Ask Adam Savage: "Why I Actually Hate Duct Tape" 

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Tested member Aurelio Paez asks, "We all love duct tape. What's the best duct tape brand for you?" Here's Adam's perhaps surprising (well, to MythBusters fans, anyway) answer. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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May 2, 2021




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Adam Savage’s Tested
Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question: us-first.info/more/iDJtJKMICpb9B1qf7qjEOAjoin Nashua aluminum tape: amzn.to/3xHAX9W Nashua duct tape: amzn.to/3xQ4RJo Rosco gaffer tape: amzn.to/2PHnMVx Gorilla duct tape: amzn.to/3vrUo4O Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.
Damian Thielemier
Ah, crap, I suck at master licenses. I like Nashua aluminum for permanent gas vents. But IPC is the best temporary “duct” tape I’ve found, as long as you don’t use it for ducts, pipe, or tubing. But on the weekend, for the band I work for, when we do live full band shows, nearly any brand of gaffer is the absolute best option. Tape is fascinating, and no tape is universal. I hate and love all tapes simultaneously, just for my own darn opinion.
russell zauner
russell zauner 7 days ago
Do a segment on JCX Expendables if you have been shopping there for decades...
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 7 days ago
@Marvin De Bot Even the duct tape made out of cotton duck fabric (duck tape)?
Marvin De Bot
Marvin De Bot 7 days ago
Mate I think half the issue that folk refer to gaff as duct tape and as we both know those are two different products. For instance, Gorilla is gaff, it's woven cloth not plastic and duct tape is plastic.
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 8 days ago
@Just IgnoreMe I thought Gaffa was a non-US brand name for gaffer's tape like how Duck Tape is a brand name for duct tape.
ChristopherCobra 2 hours ago
I actually waited to make this comment and now I do not know why. You wanna know what duct/duck tape is good for and why I always have it around? Probably not.....but will tell you anyways. It may not be the right choice for any job - but when you only have once choice, it is the best choice to do any job. We can't carry around every type of tape out there at arms reach. I have taped up boots - and pants - in the field long enough to get out of the field. I taped up a vacuum to throttle body pipe/duct on a 1980 Landcrusier in the middle of no-where and gotten two weeks of driving from it while I waited on a part. I taped a radiator hose and got the 10 miles I needed without needing a tow. I've used it as double stick on wood while I was cutting it. I have fixed reference books with it that I still have and use. Was it the best choice? Yes....because it was the only choice. It is the worst choice for any job and the one tape you should always have handy. EDIT: I have gaffer tape (useful) - but it is not as versatile. It's not as sticky and isn't as water/dirt proof - the surface has to be dry and clean. Of course, I buy my gaffer tape at a contractor store - Adam may have a higher quality source. EDIT 2: NEVER use duct tape to tape up electrical splices - or anything electrical. One job it can't do. Trust me on that one - lol.
CoolAsFreya 3 hours ago
Duct tape is the perfect temporary clamp while you're putting on real clamps, but that's all duct tape should ever be. Temporary.
Benjamin Lehmann
Benjamin Lehmann 3 hours ago
Who else wants to see the zombie net made with duct tape?
mizuhonova 5 hours ago
Sailing It'll Do
Sailing It'll Do 6 hours ago
I am partial to the military riggers tape. The stuff I used sounds more like gaffers tape than the duct tape I buy at the local Hardware store
Matt Paulson
Matt Paulson 7 hours ago
Duct tape can do anything except be good at it's job
Connor Tremblay
Connor Tremblay 9 hours ago
Duct tape really is a jack of all trades, master of none sort of product. If somebody could only have 1 tape, duct tape would be a decent choice as it will almost always work in a pinch. It'll never be the perfect solution, but it won't be the worst one either.
Team CYBR Reactions
Team CYBR Reactions 10 hours ago
It dosn't do anything amazingly, but it can do a huge span of things ok. So if you can't justify having a bunch of kinds of tape, its a good thing to have on hand.
