ASMR | My Favorite Lids!!! Lid Sounds for Tingles ~ 

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I love LIDSSSSS!!! so many lids for you to enjoy. Sleep well, lid friends.
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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 99   
Mai Chan
Mai Chan 53 minutes ago
Gibi: This is the next lid. Captions: [Applause]
Hacker_man YT
Hacker_man YT 21 hour ago
Lid sounds are literally my favorite asmr sound
SwordBreaker925 22 hours ago
I prefer fewer triggers but staying on them for a while. For instance i’d gladly listen to 30+ minutes of tapping on that wooden candle lid
garrrett jensen
garrrett jensen 23 hours ago
Honey one of those extensions that’s to good to be true
Zac Docherty
Zac Docherty 23 hours ago
More talking and more triggers. Like 10 would be awesome with videos at 20-30 mins with a candle at the start fanks Gibi🥺❤️
Not Your Daddy
The regular lid tapping was already amazing but having it on the mic made it just 263934836 times better 😍
monxaaa Day ago
idk about anyone but i love short quick asmr videos, its like 100 quick triggers in a row.
AM2 Day ago
I really love variety bc then more people get triggers that they like rather than 3-5 triggers that they don’t prefer
Brenna Petersen
Brenna Petersen 2 days ago
I needed this so much. Thank youu
_emophilia_ 2 days ago
Oml Unus Annus, I miss the channel so muchhh. Even asmr queen loved them, memento mori 🤍
Shade 2 days ago
Cool... honey also "loans" out your IP address for proxies, so dont be too surprised to get hit with random sites blocking you.
Miyamotospoop13 2 days ago
More triggers in a shorter amount of time is way more tingly imo
Yeaaa its Cullen
Yeaaa its Cullen 2 days ago
I prefer fast changing triggers for sure
Hannah Carter
Hannah Carter 3 days ago
I think I definitely like the variety of triggers more than just having a few but honestly I'm not picky lol
Maiokay 603
Maiokay 603 3 days ago
Alright ok now that I see gibi is an unus Annus fan can she please teach eef how to do an same video and have a good old fashioned collab
ASMR RoyalFox
ASMR RoyalFox 3 days ago
My favorite trigger-lids!! Thank you Gibi!
Sophie 3 days ago
you are definitely talking too much
CosyGames with Tea
Woodwick Candle lid: 3:14 Barney Almond butter lid: 7:37 little glass jar 12:49 two little Preserves jars 14:35 maraschino cherrie jar 19:34 Dove Deodorant Stick 21:15 Liquid spray 24:44 Beauty Lids Hair smoothy 28:18 Cleansing balm 31:02 Lip sleeping mask 34:37
CosyGames with Tea
i like staying in one trigger fo a long period of time. I have very few triggers - that wooden lid tho, me want more more more of that.
Anoop Dogra
Anoop Dogra 3 days ago
Plz make less light videos, night time watching your videos with dim video lighting,,,,,,👌👌👌👌
Withered Lotus
Withered Lotus 3 days ago
Lavender Burnett
Lavender Burnett 3 days ago
I personally prefer repetition over variety
pastel pop
pastel pop 3 days ago
ethan nestor would approve of the barney butter ☺️
Ella Nutella
Ella Nutella 4 days ago
thecookieabraham montoya
I found Denis Daily hey honey
Snelly09 4 days ago
I felt the almond butter lid on the mic like DEEP in my brain yo
Abigayle Hodges
Abigayle Hodges 4 days ago
I definitely love staying in one trigger for an extended amount of time. I feel like some asmr-tists keep it too short🥺
Game_Over 4 days ago
Mom: what did you do today? Me: I watched a woman tap on lids for 37 minutes.
Destiny Mae
Destiny Mae 4 days ago
Variety for sure ☺️ the more triggers the better! 💜
Роман Присмицький
1 trigger for few minutes
Hattie’s ASMR
Hattie’s ASMR 4 days ago
I prefer variety, love you Gibi ❤️
Chivon Fortney
Chivon Fortney 4 days ago
I love this lids video!
Patrick Dupuis
Patrick Dupuis 4 days ago
I like the 20-30mins videos, but with 3-4 triggers. Also the tuque is awesome!!!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 4 days ago
Rip unus annus you will forever be loved
Callum 5 days ago
I’m not a consistent watcher, I watch whatever asmr videos I feel like clicking on. With that said, I’ve noticed that you pick up on sounds really well (how you said “that’s a lot” with the peanut butter, you noticed some nice sounds on the candle lid, etc.) You seem to do really good with the intense/on the mic/up close sounds so I think it’d be really cool if you did a vid with those. I know you’ve done a lot of em before though. Side note, the first lid on top of the mic was veeeeery nice. I don’t get the tingles, but I imagine that people get tingles from it.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 5 days ago
i prefer the variety
Kyle Smerk
Kyle Smerk 5 days ago
Repping the Unas Annus merch yaaaaas!
