ❤️
garima sanger
garima sanger 2 days ago
Why does Sybil always sound like she has a cold?
saad lodhi
saad lodhi 2 days ago
"Your fine to crack them" Instantly cracks my knuckles
L HardLine
L HardLine 2 days ago
She's canadian she's far to nice not to be
Shei Shepard
Shei Shepard 2 days ago
And no one is talking about the super high price, can't believe It. I like her videos but paying 55 for that... I would have to be drunk...very drunk
purpleboi 2 days ago
I slept at the 1st video I'm trying to watch all :^)
purpleboi 2 days ago
All 4 videos I love you Gibi
Shei Shepard
Shei Shepard 2 days ago
55 $ for that???? 😂😂
Lincoln Wipperman
where may i obtain the stickers at
Lincoln Wipperman
you should do a let's play of earthbound or something (btw it's a rare game, so use an emulator or the snes classic)
musicalgirl18 3 days ago
are the base and top coats included?
Anna Linares
Anna Linares 3 days ago
“Handy dandy little square “ 😂
Jack Reaper
Jack Reaper 3 days ago
hmm i search "sybil" but found this "sybil" asmr. well nvm
Martin Badoy
Martin Badoy 3 days ago
Yesss crystals... I just time-travelled to the 70s and met my aunt in her hippie phase :)
mad tophatter
mad tophatter 3 days ago
Sybil is a previous bean, she's one of my favourite Gibi personas 💗
Vania Vivar lazo
Vania Vivar lazo 3 days ago
I love all your videos so much :)
Ashley Goldsmith
Ashley Goldsmith 3 days ago
Me in the middle of the video WHY ARE YOU NOT WEARING A MASK her.im fine Me.WE ARE IN FLIPPIN QARNITNIE
———— 3 days ago
Omg I noticed that your voice is really relaxing 😌🐣🌪
Amanda ryan
Amanda ryan 3 days ago
Sibil's voice sounds like she should be a supporting character from a 2000s cartoon
Storytellermiller Miller
Lara_np 3 days ago
Anyone remembers Sybil form worst witch??❤️
I Want To Be A Hive Mind So Bad
Usually nail salons bring up an incredibly amount of anxiety and dysphoria in me hut this is SO relaxing
MA'AT SUN CHILD 3 days ago
Lol I love this character
Mera-Bella Pixiedust
L: Licensed and Loveable (Sybil) O: Officer Bart U: Underwater (Lorelei) D: Daisy
Core Games
Core Games 3 days ago
I'm male but who's to judge? I want my damn manicure and I wanna pass out.
Teeskey 3 days ago
Reminds me of the blue emotion from inside out
Lucy Rankin
Lucy Rankin 3 days ago
I’m just stressing we’re here blonde hair is Idk why tho lol Love u Gibi ❤️🥰😘😍
D Jones
D Jones 3 days ago
She legit said “do you ever crack your knuckles?” while I was cracking my knuckles and I swear I’ve never snapped my head towards the phone so fast 💨 🏃🏾‍♀️
Crystal Marie
Crystal Marie 3 days ago
finally the video where she's not judgemental of your choice 😂 the others were hilarious tho
SyNc Good Soviet
SyNc Good Soviet 3 days ago
Anyone else think she sounds like that one girl from scooby doo that always be loosing her glasses
Scribble Skribble MLT
Sybil: this is the right table! You did great! :D Praise starved me: :,D
I’m not funny
I’m not funny 3 days ago
“And we’re just going to...” *flashback* PULL YOUR TOOTH
That Anime Potato
Gibi: and the nail polishes are ✨vegan✨ First thing that comes through my mind: ✨pEoPlE eAt NaIl PoLiSh ✨👁👄👁
2legit 3 days ago
"yes this is the right chair your doing great" LMAO
England Lives.
England Lives. 3 days ago
Althaea the Wizard?
I've never seen a vid with sybil in before but it's been like 3 mins of her and I think I'm in love
Lucidgrass 3 days ago
Why did she say "Welcome to Dreamland collection" and my immediate thought was "Glass animals" anyways i'ma go listen to Heat Waves and then watch this vid 😔👌
The Real Tosis
The Real Tosis 3 days ago
I've been a fan for about a year now.. Sybil is my absolute favorite character and theme (worry removal) you have created!!! ❤❤
ᴍɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟ ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴏ
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless 3 days ago
Sorry but I can't stand this character....
tai nguyen
tai nguyen 3 days ago
Steady hand award hmmmm odd.
Sarah Almanza
Sarah Almanza 3 days ago
Sybil: what do you think? me: I think I'm hungry Sybil: good!
Sarah Almanza
Sarah Almanza 3 days ago
Sybil: I maybe infused the water with something a little special that will help with that tension, yeah. me: … Sybil: ok give that a good soak *stares at me* me: you're worrying me Sybil: ok
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