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku 11 hours ago
I'm also not the biggest fan of duct tape. The one brand I actually use is basically on the border of being Gaffer's tape. It's called T-Rex tape and it's some of the hardiest tape I've ever dealt with.
Armchair Critic
Armchair Critic 16 hours ago
In my country, there is no duct tape at all, and all the engineering jokes with fixing something are about insulating tape... So it was very confusing for me first, to grasp what this tape really is😆
Memo Robles
Memo Robles 17 hours ago
"giving multiple people the same material and watching them solve the same problem" So... when are we getting this show?
Alien Tree Guy
Alien Tree Guy 19 hours ago
I've always seen duct tape as a sort of adjustable spanner. An adjustable spanner(talking about the Swedish style one) is a bad tool. But, because of it's versatility and it's size, it's the perfect thing to bring with you in your car to solve general problems. Would I rather have a large spanner set? Yeah, totally. Every day of the week. But just like you can't bring your entire cupboard of different tapes, you can't bring an entire set of spanners everywhere. Duct tape is basically the adjustable spanner of tapes. It works well enough for most things. "Jack of all trades, master of none" after all!
Søren Hougaard Rasmussen
I thought Gaffertape and ducttape were the same thing and it simply was called different things in different countries. Learned something new. I am not sure I know what ducttape is, but I have used Gaffertape regularly.
ratnick 21 hour ago
Flex Seal’s tape (the as seen on Tv stuff) is easily the best tape for sealing purposes. Not sure if it’s good on actual ducts, but I’ve seen many contractors and maintenance guys use it as quick fixes that end up lasting longer than was ever intended.
NGMonocrom 23 hours ago
Truth is, MythBusters was a show. Adam & Jaime played idealized characters of themselves.
I love how the dude was probably expecting a "oh yeah 'Mr.Nasa' guy, i love it too, your clearly in the know and totally a pro too" and got the absolute opposite.
TheEnoEtile 23 hours ago
Counterpoint: duct tape is great for taping down your ducks
Paige Edwards
Someone transcript this and put it on a tshirt
Evan Jerred
Evan Jerred Day ago
pro gaff rules i literally love it.
Dash 7 Studios
I love how I just willingly listened to a seven minute long video of someone talking about duct tape...
fool be-er
fool be-er Day ago
This hits harder than an apology video
Nippopani Fungoli
7:01 lil jiggly
Dima Gass
Dima Gass Day ago
Not me about to rewatch all the myth busters duct tape episodes😂
Angella Hanson
Steve Smith must be SO disappointed......
Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal Day ago
I really don't like tape. I've never had gaffer's tape actually work, either. Then again, I've never bought a roll; only observed others' use of it and watched it effortlessly unstick from the floor it was supposed to be sticking electrical/audio cords to.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Day ago
I carry gaffers tape in my EDC and got a free hotel stay because of it. Hotel shower was broke. No maintenance man and no other rooms. Gaffers tape to the rescue. Hotel staff was apologetic and gave me enough hotel points for another one night stay.
Adam Haas
Adam Haas Day ago
Adam is a man of permanence, not temporary solutions.
Logan Jensen
Logan Jensen Day ago
It's funny to hear Adam talk about the cultural cachet of duct tape and how Mythbusters used it, when for me growing up those episodes of Mythbusters WERE my cultural experience with the stuff. As a kid who swore by the stuff, I touted Mythbusters as the "proof that duct tape can do anything". Now as an adult and engineer, who has also realized that gaffer tape is much more useful, it's really fun to have Adam reaffirm my new stances while also giving me a new lens to remember those episodes through.
KipOfTheMany *
"Gaffer tape is like duct tape went to college and learned how to do it's job properly." I have never agreed more with a statement. Gaff tape for the win!!
Tefen Ca
Tefen Ca Day ago
Bottom Line: Don't use Duct Tape. If you really must, use Gorilla brand.
Wing Walker
Wing Walker Day ago
I've used more aluminum tape in the last decade than I have used duct tape in my lifetime
LanceOmikron Day ago
Duct tape is the new spit and baling wire.
Jay Sanders
Jay Sanders Day ago
I've found electrical tape very useful.