Alex K
Alex K 5 days ago
was just gonna recommend native to you until you mentioned you already tried them haha
Zinoh A
Zinoh A 5 days ago
Big thank you to the person who requested she put the lids on top of the mic that was awesome 😃
Zinoh A
Zinoh A 5 days ago
I prefer many triggers in a 20-30 min video. If I really like a trigger and want more, I just rewind and watch that part again 🙂
Max Kennedy
Max Kennedy 5 days ago
Lid pog
Joe Mama’s
Joe Mama’s 6 days ago
Moonfur 6 days ago
I love the hat
Shinobi Ninja
Shinobi Ninja 6 days ago
Gibi: "This must last year's!" Me: "Someone must be unfamiliar with ethnic hair such as mine lol"
panchyto1101 6 days ago
I like this video
Traveling Man
Traveling Man 6 days ago
Dove indeed. It takes one to recognize one. A few triggers thoroughly explored is always nice. But lots of triggers quickly given is fine too, so long as the delivery isn't rushed. It's about the care taken and given in the delivery.
bestdamnalex 6 days ago
Disappointed that this was more a tapping & talking than a lid video. Sad.
Mallory Nicholson
0:00 intro 3:11 candle 7:33 peanut butter 12:46 empty jar 14:29 jelly jar 19:30 cherrie jar 12:17 dove 24:45 pooperi 28:10 hair smoothie [idk] 31:00 skincare Beauty 34:28 lip sleeping mask
n f
n f 3 days ago
@Crab yes
Crab 3 days ago
@Mallory Nicholson They’re saying you are amazing for leaving time stamps :)
Mallory Nicholson
@n f ?
n f
n f 4 days ago
A godsend
Efai 6 days ago
I prefer one solid trigger, maybe some variety, but not constantly changing triggers, that irritates me..
Jm Cresencio
Jm Cresencio 6 days ago
ah i see it's a "dress like you've recently been mugged" day for gibi
Ashley Herrmann
Ashley Herrmann 6 days ago
Also the laneige jar was immaculate ✨
nijn jas
nijn jas 6 days ago
Not too fast switching, but also not too slow, you do it quite nicely
Ashley Herrmann
Ashley Herrmann 6 days ago
For the deodorant- I love Harry’s deodorant. They’re in the men’s section but the scents aren’t too “cologne-y” (in my opinion)
Tubzo 6 days ago
Your hat made me want to cry. Momento Mori, fellow Unus/Annus!
Tubzo 6 days ago
Momento Mori. Unus Annus. Remember that you will die, and remember to live. ☠️🖤🤍☠️
Tubzo 6 days ago
I saw that beanie and outloud went "Yo- NO WAY- SHE'S-- THE FUCK?!"
Bethxo 6 days ago
I prefer 30+ minute videos because it takes me forever to fall asleep! Also anything from 3 mins + on a trigger is good for me 🥰
Luisa Macchia
Luisa Macchia 6 days ago
It is so nice
Madeline courtney
I love longer videos because it helps me fall asleep
Chali Yang
Chali Yang 7 days ago
Day thirteen of asking Gibi to make an asmr gameplay of Ark survival evolved. plz
Ally Henton
Ally Henton 7 days ago
First of all I love lids so this was fantastic. Secondly, if you’re still looking for an antiperspirant, Gillette clear + dri-tech is by far the best one I’ve tried!!
NT_23 7 days ago
No way... A shoulder 😳 ? The streets are calling her name
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez 7 days ago
I think variety is better
Nina Paulino Ranieri
christmas lights asmr or something like that i think it would e nice
demøn 7 days ago
I like the variety
ميثم الكربلائي
جي بي انتي جميله جداا ياعزيزتي
ميثم الكربلائي
ميثم الكربلائي
Lozzie Darling
Lozzie Darling 7 days ago
Have you.... • Brushed your teeth? 🦷 😁 • Washed your face? 😌 • Brushed your hair? 😊 • Turned auto-play off? 🎧📱 • Charged your device? 🔋📲 • Clicked on an ASMR playlist? (This is optional) ☺️ • Gotten comfy? 😏🛏 • Turned sound to the volume you want it at? 🎶 And if you’ve done all that then you’re ready for bed! Remember, you are appreciated and you are not alone. Stay amazing! Sleep well! I hope you enjoyed this! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
Lozzie Darling
Lozzie Darling 12 hours ago
@evan tbh I don’t necessarily care if you don’t care about me. I realise that no matter what I do, there will always be rude people on the world who disagree. And I’m fine with that. Everybody has their own opinions and are free to. You might think I’m 10 years old, and I might think I’m not. It’s completely ok! Have a great day and stay safe!
evan 12 hours ago
@Lozzie Darling Do you actually think I am going to feel sorry for one 10 year old just because they have a "sad" pfp and said "But it’s ok if I’m sad like I am now 😔" Do you really think I care for you?
Lozzie Darling
Lozzie Darling 13 hours ago
@evan I’m so sorry if I offended you in any way. I changed my profile picture because you said the other one was dumb. Are you happy now? I hope so because I really don’t want anybody to be sad. But it’s ok if I’m sad like I am now 😔
evan Day ago
Dumbass roblox kid.
Lozzie Darling
Lozzie Darling 4 days ago
@TheMusicalWolf I’m glad! Stay safe! ✨💖
staps red
staps red 7 days ago
no body: really no body : gibi´s hat : annus
Seize&Deceased 7 days ago
15:00 straight up sounds like a Geiger counter
ayyydavis 7 days ago
i haven’t made it past the part with the jam lid on the mic yet bc it just sounds SO GOOD i keep rewinding to listen over and over
2KleaCEr 7 days ago
Day #1 of asking for a Disney roleplay.
Farts Well
Farts Well 7 days ago
I was really expecting this vid to be sponsored by........RAID SHADOW DOUCHE🤯....ITS HAS GREAT QAULITY AND THE MOST STUNNING GRAPHICS🥴....GeT THIS GAME AND ILL👁️👄👁️
DrProctor101 !
DrProctor101 ! 8 days ago
I dont know if other people agree but for the 10-30 min videos i like triggers that are about 2-4 mins. I wanna adjust to it but not lose attention. But what you have been doing has been really good. Prbly my favorite asmrist because of the restless nights that end because of your outstanding videos. Good night yall
LAHNA NANCE 8 days ago
I like Variety of like short videos.who’s with me?
Rachel Racine
Rachel Racine 8 days ago
Darnit Gibi you got me all excited about chewing sounds and then you backed up lmao
Windir2112 8 days ago
Much prefer longer videos with few triggers and focusing on them.
Lyradical Underscore
Lideo lol
JxnnisGHG 8 days ago
Nice Video
Ian Farley
Ian Farley 8 days ago
I like long videos best, but 30 minutes is fine!
Mia Antonia Ferus
GhostStryker666 8 days ago
Anybody notice the Units Annus merch??
Maya Facey
Maya Facey 8 days ago
Day 1986695 of asking Gibi to do just a whole video on scratching and massaging the voodoo doll and using the led lights with it that she used in the different triggers different colors videooooo .
Maya Facey
Maya Facey 8 days ago
I like it when you do longggg triggers and three two five but it also depends on the videooo
Elizabeth England
Ah yes US-first, just what I need to relax, an ad about a serial killers documentary right before my ASMR.
Belle Baker
Belle Baker 8 days ago
The fact that I’ve watched this so many times and I still got the ad wrong 😔 Gibi: this video is sponsored by- Me: **says so confidently** Audible! Gibi: honey! Me: what the hell I’ve watched this maybe 20 times and I still got it wrong 👁👄👁
D3MON 187
D3MON 187 8 days ago
“Exactly as I do” “The lid the lid the lid the lid the lid” Wise words from sponge bob the great
Aiden Akers
Aiden Akers 9 days ago
No doubt id want a variety. Longwr than 5 mins on a trigger just makes me hurl
Mike Hile
Mike Hile 9 days ago
As long as there's no downtime between triggers I'm hooked. Need constant tingles. Time of each doesn't really matter. Love lids
Theo Clements
Theo Clements 9 days ago
I Love Lids greater voice when saying that
Sofia Hoodran
Sofia Hoodran 9 days ago
referring to your question: i prefer 20-30 minute long videos and some variety! but not feeling like it's rushed either. basically this video is perfect 🤍
Ellen Martin
Ellen Martin 9 days ago
I have not seen the end of this because I keep falling asleep about 10 mins in LOL
Rhys Alexander
Rhys Alexander 9 days ago
this might be a random one but i think your shutter speed is too high. Your getting that jagged look in your videos. I would suggest keeping shutter to double the frame rate. I would suggest 24/30fps with a shutter of 50/60. People generally use 60fps when they want to slow down the video so 24 and 30fps match what the human eye can see more closely
milkii 9 days ago
Question: Do you ever use your own videos to fall asleep?- 🌿
LostAstronaut87 9 days ago
This is my third time playing this video this week. Honestly, I don't mind if it's less triggers or not, both will have the same effect on me. Love lids videos!
OMG Gina this is so relaxing!!!
Dimitrios Papastergiou
i prefer more triggers and smaller videos. love you gibi
Anthony Zoldork
Anthony Zoldork 9 days ago
don't worry Gibi, farts and pooping will never not be funny