Sofie M. Marskar
Here's to finding out that the English language differentiates between gaff tape and duck tape
4of92000 Day ago
5:25 huh, I always pronounced it as rhyming with "sludge" (and spelled it "kludge") because the implied onomatopoeia was more satisfying to me
Icehso140 Day ago
Duct tape...the ultimate failure for what it was intended for. WD40 almost followed suit with 39 previous failures. Don't even get me started on Formula 409. 408 failures !!!!! Really ????? LOL
londontrada Day ago
I always thought duct tape & gaffa tape were the same thing.
diarykeeper Day ago
Duct tape is to men what wine is to w- *Adam*: Ahem Uhhhhhhh
Super Fly
Super Fly Day ago
It’s best at trussing up a kidnap victim.
Andres Lastiri
Honestly the only time I use duct tape is when I need to fix my jeans or a jacket in 2 minutes for some shop work
NagizaH8 Day ago
Not good for taping ducts but lovely to build bridges with
xBMPR Day ago
This feels like a safe space for me to admit I hate saying the word duct tape.
Bill McDonald
Red Green fanboy here. "Handyman Corner" is the only legit use for duct tape that I can conceive.
Scott Wilcoxson
Seems like we are talking abou two different things. Don't listen to what they call themselves and stop confusing them. One is the silvery stuff, sort of plasticy, with a little fiber in it that you can get for a buck a roll. It calls itself "duct tape". But, of course, it is useless. The other is a sturdy backing material with a good ahesive on it. Gorilla Tape is the best i know of. Gaffers tape seems good too. Throw away the first one, use the second. A good portion of my family has worked at Electric Boat in Groton, CT. They make Submarines for the Navy. They have their own tape they use to seal ventilation ducts. It is called "EB Green" and everyone uses it for everything. The closest thing you can get outside the area is Gorilla Tape.
George Sam
George Sam Day ago
It is not "duct" tape; it is "DUCK" tape! I think originally designed to seal ammunition boxes to keep out moisture.
youtert Day ago
Doctor Sammy
Doctor Sammy Day ago
The name of this video is the definition of heresy
Listoric Day ago
A "kluge" solution? If it's a german expression like so many words that ended up being used in the US, than it's just a smart solition - which isn't wrong. It translates 1:1 to "smart" and if you'd want to pronounce it like a german does: The "klu" sounds like "clue", while the "ge" sounds like the "ga" from "gap".
Orrin de Kock
Orrin de Kock 2 days ago
i didnt know duct tape and gaffer tape were different things. thanks!
Morgan Harris
Morgan Harris 2 days ago
TIL duct tape is not American for gaffer tape. I’d always assumed they were the same thing. What is it, then?
Len 'Kusov
Len 'Kusov 2 days ago
The only thing, in my experience, that duct tape actually works better than anything else is for outdoor bandages - it sticks to skin as well as other tapes, is actually water PROOF unlike 3M Transpore or other "waterproof" tapes that just don't come OFF in water but also don't seal water OUT, the adhesive isn't itchy like a lot of the cotton medical tapes AND the 3M brand is apparently reasonably antimicrobial, and it's an application where none of its shortcomings come into play. I keep it around cause it's a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none, it's good enough in a pinch to get you home and come up with a proper solution - it's not a solution on its own. Other than that, there's a damn good reason I have PVC electrical tape, cotton friction/electrical tape, self-fusing silicone tape, hockey tape, aluminum HVAC tape, copper conductive-adhesive shielding tape, gaffer tape, Transpore and standard cotton medical tapes, heatsink tape, Kapton tape...
Firaro 2 days ago
Some poking around on Amazon and i get the impression that duct tape is about half as expensive as gaffers tape. So even if gaffers tape is always superior i can see reason to choose duct tape.
Alan Portes
Alan Portes 2 days ago
Duct tape is a horrible name for it. As an aussie, I call it construction tape.. its everywhere on site
Barrett Dent
Barrett Dent 2 days ago
YES! Exactly! Thank you Adam!
Derrill Guilbert
Derrill Guilbert 2 days ago
Gaffer tape is kinda like masking tape or painter tape, but thicker. It's a lot better than that sounds though.
Casey Koons
Casey Koons 2 days ago
Sigh. Gaffer Tape is the dark arts. It does everything Duct Tape claims, better than you can imagine. I knew someone who gaffer-taped their car's side-view mirror back on and it lasted for YEARS and was STRONGER than the mechanical linkage, and MATCHED the color of the car.
DJ Connorocker
DJ Connorocker 2 days ago
that whole time I was like "wait till he discovers gaff" and lo and behold... btw, progaff/pro tapes is my favorite brand. pick it up on sweetwater or amazon.
Gary Onnen
Gary Onnen 2 days ago
Baling wire and can keep a lot of stuff working.
Greg Shea
Greg Shea 2 days ago
Athletic cloth tape > duct tape
Lava 321
Lava 321 2 days ago
In defensive duct tape it is never meant to be the right and absolute fix, it is more specifically utilised in a pinch or emergency to fulfil a need that could result a huge problem and/or potentially even avert or solve a life-or-death situation. What makes duct tape good at this is that it may not be best at any of the things it does, but it can do a lot of things well enough to administer a temporary solution to the problem. Ps. T-rex tape is what I use, only because it's cheaper then, but yet comparable to gorilla tape. However there are many good brands. John 3:16
T. J. Brumfield
T. J. Brumfield 2 days ago
Duct tape seems to be famous because it is versatile. Adam himself is a generalist rather than a specialist and understands the value of versatility. Many of the Mythbuster's duct tape episodes focused on the versatility. A generalist or jack of all trades is rarely a true expert at any one thing, and duct tape fits that mold. It is rarely (if ever) the best solution for any one thing. Most people don't have a full maker workshop and tons of specialized materials on hand for every potential need. But duct tape will get you by for a while for a variety of needs when you need it in a pinch. If you only have room in your junk drawer for one roll of tape there is perhaps some argument for gaffer tape over duct tape, but duct tape works fairly well in being that multitasker.
Travis Owen
Travis Owen 2 days ago
Duct tape, bailing wire, and chewing gum.
Brandon Avery
Brandon Avery 2 days ago
It was the residue that started me feeling the same way.
Someone On The Internet
I went to college but I didn't learn to do my job. Where am I on the Duct Tape Spectrum?
Rodimus PrimeX
Rodimus PrimeX 2 days ago
Duct tape is one of those items that is an utility item. It's good at many things, but a master of none. It's like many things, if you have time to think about and plan a proper solution then you would probably land on another tool. It's also readily available. I've lived in multiple states and I don't think I've ever seen gaffer tape.
kicknsystm 2 days ago
I totally agree with you. I also have absolutely no use for electrical tape for automotive work. I cringe when I'm dealing with a car stereo or under hood wiring & I see this sticky gummy wad. If the application stays in conditioned air & out of direct sun light it's not so bad. I've seen duct tape used in place of electrical tape grrrrr.
Jacob Seifert
Jacob Seifert 2 days ago
Its amazing this guy has taught me stuff ever since I can remember
Nikola Howard
Nikola Howard 2 days ago
Adam is correct. Gaffa tape is far far superious to Duct tape. I've put many stage carpets together with it... and it's currently the bodge for the join between my living room and kitchen flooring... I do like to pun of "Duck Tape TM" though - and it's not a bad tape to use either...
Adam Savage
Adam Savage Day ago
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Craig Jones
Craig Jones 3 days ago
I may be victim to the sensationalised US-first videos about it, but surely Flex Tape is the best tape for every job!?
Timmyd LX
Timmyd LX 3 days ago
Right tool for the right job :-)
myhousehaswheels 3 days ago
Bro, you’re Adam from myth busters
Ethan Shearer
Ethan Shearer 3 days ago
I love Gaffer tape
Amy Tomoe
Amy Tomoe 3 days ago
All this time, throughout all the Mythbusters episodes about it, I thought that "duct tape" was just one of those odd 'different' American names for "Gaffer tape". You mean they are different?
t s
t s 3 days ago
I love this man. He is never NOT interesting. Has me mesmerized in curiosity! 😂
Michael Gorden
Michael Gorden 3 days ago
Lol maybe it's my part of the country but talking about your EDC involves different calibers but never does of duct tape. There is usually a roll in the truck tho
Joe Bland
Joe Bland 3 days ago
The modem formula of duct tape is best treated as a light adhesive, if you want to get the best performance out of it, thoroughly clean and degrease the object you're applying it to. You'd be surprised at how much better it works that way.
Caleb Hansen
Caleb Hansen 3 days ago
I seem to recall that duck tape was originally used for sealing ammo cans. The name "Duck Tape" was attributed to water beading up and rolling off like water off of a ducks back.
Sailing It'll Do
Sailing It'll Do 6 hours ago
actually used canvas duck cloth as the base. made to tear easily. Some lady suggested it and Johnson and johnson picked up on it and the rest is history
Salocin097 3 days ago
I think while Adam hates duct tape b/c it's not the best for anything, it's the jack of all trades tape, which is why everyone else loves it. We don't need the BEST tape for the job, we just need the SAME tape for arbitary use.
benlobin 3 days ago
nashua Duct Tape the GOAT that black stuff drys out and fall off way faster
Vicious Zero
Vicious Zero 3 days ago
This one caught me by surprise but the explanation made sense to me. But imagine; Next week: "Why I Actually Hate Science"
aaron anstett
aaron anstett 3 days ago
Want to know how to seal up a duck, throw them some cheese instead of bread
WorldNews92 3 days ago
The name stuck better than the tape...
Chuck Punk
Chuck Punk 3 days ago
When you're from a country that calls duct tape "gaffa-tape"; my confusion is total... I'm pretty sure we use it to mean both kinds..?
William LaMassa
William LaMassa 3 days ago
Counter point, duct tapes appeal is not it’s ability to solve any one problem but to get you past just about any problem in a short term, you can’t carry 50 different types of tape on you but duct tape is the stopgap go to
Benjamin Carlson
Benjamin Carlson 3 days ago
When I worked for a event running department at a university, we almost never used duct tape, and almost always used gaffer's tape. One main reason being thai gaffer's tape almost never left residue on our carpets
CasualTwist51 3 days ago
Essentially: Duct tape as a tool, bad. Duct tape as an emergency material, pretty good.
leavethe Aaron
leavethe Aaron 3 days ago
Oh they don't have 8 ads per video. Glad they stopped doing that. Maybe I'll sub again finally
Suprise Potato
Suprise Potato 3 days ago
_Top 10 anime betrayals_
Ford Rollhaus
Ford Rollhaus 3 days ago
I think people like duct tape not because it's the best at everything (it's not, like you said) but because it is adequate for everything. Its the difference between having an acceptable solution for everything and a perfect solution for a couple things.
Austin Hall
Austin Hall 3 days ago
Duct tape is awful when you have a huge shop full of items that do it better. A Cresent wrench is awful when you have your toolbox full of wrenches. Utility tools are not supposed to be the best at something, they're supposed to be alright at a lot of things and to get you to the place where you have the better tools.
Neo Blackheart
Neo Blackheart 3 days ago
I won't lie I more toss all GOOD tape into duct tape when I say duct tape it. I normaly mean use a really good tape.
Henry Corbitt
Henry Corbitt 3 days ago
Interestingly, the “Duck tape” company wasn’t meant to be for ducts. People just sort of assumed it was a play on duct tape and other companies started calling their knock-offs duct tape
Nicholas Wouters
Nicholas Wouters 3 days ago
What about Gaffer Tape ?
Kelsey Thornton
Kelsey Thornton 3 days ago
Make. The. Zombie. Net.
Jerici Eiliel
Jerici Eiliel 3 days ago
Gaff tape isnt just English duct tape? I've been lied to
elobiretv 3 days ago
It's like WD40, people use it for everything even though it does most things poorly
Adam Osborne
Adam Osborne 3 days ago
You've got a point though. There's almost always a better tape for basically every job that you'd otherwise use duct tape for.